2013 Fall Product Training


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This presentation will show you how to be your best you and raise funds for you troop through the Fall Product Sales Program.

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  • Presenter: THANK YOU! (Ice breaker—encourage everyone to stand up and pat their neighbor on the back or give each other “high fives”) Volunteers and Girls displayed Courage, Confidence and Character with setting and achieving goals in 2011! Only our 4th year and the program continues to grow!
  • 2013 Fall Product Training

    1. 1. Gi rl Scout s of NORTH CENTRAL ALABAMA 2013 Fal l Product Program
    2. 2. What are the benefit for participating in the Fall Product Activity • Troops earn early start-up funds • Girls earn individual recognitions • Girls gain experience and learn life skills through participation • Funds are generated that help our council deliver programs and expand the opportunities for girls and volunteers!
    3. 3. Eligibility and Responsibility Girl Eligibility •Current registration •Parent Permission SU Fall Product Manager Responsibilities •Promote the program and the products offered to all eligible troops. •Distribute materials, products, prizes, etc •Maintain regular communication with troops and Council Product Sales Manager during the sale. •Ensure that all troops place and order in Nut-E. •Deliver troop Final Paperwork to Council by deadline. •Read your position description in manual.
    4. 4. Before the sale Preparation -Service Unit Fall Managers will: •Train Troop Fall Product Managers •Train and assign each Troop Fall Product Manager a Nut-E username and password. •Distribute forms and materials to each Troop Fall Product Manager.
    5. 5. Three ways for troops and girls to participate in Fall Product Activity 1.Magazines -direct magazines orders using the magazine catalogue and paper order forms -online 2.Nuts and Candy 3.Address Booklets
    6. 6. Troop Fall Managers Responsibilities -make sure all girls are registered. -give out girl packets. -have parent meeting and get permission form signed. -keep parents informed on due dates. -enter girl orders in Nut-e. -distribute products and collect money. -make deposits and hand in final paperwork.
    7. 7. Troop Proceeds • 20% for any nut and candy item • 15% for any magazine or book order - online orders troop receives 5% more -5% additional opting out of incentives (Juniors, Cadets, Senior, Ambassadors only) • $2 for each completed and unique Step 2 Booklet. No duplicate addresses. Troops Can Easily Earn Early Start-Up Funds
    8. 8. How Much Can Your Troop Earn? Troop with 10 Girls Each Girl sells: 3 QSP Orders 20 Nut Items 1 Address Booklet Troop Earns: $300 Profit
    9. 9. Nut and Candy Sale •Troops earn 20 % of total sales of nut and candy items •Order taking for fall product sale starts: September 20 – October 11 •No booth sale – Friends and Family Sale •Collect money when product is delivered
    10. 10. Placing the Nut & Candy Order •Troops enter the girls orders into Nut-E by: •11:59pm on October 15th or you will be locked out. •SU double check all orders on Nut-E by: •11:59 pm on October 17th or you will be locked out.
    11. 11. Magazine Sale •Online ordering available Sept 1and Direct Magazine sale run from Sept 20 – October 11 •Troops earn 15 % for every magazine subscription/renewal •Troops earn additional 5 % for online magazine orders
    12. 12. Address Booklet •Girls complete an address booklet providing mailing addresses for their friends and family out of the area. •The troop earns $2 for each completed address booklet. (maximum of 1 per participating girl).
    13. 13. Delivering Product •Su will be assigned a delivery agent. Delivery will vary depending on which area of the council you are in. •Products will be delivered to the SU from November 6-9. •SU should receive a call or confirmation e-mail form the Delivery Agent before your delivery. •ALWAYS count your order during delivery. •Distribute the merchandise to each troop. •ALWAYS use the G-2 or T-2 receipts when distributing product and receiving money. •Keep copies of the receipts for your records!
    14. 14. Review of important dates •Nut & Candy Sale – Sept 20-Oct 11 •Magazine Sale – Sept 20 – Oct. 11 •Troops enter orders in Nut-E – Oct 15 by 11:59 pm or you will be locked out at midnight •SU confirms orders in Nut-e – Oct 17 by 11:59 pm or you will be locked out by midnight. •Product delivery to SU’s – Nov. 6-9 •Deposit due – Nov. 20 •Troop paperwork due to SUFM – Nov 20
    15. 15. Fal l 2013 Theme “Bl ossom” t he Bee
