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Society and culture ppt


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Society and culture ppt

  1. 1. Society AndCulture
  2. 2. Song
  3. 3. You take the trouble as it comes and love them more than anyone Good or bad or indifferent, its still family You choose your lovers, you pick your friends Not the family that youre in, Theyll be with you til the end, cause its family.
  4. 4. Salawikain(Pakikipagkapwa-tao)
  5. 5. “Socializing is more positive than being alone, that’s why meetings are so popular. People don’t like being alone. That would be, however, an important skill to learn...”
  6. 6. AdvertisementMañana Habit “Bahala Na”
  7. 7. Mañana Habit
  8. 8. The Mañana Habit issomething that we havelearned from the Spaniards.The word "Mañana" means‘tomorrow’ or ‘specifiedfuture time’ also known as“procrastination” in plainEnglish, “mamaya na” in
  9. 9. How it Works:You need to do something now. But then you decide to do it later.As a result of the delay, you end up not doing it.Now, you tell yourself or somebody that you will do it tomorrow.Tomorrow comes. The same cycle
  10. 10. A habit is a pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition. No amount of planning or preparation can change this. The only way to change a habit is to replace it with another habit . My father taught me these words when I was still young: "Do it now"…"Don’t wait till tomorrow". At that time, I didn’t see the value of that advice. It was too pushy or overbearing to hear. But then, later on I realized that it was a valuable habit that he was teaching me.
  11. 11.  Three Important Words to Remember – Do. It. Now. (1) Do. Only action can beat procrastination. Drag your feet if you have to. Starting is the only challenging part. Jump start your way into it. (2) It. Face whatever needs to be done. Don’t do anything else. There’s always an excuse that you can say. But don’t give in. (3) Now. Not later or in the future. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Even if you don’t feel like doing it. You will appreciate what you did when you reap the benefits.