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Complete Digital Marketing Strategy for Killer Jeans


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Learn How Killer Jeans Used Digital Marketing to Take Over the Jeans Industry. Check Out Killer Jeans Fantastic Digital Marketing Strategy.

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Complete Digital Marketing Strategy for Killer Jeans

  1. 1. Vinika Shah Trishla Lakhani
  2. 2. Overview Brand Introduction Competitive Analysis Survey Observation Campaign Idea Execution ORM Suggestions Ads Media Plan
  3. 3. Introduction • Parent Company: Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited The company is exposed to global standards in quality, technology, marketing and branding • 1989: The company introduced “Killer” the first international denim brand in India • Tagline- What’s your cut? • Brands under KKCL company
  4. 4. Brand • 343 total operational stores under KKCL • Killer jeans own a total of 74 stores across Tier 1 , Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities • Brand contributes around 53% of total company sales • It also claims a volume market share of 25% in the denim category • The company makes 2.25 lakh pair of jeans every month • Brand positioning – “Denim with an attitude.”
  5. 5. Brand Strengths • Strong brand presence with chains like Shoppers Stop, Central, Lifestyle and their exclusive brand outlets • Diversification into other product line like Killer Tees, innerwear, footwear, eyewear etc., making it a complete lifestyle brand • Exporting denim wear to Middle East, USA, Africa, South-East Asia since 1994 • Self-procurement and manufacturing facilities has been a great strength for the brand • Lower price range as compared to the competitors
  6. 6. Target Audience DEMOGRAPHICS Age: 16 - 30 years Class- Upper middle and middle class Income: 1 lakh & above Occupation : Student & Working professionals PYSCHOGRAPHICS Fashion conscious and trend followers Loves to go out on the weekend and hangout with friends Likes to party
  7. 7. Brand Marketing Mix Brand Marketing budget for the year 2018 was around 22cr out of which digital media was given priority
  8. 8. The Number Crunch 142k 3.8k 492 7.3k
  9. 9. Facebook Brand Tonality - Vibrant colours & bold fonts are used - Current communication on the page – Killer “This Is Us.” “Together As One.”
  10. 10. Instagram Grids are used more as compared to stand alone creatives.
  11. 11. Twitter On twitter same communication pattern is continued
  12. 12. YouTube Videos seem to be a powerful medium of communication for the brand - End of season sale announcement videos - Campaign teasers - Campaign launch videos - Videos of events that are sponsored by the brand
  13. 13. Website  Look book  Campaigns  Events  Blogs
  14. 14. Ecommerce Store
  15. 15. Online Stores
  16. 16. Blogs
  17. 17. Brand Visibility • Currently the brand is investing money on search engine marketing • Brand ranks on a particular search result
  18. 18. SEO OBSERVATION Levis ranks on using a random keyword. Amazon seems to be promoting competitor brand instead of killer jeans
  19. 19. ORM Observations Be it on the blogs, social media sites or third party websites, the brand is not responsive or interactive
  20. 20. Competitive Analysis
  21. 21. Segment. Target Group. Positioning. • Segment: Upper class and Upper Middle Class • Target group: People who want a blend of style and Comfort. People age between 16-45 • Positioning: Outgoing and stylish • Brand USP: Oldest jean brand, yet modern in it’s style and fit • Segment: Men and women loving denims and western comfortable clothing • Target group: Young men and women from the urban areas • Positioning: With Culture • Brand USP: The brand is known for its denim apparels especially jeans
  22. 22. Brand Facts • Strong Brand Name and popular top- of-the-mind brand • Distribution Channels and Global Outsourcing • Finance and Access to International Capital • Has over 470 self operated stores globally managed by 16000+ employees • Over 60 and 25 manufacturing plants in US and abroad respectively • They own a mobile application of their own • The company is an Indian denim brand and hence has an Indian mass appeal. • The company has strict code of conduct and quality with almost negligible attrition rate. • The company has an in-house processing • SPYKAR is available at over 450 MBOs across the country
  23. 23. The Number Crunch Facebook 25,896,913 437,563 Instagram 5.4 million 58.7K YouTube 2,72,463 Subscribers 8414 Subscribers
  24. 24. Survey Observation • People nowadays prefer competitive brands like Levi’s and Lee over Killer Jeans • They still prefer to buy jeans from an offline store as quality check matters to them and denim fitting attracts them the most • Denims that they wear have a strong impact on the personality that they wish to portray
  25. 25. Customer Pain points • Brand communication seems to be more one way • Less of brand awareness as compared to its competitors • Less of connect with the youth that the brand is targeting on
  26. 26. Here’s a solution to it
  27. 27. Campaign Insight • Killer jeans has always been tapping on concepts like “This is Us” and “Together as one” • The brand has always believed in connecting with the youth communicating a strong message to them • Currently looking at the situation and the elections approaching this year, our campaign would encourage the youth in standing up against the odds happening in the Indian society and supporting what is right and best in everyone’s favor
  28. 28. Concept Note Political parties in power have made undue promises to millennia's. Out of which some of the promises have been fulfilled and some not. This campaign would purely focus on highlighting the things that have been promised and fulfilled. It would also bring to notice expectations that the masses have from the new government that would come in power.
