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WordCamp Netherlands Keynote


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Brief discussion of: components for site success, user experience and analytics. Followed by a quick tips for social media optimization / engagement.

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WordCamp Netherlands Keynote

  1. 1. FIRST!WordCamp NL, 6/11/2010By Frederick Townes
  2. 2. ABOUT ME Founder: W3 EDGE, W3 MARKUP CTO: Mashable Co-host: WordPress Community Podcast Geek: In General
  3. 3. POLL, HAVE YOU OPTIMIZED FOR…. search engines? conversions? social media (to drive page views, engagement, etc)? performance?
  4. 4. BUILDING BLOCKS Success is relative: define goals Focus: set limits, make your site a destination Competitive Analysis: differentiate yourself, determine what you are not Traffic Drivers: practice, discover + develop techniques Develop your brand: connect with readers, network Measure: track, analyze + remain cautiously optimistic
  5. 5. GREAT USER EXPERIENCE *IS* SUCCESS Progressive enhancement across devices Consistent brand experience across devices Don’t make users think Create rich user experiences Make your content load first, do whatever it takes All of the above means lower bounce rates, more page views per visit and each new visitor is more likely to return
  6. 6. QUICK TIPS Enable gzip compression (and minify) Use XFBML implementation for facebook plugins Use ShareThis and Tweetmeme, they provide analytics Segment Traffic using Google Analytics Campaigns to URLs you share and use FeedBurner if you don’t already Add Facebook Open Graph meta tags to your posts (plugin?) Want more? click WordPress Podcast link when you see it each week right from your WordPress Dashboard
  7. 7. PLUGINS OF NOTE display/ taxonomy-manager/ for-wordpress/
  8. 8. SITES OF NOTE
  9. 9. THOUGHTS? Quick Questions? Ask.  Long Questions? Meet me @ the Genius Bar or save them for the “SEO & Website Optimization” session with Roy Huiskes
  10. 10. THANK YOU Need more help? Hire Me!