2013-2014 LSU Cookie Training


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2013-2014 LSU Cookie Training

  1. 1. www.lsucookies.weebly.com Kim McCarthy 678-485-3572 kimmccarthy2@att.net 230 Highland Gate Cir, 30024 Angela Bednarczyk 678-467-7602 midnitfamily@gmail.com 5245 Gable Ridge Way, 30518 Welcome Lanier SU Cookie Team
  2. 2. Greater Atlanta has a great mix with the Super Six
  3. 3. Cookies… ng a wor l d of good doi The GreenPalm logo will be presented on the cookie box and on the girl order card
  4. 4. di d we do i n 2013? 28,470 girls part i c i pat i ng 2,840 troops part i c i pat i ng Over 4,091,000 boxes s ol d Troops earned over $2,436,000 in proceeds Over $4,800 earned by 11 service units as t he s ervi c e uni t bonus f or i nc reas es i n boxes s ol d f rom previ ous year
  5. 5. W r e c a n Gi r l Sc out Cooki e s he t a ke he r ? • • • • • EVERYWHERE! Goa l Se t t i ng De c i s i on M ki ng a M one y M na ge me nt a Pe opl e Ski l l s Bus i ne s s Et hi c s
  6. 6. c a n we i ns pi r e Vol unt e e r s TECHNOLOGY at your fingertips!
  7. 7. c a n we i ns pi r e Vol unt e e r s ?
  8. 8. Technology FOR GIRLS, PARENTS & YOU: cookieclubpilot.littlebrowniebakers.com FOR YOU: Every TCM should complete: vipetraining.littlebrownie.com OFFICIAL SALES SITE: ebudde.littlebrownie.com p/w: LANIER SU SITE: www.lsucookies.weebly.com
  9. 9. use the Booth Sale Recorder App • • • Ent e r boot h s a l e da t a on t he s pot ! Upda t e e Budde i mme di a t e l y Ha ve e a c h gi r l ’ s r e c or d r e f l e c t a c t ua l s a l e s
  10. 10. Le t ’ s s how t he m W va l ue t h e i r e t i me ! ! ! • The mos t f l e xi bl e t r a i ni ng a va i l a bl e f or bus y vol unt e e r s ! • Cus t omi z e d f or YOUR Counc i l on t he 5 t h Ta b • Upl oa d t r a i ni ng vi de os , qui z z e s , e t c . f or ONTI M de l i ve r y of E va l ua bl e i nf or ma t i on! • BRAND NEW l e s s ons f or 2013- 14!
  11. 11. c a n we i ns pi r e gi r l s & f a mi l i e s ? P n- w i ort hy i deas a nd c r a f t y ma r k e t i ng i de a s f or M ms a nd Da ds o who wa n t t o s upp or t t h e i r d a ug ht e r ’ s c o oki e a c t i vi t i e s Ac t i on- pac ked i nt erac t i ve gam es t o h e l p gi r l s pr a c t i c e t h e i r c ook i e pi t c he s b e f o r e t he y me e t
  12. 12. The Cookie Club Process – from a Girl/Family View Log i n Sc r e e n Cr e a t e a n Ac c ount Sc r e e n
  13. 13. The Cookie Club Process – from a Girl/Family View • • Fi r s t t i me vi s i t or s t a ke s a f e t y l e s s on Home t a b pr ovi de s a t - a gl a nc e vi e w of goa l s , or de r s a nd pr ogr e s s t r a c ki ng Sa f e t y Qui z / Ce r t i f i c a t i on Da s hboa r d Sc r e e n
  14. 14. The Cookie Club Process – from a Girl/Family View M Goa l s t a b y M Cont a c t s y t ab As k t a b
  15. 15.  Cooki e buye r s r e c e i ve t he i r e - c a r d • Cooki e buye r s ma ke a pr omi s e – Buye r s c a n s e nd a pe r s ona l me s s a ge of e nc our a ge me nt ba c k t o t he gi r l • Cooki e buye r s r e c e i ve a t ha nk you c onf i r ma t i on e ma i l
  16. 16. The Cookie Club Process – Cookie Buyers View Cooki e Buye r Te xt Li nk e Ca r d Cove r
  17. 17. The Cookie Club Process – Cookie Buyers View Conf i r m Or de r & Submi t Cooki e Or de r Sc r e e n
  18. 18. The Cookie Club Process – from a Girl/Family View 1. Gi r l s r e vi e w or de r s 2. Pa r e nt c onf i r ms or de r s a nd s ubmi t s t o e Budde ( one t i me ) Note: ONLY orders that have been CONFIRMED will be sent to eBudde.
