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Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011 - District Profile : Jamnagar

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Jamnagar - District Profile

  1. 1. Jamnagar
  2. 2. INDEX 1 Jamnagar: A Snapshot 2 Economy and Industry Profile 3 Industrial Locations / Infrastructure 4 Support Infrastructure 2 5 Social Infrastructure 6 Tourism 7 Investment Opportunities 8 Annexure 2
  3. 3. 1Jamnagar: A Snapshot Knowledge Partner 3
  4. 4. Introduction: Jamnagar Map 1: District Map of Jamnagar with Talukas§ Jamnagar is located in Saurashtra region of western Gujarat§ The district has 10 talukas, of which the major ones are Jamnagar ( District Headquarter), Jodiya, Okha, and Khambhaliya§ The district is famous for its brass products, (bandhani) tie-dyed fabric, and handicrafts§ World’s largest grass root refinery of Reliance 4 Jodiya Petrochemicals is located in Jamnagar Dhrol§ India’s first Marine National Park and the famous Jamnagar Dwarkadish temple built in 16th century is located in Okha Lalpur Khambhaliya Kalavad Jamnagar Jam Kalyanpur Jodhpur§ Focus industry sectors include Brass Parts, Petroleum Bhanvad and Petrochemicals, Salt, Port related business District Headquarter TalukasSource: Jamnagar district profile booklet 2007 4
  5. 5. Fact File 68.57º to 70.37º East (Longitude)Geographical Location 21.42º to 22.57º North (Latitude) 42º Centigrade (Maximum)Temperature 10º Centigrade (Minimum)Average Rainfall 554 mmArea 14,125 sq. kmDistrict Headquarter Jamnagar cityTalukasPopulation 10 5 1.91 Million (As per Census 2001)Population Density 111 Persons per sq. kmSex Ratio 949 Females per 1000 MalesLiteracy Rate 49.70%Languages Gujarati, Hindi, and EnglishSeismic Zone Zone IVSource: Jamnagar District Profile Booklet 2007 5
  6. 6. 2Economy and Industry Profile Knowledge Partner 6
  7. 7. Economy and Industry Profile§ Jamnagar district caters to over 70% of the country’s requirement for brass parts supply. There are over 4,500 units involved in production of brass parts and Jamnagar district is the major supplier to the electric and electronics factories located in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai§ Around INR 300 crore (USD 71 million) worth of brass parts are produced by industries in Jamnagar, of which 90% is marketed within the country and 10% is exported§ Jamnagar is one of the principle inventers for production of tie-dyed fabric (Bandhani) in the State, yearly production accounting being around INR 250 crore (USD 60 million)§ Other major industry sectors of the district include engineering & machinery , plastics and oil mills§ 7 Petroleum refineries of industry leaders such as Reliance Industries and Essar oil, Gujarat State Fertilisers Corporation (GSFC), chemical fertilizer complex and a chemical plant of Tata Chemicals is based in the district§ Huge reserves of bauxite are found in the district. Hence, mineral based calcite, bauxite, amery and abrasives industries are well developed in Jamnagar§ With a coastline of approximately 350 kms in Jamnagar, there are over 17 salt work units in the district and salt is exported to countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Japan, and Nepal Source: Jamnagar District Booklet 2007 7
  8. 8. Agriculture§ In 2006-07, Jamnagar produced 36,119 Metric Tonnes 2nd largest producer of Oilseeds in Gujarat (MT) of fruits, 1.42 lakh MT of vegetables, and 69,303 3rd largest producer of Garlic in Gujarat MT of spices Fig. 1 : Food Crop Production 2006 - 07 45000 160000 38400 40000 141867 140000§ Major fruits of the district are papaya, mango, chiku 35000 Production (M.T.) 120000 30000 Area (00 Ha) 100000 and coconut 25000 80000 20000 69303 12572 60000§ Papaya contributes over 72% to total fruit production 15000 36119 40000 10000 5000 2474 20000 in the district 0 0 Fruits Vegetables Spices§ 8 Onion, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower and cluster beans are the main vegetables grown in the district Area (00 Ha) Production (M.T.) Fig. 2 : Food and Non-Food Crop Production 2006 - 07§ Jamnagar is the third largest producer of garlic with 3604 5000 8000 Production (00 M.T.) 5114 7000 production of 52,920 MT contributing 24% to total 4000 6000 Area (00 Ha) 3000 8677 5000 production in Gujarat state 4000 2000 3000 1619 2000§ The district is the third largest producer of 1000 64411635 281 1000 282 0 0 groundnut in the State contributing 15% to total Cereals Pulses Oilseeds Cotton(Lint) production Area (00 Ha) Production (00 M.T.) Source: Department of Agriculture 8
