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Preparing for the Future of Education. Take A Look Around You.


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Recent presentation for Parent Community at Academia Cotopaxi, Quito Ecuador.

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Preparing for the Future of Education. Take A Look Around You.

  1. Preparing for the Future of EducationAre you Ready?
  3. TakeAnother Look AroundYouLearning to Learn in a New World Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
  4. “What Year are you preparing your students for?” Heidi Hayes Jacobs
  5. mean to be Educated What does it
  6. Literate? What does it mean to be
  7. Digital What does it mean to be Literate?
  8. AreTraditionalNotions of Literacy sufficient for a 21st Century Education?
  9. Urgency
  10. 22nd Live to See the !Century
  11. Relevance
  12. Baby StepsCan we Afford ?
  13. What will our Children & grandchildren need to know to What skills & dispositions do the need to possess? ?SUCCEED 1 23 4 Learning How to Learn Now Literacies Growth Mindset Adapt to Change
  14. Learning how to Learn learn-unlearn-re-learn 1
  15. Tomorrow’silliterate the man who can’t read; he will be the man who has
 not learned how to learn Herbert Gerjuoy will not be
  16. You Can learn anything
  17. “The World only how you learned it)”. withwhatyou CAN DO KNOW Thomas Friedman caresaboutwhat you (and it doesn’t care SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches
  19. “Now Literacies” The Ability to Read, Write and Communicate in TODAY’S world 2
  20. Skills Modern communicate connect create collaborate critical thinking
  21. Literacies connect collaboratebasic information citizenship media M o d e r n global network
  22. Overwhelmed? Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano - @langwitches -
  23. already know this! I Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano - @langwitches -
  24. Growth MindsetIntelligence can be developed and leads to a desire to learn 3
  25. a Mindset Pre-requisitefor aNEducatortothrive of a Learner
  26. Pre-requisiteforaSchooltothrive a Mindset ofaLearningCommunity
  27. Where Magic Happens…
  28. Ski Jump
  30. Adapt to ChangeEveryone can change and grow through application and experience 4
  31. 21st CenturyRip Van Winkle wakes up in the after a hundred-year snooze and is, of course, utterly bewildered by what he sees.
  32. Our World has Changed
  33. Whatwillour Grandchildrennotknow?
  34. The changewe are in the middle of isn’t minorand it isn’t optionalClay Shirky
  35. CHANGE is Happening Faster than ever before
  36. Digital Footprint
  37. Swiping Generation
  38. In - Between
  39. Books - Are talking back
  40. ReadingHabits
  41. What About Privacy?
  42. What About Friends?
  43. WhatAbout connectedness?
  44. exponential
  45. Abundance
  46. , Eric Shinseki even less irrelevance you are going to like If you don’t like change
  47. consumers Our Society has moved from toproducers being Participatory
  48. Shifts in Culture, Affecting Education
  49. Choices Who do We go to for Information?
  50. Where do We Learn? Choices
  51. Has Learning Changed?
  52. The Chair by Jamie
  53. CSI- Twitter
  54. & Curate Building Content Knowledge Collaborate
  55. VoiceYou have a The Middle Man is Gone!
  56. Options In any given moment, we have two : to step forward " Growth Safety into or to step back into . Abraham Harold Maslow " Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano - @langwitches -
  57. Challenges keep track of your stars
  58. 1 2 3 Google+ Calendar 4 5 6 7 8 Pinterest Vine 9 10 11 Search Blog Meme Facebook RSS Message Twitter
  59. REFLECTIONlearn-reflect-share
  60. Think about it What did you do?
  61. Sharelearn-reflect-share
  62. EXIT TICKETChoose 1 1 2 3 Post-It 30 Sec. 1 Word On a post-it note, not using more than 140 characters: How has learning changed? How does teaching have to adapt? Record a video with your cell phone completing the following sentence: I used to learn in school…. now my child has to learn… Write on a piece of paper: 1 Word that describes a change that you have experienced in the area of education. Take a selfie, showing that 1 word to the camera Post on the wall email video clip to emailimage to