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ICH Agile Cloud Session 1-Highlights /Prospective Svc Offerings Kevin Jackson

ICH Agile Cloud Session 1 Highlights and Prospective Service Offerings

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ICH Agile Cloud Session 1-Highlights /Prospective Svc Offerings Kevin Jackson

  1. 1. ™ 0 Kevin L. Jackson GovCloudNetwork Agile Sourcing Environment for Commercial Cloud Session One Working Group Highlights & Prospective Service Offerings
  2. 2. ™ 1 Session One Working Group Highlights
  3. 3. ™ 2 Service Catalog Considerations Graceful Network Leverage is important for both dataset and automation International standards are necessary at the Interface levels but proprietary technologies are acceptable within platforms in order to provide economic incentives to vendors Both Published and Quoted Cost Models are necessary in order to support the full range of customer requirements Continued marketplace diversity is crucial to the maintenance of competition and interoperability Service catalogs must support both Categorized and Semantic Indexing
  4. 4. ™ 3 Governance & Management We should seek to understand how an agile cloud computing environment might address the goals of the Business Capability Lifecycle (BCL) of the Department of Defense. A layered approach to governance & management may be appropriate in order to simultaneously accommodate the traditional “top down” approach and embrace a posture of “industry building”. We should seek assistance from government agencies to understand FAR requirements & to facilitate communications between this group and potential participants. Identifying an “early adopter” is key. Governance & management should seek to enhance the consolidation of efforts among agencies by leveraging a new eco system of clouds.
  5. 5. ™ 4 Cloud Service Provisioning  A more mature ontology and understanding of the environment, similar to OSI and TCP, is required to help customer exploit the potential that cloud presents.  The govt needs to move away from unique custom/customized implementations of IT systems and focus on configuring and adopting existing standard commercial offerings  Robust cloud requires multiple Comms providers and multiple resource providers with contracts in place in advance of use  Architecting for Disaster Recovery, COOP or HIgh Availability is the responsibility of the cloud user, not the provider for IaaS  The govt needs cloud service providers who can supply complete standardized govt mission capabilities, rather than piece parts or custom solutions. The build of these solutions should be derived from the unit costs created.
  6. 6. ™ 5 Prospective Service Offerings
  7. 7. ™ 6 Registered Services Cloud Bound, LLC  ICS Bridge  A complete and comprehensive decision-making matrix that directs the full management of a disaster response team and populates NIMS 200 forms. It also as it leads the decision makers through the elaborate and complex requirements of an incident action plan. DNS, DNSSEC, v4&v6 IP Address Management Infoblox Federal  DNS, DNSSEC, v4&v6 IP Address Management  Dynamic Realtime Logical Network Services  ARMY, NAVY, USAF, USCG, USDA, DOI, NIST, NOAA,DOD,DOE,HHS,DHS,DOJ,IRS,VA Virtual Global, Inc.  SaaS Maker  SaaS development platform in the aPaaS space  Engineered under NASA and NIST grants
  8. 8. ™ 7 Registered Services  Kaltura, Inc  Open Source Video Operations Support System  End-to-End Open Source Video OSS Platform includes industry leading media management applications as well as a framework for developing custom applications. Advanced video functionalities include ingestion, management, publishing, distribution, syndication, monetization and analytics.  NIST, World Bank and Veterans Administration  Private Digital Network Services  Private, Hosted Video Conferencing  Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS)  St. Louis County Fire Service  DIAMONDEFENSE  The Diamond Standard  Secure cloud architecture and sustainment aligned with affordable innovation.  NSA
  9. 9. ™ 8 Service Characteristics