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HEC digital Library of Pakistan

  1. 1. Presentation topic:Higher Education Commision Library of PAKISTANSubmitted to:Sir Aamir rasoolSubmitted by:Shafiq-ur-rehmanRoll.no. 4BSlisc 6th semesterThe ISLAMIA UNIVERSITY OFBAHAWALPUR
  2. 2. • HEC National Digital Library (DL) is a programme toprovide researchers within public and privateuniversities in Pakistan and non-profit research anddevelopment organizations with access to internationalscholarly literature based on electronic (online)delivery, providing access to high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases, articles and e-Booksacross a wide range of disciplines. The e-books supportprogramme will allow researchers to access most ofthe important text and reference books electronicallyin a variety of subject areas. Around 75,000 number ofelectronic content has been made available throughthe Digital Library Programme.
  3. 3. Open Access Resources• Open-access literature is digital literature that isavailable on the web, free of charge, and free ofmost copyright and licensing restrictions.Committing to open access requires dispensingwith the financial, technical and legal barriersthat are designed to limit access to scientificresearch articles to paying customers.The onlyconstraint on reproduction and distribution, andthe only role for copyright in this domain, shouldbe to give authors control over the integrity oftheir work and the right to be properlyacknowledged and cited.
  4. 4. Eligibility Criteria• Eligibility for access to the information resources is exclusively forthe following institutes recognized by the Higher EducationCommission that operate with a not-for-profit remit:• Public and private sector degree-awarding universities andinstitutes (departments and libraries) on the HEC list of recognizedinstitutions• Constituent institutes of the HEC recognized universities.• Non-profit research institutes. (Primary Activity should beEducation and Research)• Higher education colleges.• Teaching hospitals.• Indigenous non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and CivilSociety Organizations (CSO’s); any other eligible organizationauthorized by the HEC.
  5. 5. • The following institutions will NOT be consideredeligible for access to the Digital Library:• Universities or institutes not recognized by theHEC;• Military or military affiliated institutions (exceptthose recognized as degree awarding by the HEC);• Atomic and/or nuclear research and developmentinstitutes.• All institutions must agree to the Terms andConditions for access to the resources availablethrough the library.
  6. 6. Available Free Full Text E-Book• Ebrary• ebrary helps customers acquire e-books strategically through athree step approach involving transitioning, diversifying andstreamlining™. The company believes that by challenging the e-book status quo, organizations can effectively serve the diverse andgrowing needs of end-users within budget.• ebrary currently has more than 4,500 library customers around theworld serving more than 19.2 million end-users. More than 500 ofthe world’s most authoritativepublishers distribute e-books on theebrary platform.• Founded in 1999, long before e-books were popular, ebrary is aProQuest business located in Palo Alto, CA, USA.
  7. 7. McGraw Hill Collections• Following collections of McGraw Hill are subscribed toyour institution:• McGraw-Hills Access Engineering• McGraw- Hills Access Medicine• McGraw-Hills Access Science• Springerlink• SpringerLink provides access to 503 full-text Springer-Verlag Journals and 738 full-text journals formerlypublished by Kluwer Academic Publishing.• One of the worlds leading information services forScience, Technical and Medical journals.
  8. 8. Available Databases• ELSEVIER (Science Direct)• About ScienceDirect• ScienceDirect is a leading full-text scientific databaseoffering journal articles and book chapters from more than2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 11,000 books.There are currently more than 11 million articles/chapters,a content base that is growing at a rate of almost 0.5million additions per year.Elsevier has digitized as much of the pre 1995 journalowned-content as possible, bringing articles from as farback as 1823 (The Lancet) to the desktop. Never has in-depth literature searching been so comprehensive and easyto find.
  9. 9. • The platform offers sophisticated search and retrievalfunctionality that enables the user to maximize theeffectiveness of their knowledge discovery process. Newtools facilitate research work flow aids such as access tocontent at an early publication stage and efficient multipledocument downloading of content that can be stored,printed and passed to colleagues.• The web environment offers new ways to presentinformation as well as enhancing it with other contentsources based on semantic technologies, e.g., NextBio. Inaddition, since 2003, many authors have been submittingextra value-added content associated with the research,such as audio and video files, datasets and othersupplementary content, effectively accelerating researchbeyond the print format.• For more background information on the ScienceDirectplatform, read theScienceDirect brochure
  10. 10. About science direct site• ScienceDirect’s Info site gives an introduction toeverything ScienceDirect has tooffer librarians and researchers. Here you will findan overview of the ScienceDirect family ofproducts and services, a summary of theScienceDirect content coverage, buying options,and the policies that govern its use.• If you do not find the answer to your questionabout ScienceDirect on this site, please contactus.