  9. 9. Minerals§ The major minerals found in the district are bauxite, calcite, limestone, and chalk Fig. 3 : Bauxite Production in Gujarat§ Other minerals available in the district include sand, black trap, gypsum and bentonite State 4%§ Jamnagar is the largest producer of bauxite in the State contributing 96% to the total production and has the second highest reserves in the State with 30% share§ Mineral based industries in Jamnagar 9 • Agate Industry Jamnagar 96% • Abrasive Units • Bauxite Calcinations Plane Jamnagar Others • Fire Bricks Unit • Glazed Tiles FactorySource: Jamnagar District Booklet 2007, Gujarat Mining Potential Report, CII, 2003 9
  10. 10. Major Industries § Jamnagar district has around 34 medium and large scale industrial units involved in production of solvents, edible oils, cement, yarn, agriculture equipments, soda ash, salt, and fertilizers § Medium and large scale industries generate over 7,000 employment opportunities in the district § Out of total Middle and Large scale units, 17 are concentrated in Jamnagar city while rest are spread across Sikka, Okha, Jam Khambhaliya, Jodiya, Lalpur, and Kalyanpur talukas of the district § Some of the major medium and large scale players in Jamnagar district is shown in Table 1 Table 1: Medium and Large Scale Players in Jamnagar* Name of Company Taluka Production Tata Chemicals Ltd. Essar Oil Ltd. Mithapur 10 Jam Khambhaliya Soda ash, Caustic soda & other chemicals Petrochemicals Reliance Industries Ltd. Jamnagar Petrochemicals Gujarat State Fertilisers Co. Ltd. Sikka Fertilisers New Bharat Engineering Works Jamnagar Machine Tools Bellarpur Industries Ltd. Jam Khambhaliya Salt and other chemicals Ashapura Minechem Ltd. Jamnagar Bauxite Digvijay Cement Co. Ltd. Sikka Cement Nova International Jamnagar Brass parts Natraj Ceramics & Chemcial Industries Jam Khambhaliya Refractory, Calcite, Bauxite Pvt. Ltd.Source: Jamnagar District Profile Booklet ,2007 *Indicative List 10
  11. 11. Major Industries Map 2 : Major Industry Players in Jamnagar District* Jodiya Dhrol Jamnagar Okha Lalpur 11 Khambhaliya Kalavad Tata Chemicals Ltd. Essar Oil Ltd. Jam Reliance Industries Ltd. Kalyanpur Jodhpur Gujarat State Fertilizer Chemicals Digvijay Cement Co. Ltd. Bhanvad Nova International Ashapura Minechem Ltd. *Indicative List 11
  12. 12. Small Scale Industries (SSI)§ There are over 12,700 small scale industries operating in Jamnagar. Some of the main industries under SSI in Jamnagar are metal industries, food products, rubber, and plastic products§ Maximum number of SSI units located in the district are related to metal products followed by repairing and services industry (2,616 units)§ Most of the small scale industries are located in Jamnagar city followed by Jamjodhpur, Dhrol, Kalavad, and Okhamandal talukas Figure 4 & 5: Contribution of Sectors in SSI Units 19% Metal products 12 Transport equipments 10% 24% Repairing services 9% Chemicals Textiles 3% SSI Basic Metal industries Misc. Manufacturing 4% Industries 9% Contribution Food products 54% Other Tobacco and Beverages 4% Machinery and parts SSI Paper products 4% 9% Wood products Electrical machinery 4% Rubber and Plastic 20% 5% products 1%3% Leather products 7% Non m etallic m ineral products 11% Other industries OthersSource: Jamnagar district profile booklet 2007 12
