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eLearning Quotes to Inspire You


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Looking for some inspiration, check out these 16 eLearning quotes from people like Elliot Masie and Michael Allen.

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eLearning Quotes to Inspire You

  1. 16 InspiringQuoteseLearning
  2. "We need to bringlearning to peopleinstead of people tolearning."-Elliott Masie,Masie Center
  3. "We complainthat learnerswant to bespoonfed, butthen we wontlet them holdthe spoon."- Jane Bozarthtrainer, speaker, and author
  4. ―The most importantprinciple for designinglively eLearning is to seeeLearning design not asinformation design but asdesigning an experience.‖-Cathy MooreAn extraordinary force in theeLearning community
  5. ―eLearning doesn‘t just ‗happen‘! Itrequires careful planning andimplementation‖.-Anonymous
  6. - Henry Ford"The only thing worsethan training youremployees and havingthem leave is not trainingthem and having themstay."
  7. ―Learning and teachingare not inherently linked.Much learning takesplace without teaching,and indeed muchteaching takes placewithout learning.‖-Jane Bozarthtrainer, speaker, and author
  8. ―People expect to bebored by eLearning—let‘s show them itdoesn‘t have to belike that!‖-Cammy BeanKineos VP of Learning Design
  9. ―Design is not justwhat it looks likeor feels like, buthow it works."-Steve Jobs
  10. ―Learning ischanging. And,we will see newmodels, newtechnologies anddesignsemerge. So, let‘sdrop the ―e‖ – orat least give it anew and widerdefinition‖.-Elliott Masie
  11. ―eLearning shouldn‘t be a casualjoy ride on a Sunday afternoonwith the cruise control engaged.The sole purpose of eLearning isto teach‖.Christopher Palm,eLearning blogger
  12. ―Where my reason,imagination or interestwere not engaged, Iwould not or I couldnot learn."- Winston Churchill
  13. -Seymour PapertMIT educator"You cant teach peopleeverything they need toknow. The best you can dois position them where theycan find what they need toknow when they need toknow it."
  14. ―If learners think itlooks bad, you mayhave lost a goodpercentage of thebattle in getting themto pay attention.‖-Patti ShankDirector of Research atThe eLearning Guild
  15. ―The most profound wordswill remain unread unless youcan keep the learnerengaged. You cant see theireyes to know if they got it so... say it, show it, write it,demo it and link it to anactivity‖.James P. BatesCareer Development specialist
  16. ―People often toutinteractivity as the greatbenefit offered byeLearning, yet mostinteractivity does nothing toeither engage or instruct‖.Ethan Edwards,Chief instructional strategist
  17. ―We dont carewhat people know,we care what theydo. Its all aboutperformance.‖- Dr. Michael Allen