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  • For a girl to be eligible to participate in the Fall Product Program, she must be a currently registered member and have a parent permission form turned into her troop. The Service Unit Fall Product Manager’s responsibilities include: keeping in touch with council, distributing materials, products, and prizes to the troops in the service unit, train and support the troop coordinators, ensure that all troops place an order in Nut-e, the online ordering system, and deliver the troop final paperwork to council by the deadline.
  • Before the sale begins, you should train 1 fall product coordinator per troop. You will create a login for each fall coordinator in Nut-E and provide them with a password. Lastly, you will distribute the forms and materials to each troop coordinator once they’ve been trained.
  • Girls can begin taking orders for nuts, candies, and calendars on October 1 st . Girl will take orders until October 10 th . Please be sure and stress how important it is to stay safe. No booths are allowed, as the Fall Product Program is a friends and family only program. Girls should not collect money until the product is delivered. Girls who choose to participate in the Online Magazine program may begin sending emails to invite friends and family to purchase or renew magazine subscriptions on October 1 st . Girls should check their progress on the QSP website often and send more emails to other friends and family.
  • The troop fall product coordinator will enter the girls’ orders into Nut-E by no later than midnight, October 13th. The troop does not need to turn in a paper order form. The Service unit should double check Nut-E to be sure that all participating troops troops have placed their order in Nut-E. The service unit can make changes or additions to orders in Nut-E until midnight on October 16th.
  • Each service unit will be assigned a delivery agent. Delivery dates will vary depending on which area of the council you are in. Products will be delivered to each service unit between October 25 th and November 4 th . The service unit should receive confirmation from the delivery agent before the delivery occurs. When the Delivery Agent delivers the products, be sure to count the items and notify the agent of any shortages. Once the service unit has received the products, distribute the products to each troop. Be sure to use a receipt when distributing products. Be sure you both sign the receipt and each of you get one copy. Keep copies of your receipts for your records.
  • From the link, the participating girl/parent will arrive at the registration page. Here the participants information is entered. This is needed even if the Girl participated last year, because the information is not saved each year. More the one girl/sister can be entered under one email address. The girls can each send their own emails.
  • 2012 Fall Product Training powerpoint

    1. 1. Girl Scouts ofNorth-Central Alabama
    2. 2. What is the Fall Product Program?• A friends and family sale!• Girls sell nuts, candy and magazines.• Huge troop profit potential!
    3. 3. What’s New this Year?• NEW products!• NEW product packaging!• Additional ways for girls to participate with magazine sales!
    4. 4. Eligibility and ResponsibilitiesGirl Eligibility – Current Registration – Parent PermissionSU Fall Product Manager Responsibilities – Keep in touch with Council – Distribute materials, products, prizes, etc – Train and supports Troop Fall Product Managers – Ensure that all troops place an order in Nut-E. – Deliver troop Final Paperwork to Council by deadline. – Read your position description in manual, you will be
    5. 5. Before the Sale Preparation Service Unit Fall Product Manager will: • Train Troop Fall Product Manager • Create and assign each troop coordinator a Nut-E username and password • Distribute forms and materials to each Troop Fall Product Manager
    6. 6. 3 Ways for Troops and Girls to Participate1. Magazines – Online – Direct Magazine Orders using the Magazine Catalog and paper order forms1. Address Booklets2. Nuts and Candy
    7. 7. Troop Fall Product Manager Responsibilities– Make sure all girls are registered– Give out girl packets– Have parent meeting, get permission forms signed– Keep parents informed of due dates– Place order in Nut-e– Distribute products, collect money– Make deposit, hand in final paperwork– Read your position description in your manual, you will be given a copy to sign at training
    8. 8. Troop Proceeds• Fall sale is an easy way for troops to earn start up funds• 20% for any nut or candy item• 15% for any magazine or book order – Online orders-troop receives 5% more! – 5% additional opting out of incentives – Juniors, Cadets, Seniors, and Ambassadors only• $2 for each completed and unique Step 2 Booklet. No duplicate addresses
    9. 9. Nut and Candy Sale• Troop earns 20% of total sales for nut and candy items• Order Taking for nuts and candy is Sept 14 – Oct 10• No Booths – friends and family sale!• Collect money when product is delivered!
    10. 10. Placing the Nut & Candy Order• Troops enter the girls’ orders into Nut-E by- 11:59 pm on October 15th or you will be locked out.• SU double checks all orders on Nut-E by- 11:59 pm on October 17, 2012 or you will be locked out.
    11. 11. Magazine Sale• Online Ordering available Sept 1 and Direct Magazine sales runs from Sept 14 – October 12• Troop earns 15% for every magazine subscription/renewal.• Troop earns additional 5% for all online orders
    12. 12. Address Booklets• Girls complete an address booklet, providing mailing addresses for their friends and family out of the area.• The troop earns $2 for each completed address booklet. (maximum of 1 per participating girl)
    13. 13. Delivering Product• SU will be assigned a delivery agent. Delivery will vary depending on which area of the council you are in.• Products will be delivered to the SU from October 29 – November 1• SU should receive a call or confirmation e-mail from the Delivery Agent before your delivery.• ALWAYS count your order during delivery• Distribute the merchandise to each troop• ALWAYS use receipts when distributing product and receiving money• Keep copies of the receipts for your records!!!
