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Digital Marketing Strategy for Keventeers by Abhishekh Rasane and Ayushman Jain


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Digital Marketing Strategy for Keventeers by Abhishekh Rasane and Ayushman Jain

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Keventeers by Abhishekh Rasane and Ayushman Jain

  1. 1. By: Ayushman Jain Abhishek Rasane
  2. 2. Marketing Strategy:
  3. 3. Keventers has been opening outlets all over the country. To highlight the significance of these outlets, they took iconic structures from each of these places and made them seem like a world within a bottle.
  4. 4. Website Review: Hi! My name is Reo and I am one of Keventers mascots! Our website is very clean and sleek! The colors are used very brilliantly and are pleasing to your eyes! The content displayed is really nice, props to the UI! A point worth mentioning is that the small tweaks in the animation make this website aesthetically pleasing Suggestions for Improvements: • There are glitches in the slideshow of the first page that need to be fixed along with some functional errors. • The footer needs to be improved upon. • The website is not very interactive and just gives you basic info about the brand.
  5. 5. SEO Audit:
  6. 6. Campaigns and Social Media:
  7. 7. For Christmas 2016, a contest was held asking people to decorate their Keventers bottles for Christmas, since the bottle is their USP. The prize was a year’s supply of milkshake. Response: It received 8K views, 373 likes, 90 comments and 30 shares.
  8. 8. Best Campaign’s - #AwesomeThursday: Average likes – 100 per post Average Comments – 35-40 Average Shares – 5 #MyMood#MyStarbucks
  9. 9. :
  10. 10. Age: 16-24 Gender: Male and Female Income Status: Mid - High Location: Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Madhya Pradesh, Chandigadh Media Consumption: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter A point to be noted is that the pricing of the Keventer’s shakes differs from area to area, as a milkshake that would cost Rs.60 in Delhi costs around Rs.180 – 200 in Mumbai, hence the audience would differ in these two locations
  12. 12. Type of Content: 1. Blogs 2. GIF’s 3. Videos 4. Images 5. Boomerangs 6. Twitter Contests 7. Listicles 8. Memes 9. E-Mails
  13. 13. #Shakestache #Keventers
  14. 14. #WhatsShaking
  15. 15. Blog Posts:
  16. 16. Which Milkshake Flavor are you? - A quiz/listicle in which different flavors available at Keventer’s are listed - Each flavor is assigned a personality profile that are found amongst the youth of today
  17. 17. 10 Fun ways to use a Keveter’s Bottle - A listicle about different creative ways to use a Keventer’s bottle - DIY and pictures of the bottles, It’s more than just a bottle!
  18. 18. What Does Your Milkshake Say About Your Mood? - A listicle containing different milkshakes from the Keventer’s menu - Talk about the different moods assigned to different flavors of milkshake
  19. 19. The Journey of the Bottle - Speak about how far Keventer’s has come and how it’s expanding outside of India - Pictures of the Keventer’s bottle in various locations to inaugurate its travels across the world
  20. 20. Meet Keven, Reo and Berri! The Original Trio - Talk about who Keven, Reo and Berri are and what they represent - Show a glimpse of their personality by showing them having a conversation with each other
  21. 21. E-Mail Marketing
  22. 22. Welcome to the Keventer’s Family! - Talk about what Keventer’s is and it’s history in brief - Talk about the Keventer’s buyer rewards program What’s Shaking? Milkshake Mayhem coming to town! - Snippets from the #whatsshaking on twitter - Information about Milkshake Mayhem or rather any fest coming near them or news relevant in that week
  23. 23. A special surprise for the Keventer family! - Provide a discount to the people subscribed to the mailing list for 2 weeks - Talk about more perks and plans of Keventers There’s a new flavor in town and it’s taking the city by storm! - Talk about new flavors brought in by Keventer’s - Talk about how the subscribers are the first to know about the launch
  24. 24. #shakemeup, an idea for the people and by the people - Talk about the campaign #shakemeup - Talk about the audience participation in the campaign Keventer’s is now in Dubai! - Talk about Keventer’s moving to different cities - Talk about Keventer’s plans to further expand into different countries
  25. 25. Influencers:
  26. 26. Cost of Influencers: Rs.1,62,500 Curly Tales: Rs.1,40,000 Binge: 7,500 per post (3 posts = 22,500) Instagram pages write and review on Barter system or are provided with perks like care packages
  27. 27. Online Platforms:
  28. 28. Mouthshut:
  29. 29. Zomato:
  30. 30. Reddit:
  31. 31. Quora:
  32. 32. TripAdvisor:
  33. 33. Social Media Ads:
  34. 34. #milkshakemayhem
  35. 35. Landing Page:
  36. 36. #findingreo
  37. 37. Landing Page:
  38. 38. #hideandshake
  39. 39. Landing Page:
  40. 40. Total Budget: Rs.1,20,000 Facebook and Instagram: 3 campaigns, each of 3 weeks, amounts to Rs.1,05,000 Google Ads: Search - Monthly spend – Rs.15000
  41. 41. Thank You!
  42. 42. Ayushman Jain Abhishek Rasane SDM June’17