Brief introduction of Post Structuralism & Deconstruction


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    Good work and slides on post structuralism nd Deconstruction. But you have to add some images.
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    Again you make good presentation and i like your presentation slide. Here i have a one question that what is Deconstruction?
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Brief introduction of Post Structuralism & Deconstruction

  1. 1. Brief Introduction Of: Post structuralism & Deconstruction Paper: Cultural Studies Prepared By: Lajja Bhatt Roll no:18 Semester:2 Guided by: Dr. Dilip Barad Maharaja Krishnakumarsihji Bhavnagar University
  2. 2. Structuralism According to Ferdinand De Saussure Stated three fundamental assumptions of the language: Arbitrariness, Relational Systematic Language occurs in our very nature of perception of reality. We need to understands Signifiers & Signified.
  3. 3. Structuralism It has ‘binary opposition Signifier Signified= meaning ‘No Language or word is written without context’ Stanly Fish. No language has a meaning. Language is the system in itself. There are Lang & Bricolage
  4. 4. Poststrucuralism & Deconstruction • It conveys the different meaning to the two different groups. • There is the free play of the meaning. • Language is incapable to convey the truth. • There is Lacuna, a decoding of interpretations • Derrida has given theory of ‘Daffarance’ • There is no such meaning lied in the word.
  5. 5. Poststrucuralism & Deconstruction • There is no center. • There is no margins. • Structure defines meanings, center & margins. • There is an Aphoria. • Derrida Defines that there is no final meaning because each time you arrive at a set of ‘key terms’ or meaning, you discover need to move on to more work.
  6. 6. Power Theory • There is the dominance of the knowledge, generated by Powerful People, over the society. • According to it the person who is not suitable within the definition of Knowledge is abnormal, Subaltern & marginalized • For example it here is a fox with tail enter into the area where there are no tails to foxes over there , the fox is abnormal rather then having normal anatomy of body.
  7. 7. Power Theory • Ideology • I have come to learn that their pursuit of perfection is really a disguise for insecurity.
  8. 8. Power Theory
  9. 9. The Subaltern • Gayatri Chakravarty Spivak has borrowed the word ‘Subaltern ‘ from Italian Marxist Antonio Gramci. • It denotes the suppressed class i.e. the marginalized people. • The intellectuals should put the positions of the suppressed before the society. • The retelling of the history should be there as the history is of the elit class or the POWER.
  10. 10. The Subaltern Social Formation Subaltern Dominant Group Ideology Class Working Class Capitalist Capitalism Empire Native European Colonialism Patriarchy Women Men Gender Nation Ethnic Minorities Majority Nationalism
  11. 11. Contact: Email: Facebook: Lajja Bhatt