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How to Plan Your Product Launch [Webinar Slides]


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95% of new product launches fail. That's why Jesse Noyes from Kapost teamed up with Mathew Sweezey, ‎Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce, to reveal what it takes to buck this disheartening product marketing trend, and build content-centric launch strategies that work.

Learn how to:
- Plan your product launch content
- Execute a winning product launch strategy
- Enable internal teams
- Track success


Mathew Sweezey, ‎Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce

Mathew is Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce. A consummate writer, he has been featured in numerous publications such as Marketing Automation Times, DemandGen Report, Marketing Sherpa, ZDNet, and is the author of Marketing Automation for Dummies (published by Wiley February 2014). Mathew speaks around the world at events such as Conversion Conference, Dreamforce, SugarCon, and to companies including Microsoft, Investec, NetJets, and

Jesse Noyes, Senior Director of Content & Product Marketing at Kapost

Jesse is the Senior Director of Content Marketing for Kapost. In this role, he’s charged with producing overseeing the company’s content marketing strategy and delivering high-value educational experiences for the industry. He is aware of how meta churning out content marketing for a business that sells to content marketers sounds. Jesse is the former Managing Editor at Eloqua (now owned by Oracle), where he ran the company’s award-winning blog and produced plenty of other stuff. You can follow him on Twitter at @noyesjesse if you’re interested in content marketing and dogs.

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How to Plan Your Product Launch [Webinar Slides]

  1. 1. HOW TO PLAN YOUR PRODUCT MARKETING LAUNCH A webinar with Mathew Sweezey and Jesse Noyes June 17, 2015
  2. 2. HOUSEKEEPING This presentation WILL BE recorded Follow #launchit Q&A to follow Questions in the chat box, please
  3. 3. Mathew Sweezey Principal of Marketing Insights Salesforce Jesse Noyes Senior Director of Product Marketing and Content Kapost
  4. 4. More than 95% of new products launched each y ear…. fail.@noyesjesse
  5. 5. T oday , we'll walk through the steps to mak e a W IN N IN G product launch strategy . @noyesjesse
  6. 6. # 1: F rame the problem. @noyesjesse
  7. 7. Identify ing B uy ers' N eeds How much buyers are trying to solve their problems How much buyers are searching for your solution @noyesjesse
  8. 8. # 2: Identify y our target audience and objective. @noyesjesse@msweezey
  9. 9. 66% of B 2B mark eters are challenged with developing targeted content by buy er persona and sales stage. @noyesjesse@msweezey
  10. 10. # 3: Use a content pillar approach. @msweezey@noyesjesse
  11. 11. Map Content to E very S tage of the S ales Cy cle @msweezey@noyesjesse
  12. 12. # 4: F eed every channel. Podcast S lideS hare Blog PR /AR S ocial E vents Partners Website Content asset / Campaign @noyesjesse@msweezey
  13. 13. B 2B mark eters use an average of 15 tactics… …and 7 different social platforms @noyesjesse@msweezey
  14. 14. # 5: T ak e advantage of mark eting technology . @msweezey@noyesjesse
  15. 15. CMOs will hold 10% of the tech budget by the end of this y ear. @noyesjesse
  16. 16. # 6: E x ecute + enable internal teams. @msweezey
  17. 17. Give y our teams an internal library @msweezey
  18. 18. # 7: Measure results, gather internal feedback , and developing a continued awareness plan. @noyesjesse
  19. 19. W hat to measure? Internal R each E x ternal R each L ead & R evenue A ttribution @noyesjesse
  20. 20. BULLSEYE! Or at l east get t i ng cl oser . @noyesjesse
  21. 21. Q&A