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This is a presentation from Tata Chemicals Ltd, one of the finalists at the 5th CII-GBC National Award for Excellence in Water Management in 2008

The awards are in 2 categories, Within the Fence for work done on minimizing the organisations water footprint, and Beyond the Fence for work done in the community around the industry.

This presentation was in the "Within the Fence" category.

We thank CII and the respective companies for giving us permission to upload these presentations on the India Water Portal website for dissemination to a wider audience.

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Tata Chemicals Ltd, Babrala

  1. 1. Presentation on “Excellence in Water Management – 2008 16 & 17 December 2008: CII- Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad TATA CHEMICALS LIMITED - BABRALA The Glorious Tatas v Group Turnov er > $62.5 Billion v Group’s 27 publicl y listed compa nies hav e Market Capitaliza tion $ 60 Billion v Operations in m ore than 40 countries across 6 contine nts v Total Number of Em ployees : >350,000 v Conglomerate of 116 compa nies in 7 Business Sectors: • Materials • Energy • Chemicals • Serv ices • Consumer Pr oducts • IT & Com munications • Engineeri ng
  2. 2. Tata Chemicals v Tata Chemicals Established in 1939 at Mithapur, Gujarat v Urea complex at Babrala commissioned in Dec, 1994 Urea D el hi Bab rala Mith apur Hald ia Mumbai DAP NPK Salt Soda A sh Fertilizer Complex - Babrala Single train A mmonia Plant Capacity – 1520 MTPD Haldor Topsoe Technology Two trains Urea Plant Capacity – 2620 MTPD Snamprogetti Technology State-of-th e-ar t T echnology Most En ergy Efficient Plan t Most Env ironmentally Effic ien t 32% of entire area is under green cov er Zero Discharge of Efflue nts Lowest M anpower Operated DCS Control Sy stem Single Control Room for Complex SA P – R/ 3 ERP Pack age Referenc e Plant for Technology Supplier s
  3. 3. Urea Manufacturing Process HB J Pipeline H ydro carbon s Ammonia storage Stea m Air NH 3 Urea Ammon ia Plant Urea Plant Ammonia Urea Bagging CO2 Bagge d Urea Power & Steam Cooling to wers Dispatch Road: 15% De-mineral isation Instrument air Inert gas Rail: 85% Our APPROACH ……. Three pronged st rategy for achieving excellence in water management v Water Efficient Design v Efficient Operations to conserve water v Continuous identification of new opportunities and integrate them with the processes / operations through suitable modifications
  4. 4. Water Efficient Design Efficient Design : Selected Unique concepts at the design stage. v Though the river Ganges is near by w e selected bore-w ell w ater as fresh w ater supply source. v Earlier borewell w ater w as com ing to the plant after getting accum ulated in a p ond. Now it is com ing t o the plant directly through pipeline. v Effluent treatment at the source to conserve w ater and am m onia v Boiler blow dow n is used as m ake up to coolin g tow er. v All innocu ous treated effluents are used for green belt developm ent and m aintenan ce w ithin the prem ises. TCL, Babrala is a ‘Z ERO’ effluent discharge unit. Water Efficient Operation Efficient Operation : Our strategy is continuous monitoring and optimization of operation v Continuous vigilance and monitoring at the source (i.e at the tube well discharge) v Maximum possible recycling of process/steam condensate v Cooling water treatment optimization to operate with high cycle of concentration. v Boiler water treatment optimization to minimize blow down quantity. v Controlled use and monitoring at all consumption points
  5. 5. Find new opportunities and integrate Efficient Modification : Our strategy is to involve maximum people and continuously search for new opportunities and optimization of operation v All em ployees and tow nship residents are m ade aw are of w ater conservation v People find new opportunities and suggest v Suggestions are evaluated by con cerned department follow ed by process engineering dept for benefits and suitability v Schem e m ade and detail design done v Schem e im plem ented and evalu ated for actu al benefits v Suggestor is rew arded Driving Excellence through People Involvement, Driving Excellence Teamwork and efficient methodologies Six-Sigma Benchmarking Process Improvement RC A F MEA RCM KM Techniques 5S SPC Suggestion Scheme Manthan C O Q Process Balanced Scorecard BSC model - SHE Framework Integrated Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001 and RC14001) Tata Business Excellence Model
