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2011-2012 sucm powerpoint (revised)


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2011-2012 sucm powerpoint (revised)

  2. 2. Objectives• To provide you with an overview of the Cookie Sale Program• To emphasize what is new this year• To provide general information on the eBudde system• To answer questions that you may have• To prepare you to train TCM
  3. 3. Training/Safety• Read the manual completely• All Troop Cookie Managers must attend training• Safety concerns• Emergency crisis procedures
  4. 4. 2011 Highlights• Service Unit Bonus• TCM Incentive• Pending cupboard orders• Cookie Rally• Initial order taking begins Dec. 30, 2011• Initial Order Incentive• New Incentive Level• Girl Tab Format
  5. 5. Service Unit Bonus• Service units have an • In additional to the $100 opportunity to earn a up earned each Service unit to $200 bonus to be used has a chance to earn an for service unit events or additional incentive by: programs! – 5% increase over last years• If the Service Unit Cookie total sale ( additional $50.00) Manager maintains the – 10 % increase over last number of packages sold years total sale ( additional last year and meet the $100.00. requirements found on page 10 or manual, they can earn $100.00 bonus.
  6. 6. TCM Incentive • NEW!! As a token of our appreciation all TCM’s that meet all deadlines and turn in all paperwork will receive a Volunteer Tote Bag. • This feature will be turned on in ebudde after March 9th so SUCM can order one for each troop that qualifies.
  7. 7. Council-wide events• Cookie Rally – January 7, 2012
  8. 8. Initial Order Taking • Begins on December 30, 2011. This allows time for girls to sell over the holidays! • Girls will take orders on order cards and turn them in to the TCM by January 14, 2012, or a date set by them. • After initial orders are completed, girls will continue to sell using the Goal Getter Order Card.
  9. 9. Initial Order Incentive • Girls who have sold an initial order of 175 packages will earn the Fleece Blanket with carrier
  10. 10. New Level / Incentives• 750 packages – 100th Anniversary Floating Charm• 1500 Digital Camcorder• 3000 packages – iPad2
  11. 11. Entering Additonal Girl Cookie Orders
  12. 12. Warehouse Pick-ups: Feb. 3-4• Service units can choose to pick up their cookies at the warehouse.• Service units will be assigned a time; troops will be scheduled in 15-minute increments.• Benefits: – Get your cookies earlier – No waiting for delivery truck – Help loading cookies into your vehicle!• Troops will place a sign with their service unit name or number and their troop number on their windshield (bold writing, please).
  13. 13. Delivery & Accountability• Direct Deliveries – February 6th – 8th• Delivery dates will be determined by delivery agent based on location and size of order. You will be notified of delivery dates for your area.• Choose a site accessible for large trucks.• Pick a place with some shelter to load under if possible.• Watch carefully for damaged cases and do not accept them.• Count cookies carefully. Once you sign for them, no changes can be made.
  14. 14. Booth Sales • Begin February 10, 2012, starting at 3:00 pm not before. • Encourage troops to have booth sales to increase troop sales. • All booths sales in eBudde will be uploaded to cookie locator website: • To help you advertise your troop booth sale, we encourage troops to call the Cookie Hotline at 1-800-734-4541 ext. 412. Troops will leave messages stating their booth location, time, and date. • Be sure to go over booth guidelines and tips in the Cookie Sale Program Manual.
  15. 15. Booth Sales
  16. 16. Warehouse & Cupboards • Open February 10, 2012 • Going to the warehouse or cupboard, you must have the following: – Cookie Identification Card – Photo identification – Pending order receipt (printed off ebudde) • You may go to any cupboard in the Council area to pick up cookies. • Cookies can be checked out by cases only. • Damaged cookies may be swapped only at the service center nearest you.
