Moving people to Action


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Moving People to Action. Presented by Jesse Luna at the Center for Nonprofit Management's Social Media Day at Antioch University on March 19, 2012. @Jesseluna on Twitter,

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Moving people to Action

  1. 1. Moving People to Action March 19, 2012 Center for Nonprofit Management Social Media Day LA Jesse Luna, SEIU Local 721 Communications Specialist @jesseluna on Twitter * * *
  2. 2. In the Past Year (Mass Media View)• Occupy Wall Street #OWS• Facebook Dominance• Social Good through Social Media• KONY2012
  3. 3. What Does It Mean to Move People to Action?Offline Onlinetactics + tactics
  4. 4. Enhancing with Social MediaOffline tactics Online tactics• One-on-ones • Email• Letters • Petitions• Phone calls • Websites• Flyers • Texting• Canvassing • Blogs• Letters to the Editor • Social media sites• Press – Facebook release/media – Twitter outreach – YouTube • Online document sharing • Online chats
  5. 5. Moving People to ActionTo move people to action, online activities should all focus on list growth.
  6. 6. ABC• Focus on the ABC Always Be Collecting• Personal email addresses• Metrics (including A/B testing)• Cell phone numbers• Permission to email & text
  7. 7. Case Study: Keeping Libraries PublicGoal: Supporting public services in our community• Public libraries• Our LA Zoo
  8. 8. Offline & OnlineOffline Tactics Online Tactics• Sacramento rally • Microsite• One-on-ones• Flyers • Petition• “Privatization • Online flyers Beast” (eats • Facebook libraries)• Informational • Twitter meetings • Online video• Media outreach
  9. 9. Microsite Petition 5,000+ Signatures List of SupportersYouTube video shares the story(350,000+ views)
  10. 10. Flyers Online•• Allows for easy sharing on Facebook and other social networking sites
  11. 11. Online Video• YouTube video on Microsite• Sharing video community events and City Council meetings• Individual videos of the Privatization Beast on the loose Blogs Magazine sites Twitter Facebook
  12. 12. Moving People to ActionWhat mass media thinks we do What our funders think we do online What Mass Media thinks we do What we think we do What we really do
  13. 13. Thank you!• Questions?• One more thing…
  14. 14. Download this Presentation Now1. Scan this QR code• Go to