Service unit fall product sale training


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Service unit fall product sale training

  1. 1. 2012 Fall ProductSale Program Girl Scouts of Kentucky’sWilderness Road
  2. 2. What causes the pinkcoloring of the flamingo?
  3. 3. The pink, orange or red color of a flamingos feathers is caused by colorful pigments in their food which includes shrimp, plankton, algae and crustaceans.
  4. 4. Why Are We Here Today? Fall Product Program Benefits: • Great Learning Experience for Girls • Important Early Start-Up Funds for Troops • Supports overall funding of Girl Scout Programs
  5. 5. Great Options for Troops to Participateand Customers to Support Girls: • Nuts and candy (Order card and online) • Magazines subscriptions (Catalog, Direct Mail, and online) All can be found in one packet
  6. 6. 1. Nut & Candy Orders2. Online Magazine Orders and Nut Promises3. Catalog Magazine Orders
  7. 7.  Fall sale is an easy way for troops to earn start up funds 15% for any nut or candy item 15% for any magazine or book order ◦ 5% additional opting out of incentives ◦ Cadettess, Seniors, and Ambassadors only $3 shop credit for each completed and unique Step 2 Booklet. No duplicate addresses
  8. 8. Flamingos have bad hearing?
  9. 9. FALSE! Flamingos have good hearing. Vocalizations are important and may be used to keep flocks together and for parent-chick recognition.Flamingo vocalizations range from nasal honking to grunting or growling.Flamingos are generally very noisy birds.
  11. 11. e c t iv ra es! teIn Gam
  12. 12. Meet Fiona – she will help guide girls through the factory and all the fun activities!
  13. 13.  Thi s i s t he i ni t i al scr een – t he gi r l can choose t he Begi nner or Advanced l evel ( or t hey can do bot h) Cl i ck ar ound f or hi dden f act s Fact
  14. 14.  Fact s ar e hi dden t hr oughout t he gam e. Cl i ck on di f f er ent obj ect s f or t he f act s t o appear . Your f act i nvent or y wi l l updat e so you know i f you f ound al l t he f act s!
  15. 15.  Pi ck up t he basket of t he t r ee Fi ona i s shaki ng. Tr y t o col l ect al l t he f al l i ng nut s wi t hout any hi t t i ng t he gr ound!
  16. 16.  Her e you can cr eat e your own nut m x. i Then nam your pr oduct and desi gn e t he l abel .
  17. 17.  Now we ar e packi ng t he r oast ed nut s! Be s ur e t o wat ch f or any bad nut s ( duds) Once t he c an i s f ul l , put i t i n t he box t o f i l l a case.
  18. 18.  Compl e t e a nd Pr i nt Goa l Ce r t i f i c a t e Abi l i t y t o pr i nt a ddi t i ona l Goa l Cha r t s Sa f e t y a nd Se l l i ng Ti ps Col or i ng Pa ge s Downl oa da bl e PDF of Ac t i vi t y Pi e c e
  19. 19. 2012 Activity Piece
  20. 20. 2012 Activity Piece
  21. 21. • Se t t i ng goa l s i s t he ke y t o a s uc c e s s f ul s al e• Goa l s c a n be mor e t ha n j us t mone t a r y• Gi ve gi r l s t he t ool s t o he l p t he m a c hi e ve t he i r pe r s ona l goa l s a s we l l a s t he i r t r oop’ s goa l s• Af t e r gi r l s c ompl e t e t he a c t i vi t y, t he y wi l l r e c e i ve a goa l cer t i f i cat e.
  22. 22. Setting goals is the key to a successful sale Troops and girls who set goals earn big! ◦ Troop with 10 girls ◦ If each girl sells…  3 QSP orders  20 nut items  1 address booklet ◦ Troop earns $290
  25. 25. What part of theflamingo’s leg bendswhen it is standing orwading?
  26. 26. The backward bending "knee" of a flamingos leg is actually the birdsankle. The actual knee is very close to the body and is not visible through the birds plumage.
