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Increase Engagement at Your Event


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Strategy / Project Management
Social media
Mobile apps

Attendee research
Social media reporters

Social media monitors
Social media moderators

Social media concierge team
Photo booth / sharing

Twitter tools
Moderating platforms
Content capturing

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Increase Engagement at Your Event

  1. 1. Elizabeth Glau, CMPBuilding Blocks Social Media @elizabethglau
  2. 2. Strategy ProjectManagement Attendee Research Human Resources Tools @elizabethglau
  3. 3.  Goals and Objectives Expand Reach Engage and Excite Content Marketing Improve Satisfaction Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats @elizabethglau
  4. 4. Social MediaAttendee MobileMatching Apps Audience Response @elizabethglau
  5. 5. Social Influencer Social Media Social Media Program Reporters Ambassadors• Acknowledgement • Media Lounge • Concierge Team• Perks • Comp Registration • Encourage other• Promotion • Press Conferences attendees @elizabethglau
  6. 6. % of Social Media Users Owning Each Device Android 10 Apple iPhone11 35 Blackberry 24 Windows Smartphone 2012 Edison Research @elizabethglau
  7. 7. Social Media Monitors Social MediaLive Tweeters Moderators Social Media Technical Concierge Concierge Team @elizabethglau
  8. 8. Who is the Voice of Your Organization? Customer Service Skills Online Personal Branding Professionalism @elizabethglau
  9. 9.  Photo Booth / Sharing Live Polling Moderating Platforms Content Capturing Dashboard / Twitter Wall Short Videos @elizabethglau
  10. 10.  Social media concierge teams Thursday March 21st 1pm @elizabethglau
  11. 11. Elizabeth Glau, CMP Chief Foundation Strategist 614-286-4685 @elizabethglau