  29. 29. Campaign Objective • To promote the brand’s identity as “rebellious” • To generate more awareness about the brand leading to sales • To generate concept making the brand talk of the town • To make a strong connection with the target audience leading to a two way communication Campaign Duration • March 1st week to April last week ; approx. 50 days
  30. 30. Campaign Hashtag The word “Killer” is used as it is the identity of the brand and masses would be able to connect better with the brand (keeping in mind the goodwill it carries) “Filler” for all those promises that have been fulfilled; filler for the gaps that need to be filled in order to make India a better country
  31. 31. Campaign Brief Campaign would be divided in 3 phases Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
  32. 32. Phase 1 This phase would be highlighting the killer promises that have been fulfilled by the government in the past 10 years. Medium: This phase would be launched by posting creatives across all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs Duration: 8 Days
  33. 33. Phase 2 This phase would have more of on-ground activations in terms of street plays, flash mobs and skits. The street plays would show the topics such as the changes and developments taken place in that city in last 10 years when xyz party was in power. These activities will take place in malls, airports, railway stations and movie theatres The end of this phase would trigger the launch of the third phase i.e., the #KillerFillerChallenge Medium: Live videos on all social media platforms, coverage of the same on news channels, regional or local news channels depending on the city Duration: 20 Cities, 20 Days
  34. 34. Phase 3 This phase would focus on promoting the #KillerFillerChallenge which will be a viral challenge taken up by the youth of the nation from different fields showcasing the expectations of the masses and directing it to the nominated election candidates Medium: Social Media Platforms ( majorly twitter polls) , YouTube Ads and testimonial videos, OOH, Ambient Advertising, Newspaper Advertorials, Quora Questions Duration: 15 Days
  35. 35. Phase 4 This phase would focus on lightning the mood of the campaign by getting in renowned influencer. It would also softly promote the products that the brand is offering. Medium: Social Media Platforms, YouTube Video Content Duration: 6 Days
  37. 37. BUYER PERSONA – College Going Tier 1 city Name – Vibhika Gala Age: 20 years old Views: Modern Education: Perusing Engineering Residence: Thane Lifestyle: Active , loves to watch movies, loves to chill with friends on the weekend, she loves to wear clothes that are trendy, she strongly believes that her clothes define her personality
  38. 38. BUYER PERSONA – Working Professional Name – Sahil Shah Age: 29 years old Views: Modern & Practical Martial Status: Married Work Profile: Architect Income: 25 lakhs & above Lifestyle: Active , loves to watch movies, loves to chill with friends on the weekend, loves to wear clothes that are trendy, likes to stand against something that is wrong.
  39. 39. Buyer Persona - Tier 2 city Name- Jinal Mehta Age: 35 years old Views: Modern & Practical Martial Status: Married Work Profile: Teacher Income: 12 lakhs Lifestyle: Active , loves to watch movies and see videos on YouTube, loves to keep her self updated with current happenings in the nation, loves to wear clothes that are trendy and traditional with a touch of comfort in them, likes to stand against something that is wrong and preach what is right.
  40. 40. Location Targeting Tier 1 Cities • Bangalore • Chennai • Delhi • Mumbai • Hyderabad • Kolkata • Pune Tier 2 Cities • Agra • Lucknow • Jaipur • Chandigarh • Nagpur • Ahmedabad • Dehradun Tier 3 Cities • Madurai • Coimbatore • Meerut • Solapur
  41. 41. How would we Communicate to the Masses?