  28. 28. BE A READER BOOKLET Follows the 5 Skills Girls Learn through Product Sales • Goal Setting • Money Management • Decision Making • Business Ethics • People Skills Bookl et w l l be i avai l abl e ONLINE ON LY
  34. 34. 2012 Products& Incentives
  35. 35. State of the art facility built in 2000 in Waukesha, WI “Girl Scout warehouse” opened in 2008
  36. 36. Founded i n 1921, w orki ng w t h Gi rl iSc out s s i nc e 1996In 2011, rec ei ved t he hi ghes trat i ng pos s i bl e of Superi or f romAIB ( As s oc i at i on of Int ernat i onalBakers )In 2012 SQF ( Saf e Qual i t y Food) approvedPart ner w t h 80 Gi rl Sc out iCounc i l s
  37. 37. In March 2011, A.L. Schutzman purchased a chocolate facilitylocated an hour west of Milwaukee, WI.
  38. 38.  Items offered in Girl Scout Packaging Product packed to order to guarantee the freshest items delivered to your customers Troop orders placed to the piece Great prices mean Great value for Customers!! Great for Gifts!!
  39. 39. GSUSA Product NewPackages Packaging
  40. 40. Newitem!
  41. 41. Newitem!
  42. 42. Newitem!
  43. 43. • Program allows customers to purchase nuts as a donation
  44. 44. What percentage oftheir day do flamingosspend preening(grooming)?
  45. 45. Flamingos spend about15% to 30% of their timeduring the day preening.This is a large percentagecompared to waterfowl,which preen only about10% of the time.
  46. 46.  Beginning October 1st, this button can be found on the GS of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road website. It takes girls to….
  47. 47. Registration Page• Families register and create an account using an adult’s email addressFill in required informationSelect an age levelIncludes an option to add additional Girl Scouts to this email address
  48. 48. • Of f ers gi rl s an opport uni t y t o t ake N ut Orders t hrough em l s . ai• The gi rl i s res pons i bl e f or produc t del i very and c ol l ec t i on of m oney.• Average gi rl s al es of 4 t o 5 nut uni t s per gi rl .• Average c ounc i l s al es of 2% of t ot al s al es .
  49. 49. Gi rl Can Pers onal i ze H er Landi ng Page Gi rl ’ s M s age es Counc i l ’ s M s age esGi rl ’ s Phot oGi rl ’ s GoalCounc i l ’ sGoal
  50. 50. • Gi r l Sc out Ca n Se l e c t W Re c e i ve s Nut ho Or de r Ema i l s• Gi r l s Age 13 Or Ol de r I nvi t e Fa c e book Fr i e nds t o He l p• De t a i l e d Or de r Re por t Shows W or de r e d ho nut s a nd c a ndy a nd W or de r e d M ga z i ne s ho a• Opt i on To Re c e i ve An Ema i l Eve r y Ti me a Nut or de r i s pl a c e d
  51. 51. Magazine storeEmail (Sample Copy)Hello Karen,(Girl Scout) is participating in a magazine product saleand needs your support! It’s fast, convenient, andeasy for you to help Girl Scouts. When you buy,renew, or extend your favorite magazinesubscriptions, or purchase books from our onlinestore, 40% of each purchase helps Girl Scouts!Just click on the link below and you will be able toview the council’s web page, offering:-Over 600 popular magazine titles at savings of up to85% off newsstand prices Online nut order taker -Online shopping available 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek! linkWhen you have finished shopping for magazines, youcan also make a promise to purchase nut andchocolate products. No payment is necessary now.Claire Phillips will receive your selections and contactyou later to collect money and deliver products.Simply click on the following link to browse our nut &chocolate offerings: linkThanks Karen for your support.
  52. 52. • Oppor t uni t y To Re a c h Br oa de r Ne t wor k Of Fa mi l y a nd Fr i e ndsJus tCl i c k • Fr i e nds a nd Fa mi l yHere Ca n Pur c ha s e W t hi n i The Fa c e book Thi s Pops Up Envi r onme nt • Any Sa l e s Di r e c t l yCl i c k Tr a c k t o Gi r l&D one Sc out ’ s QSP/ Nut Onl i ne Pr ogr a m Re gi s t r a t i on
  53. 53.  Check back in during the sale to track your success Send more emails and get more orders All Detail Order Reports must be submitted by the deadline date to count towards girl rewards and troop proceeds
  54. 54.  Majority of orders still collected using paper order forms Have customers fill out the paper order forms Included 10 new names in the Address Booklet
  55. 55.  White and yellow copies are returned to the troop volunteer and then service unit product sale manager Pink copy stays with the customer
  56. 56.  Used for family and friends not contacted during the direct order taking portion of the magazine sale Personalize each postcard with valid and unique names and addresses of family and friends ◦ Complete 10 postcards ◦ Personalize with a personal note ◦ For missing zip codes, visit ◦ NEW CUSTOMERS CAN USE CREDIT CARD AND GO ONLINE
  57. 57.  People already buy magazines! The average family subscribes to 4 magazines a year and spends $125 People can support Girl Scouts without spending any additional funds Reading is good for girls and helps to establish a love of reading ◦ 7 out of 10 of our top sellers are children’s magazines When people order their magazines through Girl Scouts, everyone wins!
