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Why the heck isnt word press a cms


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Why the heck isnt word press a cms

  1. 1. Why the @#!% isn’t WordPress a CMS? John  Eckman   ISITE  Design    -­‐  h4p://   CMS  Myth  -­‐  h4p://   Blog  -­‐  h4p:// Github:  h4p://   Twi4er  -­‐  @jeckman  
  2. 2. First, A Little Background h"p://­‐wordpress-­‐a-­‐cms/   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  3. 3. @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  4. 4. Say What? h"p://­‐wordpress-­‐as-­‐a-­‐cms-­‐again/   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  5. 5. @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  6. 6. What’s a CMS? “A  system  that  lets  you  apply  management  principles  to  web   content.”       (real  story  group)     A  content  management  system  (CMS)  is  a  system  providing  a   collecFon  of  procedures  used  to  manage  work  flow  in  a   collaboraFve  environment.  These  procedures  can  be  manual   or  computer-­‐based.  The  procedures  are  designed  to  do  the   following:   •  Allow  for  a  large  number  of  people  to  contribute  to  and   share  stored  data   •  Control  access  to  data,  based  on  user  roles  (defining   which  informaFon  users  or  user  groups  can  view,  edit,   publish,  etc.)   •  Aid  in  easy  storage  and  retrieval  of  data   •  Reduce  repeFFve  duplicate  input   •  Improve  the  ease  of  report  wriFng   •  Improve  communicaFon  between  users   (wikipedia  on  CMS)   h"p://   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  7. 7. What would lead one to say WordPress is NOT a CMS? h"p://   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  8. 8. WordPress is like the leading candidate in a primary race: everyone’s a critic h"p://­‐gonna-­‐hate/photos   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  9. 9. Why would people say WordPress is just a blog platform? Because we keep telling them it is. h"p://   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  10. 10. @jeckman       #WordPressCMS    #wcbos  
  11. 11. @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  12. 12. @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  13. 13. @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  14. 14. @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  15. 15. What if and had different names? h"p:// @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  16. 16. @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  17. 17. @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  18. 18. Sometimes people use tools in unexpected ways: edge cases Edge cases can reveal limits in a platform. Is CMS an edge case for WordPress? h"p://­‐six-­‐kids-­‐and-­‐no-­‐car-­‐ this-­‐mom-­‐does-­‐it-­‐all-­‐by-­‐bike-­‐73731   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  19. 19. What doesn’t WordPress do well? •  MulFlingual     •  Publish  to  Remote   Servers   •  Extended,  Fine-­‐Grained   User  Permissions   •  Content  TargeFng  /   Dynamic   PersonalizaFon   •  In-­‐Context  EdiFng   •  Custom  ApplicaFons   with  High  User   InteracFon   •  Complex  Workflow   •  Versioning  across   complex  asset  types   •  EdiFons  /  Content   Bundles     •  Digital  Asset   Management  at  Scale   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  20. 20. Do open source projects reflect the attitudes of their founders and leaders? h"p://   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  21. 21. Dries vs. Matt •  PhD  in  Computer   Science  and  Engineering   •  Founded  Drupal  project   2000   •  Founded  Acquia  2008,   as  CTO   •  Coding,  Technology,   Photography   •  Studied  PoliFcal  Science   at  University  of  Houston     (leg  to  join  CNET)   •  Started  WordPress  in   2003,  founded   Automaic  and  2005   •  Jazz,  Photography,   Simplicity   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  22. 22. Acquia vs Automattic •  VC  Funded  (aggressive   growth  plan)   •  Corporate   Headquarters  in   Burlington  MA  with   some  distributed   employees   •  Focus:  “Your  enterprise   guide  to  Drupal”   •  VC  funded,  though   slower  growth  plan  (?)   •  All  virtual  /  Distributed   •  Small  office  in  SF  (now   closed?)   •  Focus:  “we  are   passionate  about   making  the  web  a   be"er  place”     h"p://"e/1276986086/in/photostream/   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbos  
  23. 23. What does this suggest about Drupal and WordPress as platforms? •  Engineering  culture   •  Steep  learning  curve,   but  very  powerful  once   learned   •  Design  /  Content   culture   •  Simple  learning  curve   but  arguably  less   powerful  /  flexible   h"p://   h"p://­‐conversaFon/team-­‐posts/drupal-­‐7-­‐vs-­‐ wordpress-­‐3-­‐ba"le-­‐new-­‐features-­‐0  
  24. 24. What, if anything, should we do about the state of WordPress as a CMS? @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbosc  
  25. 25. Do we want more power, and therefore accept more complexity? h"p://­‐one-­‐to-­‐throw-­‐away/     @jeckman       #WordPressCMS     #wcbos  
  26. 26. “What the detractors and critics of electric vehicles have been saying for years, is true. The electric vehicle is not for everybody; given the limited range it can only meet the needs of 90% of the population.“ h"p://­‐killed-­‐the-­‐electric-­‐car.html   @jeckman       #WordPressCMS     #wcbos  
  27. 27. Should there be a fork of WordPress focused on CMS use cases? A Distribution? Package? Application? Downstream? h"p://   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbosc  
  28. 28. How can we preserve WordPress’ existing advantages? •  Focus  on  usability  and  user  experience  design   for  the  content  author  /  site  admin   •  Ease  of  installaFon  and  Fme  to  “live  site”   experience   •  Broad  availability  of  themes  and  plugins   •  Community  (including  WordCamps!)   •  as  a  massive  scale  ongoing   tesFng  plaoorm  for  new  concepts   h"p://   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbosc  
  29. 29. This is a great time for exactly what WordPress is best at •  Shig  in  buying  power  from  IT  to  business   owner   •  Renewed  interest  in  and  focus  on  content   strategy   •  Focused  small  iniFaFves  rather  than  large   enterprise  roll  outs   •  Focus  on  design,  usability,  and  content  impact    
  30. 30. Closing Thoughts •  WordPress  certainly  can  be  used  as  a  CMS:   the  quesFon  is  ulFmately  whether  this  is  an   edge  case  or  the  core  direcFon  of  the  project.     •  In  trying  to  grow  WordPress  as  a  CMS:   – We  won’t  win  by  trash  talking  other  plaoorms   – Power  is  shiging  from  IT  buyer  to  markeFng/ business  buyer   – Don’t  fall  for  the  technology  selecFon  myth   – Don’t  compete  on  feature  checklists   – The  “S”  in  CMS  should  be  strategy   h"p://­‐and-­‐wordpress-­‐at-­‐schipulcon-­‐one-­‐stage-­‐one-­‐open-­‐source-­‐love/   @jeckman    #WordPressCMS  #wcbosc