  13. 13. Industry and Investment Trends§ As per the Industrial Entrepreneur Memoranda (IEMs) filed, the total investments during 1988-97 Fig. 6: Decadal Investment Trends (1988-07) was INR 36,358 crore (USD 8,867.80 million), which increased to INR 53,469 crore (USD 53469 13,041.22 million) between 1998 -2007 60000 50000§ Sectors that have witnessed maximum investments Units and Investments 36358 40000 during 1998-07 includes, petrochemical & 30000 refinery, fuels and infrastructure projects, while 20000 the major investment during 1988-97 13 was 10000 0 97 114 contributed by industries such as petrochemicals & Units Investment Decades refinery, fertilizers and textiles 1988 - 1997 1998 - 2007§ Total number of units has increased from 97 (in 1988–97) to 114 new units (in 1998-07) is metallurgical industries Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat,2007 13
  14. 14. Investment Trends: 1988-97§ During 1988-97, petrochemical and refinery sector attracted maximum investments to the Fig. 7: Major Investments & Employment during 1988-97 tune of INR 21,962 crore (USD 5,356.58 million) Highest contributing 60% to the total investments in the Highest Employment Investment decade, and creating 5,059 employment 35000 30339 Investments and Employm ent 30000 opportunities 25000 21962 20000§ Highest employment was generated by 15000 10000 5059 5916 14 25691482 2119 2112 1542 chemicals sector creating 30,339 jobs 5000 1200 962 1390 453 1874 0 Fuels Textiles Chem icals Plastics & its Cement & Petrochemical Fertilisers contributing 64% to the total jobs created G ypsum products & refinery§ Fertilisers experienced high value investments Sectors with one project witnessing an investment of INR Investm ents Em ploym ent 5,916 crore (USD 142.92 million)§ Petrochemical & refinery, fertilizers, textiles, chemicals and plastic industries constituted 84% of total investments in this decade Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat,2007 14
  15. 15. Investment Trends : 1998-07§ During 1998-2007, petrochemical & refinery sector attracted highest investment worth INR 21,637 crore (USD 5,277.31 million) Fig. 8: Major Investments & Employment during 1998-07 contributing 40% to total investments in the Highest Investment Highest decade 25000 21637 Employment Investments and Employment 20000§ Fuels sector showed tremendous growth by 15000 16179 13510 9077 attracting next highest investment of INR 10000 4010 6248 6014 4589 5000 2135 2480 465 720 748 61 16,179 crore (USD 3,946.09 million) 0 15 Chemicals Plastic & its Machinery & Fuels Infrastructure Petrochemical Cement & Engineering Gypsum products & refinery contributing 30% to total investments projects Misc.§ Highest employment was generated by Sectors chemicals sector creating 13,510 jobs with a Investments Employment share of 37% in total employment§ Infrastructure projects emerged as a new sector attracting investments of INR 6,248 crore (USD 1,523.90 million) and generating 9,077 employment opportunities Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007 15
  16. 16. Investments in Pipeline§ 14 MoUs amounting to INR 56,130 crore (USD Fig. 9: Number of MoUs Signed (VGGIS 05 and 07) 9 8 13,690.24 million) of investments were signed for 8 7 6 projects in Jamnagar during Vibrant Gujarat Global MoUs signed 6 5 Investors Summit (VGGIS) in year 2003, 2005 and 2007 4 3§ Sectors such as ports, petroleum, agro & food, and 2 1 infrastructure invited maximum investments 0 2005 2007§ Highest proposed investment worth INR 45,550 crore Years (USD 11,109.76 infrastructure million) was attracted 16 by sector in Special Economic Zone by the Fig. 10: Sector wise MoUs (VGGIS 05 and 07) signed 1 1 major players such as, Reliance and Essar Oil for establishment of petroleum refinery and power plant in 2 VGGIS 2007 8§ Highest number of MoUs were signed in Ports sector 2 with total 8 MoUs attracting total investments of INR Port Special Econom ic Zone Pow er Agro & Food Infrastructure 3,836 crore (USD 935.60 million) Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007 16