    14. 14. Review of Important Dates• Nut and Candy Sale – 9/14-10/10• Magazine Sale– 9/14-10/10• Troops enter orders into Nut-e – 10/15 by 11:59 pm you will be locked out at midnight• SU confirms orders in Nut-e – 10/17 by 11:59 pm you will be locked out by midnight• Product delivery to SUs – 10/29-11/1• Deposit due – November 20• Troop paperwork due to SUFM – November 27
    15. 15. Fall 2012 Theme• What Can A Girl Do?• Focus on the 5 Skills girls learn through the Product Program
    16. 16. www w . hat c anagi rl do. c om e c t iv ra es! teIn Gam
    19. 19. ONLINE FLYERFRONT BACK(example) (example)
    21. 21. AD R D ESS BOOKLET
    22. 22. $8.00 $8.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 NEW $5.00$6.00 $6.00 $5.00 $5.00 NEW$5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00NEW NEW SALE DATES- 9/14- 10/10
    23. 23. Troop 2 Troop Thank You Nuts!• Program allows customers to purchase nuts as a donation. Nuts are sent by• Ashdon Farms to our non profit partner to deployed military. $5
    24. 24.  When placing your order, remember troops should order to the piece  You will be contacted by the delivery agent to finalize time and dateREMINDERS  Count products carefully before signing  Keep chocolate away from light and heat  Do not store products outside  If you have specific program questions, refer to your training materials or contact your Service Unit Fall Product Manager
    25. 25. QSP Online Nut/Candy Program• Beginning Sept 1, this button can be found on the GS N/C ALABAMA website.• It takes girls to….
    26. 26. Registration Page• Families register and create an account using an adult’s email addressFill in required informationSelect an age levelIncludes an option to add additional Girl Scouts to this email address
    27. 27. Gi rl s Can Send Em l s As ki ng ai About Magazi nes and/or N s ut
    28. 28. Online Nut Orders• Offers girls an opportunity to take Nut Orders through emails.• The girl is responsible for product delivery and collection of money.• Average girl sales of 4 to 5 nut units per girl.• Average council sales of 2% of total sales.
    29. 29. Girl Can Personalize Her Landing Page Council’s Message Girl’s MessageGirl’s PhotoGirl’s GoalCouncil’sGoal
    30. 30. Girl Options For Promoting Nuts & Magazines • Girl Scout Can Select Who Receives Nut Order Emails • Girls Age 13 Or Older Invite Facebook Friends to Help • Detailed Order Report Shows Who ordered nuts and candy and Who ordered Magaz i ne s • Option To Receive An Email Every Time a Nut order is placed
    31. 31. Customers will see… Magazine storeEmail (Sample Copy)Hello Karen,(Girl Scout) is participating in a magazine product saleand needs your support! It’s fast, convenient, andeasy for you to help Girl Scouts. When you buy,renew, or extend your favorite magazinesubscriptions, or purchase books from our onlinestore, 40% of each purchase helps Girl Scouts!Just click on the link below and you will be able toview the council’s web page, offering:-Over 600 popular magazine titles at savings of up to85% off newsstand prices Online nut order taker -Online shopping available 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek! linkWhen you have finished shopping for magazines, youcan also make a promise to purchase nut andchocolate products. No payment is necessary now.Claire Phillips will receive your selections and contactyou later to collect money and deliver products.Simply click on the following link to browse our nut &chocolate offerings: linkThanks Karen for your support.
    32. 32. Facebook Post To Profile • Post to Profile Within Facebook • Opportunity To Reach Broader Network OfJust Click Family and FriendsHere • Friends and Family Can Thi s Pops Up Purchase Within The Facebook Environment • Any Sales Directly TrackClick &Done to Girl Scout’s QSP/Nut Online Program Registration
    33. 33. DETAILED ORDER REPORT• Check back in during the sale to track your success• Send more emails and get more orders• All Detail Order Reports must be submitted by the deadline date to count towards girl rewards and troop proceeds
    34. 34. PAPER FORM MAGAZINE ORDERING Majority of orders still collected using paper order forms Have customers fill out the paper order forms Included 10 new names in the Address Booklet
    35. 35. WHERE THE ORDER FORM GOES• White and yellow copies are returned to the troop volunteer and then service unit product sale manager• Pink copy stays with the customer
    36. 36. ADDRESS BOOKLET-MAGAZINE OFFER• Used for family and friends not contacted during the direct order taking portion of the magazine sale• Personalize each postcard with valid and unique names and addresses of family and friends – Complete 10 postcards – Personalize with a personal note – For missing zip codes, visit www.usps.com – NEW CUSTOMERS CAN USE CREDIT CARD AND GO ONLINE
    37. 37. WHY MAGAZINES?• People already buy magazines!• The average family subscribes to 4 magazines a year and spends $125• People can support Girl Scouts without spending any additional funds• Reading is good for girls and helps to establish a love of reading – 7 out of 10 of our top sellers are children’s magazines• When people order their magazines through Girl Scouts, everyone wins!
    38. 38. EQUAL CREDIT FOR ALL MAGAZINE ORDERS• Troops earn proceeds for each order generated online• Families simply print out or email the “Detailed Order Report” and submit it to the Troop FPS Chair along with the paper orders to receive credit Bounce back email containing DOR at the end of the sale
    39. 39. 2012Patches & Incentives
    40. 40. ALL REWARDS ARE CUMULATIVE $50 IN SALES 12 EMAILS 3 Mags 6 Mags ADDRESS BOOKLET Completed 10 NAMES Ashdon online activity OR + OR $100 $150 Combined $250 Combined sales.Combined sales Sales. Choice Choice. Plus Super Seller OR $1,000 Combined sales E Reader or $350 $450 $650 Gift CertCombined sales Combined sales $550 Combined sales Combined sales
    42. 42. Have Questions?Click on the HELP Icons ?SU & Troop Manuals
    43. 43.  Construct a successful planThank You for All You Do  Design specific goals  Your enthusiasm is contagious  Motivate troops to participate  Work together as a team and everyone wins  You are the key to the success of the Fall Product Sale
    44. 44. Thank You!!