    16. 16. All Fall 2013 Options in One Girl Packet Gi r l Pa c ke t Addr e s s Bookl e t Ma ga z i ne s Nut s & Ca ndy Cus t omi z e d Onl i ne Fl ye r
    17. 17. Addi t i onal onl i ne program act i vi t i es can be f ound at : www. What CanAGi rl Do. com
    18. 18. It ’ s as Easy as 1, 2, 3… • Fi rst …Se nd e ma i l s t o f r i e nds & f a mi l y of f e r i ng opt i on t o or de r ma ga z i ne s & nut s • Next …s e l l nut s a nd ma ga z i ne s i n pe r s on • Last …c ompl e t e t he a ddr e s s bookl e t be f or e e ve r yt hi ng i s due t o t r oop
    19. 19. 1. Teaches Gi rl s Current Market i ng Ski l l s 2. Qui ck & Easy 3. Produces Amazi ng Resul t s 4. To Get St art ed, go t o: Counci l Web Si t e Onl i ne Magazi ne & Nut Sal es & Market i ng Program
    20. 20. Creating an Account
    21. 21. Personalizing Landing Page • Girls customize the message that customers see. • Be sure she sets a goal as customers will see her progress. • THE most effective online selling method… it’s next best to being there!
    22. 22. Entering Emails • Emails are only used for this one time ask and are never rented or sold. • Recipients click a link, make their selection and pay with credit card. • No processing fees for customers. • Magazines arrive faster. • Parents print or email Girl’s Online Sales Report to troop manager for girls to receive credit for orders generated.
    23. 23. CUSTOMER EMAIL Emails sent to supporters will include a link to the Magazine Store and a link to the Nut Store
    24. 24. Facebook and Twitter • Post to Facebook newsfeed • Opportunity to reach broader network of family and friends • Any sales directly track to Girl Scout’s QSP/Nut Online Program and are reported on the Girl’s Online Sales Report
    26. 26. • Optional email sent every time a nut promise is made – Keep track on order card • Girl’s Online Sales Report sent to adult’s email address at end of program • Average 4 to 5 MORE units per girl using program! Electronic Nut Promise Order Taker (For Presentation Purposes Only) • Girls select who to ask – Girls still have to collect money and deliver Nut Orders Option
    27. 27. GIRL’S ONLINE SALES REPORT• Send more emails and get more orders • All Reports must be returned by 10/11/2013 to count towards girl recognitions and troop proceeds • Girl’s Online Sales Report sent to adult’s email address at end of program • All Online Magazine & Nut sales will be listed
    28. 28. Magazine Catalog Program
    29. 29. Magazine Order Form • Customers should keep the pink copy • Yellow & White copy turned in to the troop leader by October 27th Please Throw Old Ones Away
    30. 30. QSP/Great American Customer Guarantee Magazine issues Online Support Refrigerator Magnet 877-289-6247 877-305-4146
    31. 31. Girls personalize postcards for family & friends they have not already contacted Address Booklet
    32. 32. Address Booklet Postcard •Girls complete postcards with names & addresses of friends and family • Personalize with a P.S. Message • Easy option, every girl can participate, no selling
    33. 33. Payment Options 1) Check 2) Credit Card 3) Shop Online
    34. 34. $8.00 NEW $7.00 $7.00 $7.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 NEW $6.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 SALE DATES- 9/20- 10/11
    35. 35. Gi rl Scout Fl ower Pot Ti n wi t h DOUBLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES
    36. 36. Suppor t your f a vor i t e Gi r l Sc out a nd t he br a ve me n a nd wome n s e r vi ng i n our mi l i t a r y. Ea c h $5 dona t i on wi l l be us e d t o dona t e a nut i t e m t o t he mi l i t a r y. Support i ng Our Mi l i t ary! Gi rl s Sel l i ng 5 Or More It ems Wi l l Earn The SHARE Pat ch!
    37. 37. $50 COMBINED SALES 3 Mags ADDRESS BOOKLET 10 NAMES ALL REWARDS ARE CUMULATIVE 12 EMAILS 5 MILITARY ORDERS 6 Mags $100 Combined sales $275 Combined Sales. PLUS SS PATCH $375 Combined sales. Choice. $475 Combined sales. Choice OR $575 Combined sales $775 Combined sales Choice $1,500 in combined sales ONE WEEK AT RESIDENT $675 Combined Sales LG BEE $175 Combined sales Or $1,000 IN COMBINED SALES $100 BEST BUY OR KINDLE READER ASHDON ACTIVITY OR
    38. 38.  Remember troops should order to the piece  You will be contacted by the delivery agent to finalize time and date  Count products carefully before signing  Make sure you print out 2 copies of T2’s and have each troop sign – you keep one copy  Keep chocolate away from light and heat  Do not store products outside  If you have specific program questions, refer to your training materials or call the council office REMINDERS
    39. 39. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO! We can’t say it enough or in too many different ways