  19. 19. The Cookie Club Process – from a Volunteer View
  20. 20. The Cookie Club Process – from a Volunteer View eBudde C Or de rrss ssubmi t tt teedd ffrrom Or de ubmi om gi rrl lss/ /pa rreent ss t thr ough Cooki ee Cl ub gi pa nt hr ough Cooki Cl ub wi l ll l be t taagge dd by t the i iccon sshown wi be gge by he on hown t too di sst ti ingui sshh t the m ffrrom t thos ee di ngui he m om hos ma nua l ll lyy aadde dd t too t the ssys t teem. ma nua dde he ys m. TCMs aarree aabl ee t too ma ke aadj us t tme nt ss s TCM bl ma ke dj us me nt t too t thi ss l li ine , , j jus t t aass t the yy woul dd hi ne us he woul aany ot he rr or de rr i inn eeBudde . . ny ot he or de Budde
  21. 21. Smiles 4 Military *YOU WILL NOT PHYSICALLY RECEIVE THESE BOXES!! •List them under the GOC line in ebudde under girls tab •If a girl sells 5 boxes to this cause, she will receive a patch! •
  22. 22. Ebudde OFFICAL SALES SITE •Complete or Update FULL registration info for yourself. •Must be accurate •Only Cadettes, Seniors & Ambassadors can check the “No Incentives/Additional Proceeds” Box AND the paperwork only needs to be handed in with Final Paperwork!!
  23. 23. Ebudde.littlebrownie.co m •Orders will be in CASES •Order enough for two booth sales with Initial Order. TROOP BONUS for 280 boxes entered under BOOTH (p.7) •Do not ‘zero out’ Difference rows •Initial Incentives Order MUST BE SUBMITTED with Initial Order. •This includes T-SHIRT SIZE •Only see what a girl will receive •Save each girls selections & troops
  24. 24. a r e i ni t i a l or de r s pl a c e d? • Ent e r e a c h i ndi vi dua l gi r l ’ s or de r i n boxe s • Ent e r c ooki e s f or f i r s t t wo Cooki e Boot hs ( Boot h Li ne ) • Ent e r a ddi t i ona l c ooki e s t o ha ve on ha nd f or r e or de r s ( Ot he r Li ne )
  25. 25. • Quick & efficient delivery process • If you need to count, have someone else drive the car • 4 pick ups every 5 minutes. • Choose your pick up day & time
  26. 26. o you pi c k up i ni t i a l or de r s ? It’s Count N Go!
  27. 27. Cupboa r ds & Addi t i ona l Or de r s Pe ndi ng Or de r s M ke s i t a Ea s y! • Re or de r e l e c t r oni c a l l y • Or de r i n f ul l CASE qua nt i t i e s • Se l e c t c onve ni e nt c upboa r d l oc a t i on • Te l l us whe n you a r e c omi ng • • Pi c k- up wi t h no wa i t i ng M UST s how va l i d phot o I D a nd s i gn f or or de r s
  28. 28. Aerial View Of Berger Atlanta 750 Progress Ind. Blvd, 30043
  29. 29. How will this work?
  30. 30. How will this work?
  31. 31. How will this work?
  32. 32. How will this work?