  17. 17. Economy Drivers§ Jamnagar district enjoys monopoly in manufacturing of Brass parts and its products in the State. The industry is one of the major revenue and employment generating industries in the district§ 96% of bauxite production of Gujarat takes place in the district has promoted several mineral based industries in the Jamnagar§ Bedi port in Jamnagar is an ideal location for handling agriculture produce. The proximity to giant refineries and petrochemical complexes of major players can offer significant business volumes to the district 17§ Proposed SEZs of Industrial giants such as, Reliance and Essar and presence of large number of industrial estates are accelerating the industrial growth of the district in terms of investment and employment. The district has the potential to evolve as a huge oil, gas, and petrochemical cluster§ Salt industry in the district is well developed with around 17 salt work units operational in the district. The proximity to Sikka and Bedi ports alongwith proposed upgradation of Bedi-Rozi port shall boost the exports of salt from the district 17
  18. 18. 3Industrial Locations/ Infrastructure Knowledge Partner 18
  19. 19. Industrial Locations/Infrastructure2 Special Economic Zones Special Economic Zone Reliance SEZ ESSAR Jamnagar SEZ 9 GIDC Industrial Estates Industrial Estates 19 Bhatia (RIDC) Jamnagar Dhrol (RIDC) Bhanvad Jam-Khambhaliya Arambhada Jamnagar - 1 Jamnagar - 2 Jamnagar – 1 Jamnagar – 3 (Expansion area) 19
  20. 20. Special Economic Zones Table 2: SEZs in Jamnagar Name Location Sector & Area (Hectares) Status Multi-product Reliance SEZ Jamnagar Notified 4,494 Multi-product ESSAR Jamnagar SEZ Jamnagar Formal 1,125 Map 4: SEZs in Jamnagar 20 • Jamnagar Reliance SEZ Essar Jamnagar SEZSource: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007 20
  21. 21. Industrial EstatesTable 3 : Industrial Estates in Jamnagar Map 5 : Location of Industrial Estates in Jamnagar Industrial Estate Area in Hectare Bhatia 1.00 Dhrol 1.00 Jam Khambhalia 7.97 Jamnagar I 53.48 JAMNAGAR II 136.12 Bhanvad 3.32 21 Arambhadu 22.20Source: Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, Government of Gujarat, 2007 21
  22. 22. 4Support Infrastructure Knowledge Partner 22
  23. 23. Road and Rail Connectivity Map 6 : Jamnagar Road and Rail Network Road§ National Highway (NH) 8 Ext. passes through the district, which is connected to Somnath – Porbandar – Dwarka§ The district is well connected by road to Ahmedabad ( 313 km), Gandhinagar (337 km), Vadodara (382 km), Vapi (638 km), Palanpur (459 km), Rajkot (88 km), Mehsana (387 km) and Bhavnagar (266 km)§ Rail 23 Jamnagar is well connected by rail to other districts of the state such as, Rajkot, Surat, Porbandar, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara Table4: Distance of Jamnagar from Major Indian Cities§ The district is also well linked to major Indian cities Locations Distance (in km) like Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi, Uttaranchal, and Delhi 1125.90 Jamnagar Mumbai 826.92§ Hapa Junction is a convenient railhead on broad Hyderabad 1343.73 gauge terminus connecting to Okha & Porbandar Kolkata 2174.13 Chennai 1890.68Source: Jamnagar district profile booklet 2007 23
  24. 24. Airports and Ports Map 7: Air Connectivity of Jamnagar Air Bhuj§ There is one domestic airport in Jamnagar located at a distance of 10 km from the city, connecting the district to Mumbai and Bhuj (Gujarat) Mumbai Port§ There is a 355 km long coastline in the district with 9 ports. Bedi, Okha and Sikka are intermediate ports while Salaya, Jodiya, Pidara, Bet(Dwarka), are minor ports§ 24 Bedi port is connected by broad gauge railway lines with the rest of India. The nearest railway station is Jamnagar, 7 kms away from Bedi port. A railway siding is available at 2 kms from the port. It is connected to National Highway from Rajkot§ Sikka is an all-weather direct berthing port which is by rail and road connected to Jamnagar. State Highway 92 passes through the port connecting it to Jamnagar§ Okha port is connected by State Highways 6A ad 6B to Jamnagar/Porbandar§ Nearest airport is Jamnagar, which is 175 km away from port Source: Jamnagar district profile booklet 2007 24
  25. 25. Power and Water Supply 25 Source: Gujarat State Electricity Board, Government of Gujarat, Jamnagar district profile booklet 2007 25
