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Nicotex Digital Marketing Strategy In India


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Want To Learn More About The Nicotex Digital Marketing Strategy? Check
Out This Case Study And Understand Nicotex Digital Marketing Strategy In India!

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Nicotex Digital Marketing Strategy In India

  1. 1. NICOTEX: Digital Marketing Priyanka Mendon Hetang Desai
  2. 2. CIPLA • Cipla is a leading global pharmaceutical company, dedicated to high-quality, branded and generic medicines. • They are trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies. • Over the last 8 decades, Cipla have established leadership in India’s pharmaceutical industry and fortified their promise of ‘Caring for Life’. • Revenue: Rs. 15,219 Crore • Founder: KA Hamied
  3. 3. About Nicotex • URL: • Title: Supports Your Willpower • Keywords: About nicotex, nicotex • Nicotex is a nicotine gum that helps you quit smoking using the principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). • Recently Launched: Nicotex Patch. • Appropriate Information about the product, FAQs and options to buy the variants online. • Information on why should you quit smoking and a personal support module with a helpline number • Website Color combination is easy on the eye and no pop ups on the website
  4. 4. Desktop Layout
  5. 5. Tablet And Phone View Good responsiveness to devices
  6. 6. Google Page Ranking- Nicotex • Official website appears on the 4th page with the input of Nicotex
  7. 7. Website Rank For Select Keywords Keyword Rank on Page Google Page Rank Nicotine gum Not Available 1 Nicotine patch Not Available 1 Quit Smoking Not Available 1
  8. 8. Page Level SEO And Speed Score
  9. 9. Page Level SEO Analysis
  10. 10. Product Website Competition • At par with the competition. However Nicorette has a marginally better traffic and SEO score.
  11. 11. Competitive Analysis Table
  12. 12. • 2015 campaign that targeted not only smokers but also their friends but also their families and friends encouraging them to quit a bad habit. • With support from friends or family, this journey of quitting smoking is less daunting - smokers are accountable to someone other than themselves to change for the better.
  13. 13. #EkCigaretteKam • May 2018, Nicotex launched new anthem titled ‘Hum me hain dum, roz ek cigarette kam’ • For the first time a smoking cessation brand had launched a multi lingual audio in India. • The total reach of the campaign was recorded at 15 Million with over 150 Million impressions.
  14. 14. Microsite:
  15. 15. #ICanYouCan: Adventure Reality Show Series • 6 episode series telecasted on in December 2017. • Hosted by actor, model athlete Milind Soman • Showcased the journey of six people, including three who want to quit smoking and three who have already succeeded in quitting. • Interaction between the smokers and the ones who have quit and their efforts to conquer the Everest Base Camp
  16. 16. Lead Generation- Microsite
  17. 17. Lead Generation- Website
  18. 18. Nicotex on Facebook
  19. 19. Presence on Facebook • Post updated thrice a month. • Video and Picture updates most frequently updated. • Low Interaction levels • Maximum Likes for a picture is 17 • Maximum views for a video is 120
  20. 20. Nicotex on Twitter
  21. 21. Presence on Twitter • Frequency of Tweets is infrequent • Majority of the tweets have no retweets or likes. • Presence on twitter is symbolic with no interactions seen with the audience.
  22. 22. Nicotex on Youtube
  23. 23. Presence on Youtube • Maximum Views for a Video: 1.1 Million • Campaign specific content generates 10k- 40k views • Regional Language content draws maximum views in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. Other languages lag with 300 views. • North-East India consumes the highest per capita cigarettes in India. Need gap with languages from North east.
  24. 24. Nicotex on Quora
  25. 25. Nicotex on Quora • Content on quora with nicotex is being used by competitor brands and evape websites to promote themselves and bring down Nicotex
  26. 26. Nicorette On Social Media • Nicorette is a global brand with personalized campaigns for each Country.
  27. 27. 2Baconil On Social Media • 2Baconil has tied up with IPL team Kings XI Punjab. • Campaigns are run throughout the 3 months of IPL
  28. 28. Keyword Planner
  29. 29. Historical Metrics Keyword
  30. 30. Backlink Report
  31. 31. Backlinks
  32. 32. Digital Strategy Pitch • FACEBOOK: • #Resolution2019 campaign to begin from last week of December to 3 months. • Content to revolve around taking a resolution to quit smoking in 2019. • Pitch nicotex as a safe and affordable solution • Target customers that are in high stress jobs like sales, advertising, marketing and young consumers of cigarettes. • Ads targeting trigger points of users.
  33. 33. Digital Strategy Pitch • FACEBOOK: • Request interested users to like page to get daily motivation content and guidance for quitting. • Send end of day mails to remind the customer of the daily saving you made by not smoking today • All redirect to and youtube videos.
  34. 34. Facebook Ads
  35. 35. Facebook Ads
  36. 36. Facebook Ads
  37. 37. Facebook Ads
  38. 38. Digital Strategy Pitch • Twitter: • #Resolution2019 campaign to begin from last week of December to 3 months. • Engage influencers with witty content demonizing smoking and motivate to quit. Influencer can participate claiming I have taken #Resolution2019. • Run Promotions with #Resolution2019 for target audience.
  39. 39. Email Marketing Content • Question: Are you trying to quit smoking for the first time? Yes/No • Target Audience: For 1st time quitters: • Who answer “Yes” • SUBJECT NAME: TODAY IS THE BEST TIME TO QUIT. • Content: It is a bold decision on your part to decide to quit and we are here for you to help you get through. Let’s begin by understanding an apt dosage for you. Get to your #RESOLUTION2019 with Nicotex!
  40. 40. Email Marketing Content • Question: Are you trying to quit smoking for the first time? Yes/No • Target Audience: For relapsers: • Who answer “NO” • SUBJECT NAME: ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO QUIT. • Content: It takes a while, the important thing is to try again. Quitting a cigarette is ranked as one of the toughest things in the world. Get to your #RESOLUTION2019 with Nicotex!
  41. 41. Proposed Email Marketing
  42. 42. Upon Availing Subscription
  43. 43. Proposed Content on the Website NICOTEX: The best chewing gum to quit smoking We all know the health risks of smoking, and there are few easy ways to quit smoking. Nicotex is a nicotine gum used to quit smoking Nicotex as a chewing gum is one of the most successful way to quit smoking. Nicotex provides the nicotine that you normally get from cigarettes, but in a lower quantity than cigarettes. Nicotex allows your body to gradually adjust to having less nicotine until you no longer need any and, thus, helps you quit smoking Nicotex as a nicotine replacement therapy should be your go-to chewing gum to quit smoking.
  44. 44. Landing Page
  45. 45. Landing Page
  46. 46. Thank You!