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MTC Student onlineorientation82013s

  1. 1. Student Library Orientation Welcome Welcome to the Moultrie Technical College Library Orientation. Our mission is to support the College’s mission to provide a culture of learning through occupational education, academic education, distance education, business and industry training and workforce development by providing organized access to information resources and services. This orientation will give you an overview of services provided by the MTC libraries. For more information please contact one of the librarians. Contact information is listed on the last slide of this presentation. Thank You!
  2. 2. Student Library Orientation Collections Print collections are maintained on each Moultrie Technical College campus. Additionally, we maintain cooperative agreements with some local public libraries and with other area college libraries. These collections can be accessed through Interlibrary loan. In addition to our print collection our patrons have access to encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, periodical databases, and approximately 16,362 e- books through GALILEO. These, along with other subscription based electronic tools, ensure that our patrons have access to the most current information available.
  3. 3. Resources Resources Many resources are available on our web page and through our Library Catalog. GALILEO is the gateway to databases, to some full-text articles, and to e- books. It is available on-campus and off-campus. Contact us to get the password for off-campus access and bookmark this site to use as your gateway to the Internet. The GALILEO Tutorial will assist you in learning how to effectively use this resource. Student Library Orientation
  4. 4. Services • Reference • MTC ID Card • Circulation (Access Services) • Document Delivery • Copying • Interlibrary Loan Student Library Orientation
  5. 5. Services Student Library Orientation Reference Services The MTC libraries offer in-class and one-on-one research help. We also have tutorials available on our webpage. Citing sources is a important part of research. GALILEO contains links to info about ‘How To Cite’ resources in a bibliography.
  6. 6. Services Student Library Orientation ID Card The MTC ID Card is issued by the library and serves as your library card. You will need the following information to obtain a library card:  Name  Birthdate  Address  Phone Number  Student ID number (9000 #) To obtain an ID, fill out the form located on the library webpage or visit your library to obtain a form. It only takes a few minutes to obtain your card and there is no fee for the first one. A ID card is required to use the computers in the library and to check out library materials.
  7. 7. Services Student Library Orientation Patrons MTC libraries are open for use to all currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, and area residents. The circulation of materials is available to currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, and area residents. Distance learners should contact the staff to get assistance in activating their library privileges and to obtain the GALILEO password. Distance learners can obtain library materials through our document delivery service, which sends materials directly to their home. Items will be sent by the appropriate method to ensure a speedy delivery. Items that may be obtained from an area library will not be sent.
  8. 8. Services Student Library Orientation The Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Service provides for the borrowing of resources from around the world . ~Document Delivery provides for the intercampus loan of materials and for the delivery of resources to the homes of distance learners. ~Interlibrary Loan is used to obtain materials that are not owned by us. Copying Services- The no charge photocopying of class related materials is a service that is available to all students. There is a charge to laminate and to make color copies. We do adhere to the copyright law.
  9. 9. Reasons to visit the library: Student Library Orientation Research Help • Get one on one help with research • Learn how to find reliable and up to date resources • Learn how to cite a resource • Learn how to use GALILEO Other Reasons • Prepare a resume (or learn how) • Conduct a job search • Use the quiet study room • Make copies • Take online classes • Browse a magazine • Check out a book (one related to your program or one just for fun!) • And much more!
  10. 10. Contact Us Student Library Orientation Moultrie VPC Campus ~ Udella Spicer, Director : Tifton Campus ~ Priscilla Hunter, Librarian: IDC Campus ~ Sue Stephenson, Librarian: MTC Library Web page is located at: Telephone: 229-891-7020: Veterans Parkway Campus (Moultrie) 229-391-2623: Tifton Campus 229-217-4208 Industrial Drive Campus (Moultrie) Information is our business. Contact us!