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Troop Producat Sale Manager Training


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Fall Product Sale training for Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

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Troop Producat Sale Manager Training

  1. 1. 2018FallProduct SalesTraining Jackie Garbe Product Sales Consultant Cell: 732-966-5035
  2. 2. TheTPSM! TheTROOP PRODUCT SALES MANAGER TheTPSM has an important and exciting job handling the fall sale.  TPSM must be a registered member of GS and have background check completed and take fall training to ensure a successful sale for the troop  Review materials, train girls & parents in the workings of the product sales  Distribute materials to families, review safety policies, collect permission forms  Become proficient with nut software (UNIFY) before its time to order  Enter orders into UNIFY; pick up and distribute product to families  Collect payment from families; pay troop and council  Communicate with families & troop leader as needed  Order and distribute incentives after the sale  Don’t be afraid to ask your Community PS Coordinator questions!  BE SURE:  All girls participating must be registered GS members  Troop has (gets) bank account established
  3. 3. FallProductProgramPartners • Nuts • Chocolates • Gift items Fall Product Program Dates September 28th – November 18th • Magazines + More • Candles &Tumblers • Organic Veggies
  4. 4. 2018 Program Theme Service Dog “Lucy” Service Dog “Dottie”
  5. 5. LeadtheWay! It’s about being a G.I.R.L. ⭐Go-Getter ⭐Innovator ⭐Risk Taker ⭐Leader
  6. 6. ProgramBenefits Girls learn valuable leadership skills in every aspect of the sale:  GOAL SETTING  DECISION MAKING  MONEY MANAGEMENT  PEOPLE SKILLS  BUSINESS ETHICS 100% of the profits stay locally - sustains and expands programs for ALL girls! Troops earn start-up funds Rewards: helps girls set goals, reach higher level of achievement Why Participate?
  7. 7. The 5 Skills: Here’s Why they Matter! GOAL SETTING– learning to plan ahead; setting individual sales goal and with her team, creates a plan to reach them. She develops Cooperation and Team Building skills. DECISION MAKING – learning to work with a group to make smart decisions; how the troop will use their money. She learns Problem Solving and realize that her opinion matters. This practice of problem solving teaches girls to think on their feet, Critical Thinking is a key skill of a good leader. MONEY MANAGEMENT – taking orders; handling money - tracking sales goals – budgeting – learning the value of a dollar and gaining Practical Life Skills around financial literacy. PEOPLE SKILLS – learning how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people. She will develop Healthy Relationship and Conflict Resolution skills that she will use throughout her life. BUSINESS ETHICS – being honest and responsible through every step of the
  8. 8. PRODUCTS Nut and Candy Items
  9. 9. PRODUCTS Magazines Paper and Digital Subscriptions Available
  10. 10. PRODUCTS MORE!! Tumblers, Candles and Organic Veggies
  11. 11. PRODUCTS What’s New? Girl Scout Vintage CameraTin Standup Resealable Bag Polar Pals Holiday Tin Customers will ask what’s new this year
  12. 12. ONLINE Girls send emails to friends and family offering options to order nuts/candy, magazines and more ONLINE OFFLINE Girls sell nuts/candy and magazines IN PERSON WAYS TO PARTICIPATE GIFT OF CARING Customers can make $5 donations towards nuts/candy & magazines to be donated to military, local food pantries and food bank. BOOTH SALES Girls sell at local businesses to increase sales or reach their goals
  13. 13. CUSTOMERS HAVE 4 WAYS TO ORDER FROMA GIRL: Order directly from the girl on her order card – customers pay when product is delivered Order online and have items shipped – items are pre-paid, larger selection of items available, items shipped very quickly, shipping fees may apply Order online and have girl deliver product – nuts/candy prepaid, small transaction fee, no shipping charges, limited to order card items Participate in Gift of Caring program – customer makes $5 donation towards nut/candy or magazine donation – can donate when placing order with girl or donated online. Donation is prepaid, no online fee WAYS TO PARTICIPATE
  15. 15. IN PERSON Fall Order Card
  16. 16. MagazineOrderForms o Many orders still taken in person by girls o Girls collect money for magazines at time of order o Customer receives magazines in 8 to 10 weeks o White and yellow stay with girl o Pink copy goes to customer IN PERSON
  17. 17. Certain magazines available only online. No shipping charges. Subscriptions process faster when purchased online vs. paper order forms. ONLINE MoreChoices Online Online store offers all the Girl Scout branded items plus a few online EXCLUSIVE items. Shipping charges apply.