  33. 33. Lanier SU At Check Out Station Cookie Each troop volunteer will sign for receipt Team of cookies loaded in their vehicles If volunteer is not satisfied with the count, there is a recount lane to confirm Initial order t-shirts earned by girls will be distributed at check out station
  34. 34. hnolo Tec oday gy T BOOTH SALES : Chick-Fil –A and New Wal-Mart Procedures Monday February 14-Booth Sales begin •Proper attire – GS uniforms •ALL LEVELS can hold booth sales! eBudde •Enter Booth location, dates in ebudde! •Watch for Council Sponsored Booth Sales 2010 Proprietary and Confidential
  35. 35. Important Dates for Lanier Service Unit 2014 GS Cookies! •Wed. January 1th – Sales begin •Sun. January 26th 11:59 pm–Initial orders MUST be made in ebudde. Fri. February 14 through Sun. February 16th You Choose Delivery Date & Time Berger Warehouse, Lawrenceville. •Fri. February 14, Booth Sales Begin
  36. 36. Important Dates for Lanier Service Unit 2014 GS Cookies! •Mon. March 17th 11:59pm Final Deposit to GSGATL/B of A Recognitions selected Ebudde correct - it will be locked! •Fri. March 19th Paperwork to SUCM! (Kim @ black box in driveway, 230 Highland Gate Circle, 30024) Week of April 21st- Rewards Pick Up (Angela’s @ 5245 Gable Ridge Way, 30518) May 1st Last day for TCM’s to notify SUCM of missing rewards
  37. 37. hnolo Tec oday gy T Additional Cookie Orders: •TCM places add’l orders for cookies through ebudde •Troops will only be able to pick up what has been entered into eBudde. No swaps, no extras added onto an order once you eBudde arrive. What is placed in eBudde is what will be picked up. 2010 Proprietary and Confidential
  38. 38. hnolo Tec oday gy T • Pending orders placed in eBudde should have the phone number of the person picking up cookies in the Transaction field. If needed, this will allow the warehouse to be able to contact the troop directly. eBudde 2010 Proprietary and Confidential
  39. 39. hnolo Tec oday gy T eBudde 2010 Proprietary and Confidential
  40. 40. hnolo Tec oday gy T Each troop representative picking up cookies for a troop should know: troop number, service unit name (Lanier) the total number of cases and varieties Cookies should be counted carefully before signing the QB ticket (confirms the order received is what will be eBudde charged against the troop). One copy of the QB ticket should be kept by the TCM upon submission of final paperwork while the other copies should be submitted to the SUCM. 2010 Proprietary and Confidential
  41. 41. hnolo Tec oday gy T • Additional orders requested for pickup at a warehouse location require a lead time of 24 HOURS • Pending orders placed in eBudde have to be picked up by close of business by Saturday of the week it requested. • Orders not picked up will be removed from eBudde each Monday. eBudde •If those orders are needed but for some reason not picked up, they will have to be re-entered into eBudde by the troop and picked up during the current week the request is being made. 2010 Proprietary and Confidential
  42. 42. •Feb. 14 to March 17 Add’l Orders, Delivery & Deposits •Money to your troop, during delivery. • Each troop MUST have a checking account.
  43. 43. By Wednesday March 17(part one) 1.All Money to Council Account (B of A deposit slips) •Use only Troop Checking Account •Deposit with a Teller Only! •Make sure EACH COPY is legibly validated •Note Troop # on each slip •Small Deposits: Less than $10,000 each •Proceeds sheets on website •ONLY PAY AMOUNT DUE COUNCIL!
  44. 44. By Monday, March 19 (part two) 2. Paperwork to Kim • QB tickets (cookie p/u’s) • Non-recognition Girl Agreement • Unpaid Account Forms • Deposit Slips
  45. 45. Etc…… Emails from ebudde are Blasts. Cannot receive replies. Any questions, problems PLEASE contact Kim or Angela immediatelyDon’t wait until the last minute Here’s to a great season! Thank you for your attendance this evening!
  46. 46. • • • • Credit Card Purchases THROUGH COUNCIL – see form to hand in for new troops interested Swiping devices provided free of charge TROOPS MUST PAY FEES NOT CUSTOMERS! (2.1% + $0.07 each sale *approx. $0.07 to $0.14 each box) Cannot charge more to customer Money is directly deposited to Troop Account.