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[Webinar] Kapost on Kapost: Creating and Optimizing a Content Calendar


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Deck for another edition of our ever-popular Kapost on Kapost webinar series!

We at Kapost get a lot of questions about how we manage our content calendar. What assets do we track? How far in advance do we plan (and how often do those plans change)? How does it relate to our strategic initiatives?

So, we're yanking open the proverbial hood and giving you, our network of marketing friends, a look inside. We'll share our philosophy of what role a great content calendar should play in your marketing strategy and show you what ours looks like in real time.

We cover:
- How a content calendar enables you to execute your marketing strategy
- Key characteristics and benefits of a successful content calendar
- A live tour of our team's content calendar (watch our recording so see this bit!)

Published in: Marketing
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[Webinar] Kapost on Kapost: Creating and Optimizing a Content Calendar

  1. 1. Kapost on Kapost: Creating & Optimizing a Content Calendar A webinar with Aubrey Harper and Zoë Randolph, Marketing Managers @ Kapost #KapostWebinar
  2. 2. Meet Your Presenters Zoë Randolph Marketing Manager Kapost Aubrey Harper Marketing Manager Kapost @Aubrey__Harper harper-b54358b7/
  3. 3. → Housekeeping - Recording and slides will be emailed - How to ask questions → What is a content calendar (and what isn’t it?) → Q&A 1 → Behind-the-scenes look at Kapost’s marketing calendar → Q&A 2 Agenda
  4. 4. What is a Content Calendar? The Basics
  5. 5. A Calendar Is Not a Strategy High-Level Planning - Campaigns - Quarterly/annual - Major assets/events Tactical Application - Campaign components - Monthly/weekly - Major assets + derivative/supporting content A Calendar Is Not a Strategy Content Strategy Content Calendar
  6. 6. Key Features of a Content Calendar The Setup
  7. 7. What Makes a Good Calendar? ✓ Living Document ✓ Visible and Accessible ✓ Comprehensive ✓ Workflow-Backed ✓ Strategic
  8. 8. Key Benefits of a Content Calendar The Outcomes
  9. 9. What Should Your Calendar Do? ✓ Execute Strategy ✓ Improve Alignment ✓ Improve CX ✓ Protect Against Ad Hoc Requests
  10. 10. [Part I] Questions?
  11. 11. Kapost’s Content Calendar The Real Thing
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Thank You!