  42. 42. SEO – Keyword Suggestion for the brand To create more awareness about the brand as mentioned earlier, the brand does not rank for random keywords, therefore these keywords are suggested for the brand to rank and create awareness leading to more sales.
  43. 43. SEO Keyword suggestion during the campaign
  44. 44. Meta Tags for promoting Phase 3 Take the #KillerFillerChallenge |Pledge for a better tomorrow Have you taken the #KillerFillerChallenge yet? It is your time to speak and rebel now
  45. 45. Backlinks 7 things to keep in mind while voting this year 5 best things happened in our country in the past 10 years
  46. 46. Blogs • Topic 1 – Killer hits and misses during Congress and Modi Sarkar • ( This blog would contain the highlights of development happen in India during the rule of congress and BJP government) Phase 1 • Topic 1 – Mumbai then and now • ( This blog would highlight the growth of Mumbai in last 10 years ) • This phase would have multiple blogs depending on the cities Phase 2
  47. 47. Blogs Phase 3 Topic 1- Killer expectations that the masses have from future government Topic 2- It’s the right time to use your citizenship – #KillerFillerChall enge Topic 3 – The masses raise their voice #KillerFillerChall enge
  48. 48. Email Marketing Shooting emails to existing database & the database that would be collected from the #KillerFillerChallenge Aim behind using this medium is to; - Direct links to YouTube videos and blog articles maximizing its reach - Increasing the website traffic - Considering the opinions of the mass - Building a strong connection with the target - Pushing coupon code or introductory offer Subject Line – Have you taken up your #KillerFillerChallenge yet?
  49. 49. Landing Page
  50. 50. Social Media Post Phase 1
  51. 51. Phase 2 Teaser Before the video is launch Capturing street play/ video live on social media
  52. 52. Phase 3 – Social Media Post
  53. 53. Twitter Polls & Quizzes Q. Mention 3 qualities you would your killer leader to have? Q. What would be your #KillerFillerChallenge to the government?
  54. 54. Video Content Following would be the script of the video; - Video would start with a person asking the following; 1. Are you aware of the brand killer jeans? 2. How exited are you about the upcoming elections 2019? 3. What would be your #KillerFillerChallenge to the government? - Once these questions are answered the video would end by saying an initative by KILLER JEANS
  55. 55. Quora Questions 1. What are your killer thoughts for a better India? 2. Who according to you would be a #KillerFiller Prime Minister of India? 3. What according to you a killer filler prime minister should do?
  57. 57. HD Video Standee - This standee would be place in malls, Railway stations, Movie theatres, Airports - What would be your Killer Filler Challenge to the government? - This standee would collect the responses of people along with their email ids - Content would be regional depending on the city it is placed in
  58. 58. Hoarding
  59. 59. Depending on the profession of the person content on the hoarding will change. Language of the hoarding will change depending on the location it is placed in.
  60. 60. Newspaper Advertorials • Newspaper Advertorials would help promote the campaign better • It would mainly include views of the mass in form of small testimonials Title: My #KillerFillerChallenge to the government would be…
  61. 61. Phase 4- Influencer Facebook - 303,846 Instagram – 1M YouTube- 3.2m Deliverables; Instagram Stories & Post Video Content- Thoughts an individual gets before voting Types of people we see in the voting line Budget- 1.5 Lakh
  62. 62. Video Content- 1 Tittle - Thoughts an individual gets before voting - The video would start with Prajakta thinking to deck up as she is going to vote her favourite candidate - While she is getting ready the camera would zoom in on her as she removes a pair of killer jeans & a tee from her cupboard - Then she would be shown sitting in front of the mirror thinking about various things before stepping out
  63. 63. Video Content- 2 Tittle - Types of people we see in the voting line - The video would start with Prajakta wearing brand clothes & Accessories - While she is standing in line she would mention 5 different personality of people she encountered in the line
  64. 64. Third Party Sitcom Tie Ups Shitty Ideas Trending While the couple Is sitting in the room chilling either of the partner can mention about the trending campaign and submit their views via social media or email
  65. 65. Ads on Social Media During Phase 1
  66. 66. Ads on Social Media Phase 3 Display Ads
  67. 67. Segmentation
  68. 68. Remarketing Ads On Third Party Websites
  69. 69. ORM SUGGESTIONS • Response from the brand side is zero. Following are our suggestions to improve the ORM of the brand - Complaints received for the default in the product “We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you by us. We request you to DM us your email address and phone number for our team to get in touch with you and resolve the issue.”