  18. 18. ExclusivelySoldOnline ONLINE and stainless tumblers 24 oz$25 Organic Veggies Candles 2 for $20$25 each Girl Scout Collectible Candle Order $60 or more and receive FREE shipping! $30 each
  19. 19. GIFT OF CARING IN PERSON - Customers indicate their donation under the “Gift of Caring” columns on order card (nut or magazine) and payment is collected in advance for these items. ONLINE - Now customers can make Gift of Caring purchases online!  Council retains all donated items and will handle donation of them. These items will not be in troop order during pick up.  Items will be donated to military, local food pantries and Mon/Ocean food bank.  Troops earn proceeds and girls receive credit for each donation sold  All GOC items are $5 each 5+ total nut/magazine donations 10+ total nut/magazine donations
  20. 20. BOOTH SALES  BOOTH SALES ARE A GREAT WAY TO INCREASE YOUR TROOP’S FALL SALE SUCCESS  Booth sales can be scheduled from Friday, November 16 through Sunday, November 25, 2017  Start ASAP to secure a location - obtain permission from business owner/manager - confirm date and time with them.  Submit application online at  Be sure to have a minimum of 2 girls & 2 adults at each table
  21. 21. BOOTH SALES & EXTRA ORDERS  Pre-order ANY items in “Troop Cupboard” in UNIFY and delivered with troop order OR  Order from council depots (Toms River and Farmingdale offices)  Booth sale varieties: Chocolate Covered Pretzels - $9 Whole Cashews - $8 Chocolate Covered Raisins - $7 Dark Chocolate Caramel Caps - $6 Peanut Butter Bears - $6 Mint Chocolate Penguins - $6 Fruit Slices - $6  Limited supplies of other varieties will be available at council depots for extra or late orders ORDER CAREFULLY – PRODUCT IS NOT RETURNABLE
  22. 22. Council Guidelines & Procedures
  23. 23. Troop Timeline (See your troop envelope)
  24. 24. Troop Proceeds
  25. 25. Recognitions (see back of order card)
  26. 26. More Recognitions DIRECT TO GIRL REWARDS
  27. 27. Direct to Girl Reward o $150 in Total Online Sales o Girl receives congrats email o Girl earns her unique MyCreationTM patch o Shipped directly to the girl o Troop volunteer can create, customize and receive own patch with $300 in troop online sales!
  28. 28. Fall & Cookie Go-Getter Patch o Personalized combo patch with girl’s first name featured on the patch o Shipped direct to girl after 2019 Cookie Program o To earn girl must participate in both sales: o Fall sale – sell 25 and o Cookie sale – sell 150 Cookie Packages
  29. 29. FINANCES & Payment to Council Girls collect payment upfront for: paper magazine orders and GOC donations only. Collect magazine money from girls when they submit orders to you. These cannot be processed without payments. These payments are deposited NO LATER than October 24th in council’s TD Bank account and deposit receipts to be submitted to your coordinators who will credit your account in UNIFY. Council will then process the orders once the payments are shown. TD Bank – ask teller for 3 validated copies of your receipt. 1 remains with troop and 2 copies submitted to coordinator.  Girls collect payment for nut/candy orders when they deliver the items. Checks should be made payable to GSJS. Need customer’s phone # and troop # on them Initial deposit of any money collected is to be made by Monday, November 26th. Retain troop proceeds first (in cash) and deposit only the amount due to council at TD Bank (see the T-2 Report in UNIFY). 2 copies of TD Bank deposit due to coordinator. Additional deposit tickets are available from your coordinator or at a council service center. Be sure your 5- digit troop number is on all deposit ticket copies to receive proper credit. Final deposit copies are due to your coordinator no later than Wednesday, December 5. This will include all remaining girl order payments, booth orders and any extra orders. Copies of deposits with troop numbers listed on them, must be submitted in order to receive credit for payment.
  30. 30. FinancialIssues/NonPayment  Make several attempts to collect money.  Take all troop commission FIRST, deposit what you have into council's account and LEAVE an unpaid balance due to council.  Do not pay outstanding girl balances with troop or personal funds.  Notify Janet Zelenak about delinquency
  31. 31. TravelOpportunities&ScholarshipProgram New for 2018/2019! All council sponsored trips are eligible for Travel Scholarships, regardless of the cost of the trip. Council sponsored trips include: 2019: Adventure in Spain Salem - Haunted Happenings 2020: Japan - Land of the Rising Sun Niagara Falls Scholarship Criteria:  Sell a minimum of $400 worth of product in Fall Sale  Sell at least 500 boxes of cookies  Must be registered for a council sponsored trip (or GSUSA destination). Girls who apply who aren’t registered for a trip will not be considered.  Be a registered member and be active in Girl Scouts  Deadline for submitting a request credited to the 2018-2019 Girl Scout year will be April 2, 2019  Girls traveling on trips in 2020 or beyond can apply for scholarships each year The more a girl sells, the MORE she EARNS and the bigger her potential reward!
  32. 32. Safety&HelpfulTips • Girls should be clearly identified as Girl Scouts by wearing their vest/sash. • Girls must be escorted by an adult (18+) when taking orders. • Girls must not enter a home when order taking. • Customers should fill in the form - keep order form neat. • Do your training with girls and parents Give out the order card when you receive the signed permission slip. • Check that parents added up items correctly. • Parents should circle the incentives (if girl has reached a level with a choice) on card – no room for mistake this way. • Parents must count and SIGN for product when picking it up. Use G1 or G2 report. • Give out the money envelope when the parent picks up her nut order. Be sure its filled out with amount due and when. • To avoid any misunderstandings, always count the money in the presence of the parent. Give a receipt.
