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Jointly arranged reflective information literacy course (pecha kucha). Rintamaki


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Presented at LILAC 2010

Published in: Education
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Jointly arranged reflective information literacy course (pecha kucha). Rintamaki

  1. 1. Jointly Arranged Information Literacy Course Co-operation between Vaasa City Library – Regional Library, Tritonia Academic Library and Summer University of Vaasa
  2. 2. Vaasa • bilingual town in Western Finland • 59.000 inhabitants – Finnish-speaking 70 % – Swedish-speaking 25 % – other languages 5 % • 13.000 university students
  3. 3. Universities in Vaasa • University of Vaasa (fin) • Åbo Akademi University (swe) • Hanken School of Economics (swe) • VAMK University of Applied Sciences (fin) • Novia University of Applied Sciences (swe) • all five with Open University activities
  4. 4. Vaasa City Library – Regional Library • a main library, ten other libraries and a library bus • open to everyone • offers knowledge, support for studies, and recreation • offers access in Internet and databases of the library • arranges events for adults and children
  5. 5. Tritonia • a joint academic library and learning centre of University of Vaasa, Åbo Akademi University, Hanken, VAMK, and Novia • serves research, education and studies at the universities in Vaasa • the learning centre, EduTech, offers services in virtual teaching and the use of ICT • open for everyone as a public academic library
  6. 6. Summer University of Vaasa • gives an opportunity for both personal and professional development • operates in collaboration with universities • offers short-term courses that are open to everyone regardless of age or prior education
  7. 7. Summer University of Vaasa • Offers • Open University • vocational continuing education • preparatory courses • Studia Generalia lectures • seminars on cultural and regional issues • university activities for the third age
  8. 8. Information Literacy Training at Vaasa City Library • responsible for the information literacy training for − infant schools − comprehensive schools − vocational training − senior citizens − in general • individual tutoring at the service  desk
  9. 9. Information Literacy Training at Tritonia • responsible for the education in information literacy that is a part of the curricula of the universities in Vaasa • other courses on request − for students and staff at the universities in Vaasa and − for external clients • individual tutoring at the service desk or by appointment
  10. 10. Jointly Arranged Information Literacy Course • a new summer university course • jointly planned by Vaasa City Library, Tritonia, and Summer University of Vaasa • will be piloted in August 2010 • combines the different expertise of a city library and an academic library
  11. 11. Main Target Groups • teachers of comprehensive schools and of vocational education • other educational staff • university and open university students in need of extra training in information retrieval and in web-based studies
  12. 12. Goals • to include information literacy in vocational continuing education • to reach different persons that need information literacy skills − in their work or − in their future studies • to give basic skills in web-based learning
  13. 13. Goals • to give examples on e- resources that can be used in teaching and studying • to encourage teachers to teach information literacy for their pupils • to inspire participants to further education
  14. 14. Educational Methods • reflective process learning • blended learning − workshops with lectures − web-based learning • peer learning, evaluation, and feedback • pair teaching
  15. 15. Contents • information retrieval in Internet • search techniques • information sources − databases, search engines, portals − examples:,, • evaluation and use of information • copyright questions
  16. 16. Implementation • two workshops – á 3 hours – in a computer lab – short lectures – independent and pair exercises – enhanced teacher assistance – two teachers present
  17. 17. Implementation • Two web-based learning periods – á 7 days – in Open Moodle – online reading materials – information retrieval quizzes – study diaries – individual reflections – personal project writings
  18. 18. Study Materials • open access web materials • open access databases • for e. official information • can be used for studying and teaching outside university and library premises – no need for remote access privileges
  19. 19. Information Sources • Summer Universities in Finland h.htm • Tritonia • Vaasa City Library – Regional Library ges/In_English/First_page/Li brary • Vaasa in Brief 2008 px?id=462801
  20. 20. More Information • Marja Mikola, Vaasa City Library – Regional Library • Sari Tarvonen, Summer University of Vaasa • Katri Rintamäki, Tritonia • Thank you!