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Steps in becoming globally connected.

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Globally Connected Educator

  1. GloballyConnectedEducators Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
  2. Wha globally c t does a look like? onnected Silvia Rosenthal educator Tolisano
  3. Globally Connected Students NEED a Globally Connected Teacher
  4. GloballyConnectedTeachers:
  5. What does it mean to globalize the classroom?
  6. How can you prepare your students for THEIR future?
  7. How can you become a globally connected educator?
  8. Ignorance  of  HOW  the  Country  fits  into  a  Wider  World
  9. When theUnited States Sneezes...
  10. Only  37%  of  young  Americans  can   find  Iraq  on  a  map
  11.  20%  of  young  Americans  think    Sudan  is  in  Asia
  12. 50%  can’t  find  New  York  on  a  U.S.  map
  13. 6  in  10  young  Americans  dont  speak  a   foreign  language  fluently.
  14. Young  people  in  the  USA  are  unprepared  for  an   increasingly  global  &  interconnected  future.
  15. 9  in  10  (89%)  do  not  correspond  regularly  with  anyone  outside  the  US.
  16. In  an  era  of  ubiquitous  interconnection,  global  awareness  does   not  mean  simply  learning  about  other  cultures,    foods  and  Scott McLoud holidays.
  17. Sense of Time...
  18. Place of Children... Political Party Platform 2012 in Texas Maori/Pacifica Latinos
  19. 21st  Century  Teachers  &  Learners      recognize  that  everything  is  connected
  20. Investigate the World
  21. Recognize Perspective
  22. Communicate Ideas
  23. Take Action
  24. Join Projects
  25. Envision,Create &OrganizeProjects
  26. PersonalLearningNet work
  27. Smooth FlowingUnconscious Fluency
  28. Resources
  29. Google Apps
  30. Embed Geography
  31. Add Global Perspective to Google Searches
  32. Be  Web  Literate:  Add  Global  Perspective  to  your  Searches
  33. Use Translation Tools
  34. Bring in Experts
  35. Around the World with 80 Schools
  36. CSI Twitter
  37. Student Blogging Challenge
  38. Teddy Bears Around the World
  39. World Sports Day
  40. What Could it Mean?
  41. Flat Classroom Projects
  42. Global AwarenessProjects & Reflections
  44. Global Partnership Hub
  45. Participate in Global Conferences
  46. Globally Connected Learning Info-flyer