  6. 6. MONITORING……Measure , Analyze & Improve Measuring Flow m eters are provided at the discharge of tube w ells to m easure at source Major consum ption points have separate flow m eters Sum of production and sum of consum ptions are balanced on daily basis. Variation ( <2.0 %) ensures accuracy of m easurem ent. Daily Reporting Daily w ater consum ption inform ation is sent to Senior Managem ent Daily Environm ent perform ance is reviewed by senior m anagem ent Every year reduction of specific w ater consum ption target is taken and the sam e is m entioned in MD’s Green Goal sheet Environm ent incident Reporting System Monitoring consumption of domestic water To monitor and reduce per capita consumption v Flow m eters installed in the dom estic supply lines to tow nship v Treated effluent is being used in place of fresh w ater for tow nship green-field m aintenance v Aw areness sessions on natural resource conservation and Quiz contest are conducted regularly for tow nship (ISO-14001 certified) residents, school students and nearby com m unity v Tow nship sew age w ater is treated and used for horticulture purpose v Regular Preventive Maintenance of w ater taps/netw ork at public places by using checklists
  7. 7. Water Conservation Projects 2004-2008 Sr Year of Descriptio n Inv estmen t No Imple men tati on (Rs La cs) Use of partially de-cationed water as am monia cooling tower ma ke-up 1 2004-05 5.50 (annual wate r saving: 284,0 00 m3) T o provide tapping points (5 -6) at cooling towe r Blow dow n heade r for 2 2004-05 0.35 horticulture purpose. 2" b ypass line provided with I/V f rom ring h eader to fountain wate r 3 2004-05 0.00 pump discharge line Recycling of D M plant analyse r effluents to FWST (annu al water 4 2005-06 0.85 saving: 10000 m3 ) T o provide flow met res in tubewells at drinking w ater o/l line going to 5 2005-06 3.00 township T o provide wate r cooler in rec ycle line of HSD pump to cont rol HSD 6 2005-06 temp in the day t ank a nd thus eliminating use of water spra y on th e 1.00 tank du ring summer (annual wate r saving: 5000 m3) Recyling of CPS GP steam condensate to D M Plant (Annual wate r 7 2006-07 4.00 saving: 25000 m3 ) Recycling of inter-stage condensate f rom compressors to cooling wate r 8 2006-07 4.50 return he ader (annual wate r saving: 250 00 m3) 9 2006-07 Installation of additional pH meter at the inlet lines to Guard po nd-1 2.00 T o provide horticulture water ta pping near Fire and safet y lawn an d 10 2006-07 1.00 IGGP area T o prime the floor washing pumps using effluent wate r and eliminate 11 2006-07 0.30 the consumption of utility water. T o provide tappings at the 55 -P-05A/B/ C reciculation line for irrigation 12 2007-08 0.25 near NBS security guard cabin Water Conservation Project - 1 Installation of a water cooler for to control HSD tank temperature v HSD pump runs continuously as a ready available stand by fuel for Gas turbine and Boiler to avoid unwanted trips v We used to spray water on tank surface to cool down the HSD tank in day time of hot summer v A water cooler was installed to cool the recycled HSD at pump discharge so that temp remain below flash point of HSD Annual w ater sav ing : 5000 M 3 Benefits Inv estment : Rs 1.5 lacs
  8. 8. Water Conservation Project-2 Rain Water Harvesting system in residential complex for water conservation v Water harv esting Pond -1 v Capacity : 100X30X0.5 m3 v Water coll ected and r ec harg ed during rai ny seas on: 4500 m3 v Cos t of pr ojec t: Rs 10,000 v Water Harv esting Pond – 2 v Capacity: 20X30X1 m3 v Water coll ected and r ec harg ed during rai ny seas on: 900 m3 v Cos t of pr ojec t: Rs 25,000 Annual w ater charged : 4500 M 3 Benefits Inv estment : Rs 35,000 Water Conservation Projects - 3 Rain Water Recycling project in residential complex for water conservation v A pit of 10 M3 capacity cons truc ted v Auto star t pump w ith capaci ty of 50m3/hr v Recycle to raw w ater body Annual w ater sav ing : 50000 M3 Benefits Inv estment : Rs 100,000
