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The Embedded Librarian: Using Technology in Service Delivery


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Presentation at the SAOIM 2012 conference.

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The Embedded Librarian: Using Technology in Service Delivery

  1. 1. The Embedded Librarian: using Technology in Service Delivery ..... OR How to get in “BED” with your Users  Pavlinka Kovatcheva, Faculty Librarian: Sciences University of JohannesburgFind me on: Twitter:@ujlibscience; Facebook & LinkedIn 11th Southern African Online Information Meeting (SAOIM) Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg “Innovation in an Age of Limits”, 6 June 2012
  2. 2. Transit of Venus 5 – 6 June 2012 Source
  3. 3. The journey of being an Embedded Librarian starts now:• The Metamorphosis Life of a Librarian• Definitions of Embedded Librarianship• The Embedded Librarianship attributes• The Embedded Librarianship requirements & tasks• Planning for embedded librarianship @ your library• Embedded Librarianship practice @ UJ• The Sciences Embedded Librarian: Practical Tips - Professional Associations - The embedded librarian in Faculty & Departments - The embedded librarian in the Classroom - The embedded librarian: in the Virtual Learning Environment - The embedded librarian and Social Networking - The Mobile embedded librarian• Competencies for Embedded Librarians• Conclusion
  4. 4. • The 80s – The traditional role• The 90s – The transitional role• The 1st decade of the 21st Century - The growing online access to Information Resources - The implementation of Web 2.0 Technologies - The increase use of Mobile Technologies - The practice of Embedded Librarianship• The 2nd decade of the 21st Century - It is all about Social Media & Networking , Mobile Devices & Applications, eReaders & Tablets, Open Access, Embedded Librarianship, etc. The Metamorphosis Life of a Librarian
  5. 5. • “Embedded librarianship takes a librarian out of the context of the traditional library and places him/her in an “on-site” setting or situation that enables close coordination and collaboration with researchers or teaching faculty” (Carlson & Kneale, 2011)• Embedded = An integral part to the whole. An element without which the whole could not be what it is. David Shumaker (2011) refined this to mean that librarians become integral parts to the units and groups in which they work. Definitions of Embedded Librarianship
  6. 6. • Relationship building with faculty and user groups• Customer centric not Library centric• Located in the customer’s workplace, not the librarian’s workplace• Focussed on specific groups, not entire populations• Composed of specialists, not generalists• Aiming for analysis and synthesis (re-packaging) not simply delivery• Trusted advisors, not only delivering information / services as specified by the customer (Shumaker & Tally, 2009) The Embedded Librarianship Attributes:
  7. 7. Requirements for Embedded Librarians:• Embedded librarian have background in both librarianship and the subject matter important to their customer group• Embedded librarians also have extensive relevant informal education and practical experience• Continues learning is important to embedded librariansThe Embedded Librarians tend to provide complex, value-added service to their customer groups:• Training on the use of information services• Ready reference, quick fact checking, citation verification• In-depth topical search• Collection Development• Provide “how to” manuals, pathfinders, etc.• Evaluating, synthesising & summarizing literature• Content management for web, intranet & wiki sites• Sharing instructional responsibilities (Shumaker & Tally, 2009) The Embedded Librarian: Requirements & Tasks
  8. 8. • Background: summary of the organisational context• Embedded Librarian Engagement: overview of the organisational units and information user groups in which librarians are embedded• Nature of the Librarians’ Contribution: the work performed by embedded librarians• Communication and Promotion: How members of the organisations are informed about the embedded model• Evaluation: How the work of the embedded librarians is evaluated• Management Advocacy (Faculty): How information user group managers and senior organisational leaders support the embedded model• Management Advocacy (Library): How library management supports embedded librarians and develops the embedded method Planning for Embedded Librarianship (Shumaker, 2011) @ your Library
  9. 9. • What we did?• What has change?• Focus on embedded librarianship• Planning and implementation• Are the librarians equipped to be embedded librarians? Embedded librarianship practice @ UJ
  10. 10. • Implementation of UJ Faculty Librarians positions in 2010-2011• Changed the Job Descriptions to include embedded and blended librarianship - Embedded: partners with faculty to embed personalised assistance to staff & students; acts and serves as research coach - Blended: improves collaboration to become instructional partner; connects with learners....; provides new tools for sharing information literacy and research process insights; takes leadership initiatives to integrate the academic library & librarian into the teaching and learning process.• Workshop on social networking for librarians (Nov 2011)• Beginning of 2012: Adopt the use of VLE: EduLink• May 2012: Workshop on Embedded librarianship to set-up the scene and discuss the implementation Embedded Librarianship practice @ UJ
  11. 11. THE SCIENCES EMBEDDED LIBRARIAN: PRACTICAL TIPSUJ Sciences Librarian examples:• Professional Associations• The embedded librarian in Faculty & Departments• The embedded librarian in the Classroom• The embedded librarian: in the Virtual LearningEnvironment (VLE)• The embedded librarian and Social Networking•The Mobile embedded librarian