  58. 58.  Troops earn proceeds for each order generated online Families simply print out or email the “Detailed Order Report” and submit it to the Troop FPS Chair along with the paper orders to receive credit Bounce back email containing DOR at the end of the sale
  59. 59. INTERLOCKING PATCH SET Enter 12+ Enter 12+ Emails Emails 6 MAGS 6 MAGS 10+ Nut & 10+ Nut & 3+ Magazine 3+ Magazine Candy Items Candy Items Orders Orders Completed Completed Address Booklet Address Booklet5+ Community5+ CommunityCaring itemsCaring items Sell $250 in Sell $250 in $550 in $550 in combined sales combined sales combined sales combined sales
  60. 60. MAGAZINES and NUTS COMBINED DOLLARS $100 COMBINED SALES $150 combined sales (Choice of one)$250 COMBINED SALES $350 COMBINED SALES $450 COMBINED SALES(Choice of one) (Choice of one)$550COMBINEDSALES $1000 COMBINED SALES $750 COMBINED SALES $25 Wal-Mart Gift Card
  61. 61. Talking Not Just About Magazines &Nuts But About Affecting Girls Lives
  62. 62.  Intuitive  Few Clicks  High Performance  Dependable  It’s Fast and Easy
  63. 63. Home IconThe home page is where you will find messages from your Council.It is also where you will find recap sales and contact information.
  64. 64. Service Unit IconOn this page Service Units should enter or verify all of their information.Incentives ship to the Manager Address listed on the left.Nut/Candy items ship to the Delivery Station information on the right.
  65. 65. Troops IconThe is where you will find a listing of all your Troops.Just click the pencil icon to get to the Troop Detail page.
  66. 66. Troop Detail PageOn this page Troops should enter or verify all of their information.Note that the “Level” is a drop box so please confirmthat the correct level is selected.
  67. 67. Girl Orders IconWhen you click this icon you will see a list of all your Troops.Just click the pencil icon to get to the Girl Order page for that Troop.
  68. 68. Girl Order PageNote the 4 step process listed in the Troop Order container.Step 1 - Enter number of Girls Registered and click “Save”.
  69. 69. Step 2 - Add girls to the system by clicking the“Add Girl Name” button to the left.When the pop up appears, type in the name per the instructionsof your Council and click “Add Girl Name”.Keep adding names until you are done.
  70. 70. The girl’s will appear in the bottom container.Step 3 - Add Girl Orders by clicking the green plus icon.FYI – you can also edit a girl’s name (pencil icon) ordelete her from the list (red x icon)
  71. 71. All 3 portions of each girl’s order must be “Saved”.Type in the quantities for each Product item and keep tabbinguntil all items are filled.NOTE: This year both Magazine Dollars & Magazine Units are required.1) Click “Save” on either side of the “Product Order” container.
  72. 72. Incentives will automatically calculate based on the girls order.Make selections as necessary.2) Click “Save” on either side of the “Incentives Earned” container.
  73. 73. 3) Click “Yes” in the pop up box to complete the order.You must click this to save her order!The system will automatically take you back to the girl list.
  74. 74. As you can see Katie’s totals have been added. Once all orders have beenentered, the user should proceed to the final step.Step 4 - click the pink “Submit Nut/Candy Order” button.Note: Girls and QSP items can still be added after you submit your Nut/CandyOrder. All girl orders will LOCK after the Council submits their incentive order.
  75. 75. Girl PaymentsTroops have the ability to track individual Girl Payments in thesystem. These payments will appear on the G2 report.Click the “Girl Payments” button.