  33. 33. 59MinuteQuickStartSM 100%Digital forGirls & Troops 1. Girls loginUNIFY andclickon …andsend themselves atext with thepaymentlinkto usefor their customers 2.Girls callfriends andfamilyfor 59minutes and forward thetext linkfor payment It’s thateasy! Great toolfor… o Troops doing theFallProductProgram for the1st time o Troops wantingto takegoalsetting tothenext level o Goto
  34. 34. NEW!
  35. 35.  One site for Online Sales and In Person order entry  User-friendly online ordering system  One Login (your email) to manage all your troops  Fully Mobile Responsive  Online Order Taking & Entry
  36. 36. Logging in – Troops/Girls • You’ll receive a launch email • Click “Go to Dashboard” link • Set your own password • Your login will beyour email and the password you setfor all accounts you have
  37. 37. FOR RETURNING TPSM’s: Use your email at the link above and last year’s password for the old QSP site There is a “forgot password” link to help you reset it or Jackie/Janet can reset it NEW TPSM’s: Must first be added in UNIFY by their Community PS coordinator, Jackie or Janet Go to UNIFY, enter email, create password Accessing the site
  38. 38. Same Easy Format o Same features as last year with Girl and Troop Dashboards o One new order entry section – Manage Orders (replaces Nut-e order entry) o Enhanced features o More user functionality
  39. 39. • Short how-to videos on UNIFY preloaded on Girl and Troop Dashboards • Quick Reference Guides on UNIFY preloaded for simple reference • Pink “?” provides help information throughout UNIFY • Pink ● indicates a new notification(s) Program Information & How-to’s
  40. 40. TroopDashboard 2018
  41. 41. Navigation - Troop Burger Menu Navigation • Easily navigate through UNIFY from the burger menu • Switch between one ormoredashboards • i.e. fromTrooptoGirl (ifapplicable) • Access Financials, Rosters, Reports, and more
  42. 42. Your User Information • Burger Menu > My Info • Edit password and personal information
  43. 43. Reports – Troops/Girls • Burger Menu > Reports
  44. 44. Reports – Troop Financial • Burger Menu > Financials
  45. 45. Program Materials available onlinein UNIFY TroopActivityPagesbyLevel Goal Chart
  46. 46. Girl Activity • Icon with each girl’s MyCreationTM image and participation indicated with a • Click on square next to the girl’s name to send email • Click on shopping cart to view the girl’s online store and/or make a purchase from the girl No MyCreation™ Completed MyCreation™
  47. 47. Emails & Messages– Troop Send emails and post messages with: • Encouragement • Reminders • Important Dates
  48. 48. Troop Dashboard – Troop Order Entry Troop Order Entry • From Manage Orders, click pencil next to girl’s name • Enter the girl’s in person paper orders • Total Magazine & More orders • Total Magazine & More $ • # items ordered for each nut/candy item • All online sales will already be in UNIFY • Click Save & Continue. Will have option to update girl reward choices. • Once all orders have been entered, click Submit Troop Order
  49. 49. GirlDashboard 2018
  50. 50. Email, Text, Social Media Compose Message Upload Emails Text and Social Media
  51. 51. o Orders automatically show in UNIFY o No additional action needed o Orders are placed when in person orders are submitted o Product is shipped with girl’s in person orders o Girl delivers to the customer o Do not collect money for these orders o The customer paid at the time of order Opt in not out! Online Girl Delivered
  52. 52. Girl Delivered o Girl chooses who she can/will deliver product to when sending emails o Nearby family and friends o Family she will see soon o Customer receives email to order products, pay online* with credit card and then have girl deliver o Customer will still have option to order Direct Ship Opt in not out! *Small convenience fee
  53. 53. Emails & MyCreation™ o Design theme mascot each year to uniquely reflect their personality o Design different attributes. New attributes unlocked for completing some tasks. o Add your dog’s name by adding/uploading a picture on the Compose Message tab
  54. 54. Girl Order Entry o Parents/girls can now enter the girl’s in person paper orders o Total Magazine & More orders o Total Magazine & More $ o # items ordered for each nut/candy item o All online sales will already be in UNIFY o Troops will review orders entered and can add/edit orders for girls
  55. 55. Select Rewards o Girls can pre-select rewards, even if they haven’t yet earned them o Rewards will automatically calculate based on order entered and show when that level has been achieved o Items not yet earned will be greyed out o Choices automatically default to item listed first if no previous selection was made o Troops will review selections and can add/edit selections for girls
  56. 56. Improved Business Tools Girl Business Cards o 15% to 25% of online sales from cards o Set of 8 printed business cards for each Girl Scout in Girl Packet o Additional printable version available on UNIFY girl dashboard, includes Girl ID with option to personalize name!
  57. 57. Questions Thank you!