  12. 12. The Librarians should join Subject / Professional Associations• To connect with relevant groups• To share & communicate information and knowledge, that can benefit to the partnership with the faculty, teaching and learningExample:• IAMSLIC and SLA-PAM; SAOUG• Listserv of SLA-PAM – platform to learn the latest in those subject areas, create conversations; document delivery;• Sharing with colleagues from different countries & institutions• Attending Subject related Conferences Embedded librarian: Joins Subject / Professional Associations
  14. 14. “New facts learnt today: UJ had over 84 000 applications from kids who wanted to study with us in 2012, and only 11 000 were accepted in the different programs. Scary numbers! Faculty of Science accommodates 32% of all students at UJ (including Health and Engineering students - about 3 500 first years alone), but government is pushing for more, so our faculty will grow dramatically in the next few years”. (1st year Academy workshop; Nicolette Niemann, Biotechnology Department, FB) UJ Faculty of Science registered students for 2012: New students Continuing students Total 1161 2159 3320 Kingsway Campus Doornfontein Campus 2643 677
  15. 15. Faculty Departments• Regular meetings with the Dean of • Visits to Departments Science (advice on budgets, • Library trainings on available subscriptions of e-resources, resources, searches, Refworks, curriculum & research support, etc.) getting published, etc.• Attend Faculty Board meetings • Develop & maintain Sciences• Participate in Faculty 1st Year Subject Portals Experience and Academy • Attend Departmental meetings• Member of the Faculty Teaching & • Collaborate on Curriculum courses Learning committee & Virtual Learning Environment• Member of the Faculty Website • Support to Researchers with committee searches, NRF accreditation, library• Attend Faculty Open lectures; issues, etc. Initiatives; Awards; End of the Year • Collection Development Functions; Community engagement • Attend postgraduates, visiting• Communication with Faculty offices researchers & staff presentationsBuild Partnership with the Sciences Faculty & Departments
  16. 16. The Embedded Librarian: UJ Faculty of Science, 1st year Academy workshop, 28 May 2012
  17. 17. Attends theFaculty of Science Open Lectures
  18. 18. The Embedded librarian: Attends Departments Research workshops
  19. 19. Embedded Librarian: Physics Department
  20. 20. The Embedded Librarian: Faculty & Departments websites
  21. 21. The Embedded librarian: Library/Vendors Training for Departmental staff &Postgraduate Researchers
  22. 22. The Embedded Librarian:Get Social with your Faculty
  23. 23. THE EMBEDDED LIBRARIAN: LIBRARY INFORMATION LITERACY IN THE CLASSROOM• First year experience: Presentation during the Facultyorientation; Library tours; Brochures; Pictures – video)• Curriculum course, 1st year students: Civics forSciences: Copyright & Plagiarism;• Curriculum course: Library assignments & Instructions:Biology 1; Biochemistry 1; Chemistry 2; Zoology 2• Library training instructions in Computer Labs,Sciences Labs and Lecture hall
  24. 24. YouTube videoThe Embedded Librarian: UJ Faculty of Science:1st Year Orientation 2012
  25. 25. Information Literacy on Copyright & Plagiarism: Sciences for Civics 1st year students, October 2011The Embedded Librarian: Curriculum Course
  26. 26. • Plan at the beginning of the 1st Semester of 2012 with the Pracs’ lecturers• 144 students in 2 groups over 2 weeks time;• 4 Library training sessions @ the Lab: Access & searching for resources & Plagiarism, citing & referencing• Questionnaire & assessment on referencing after the second training• Library support on EduLink (Virtual Learning environment)• Develop with the lecturer 5 library questions in the semester test.• Positive feedback from the lecturers as compare to previous years. More time for hands-on training is required The Embedded Librarian: Curriculum Course: Biology 1
  27. 27. The Embedded Librarian:Subject/Assignment Specific Library Training in the Classroom
  28. 28. Embedded Librarian: Joined trainingDepartment - Library @ Computer lab Staff, MSc & PhD’s
  29. 29. THE EMBEDDED LIBRARIAN: LIBRARY INTEGRATION INTO THE VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTThe literature identifies the virtual learningenvironment (VLE) both as a way of•organising online information and learningresources by subject, and as a•medium for delivering crucial information skills andinformation literacy tutorials developed forlibrary users. (Corrall, 2011)
  30. 30. UJ Sciences Librarian Portal
  31. 31. The library resources are embedded into the student learning space Benefits: • Once stop access • 24/7 • Easy communication • Online assessment and feedbackThe Embedded librarian has presence @ Virtual Learning Environment (EduLink)
  32. 32. Sciences Librarian presence on EduLink
  33. 33. SciencesLibrarian: EduLink Support
  34. 34. EduLinkSupport:Biology 1
  35. 35. SciencesLibrarian: EduLink SupportPostgrads
  36. 36. EduLink Sciences Library Resources Stats: February- 4 June 2012
  37. 37. Academics make use of Google groups:The students and the librarian are on the same space for open discussion;- Learn about students problems;- The students experience with assignments;- How they feel about social issues;- Lecturer share semester marks and learn more about how- Learn about curriculum;- “tag” proposed articles by lecturer; etc.- The lecture make use of iPad and most of the students reply via their phones
  38. 38. THE EMBEDDED LIBRARIAN: SOCIAL NETWORKING The Embedded librarian make use of Web 2.0 tools to ENHANCE her TRADITIONAL role bycontributing, sharing and collaborating with patron
  39. 39. Why Use Social Networking tools?To be where our users and potential users are...... socially!