  26. 26. Power Supply Network Power Map 8: Jamnagar Power Supply§ In Jamnagar district, under steam power project, a power stations has been set up at Sikka and another one is proposed§ Presence of windmills is also witnessed in the district at Navarda§ For industrial purpose, there are 10,177 electrical connections with total load of 62,799 Horse Power (H.P.)§ There are two substations of 220 K.V., five substations of 132 K.V. each and twenty six 26 substations of 66 K.V. each spread across various talukas of Jamnagar Water§ Water supply for industrial purposes in the district can be obtained from sources like, Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board (GWSSB), Borewells and Check dams Source: Gujarat State Electricity Board, Government of Gujarat, Jamnagar district profile booklet 2007 26
  27. 27. Gas Supply Gas§ The proposed length of the gas grid in the district is 208.76 km. It will cover 6 sections : Jamnagar – Okha, Digvijay spurline, GFC spurline, GSFC spurline, Jamnagar city and Essar spurline (Mota Lakhiya – Essar Oil Limited) Map 9: Jamnagar Gas Network 27 Proposed Pipeline Under ConstructionSource: Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, 2007 27
  28. 28. Bedi Port Port§ There is a 355 km long coastline in the district with 9 ports. Bedi, Okha and Sikka are intermediate ports while Salaya, Jodiya, Pindhara, Bet(Dwarka), are minor ports§ Bedi port is connected by broad gauge railway lines with the rest of India. The nearest railway station is Jamnagar, 7 kms away from Bedi port. A railway siding is available at 2 kms from the port. It is connected to National Highway from Rajkot§ Sikka is an all-weather direct berthing port which is by rail and road connected to Jamnagar. State Highway 92 passes through the port connecting it to Jamnagar§ 28 Okha port is connected by State Highways 6A ad 6B to Jamnagar/Porbandar§ Nearest airport is Jamnagar, which is 17 km away from port Source: Jamnagar district profile booklet 2007 28
  29. 29. Bedi Port§ Bedi is an all-weather tidal lighterage port located on the southern coast of the Gulf Bedi of Kutch Gujarat§ The nearest broad gauge railway station is Jamnagar, which is 7 km from Bedi port. A railway siding is available at 2 km from the port. It is also connected to the National Highway from Rajkot. The broad gauge line is to be extended up to Rozi Pier site§ Being an all-weather port, Bedi serves central Saurashtra, north-east Gujarat, south-west Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh§ 29 The main cargo handled at Bedi port is fertilizers, bauxite, dates, vegetable oils, oil cakes, salt, groundnut seeds, guar gum, oil, and various extractions§ In order to cope with the increasing traffic and to improve traffic handling operations, the State Government has plans to create port facilities near Rozi Pier of Bedi port§ The State Government has nominated Bedi Rozi site to be developed through Joint/Public sector participation as direct berthing port to handle bulk carriers Source: Gujarat Maritime Board, Government of Gujarat 29
  30. 30. Sikka Port: Sub-port of Bedi Group of Ports§ Sikka port is an all-weather direct berthing port on the northern side of Saurashtra Sikka peninsula in the Gulf of Kutch Gujarat§ Sikka port is connected to Jamnagar by Rail & Road§ The main cargo handled by Sikka port includes phosperic acid, liquid ammonia, coal, machinery, crude oil, propylene, POL, clinker, cement, and salt§ Gujarat State Fertilizers Corporation, Shree Digvijay Company Ltd. and M/s. Reliance Ports and Terminals Ltd. have constructed captive jetties at Sikka port for import and export of their products§ 30 Reliance Petroleum has constructed an Oil Refinery with a capacity of 27 million tones per annum at Sikka The company has planned to expand the refinery capacity. They have constructed Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo jetties for handling various project cargo, created facilities for import of Crude oil through pipelines and constructed tanker berths for direct berthing of vessels for their captive use at Sikka§ Bharat Oman Refinery Ltd. is setting up a SPM at Sikka and intends laying a pipeline from the facility to Bina (Madhya Pradesh) Source: Gujarat Maritime Board, Government of Gujarat 30