  76. 76. Click “Edit” and enter the dollar amount of each girl’s CUMULATIVEpayment and click “Update”.
  77. 77. The G-2 is a greatThe G-2 is a greatrecap report forrecap report forindividual girls.individual girls.
  78. 78. The T-2 is aThe T-2 is agreat recapgreat recapreport forreport forTroops!Troops!
  79. 79. Email IconService Units are able to send Email blasts to all of their Troops.This year attachments can be included!
  80. 80. Carolyn’s Section
  81. 81. ◦ 30 Service Units experienced increases!◦ One cluster had 11% increase in girl participation◦ Online participation increased
  82. 82. ◦ Troops registering too late to participate.◦ Leaders making the decision if the troop should participate.◦ 311 less girls participating.◦ How did your cluster do??????
  83. 83. Your Goal:To get as many troops to participate in the sale within your Service Unit !
  84. 84.  Troops should be trained/set up online ◦ September Service Unit Meetings Girls begin selling ◦ October 1 – October 26 (later this year than in year’s past!)
  85. 85.  Parent/guardian must sign prior to taking orders Details financial responsibility Includes information about sale
  86. 86.  Set up troops (user name and password) prior to your training Troops enter information online up until October 28 Troops turn paperwork over to you by October 29 SU orders due in computer October 31 SU Initial paperwork should include the following:  Magazine order forms (white & yellow copies)  Step II Booklets (check for completion)  Online order print out  Send to Erlanger!
  87. 87.  Explains financial responsibilities and obligations Hand out and collect at Service Unit training Send to me immediately
  88. 88. NewForm! Troop leader must sign prior to taking orders Details steps for payment of product
  89. 89.  ACH - Automated Clearing House is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. ACH processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions.
  90. 90. 3 banks we currently work with are not found in every county we serve (67 counties). Over 4,000 deposits have to be manually entered prior to beginning collection process. Over 50 deposits made annually have no troop number on them and cannot tie them to a troop. Takes up to 2 months after deadline to go after leaders and parents that owe money. Over 100 refunds due to overpayment. More than 65% of councils are using this method
  91. 91.  Troops will deposit $ weekly/often directly into their own troop bank account. Checks should be made out to the Troop #. On December 17th, we will automatically SWEEP AMOUNT DUE TO COUNCIL Less: -PARENT UNCOLLECTIBLE DEBTS -TROOP PROFIT If you receive bad checks from customers – send in copy of check and we will CREDIT your account and we will collect on them.
  92. 92.  Elliott County, Andrea Gilliam Decker said: “Loved being the pilot – everything went great.” Morgan County, Monica Perry said: “I liked it because if not for the ACH I would have had to drive 40+ miles to a bank but because of it I only had to drive 7 to our bank.” Franklin County, Regina Penn said: “It was easy. No more running to and out of town bank to make a deposit, the funds were just transferred out of our account. The willingness of the council to help with bounced checks and fees. My experience was all positive!
  93. 93.  Troops will deposit funds into the bank they choose instead of traveling to another county to deposit or one the council picked out. Parents that owe money will immediately be turned over to collections process versus having 2 months of lag time. We will be able to get a jump on troop leaders using money inappropriately and taking corrective actions much sooner than before.
  94. 94.  Leaders should fill this out on any parent that owes money. Postmarked or emailed to me by December 13th (send original immediately following with supporting documentation).
  95. 95.  Products delivered on  Print a T-2 report for November 16, 19 & each troop directly 20 from the Ashdon Farms site. Have Delivery company will them sign this as your notify you prior to receipt. delivery about date and time You notify troops when to pick up
  96. 96. New banking proceduresNew packaging on all productsNew formsNew productsNew goal= Success for Kentucky’s Wilderness Road!
  97. 97. Review of Handouts
  98. 98. 1. Name the three ways troops can sell ?
  99. 99. 2. Where do parents go tofind the online magazine link ?
  100. 100. 3. What’s your goal this year?
  101. 101. 4. What should you do if one troop fails to turn in their initial order paperwork?
  102. 102. 5. What is the newest method of payment for troops?
  103. 103. 6. Why is this sale so important?
  104. 104.  Construct a successful plan Design specific goals Your enthusiasm is contagious Motivate troops to participate Work together as a team and everyone wins You are the key to the success of the Fall Product Sale