  17. 17. Pending Orders• When a pending order is placed, the parties involved will receive an email. In addition, the delivery agent will see a message on their dashboard that they have new pending transactions• Pending orders help us manage inventory
  18. 18. Financial Procedures • All transactions require receipts. • Troops must not release cookies without a signed parent permission form and signed receipt for the cookies (retain all paperwork). • Required ½ payment • SUCM requirements • Final payment • If a parent does not turn money in to troop: – certified letter – receipts/signed parent letter
  19. 19. BREAK
  20. 20. eBudde • This is the online system that helps troops, service units, and the Council manage all aspects of the Cookie Sale Program. • All troops need to enter their information into eBudde. – This is how cookies, incentives, recognitions, and payments are tracked. – Troops should regularly check their sales report to check their progress during the sale. Discrepancies should be reported to SUCM.
  21. 21. Ebudde (continued)• Each user is given access based on their needs (determined by Council).• SUCMs will have access to their service unit information and all of their troops’ information.
  22. 22. First-time user must change password and enter personal information.
  23. 23. Service Unit Dashboard
  24. 24. Navigating the SystemNavigation Tree Entry Form TabsNavigation Tree – Displays service unit name and troopnumbers.Entry Form Tabs – Tabs are selected for you to performthe actions needed. The tabs display forms for troops aredifferent than for the service unit.
  25. 25. Service Unit Contact Information
  26. 26. Service Unit Settings Information keyed here is for the service unit dashboard.
  27. 27. Service Unit Settings (continued)
  28. 28. Email
  29. 29. Service units may add troops.Add a Troop – allows you to enter troop data one troopat a time.Add up to 11 Troops – allows you to enter 11 troops at atime.NOTE: You may hit either one of these buttons as many times asneeded.
  30. 30. Troop information may be entered and updatedby the service unit.
  31. 31. As you add troops, the system will update the navigation tree. You will also be allowed to change and/or delete troop information.
  32. 32. Editing a Troop
  33. 33. Delivery Stations
  34. 34. Troops Tab Unsubmit Option – Available to correct mistakes before Council order is submitted. Once Council has submitted, no changes can be made. Unsubmit All Cookie Orders – This will unsubmit all troop cookie orders if necessary to allow troops to resubmit. Unsubmit All Initial and Final Incentive Orders – This will unsubmit all troop incentive orders if necessary to allow troops to resubmit.
  35. 35. Service Unit Submit Order to Council
  36. 36. Incentives TabIncentive orders are entered at the girl or troop level. The service unit role is to monitorthe entry of incentive orders and submit the order to the Council.
  37. 37. Service Unit Recap Reports All reports download to Microsoft Excel
  38. 38. Dashboard Troop Messages & Deadlines
  39. 39. Entering Girl Information
  40. 40. Entering Troop’s Cookie Order –Entering by GirlFor girl orders, click on the girl’s name and double-click at the bottom of thescreen to enter.
  41. 41. Troop Girl Initial OrdersSave – Save worksheet and continue adding information.Submit ORDER – Submit order to service unit. CANNOT make changes oncethis is done.
  42. 42. Delivery Information
  43. 43. Delivery Confirmation Page
  44. 44. Bubble/Dot/Circle Report
  45. 45. Ordering Cookies from the Cupboards or Warehouses • Locations to pick up additional cookies can be found in your manual. • NEW – You may place a pending order through eBudde. Please call cupboard contact to let them know you have a pending order. • NEW - When a pending order is placed, the parties involved will receive an email. In addition, the delivery agent will see a message on their dashboard that they have new pending transactions • Benefit: – Inventory can be managed based on cookies to be picked up. If additional cookies need to be ordered, this can be done earlier.
  46. 46. Pending Cupboard OrdersProduct Transaction Form
  47. 47. Pending orders
  48. 48. Entering Additonal Girl Cookie Orders
  49. 49. Troop Award Order by Girl – Automated
  50. 50. Deposits
  51. 51. Service Unit Recap
  52. 52. Award Reporting
  53. 53. Manuals
  54. 54. Demonstration Site• Web address –• Login will be your email as set up by Council.• No email sent in the system.• Can perform all functions in the system just like the live site.• See Council for further information.