  31. 31. Okha Port§ Okha is an all weather port with direct berthing facilities located on the Okha northwest coast of Saurashtra Peninsula at the mouth of Gulf of Kutch Gujarat§ It is connected to Jamnagar / Porbandar by road. Nearest airport is Jamnagar which is 180 km away. The port is connected to rest of India by broad gauge railway system§ The main cargo handled at Okha port includes Mineral oil, coal, wheat, 31 sulphur, coke, fertilizer, bauxite, chemicals, salt, soda ash and clinker§ The industrial presence at Okha port include companies such as, Tata Chemicals and Petroleum Infrastructure Ltd.§ M/s Wimco Petrogas Ltd. is planning to construct a jetty at Okha port to handle petroleum products Source: Gujarat Maritime Board, Government of Gujarat 31
  32. 32. Proposed Infrastructure Projects Port Projects § Development of Bedi port for direct berthing is planned under a centrally sponsored scheme for minor port under ‘National Maritime Development Programme’ § Government of India has proposed development of Okha port as a minor fishery harbour under a centrally sponsored scheme Tourism Projects § 32 The State Government has proposed to set up motels and cottages on the coastal belt of Porbandar and Jamnagar. The plan is to have six motels along the beach with a 30-room capacity each § Government of Gujarat plans to develop the coastal corridor from Jamnagar to Okha as an integrated tourist destinationSource: Gujarat Maritime Board, Gujarat Tourism 32
  33. 33. Proposed Infrastructure Projects Road Projects § Gujarat State Road Development Corporation has proposed to construct 127 km four lane Rajkot – Jamnagar – Vadinar road under Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) structure Rail Projects § The Gujarat Maritime Board has proposed to connect new Bedi port to Rozi port site by rail which is at a distance of 15 km 33 Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujartat 33
  34. 34. 5Social Infrastructure Knowledge Partner 34
  35. 35. Education§ Jamnagar is home to the country’s only Ayurvedic Table 5: Educational Institutions in Jamnagar University offering post graduate and diploma Educational Institutes Total courses in Ayurvedic medicines and pharmaceutical Primary Schools 1316 science, yoga and naturopathy Secondary Schools 156§ There is one medical college as well as dental, Higher Secondary Schools 45 physiotherapy and ayurvedic colleges in the district ITIs 8§ The Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in Jamnagar Polytechnic 2 impart training in various areas such as, cutting & 35 Medical Colleges 1 sewing, welding, repairing, fabrication, armature and Management Colleges 1 motor rewinding, hair & skin care, electronic system Engineering Colleges 1 maintenance among various others University 1§ There is a Fisheries Aquatic Science Research Others* 16 Station at Sikka that conducts research in Pearl * Arts, Commerce, Science,B.Ed & Law Colleges culture Source: Jamnagar district profile booklet 2006-07, Directorate of Employment & Training, Health & Welfare department 35
  36. 36. Health§ The district has 36 primary healthcare centers and 11 community healthcare centers§ Apollo Group of Hospitals has its telemedicine center linked at a hospital in Jamnagar§ The Ayurvedic University in the district hosts a renowned 36 Ayurvedic center equipped with state -of -the -art -techniques and provide a whole range of Ayurvedic treatments§ The specialty hospitals in the district include Patel Surgical Hospital, Reparalia Neuro Hospital, Dangar Ortho Hospital and various Eye HospitalsSource: Jamnagar district profile booklet 2006-07 36
  37. 37. 6Tourism Knowledge Partner 37