  11. 11. • About Elsevier• ScienceDirect is a part of Elsevier. Headquartered in Amsterdam,The Netherlands, the company is the worlds largest scientific,technical and medical information provider and publishes over2,000 journals as well as books and secondary databases.• Elsevier is a member of the Reed Elsevier plc group, a world-leadingpublisher and information provider. Operating in the scientific, legaland business-to-business sectors, Reed Elsevier provides high-quality and flexible information solutions to professional users, withincreasing emphasis on the Internet as means of delivery.•• Science Direct is the worlds leading electronic collection ofscientific journals.• Renowned for the high-quality of its content in all branches ofscience, technology and medicine.Subscribed Subject Areas: Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Physics &Astronomy and Mathematics
  12. 12. Emerald• Emerald is a global publisher linking researchand practice to the benefit of society. Thecompany manages a portfolio of more than290 journals and over 2,000 books and bookseries volumes, as well as providing anextensive range of online products andadditional customer resources and services.
  13. 13. • Our values• Quality is at the heart of our business. The highest quality of double-blindpeer reviewed research is at the heart of what we do, working alongsidesome of the most prestigious contributors in their respective fields. Ourcommitment to quality and relevance is reflected by a growing network ofmore than 100,000 advisers, authors and editors and nearly 5,000customers in over 130 countries worldwide.• Agility in a fast-changing environment. As a fast-growing, independentpublisher we offer the best of both worlds, with a global presence toprovide significant research and support services, while remaining agileenough to respond quickly to market needs.• Passionate about service excellence. Our absolute commitment to qualityextends throughout the service and supporting resources we provide. Thisis one of the main reasons our authors, editors and customers choose towork with us year after year.• Creating impact. Emeralds philosophy has always been to help ourcommunities create a meaningful impact; one that furthers the body ofknowledge and supports teaching, contributes to advances in society andthe environment, and influences government policy and business practice.
  14. 14. • Quick facts• At the end of 2012 Emerald had 55 journals and 3 BookSeries ranked by Thomson Reuters (ISI)• In 2012, more than 22 million Emerald articles weredownloaded and read in research and study• In 2012, nearly 500,000 Emerald Book Series chapterswere downloaded and read in research and study• Over 135,000 researchers, academics and authors havecontributed to Emerald content since 1994• Emerald has customers in over 130 countries andcontributors in over 205 countries, demonstrating ourcommitment to providing international research•
  15. 15. • Emerald is a long established publisher with over 200 titlesin the fields of management, information science andengineering. All of Emerald research journals are peer-reviewed to ensure the highest quality.• HEC has provided access to 150 of the total journal title.•• Emerald is a dynamic database comprising over 150 titles inthe fields of " Management, Information Science andEngineering.• The Emerald fulltext collection features over 58,000 articlesfrom titles published by Emerald.• Flagship titles such as Management Decision, EuropeanJournal of Marketing, Journal of Documentation,Leadership & Organization Development Journal, The TQMMagazine and Industrial Robot.
  16. 16. Jstor• JSTOR is a not-for-profit organization with adual mission to create and maintain a trustedarchive of important scholarly journals, and toprovide access to these journals as widely aspossible. JSTOR offers researchers the abilityto retrieve high-resolution, scanned images ofjournal issues and pages as they wereoriginally designed, printed, and illustrated.Content in JSTOR spans many disciplines.
  17. 17. • JSTOR is a not-for-profit organization with a dual mission to create andmaintain a trusted archive of important scholarly journals, and to provideaccess to these journals as widely as possible. JSTOR offers researchers theability to retrieve high-resolution, scanned images of journal issues andpages as they were originally designed, printed, and illustrated. Content inJSTOR spans many disciplines.• Originally conceived as a project at The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation,JSTOR began as an effort to ease the increasing problems faced by librariesseeking to provide adequate shelf space for the long runs of backfiles ofscholarly journals. JSTOR is not a current issues database. Because ofJSTORs archival mission, there is a gap, typically from 1 to 5 years,between the most recently published journal issue and the contentavailable in JSTOR (see JSTOR: The Moving Wall for more information).•• Content in JSTOR spans many disciplines, with over 500 high-qualitypublications available in the archive.• JSTOR provides the ability to retrieve high-resolution, scanned images ofjournal issues and pages as they were originally designed, printed, andillustrated
  18. 18. Project Muse• Project MUSE is a leading provider of digitalhumanities and social sciences content; since1995, its electronic journal collections havesupported a wide array of research needs atacademic, public, special, and school librariesworldwide. MUSE books and journals, fromleading university presses and scholarlysocieties, are fully integrated for search anddiscovery.
  19. 19. • MUSE currently includes:278,779 articles and 484,131 chapters by 203publishers•• Project MUSE provides access to 430 full-textjournals from 108 publishers in humanitiesand social science. MUSE pricing meets libraryneeds around the world.
  20. 20. Science Online• Provides access to the full text of theprestigious Science publication.• It allows users to search within Science andacross a multitude of scientific journals.• Provided to selected public-sector universitiesin Pakistan on the basis of identified researchrequirements.
  21. 21. Springerlink• SpringerLink provides access to 503 full-textSpringer-Verlag Journals and 738 full-textjournals formerly published by KluwerAcademic Publishing.• One of the worlds leading informationservices for Science, Technical and Medicaljournals.
  22. 22. Referncewww.HEC.org