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The role of the school library in the comunity


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O papel das bibliotecas escolares na comunidade apresentado no Comenius meeting da Caldas da Rainha. Janeiro 2014

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The role of the school library in the comunity

  1. 1. The role of the School Library Comenius meeting Caldas da Rainha Jan 2014
  2. 2. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP School office: Escola Secundária Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 22-01-2014 SCHOOL COMUNITY RAFAEL BORDALO PINHEIRO THE ROLE OF THE SCHOOL LIBRARY
  3. 3. School Library ESRBP The Program School Library Network was lauched in 1996, it was aimed at installing and developing libraries in state schools at all level, supplying its users with the necessary resources to read, access, use and produce information. This program is coordinated by School Library Network Office, and it depends upon the Ministry of Education that controls and articulates itself with other ministry services as regional departments of educations, municipalities and public libraries. Dir. Drª Teresa Calçada Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 22-01-2014 School Library Network
  4. 4. 22-01-2014 Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP School Libraries Network Program (
  5. 5. Development of school libraries within a school communities perspective, calling for the articulation and the networking principles. 2. Management by a librarian teacher (Cristina Meneses) with adequate training, supported by a team of 3 teachers (António Almendra, Helena Rodrigues e Anabela Ramos) with a total of 13 hours a week, and 3 assistants (Marina Penteado, Teresa Pereira e Cristina Vigário). 3. Area organized by several functionalities and services: a. Front-office: reception, information and loan services; b. Informal reading (newspapers, magazines, albums…); c. Reading, studying and working area: different supports are available – printed, audio, video and multimedia – and also the access to the Internet and also free wifi; d. Multipurpose room (group work, study, meetings, lectures, workshops…). Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 1. 22-01-2014 School Libraries Network Program Guidelines
  6. 6. Collection should be updated and adjusted to the student´s and teacher´s needs. It should include curricula supporting documents, literature collections, juvenile literature, newspapers and magazines, educational, informative and leisure DVD, CD audio and CD-ROM and in the close future ebooks. 5. Free access documents and standardized inter-library sharing. 6. Electronic catalogue (Bibliobase/OPAC): bibliographic standards and procedures. 7. The school budget supports equipment maintenance. formation students in the update of the collection and the Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 4. 22-01-2014 School Libraries Network Program Guidelines
  7. 7. • We are in a small city, situated in the central region of the country. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP •Our school is in the RBE network since 1999 •About ESRBP: • Is a secondary school with 3 rd grade of basic education • Regular secondary school (access to university) • Professional courses (access to the labor market) 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP
  8. 8. School Library ESRBP • To raise the level of literacy and to place the country on a par with its European partners (national results in literacy studies). • Government initiative (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs) • It is aimed at creating the conditions to achieve reading levels: information made available by the media, access scientific knowledge and enjoy the great novels of Literature. • Ler+ Jovem: reading program of our School Library • • • Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP • 2007-2011 22-01-2014 •Reading National Plan /Plano Nacional de Leitura
  9. 9. School Library ESRBP School library activities plan accomplish 4 domains: A. B. C. D. Curriculum, literacy and learning Reading and literacy Projects and partnerships School library management MABE - Evaluation model of school libraries by RBE Dir. Drª Teresa Calçada Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 22-01-2014 Program School Library Network
  10. 10. School Library ESRBP • • • • Clube de leitura/Reading club (non curricular activities: peddypaper; find books by clues…) Ler+ jovem Project: reading for senior public… Reading National Contest: 1st stage – 2 books/each level; written test and oral test Guide´s user Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP • important role in the readers’ training and in the promotion of reading habits: 22-01-2014 School Library assures an
  11. 11. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP Students image reserved 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP Reading club to senior public – Ler+ jovem Project
  12. 12. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP Students image reserved 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP Reading National Contest -
  13. 13. School Library ESRBP Users’ training activities How the different resources and services can be explored; Organize research tasks and school work preparation; Promote activities to use the library collection, through the different instruments: digital catalogue, list of novelties, thematic bibliographies, newsletters, sites, blogs, etc. • Visit the Library School: all the first level year (12 classes) • • Library helps students to complete their final paper (PAP) • • Meetings with writers • Support teachers in class • • Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP • • • • 22-01-2014 School’s Library strategies
  14. 14. School Library ESRBP Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 22-01-2014 Students image reserved Visits to library: peddy-paper
  15. 15. School Library ESRBP • Celebrate World Teachers’ Day (6 out) • Lecture about tutoring program in 3 rd grade – basic level •… Other activities… Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP • Loan professional manuals 22-01-2014 • Exchanging used manuals
  16. 16. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP In honor to…
  17. 17. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP Students image reserved 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP The writer presented the creative process Workshop with writers: Aline Mendes
  18. 18. School Library ESRBP Students image reserved Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 22-01-2014 Students image reserved Poetry Contest between schools of Caldas and Óbidos
  19. 19. School Library ESRBP • Responding to the teachers suggestions • From reading a book or parts of it, perform an artistic work: painting, draw or other (“Para onde vão os guarda-chuvas”, by Afonso Cruz, the writer/book of the month, dissemination by the school). • Fair use of copyright in digital context (lecture for students) Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP • Motivate teachers to encourage their students to use the library, by suggesting appropriate readings or consultation. 22-01-2014 School’s Library strategies
  20. 20. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP Writer of the month – Afonso Cruz
  21. 21. Digital literacy for students: lecture about fair use of copyright Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP Students image reserved 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP
  22. 22. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP Boletim Informativo mensal – BIm/ news from Library School
  23. 23. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP Cultural program: dance, theater, music…
  24. 24. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP iTEC Project - a partnership between Carla Valentim (Chemistry teacher) and Library School 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP Digital literacy for teachers / iTEC – learning with iPAD
  25. 25. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP Book fair
  26. 26. School Library ESRBP • Management an e-learning platform • Cooperate with teachers and students in a joint work with the School Library: construction of portfolios; multimedia presentations, webquests, webquizes, hotpotatoes, wikis, blogs, podcasts… Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP • Suggested sites (blog) 22-01-2014 School’s Library strategies
  27. 27. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP Students work project Video by 3 rd grade Audiovisual course 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP Professional Course in Audiovisual – video by students
  28. 28. • "Nem toda a gente é leitora, mas acho que, no fundo, é porque as circunstâncias fazem que não sejamos todos leitores. A possibilidade está em todos nós.“ Alberto Manguel, aqui • What role has the School Library today? • Main goal today is to offer reading skills. • Internet has good and bad information. • How to distinguish it? • Library School has a part in it. Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP • “Not everyone is a reader, but I think, it is because the circumstances do not we all readers. The possibility is in all of us.” Alberto Manguel (free translation) 22-01-2014 School Library ESRBP
  29. 29. 22-01-2014 Biblioteca Escolar ESRBP School Library ESRBP Thank you! Have a nice meeting!