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[Webinar] Leveraging Customer Advocates


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You'll learn:
- The ROI of customer advocacy
- Why advocacy matters for marketers (even if it’s not managed by your team)
- How to leverage advocates to create content for every stage of the funnel

Published in: Marketing
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[Webinar] Leveraging Customer Advocates

  1. 1. Leveraging Customer Advocates A webinar featuring: Amanda Grupp, Customer Advocacy Manager @ Kapost Amanda Meinert, Customer Marketing Manager @ Gainsight #KapostWebinar
  2. 2. Meet Your Presenters Zoë Randolph Marketing Manager Kapost Amanda Meinert Customer Marketing Manager Gainsight Amanda Grupp Customer Advocacy Manager Kapost
  3. 3. → Housekeeping - Recording and slides will be emailed - How to ask questions → Amanda Meinert - Getting Started with Customer Advocacy → Amanda Grupp - Creating and Measuring Advocacy Content → Q&A Agenda
  4. 4. Why Should Marketers Care about Customer Advocates? The Basics
  5. 5. “The process of discovering, nurturing, and mobilizing a company’s most enthusiastic customers to create a marketing engine that powers sales. Put simply, it’s a system for making customers happy, and then capitalizing on that happiness to benefit your business.” – Mark Organ, The Message is the Messenger What is Customer Advocacy?
  6. 6. Advocacy is More than a Referral Program
  7. 7. Amanda Meinert Gainsight
  8. 8. 1. Customers are your best advocates and capitalizing on the happiness of those customers allows you to achieve your business’s goals 2. It is more authentic because it’s powered by real human connection 3. Assists in landing new revenue and driving expansion by leveraging your most satisfied customers to serve as references in the sales process 4. Networking between customers can help acquire upsell/expansion opportunities Why Care about Advocacy?
  9. 9. Where Can Advocacy Deliver Value? Increase brand sentiment and buyer trust via positive experiences Accelerate sales pipeline and revenue Increase customer engagement, retention, and expansion Help your Customer Success team help your customers
  10. 10. What can your Advocates do for you? Reference User Groups Webinar White Paper Testimonial Review Sites Case Study Advisory Panels
  11. 11. 1. NPS rating ● We regularly send out NPS surveys and the responses generate CTAs for our CSMs. This is an effective, low-friction way to build your advocate pool. 1. Gainsight Scorecards ● The customer Health Scorecard helps ensure that the customer is healthy and referenceable. 1. Case Study Survey ● To operationalize our case study process, we created a 7-question survey that takes a customer about 10 minutes to fill out. This gives us all the content we need to create a case study, which we then send to the customer for final approval. How to Identify Your Best Advocates?
  12. 12. 25 different topics Gainsight Networking Program
  13. 13. Customers indicate their willingness to participate in reference calls, speaking events, events in their area, and case studies. Gainsight Networking Program
  14. 14. 1. Building brand—for the person and their company ● At the company level, you’re showing how innovative and forward-thinking your customer is and how that ties to your customer’s mission. ● At the human level, you’re showcasing someone’s leadership. 1. Professional advancement ● A well-crafted case study, webinar, or speaking event that showcases an advocate’s leadership, decision making, and value can be a key towards a promotion. 1. Incentives ● Swag, recognition, speaking opportunities, conference awards, etc. What’s in It for the Advocate?
  15. 15. Amanda Grupp Kapost
  16. 16. Peer recommendations have the most influence on purchasing decisions of any form of content, earning a nod from 80% of survey-takers polled by the Content Marketing Institute. ● You can partner with advocates to create content ● Customers can be your best listeners (upsell anyone?) ● BUT you need alignment with customer success and sales Why Advocacy Is Important for Marketers
  17. 17. ● Ability to identify the correct persona for advocates ● Platforms to amplify the distribution of customer successes ● Talented storytellers ● Knowledge of sales team needs BUT…there are a few drawbacks ● Not interacting with the customers regularly ● Focusing too much on the company message and not the authentic customer story Which is why… Advocacy is a cross-disciplinary effort Why Marketers are Good for Advocacy
  18. 18. What Can Your Advocates Do for You? Reference User Groups Webinar White Paper Testimonial Review Sites Case Study Advisory Panels
  19. 19. How to Collaborate on Different Content Blog Posts Speaking Engagements Customer Awards Influencer Program
  20. 20. Prospects ● Length of the sales cycle when advocate content is consumed or a reference is used ● Number of case studies and other advocacy content consumed ● Total deals closed from references—and the new revenue Customers ● Percentage of customers who are advocates ● Customer engagement with content ● Renewals and upsells of customers engaged with advocacy—advocacy influenced revenue Pro Tip: Don’t forget to track all acts of advocacy. How to Measure ROI on Advocacy
  21. 21. Kapost Customers—Reach Out!
  22. 22. Questions?
  23. 23. Thank You!