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But Why? Use Cases for the REST API


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The JSON REST API is something developers in the WordPress community have been very excited about for years. But what can your teams and clients actually use it to accomplish? What's it actually for?

Alternate Title: Who is JSON, and Why Do I Care How Much REST He Gets?

Published in: Technology
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But Why? Use Cases for the REST API

  1. 1. B U T W H Y ? 1 0 U S E C AS E S F O R T H E R E S T A P I WO R D C A M P B O S TO N 2 0 1 7 @jeckman | #wcbos
  2. 2. A K A “ W H O I S J S O N , A N D W H Y D O I C A R E H OW M U C H R E S T H E G E T S ? ” @jeckman | #wcbos
  3. 3. 1 . H E A D L E S S • Dynamic, app-like user experience • Pace Layering: change front end more frequently • Reduce attack surface @jeckman | #wcbos
  4. 4. 2 . M U LT I - H E A D E D • Customized experiences for different audiences • Single instance of content, editorial, and workflow • Serve clients, partners, employees, or different segments @jeckman | #wcbos
  5. 5. 3 . I N F R AS T R U C T U R E • WordPress as one service among many others • Multiple inputs & outputs • Likely incorporates headless/multiheaded @jeckman | #wcbos
  6. 6. 4 . I N - S I T E C O N T E N T • Load more (“infinite scroll”) • Filtered / faceted search results (w/ ElasticPress) • Related stories / recirculation • Sponsored content / native advertising @jeckman | #wcbos
  7. 7. 5 . C R O S S - S I T E C O N T E N T • Syndication (Push or Pull) across sites in a network • Pull based on taxonomy, post type endpoint • Admin experience to “push” article I am viewing to a site to which I have permissions • Including sites NOT on multisite / not using WP @jeckman | #wcbos
  8. 8. 6 . I M P R OV E D AU T H O R E X P E R I E N C E • Creating complex content types • Infrequent user forms & guided wizards • Embedding content creation in existing workflows @jeckman | #wcbos
  9. 9. 7. I M P R OV E D E D I TO R E X P E R I E N C E • Replacement dashboards (à la Calypso) • Better management of relationships across post types • Sorting / Deleting / Updating in batches • Curation - selecting and ordering content @jeckman | #wcbos
  10. 10. 8 . I N T E G R AT I O N W I T H OT H E R S E RV I C E S • Email newsletter providers • Google Docs • Encapsulate outgoing calls via internal custom endpoint • Import from Video management systems • Populating existing CMS (replace back-end in place) • Provide an API to your data for others to build on @jeckman | #wcbos
  11. 11. 9. I N T E G R AT I O N W I T H M O B I L E A P P S • Standardized format for content pull into native app experiences • Bi-directional: create and update custom post types based on user actions in app • Future-proofing - what’s behind the API could be swapped later, for specific endpoints/versions @jeckman | #wcbos
  12. 12. 1 0. I N T E G R AT I O N W I T H D E S K TO P A P P S • Provide contextual, on-demand help • Intake of orders, requests for quotes • Minimize need for releases, cache for offline use @jeckman | #wcbos
  13. 13. S U M M A RY 1. Headless 2. Multi-headed 3. Infrastructure 4. In-Site Content 5. Cross-Site Content
 6. Author Experience 7. Editor Experience 8. Service Integration 9. Mobile Apps 10. Desktop Apps @jeckman | #wcbos
  14. 14. T H A N K S ! @jeckman | #wcbos