  40. 40. You can create your Library Facebook pages, but you can also embed yourself into your institution Facebook pages:University of Johannesburg on Facebook:• University of Johannesburg page (Likes: 5,748)• UJ Research page (Likes: 497)• UJ Faculties & Departments pagesLibrarian presence on Facebook:• The UJ Sciences Librarian Hot Alert Facebook Page (Likes: 61)• Pavlinka Kovatcheva – personal Facebook (friends with Faculty members & students; International & Local Librarians)• Other Library pages (UJ Reads, Subject Librarians, etc.) The Embedded Librarian make use of : Facebook
  41. 41. UJ & Sciences Departments @ Facebook
  42. 42. Embedded Widgets on theUJ Sciences Portal & EduLink
  43. 43. The Mobile Embedded Librarian
  44. 44. What are a QR Codes? Steps in creating QR• The QR Codes are 2 Code: dimensional barcodes that are • Find a QR Code Generator easily scanned using mobile (perform a Google search) phones • Type the information, such• Your mobile phone need to as text or a URL, which have the QR Code option to will be converted (qurified) install. into a barcode. • When you scan the barcode with your mobile, the code will be then converted (dequrified) into the coded text or URL QR Codes
  45. 45. How to use in the library:• Check-in• Leave tips for those visiting the library• Become the Meyer of the library• Connect with users• Leave a comment or suggestion• Post library pictures• Reward your visitors  Embedded librarian: Foursquare
  46. 46. Foursquare: Tips for the library
  47. 47. Instant Messaging (IM)Embedded MeeboMe Connect to Mobile MeeboMeon the Sciences Portal
  48. 48. The Embedded Librarian Playground: Pinterest•Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.•Pinterest allows you to organise and share allthe beautiful things you find on the web.•You can browse pinboards created by otherpeople to discover new things and getinspiration from people who share yourinterests.
  49. 49.
  50. 50. Pinterest @ your Library
  51. 51. Competencies for Embedded Librarianship
  52. 52. • Be THE TRADITIONAL LIBRARIAN, but adapt to the changing world• Learn how to use the Social & Technological tools to improve relationships and communication with your patrons. Be THE SOCIAL NETWORKING LIBRARIAN• Help your Library with the implementation of the Mobile Technologies, be THE MOBILE LIBRARIAN.• Practice Embedded Librarianship by establishing trust, collaboration, sharing and partnership with your Faculty and students. Be the EMBEDDED LIBRARIAN.• It is a challenge being a MODERN 21st Century librarian• The Librarians need to ADAPT, to learn new SKILLS, to play new ROLES and function productively in the Age of Limits.• Going to “BED” with your users – the technology works for me 24/7. In Conclusion
  53. 53. Carlson, J. & Kneale R. 2011. Embedded librarianship in the research context: navigating new waters. College & Research Libraries News, 72 (3):167-170 (, S. & Keates, J. 2011. The subject librarian and the virtual learning environment: A study of UK universities. Program: electronic library and information systems. 45(1):29-49Shumaker, D & Tally, M. 2009. Models of Embedded Librarianship Final Report. [Online]. Available at Accessed 3 June 2012.Shumaker, David. 2011. The embedded librarian [Online]. Available at embedded/ Blog post 9 July 2011, Accessed 2 June 2012Shumaker, D. 2011. Models of Embedded Librarianship: Addendum 2011. [Online]. Available at References
  54. 54. Pavlinka KovatchevaTel: 011 559 2621E-mail: pkovatcheva@ Sciences Librarian Portal: Share Presentations:………… just GOOGLE ME  Thank you