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Pirate Marketing for Startups - by Peter van Sabben - Pirate Summit 2014


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Pirate Marketing for Startups! For Pirate Summit 2014 in Cologne.

How to do marketing for your startup! The common mistakes, how to test channels, focus on distribution, do proper content marketing and be controversy with unconventional marketing.

By Peter van Sabben -

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Pirate Marketing for Startups - by Peter van Sabben - Pirate Summit 2014

  1. STARTUP MARKETING! What (Tech) Startups can learn from Pirates! by Peter van Sabben
  2. Who is this Captain Hook? @sabben
  3. 3 years Red Bull HQ in Fuschl am See, Austria
  4. Red Bull BPM, gateway to DJing on iPhone/iPad
  5. Red Bull BPM, gateway to DJing on iPhone/iPad
  6. First Neuromarketing Research Attention = Novelty + Controversy + Clear Message
  7. Own Startup = FAILED + Lost €€€ + Experience
  8. Now: Head of Marketing for Startupbootcamp
  9. Now: Head of Marketing for Startupbootcamp
  10. Voted: Best Startup Accelerator 2014!
  11. Let’s talk Marketing?!
  12. "It's much easier to spend a lot of time making your microphone louder than it is working on making your message more compelling" – Seth Godin My Mentor in Marketing
  13. Build something people want or need Alrrrright Let’s Go!!! & You create joy or you remove pain
  14. Main Reasons Startups FAIL with Marketing!
  15. “Almost every failed startup has a product. What failed startups don’t have are enough customers.” - Gabriel Weinberg, Traction Book The #1: Not Enough Customers Too much product, no distribution strategy
  16. The #2: Crappy Content! Most is self-serving, not useful and pointless!
  17. The #3: Don’t get enough attention Crowded + doing what everybody else does
  18. What can we learn from Pirates? Pirate Marketing! ;-)
  19. Testing Channels -> Getting Customers
  20. Content Marketing
  21. Unconventional Marketing
  22. 1. Viral marketing 2. Public Relations (PR) 3. Unconventional marketing 4. Search Engine Marketing 5. Content Marketing 6. Email Marketing 7. Engineering as Marketing 8. Targeting Blogs 9. Business Development 10. Sales 11. Affiliate Programs 12. Existing Platforms 13. Trade Shows 14. Offline Events 15. Speaking Engagement 16. Community Building 17. Social & Display Ads 18. Offline Ads 19. Search Engine Optimization 1: The 19 Channels Parallel Focus: 50% Product & 50% Traction
  23. 1: Test Channels: Bullseye Framework
  24. 2: Content Marketing
  25. “Content is the keystone to inbound marketing. Without content, there is no SEO, no Social Media, no community and no revenue.” - Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz 2: Ideal: It’s fast, cheap, free to distribute, measurable, build community and repeatable.
  26. Inform Amuse Educate Inspire 2: Content Topics: Write about problems / challenges your target customers have.
  27. 2: Content Calendar: Create list of topic ideas, post frequently, create repeatable concepts.
  28. 2: Weekend Reading: 5 News items, 5 Blog post, 5 New Product launches. Every Friday.
  29. 2: Headline Strategy: Number + Reader Addressing + How to’s
  30. Use BuzzSumo to find content and topics. Use Bitly to track links. Use IFTTT to automate. Use Canva to design fancy pictures, photos, graphic, etc. Use Tweetbinder & Followerwonk to analyse tweets and followers. Use crowd speaking platform Tunderclap to get heard. Use Socialcam to produce video content. Use Trello to create Content Calendar. 2: Content Tools:
  31. CAN YOU HANDLE THE BIG GUN??! 3: Unconventional Marketing
  32. “Unconventional Marketing is leaving them no choice but to look at you” - Old colleague at Red Bull 3: Grabbing Attention: (Uniqueness + Controversy + Simple Message)
  33. “Publicity stunts can propel a startup from anonymity to national recognition in an instant.” 3: Publicity Stunt - Traction Book
  34. 3: Publicity Stunt: WePay 600 pound block ice in front of PayPal Conference.
  35. 3: Publicity Stunt: Take a position, don’t just have a positioning! -> Pick a Fight!
  36. 3: Publicity Stunt: Tip: Signkick, book 1 billboard for < £300
  37. 3: Publicity Stunt: Sponsorship Parasite Tipl’s fake parking tickets at YC Demo Day.
  38. 3: Customer Appreciation: Hipmunk & Zappos Be awesome to your customers
  39. 3: Window of Opportunities: Ads on Instagram Which appear unexpectedly & temporarily
  40. ● ● ● ● ● ● ddba-4985-9171-19e79e83fcbf&v=qf1&b=&from_search=1 ● ● ● ● ● ● slides/making-business-go-boom/ ● great-customer-service-legendary ● Links & Further Reading: Enjoy!
  41. “You can't beat ambivalence. It's attention, it’s controversy, it’s discussion that keeps a product alive." - #selfquote Conclusion & QA: Peter van Sabben & @sabben