  9. 9. Set the benchmarks Sp. Wa ter Consumption* (M 3 / M T of Urea) Ben chm ar k in F ert ilizer in dustr y for w ater con su mption 4.4 CPCB Sta ndar d = 10 M 3/MT Impact of e xces s blo w d ow n from FAI be nchmark = 5.26 M 3/MT (TCL) Co oli ng To w ers due t o hi gh er * Excludi ng to wns hip wa ter co nsu mp tio n alk anity Set the Benchmarks Waste Water Ge neration (M 3 / M T) Fir st comp an y to get BSC 5 st ar r ating for EM S in th e W orld Only co mpan y to g et N akheel Su st ain abilit y Award From BSC for EM S 1.19 1.1 0.95 0.94 0.9 0.85 0.74 0.7 0.67 0.62 0.70 0.5 01-02 02-03 03-04 04-05 05-06 06-07 07-08 Impact of e xces s CPCB Standard = 5.0 M3/MT blo w d ow n from F AI benchmark = 0.78 M 3/MT ( TCL) Co oli ng To w ers d ue to hig he r alk an ity
  10. 10. India’s Best – Sp. water consumption (M3/MT) TCL Indo Gulf CFCL ECPL KSF 03-04 4.96 _ _ 6.55 _ 04-05 4.68 5.23 _ 5.97 6.62 05-06 4.70 _ 5.12 6.26 _ 06-07 4.50 5.2 5.4 6.15 - 07-08 4.66# 5.75 - - # fig ur e is 4.40 excl uding i mpact of CPCB Standard = 10 M3/ MT al kali ne water blow down F AI benchmark = 5.26 M 3/MT ( TCL) Inter national Benc hmar k is not availabl e for si mil ar plant in si milar g eogr aphic al c onditi ons. Also, Benc hmar king r eport in the area of water c ons er vati on is not publis hed by any agenc y. India’s Best – Sp. Effluent generation (M3/MT) TCL Indo Gulf CFCL KSF 03-04 0.94 _ _ _ 04-05 0.74 -- _ 0.82 05-06 0.67 0.80 _ _ 06-07 0.62 0.71 1.0 07-08 0.85# 0.73 - _ # f igur e is 0.70 excluding i mpact of CPCB Standard = 5.0 M3/MT al kali ne water blow down F AI benchmark = 0.78 M 3/MT ( TCL)
  11. 11. Way Forward…….never rest on your laurels Deep recharge Rain water harvesting Use of treated domestic effluents for toilet flushing in township All new building to be constructed as Green buildings concept Assessment of carbon Foot Prints of Tata Chemicals Life Cycle assessment of Urea Business To establish model Eco-friendly villages in near by community Certifications / Memberships • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, RC14001 and ISO 27001 • ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificati on for Tow nship • Signator y to Responsible Care – A public Com mitme nt • Member of CoRE – Corporate Round Table on Env ironme nt
  12. 12. AWARDS & ACCOLADES v 5 Star rating for E nv ironmental Sustaina bility fr om BSC, UK : 2004, 2005, 2006 v Sw ord of Honour from British safe ty council consecutiv ely four times in a row . :2007-08 v ICMA, SHE Excellence Aw ard : 2005 v Aditya Birla best Responsible Care Aw ard : 2004 v Greentech Env ironment Excellence Platinum Aw ard for year : 2003-04, 2004-05. v Golden Peacock Env ironment Mana gement Aw ard for the year : 2005 v Aw ard for “Excellence in Natural Gas Conserv ation” Firs t Prize in Fertiliser Sector, ins tituted by GAI L : 2004, 2005. AWARDS & ACCOLADES v Env ironment pr otecti on aw ard fr om Fertiliser Associati on of India : 2005-06 v Aditya Birla aw ard for the best Responsible Care compa ny” and “Cor porate Social Responsi bility aw ard” : 2005-06, 2007-08 v Aditya Birla aw ard for “ Corporate S ocial Responsi bility” for the year : 2005-06 v The Sarv a Shreshtha S uraksha Puraskar (Golde n Tr ophy and Certi ficate) fr om Na tional Safety Council of India (NSCI ) for year 2006-07. v The best Tec hnical Innov ation Aw ard (2006-07) fr om Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) v Nakheel Sustaina bility aw ard (Special Aw ard) by Britis h safety council in year 2007-08
  13. 13. At Babrala We are Proud of…. Our Benc hmark S HE B ein te o f Ar t BSC g B Ou r Sta y Stand ards : th e est i ith man o u r W o r ld n Plan t w Swords of Honor T ec e atu res h no f o r N o vel F consecutively 4 Su p p l ie lo g y times in a row rs Our Highest Being India’s Employee Our High CSR Best in SHE Productivity in standards perfor m ance Fertiliz er Indu str y t Our Mo s E nv a’ s S ta n iron I n di te r p l an d ar ds me n t B ein g W a er >> F Our Greenest & y& z t ir g et i n W o r s t Best Land scaped E ner g nt ferti l i B SC ld to Indust rial Facilit y E ffi ci e pl ex 5 st ar co m BEING WORLD CLASS THANK YOU