  38. 38. Tourism§ Lakhota Lake – Located in the center of town with parks and gardens, the lake additionally houses a small zoo around. In the middle is a fort-like structure called Lakhota Tower, connected to the bank by two causeways§ Lakhota Museum – It has a collection of 18th century artifacts and a few some specimens from medieval monuments. A photograph collection highlighting major monuments of Lakhota Lake Jamnagar and coins from various eras are also on display in the museum§ 38 Khijada Mandir – It is the founding temple of Pranami sect in Gujarat, Rooted in Hinduism, it however, propounds the unity of all religions. The temple was built around 400 years old sacred trees and depicts the scenes from the life of Lord Krishna Lakhota Museum§ Ratan Bai Mosque – The mosque is in the center of town with its two towering green and white minarets. It has its own rainwater harvesting system, which provides water to the tank used for the ritual washing before namaz Source: India Guide Gujarat, 2007 38
  39. 39. Tourism• Beaches – Balachadi is the most popular beach of the district with many visitors especially during full moon days. The beach of Pirotan island, about 12 nautical miles from Bedi port is clean and tide dependant. There is normally a huge flock of birds on this beach• Marine National Park – It is India’s first Marine National Park established in 1982. The marine sanctuary area has various Beach on Pirotan Island species of hard & soft corals, prawns, sponges, crabs, turtles, water birds & brown, green & red algae 39• Dwarkadhish Temple – A 16th century five-storey high temple of Lord Krishna, built on 72 pillars is situated in the middle of the town• Khijadia Birds Sanctuary and Gaga Wild Life Sanctuary are other tourist attractions in the district Dwarkadhish TempleSource: India Guide Gujarat, 2007 39
  40. 40. 7Investment Opportunities Knowledge Partner 40
  41. 41. Investment Opportunities Agriculture § Agriculture impediments § Cattle feed § Ginning and pressing § Oil mills Mineral based § Alumina and alumina related chemicals § Cement § Emery powder 41 § Hydrated lime Marine based § Fish processing units § Cold storage § Salt up gradation and iodized Salt § Protein tablets * Detailed Sector/ Project Profiles for investment opportunities available at www.indextb.com 41
  42. 42. Investment Opportunities Petrochemicals § Building materials § Petrochemical downstream projects Engineering § Lathe machines § Automobile parts § Drills 42 § Machine tools and parts * Detailed Sector/ Project Profiles for investment opportunities available at www.indextb.com 42
  43. 43. Annexure I Maps Figures TablesMap : District Map of Jamnagar with Talukas Figure 1: Food Crop Production 2006 – 07 Table 1: Medium & Large Scale Players in JamnagarMap 2: Bauxite Production in Gujarat Figure 2: Food and Non- Food Crop Production 2005-06 Table 2: SEZs in JamnagarMap 3: Major Industry Players in Jamnagar Figure 3 & 4: Contribution of Sectors in SSI Table 3: Industrial Estates in Jamnagar UnitsMap 4: SEZs in Jamnagar Table 4: Distance of Jamnagar from MajorMap 5: Location of Industrial Estates in Figure 5: Decadal Investment Trends Indian CitiesJamnagar 43 Figure 6: Major Investments and Employment Table 5: Educational Institutions in JamnagarMap 6: Jamnagar Road and Rail Network during 1988-1997Map 7: Air Connectivity of Jamnagar Figure 7: Major Investments and Employment during 1998-2007Map 8: Jamnagar Power Supply Figure 8: No. Of MoUs SignedMap 9: Jamnagar Gas Network Figure 9: Sectorwise MoUs Signed 43
  44. 44. Annexure II : Abbreviations IEM : Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum MoU : Memorandum of Understanding SSI : Small Scale Industries MSI : Medium Scale Industries LSI : Large Scale Industries VGGIS : Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit SEZ : Special Economic Zone GIDC : Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation GIDB : Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board GSPC : Gujarat State Petrochemical Corporation 44 GSPL : Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. GEB : Gujarat Electricity Board GWSSB : Gujarat Water Supply Sewerage Board GSRTC : Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation ITI : Industrial Training Institute 44