Business Computing in Future with Voice


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Same presentation. Put up with the slow talk ! Felt had to deliberate for clarity sake. Shall prepare a short one for quick flashing too !

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Business Computing in Future with Voice

  1. 1. BUSINESS COMPUTING ESSENCE INFUTUREConcept PaperPrepared by Pradeep Hengavallipradeep@ideacoe.com6th Jun, 2012While at an Work : IdeaCoE Tech Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Ideas refine with educationWhen you study more, ones ability to visualise in many perspectives increasesand that in turn will improve the way you plan and respond to circumstances.
  3. 3. Current SRM CRM Enterprise Governance SCM Work Life Balance - Office Hours - Working Hours Social NetworkingActivity Purpose ApplicationEnterprise Transaction ( Booking Official trip EnterpriseFlight ticket ) portal ESSTransaction ( Booking Flight ticket ) Personal Social app
  4. 4. Cloud Security Cloud and Identity & db Security Access(IDM) Collaborative Social Products and NetworkingPayment & Platform aspectsCompliance Propagators Social Business Software Collaboration/Portfolio Management
  5. 5. Future Activity Purpo Type Application Company se of Activit based on y Role Enterprise Official Work Portal Official Transaction trip permitted by ( Booking company Flight ticket ) Transaction Person Leisure Social Portal Leisure Social ( Booking al of your /Official Flight ticket ) choice with integration to all flying colleagues ( seat selection/ Enterprise advice collaboration) Work Life Balance Governance - Timely completion of work - Timely Rejuvenation
  6. 6. Collaborative Cloud Security Social Networks-othersProducts and By Geography Platform aspects Cloud and Identity and Access db Security (IDM)  Work  Leisure Technical Publishers Social Commerce Platform Readership Individual By Geography / Role / Organised sector Social Networking Payment & Compliance Propagators Social Marketing management By Geography Social Advertising Platforms / Industry Vertical / Circle By Mood Social / Location Specificity Business Software Social Business Software Collaboration/Portfolio Management By Business Type / Geography By Business Type / Geography
  7. 7. Way forward• Uniform Strategy and Best Practices for Identity Management• Uniform Cloud strategy• Transformation in Payment trackingmechanisms for work and leisureactivities
  8. 8. END
  9. 9. Architectural Governance Global Product Provide the key rules for development – including Development Policy portfolio planning, architecture definition, productLong- development, quality assurance, and releaseterm management. Architecture Provide overall direction on architecture going Strategy and Roadmap forward as well as roadmapMid- Driven by IAAS and SAAS concepts.term Architecture Guidelines: Provide specific rules and guidelines for key topics corporate & by Vertical topics Driven by Social networking and Identity management at the helm. Provide rules and guidelines within a specificShort- Architecture Technology Areaterm: Guidelines Driven with due scalability to SAP and MS adoption. ACD – Architecture Approved by Social networking teams( UX) , MS, SAP Concept and Convergence technology specialists Document Will be mandatory
  10. 10. Features not to be ignored• On-demand content ( Video Conferences/recording)• WebCrawling / Search features.• Integration with Netsafe/Copiun/Good or equivalent data/cloud/mobile security features.• Application maintenance.• Fuse.MS & “socl” platform features ( if available for IAAS)• Use of Sentinel – Pricing for cloud services• Use of BigQuery from Google.• Integration with MindGenius, Jive, etc.
  11. 11. Complementing Vendors• OSS/BSS Solution Providers• Mobile Network Operators• Mobile Software Developers• Mobile Payment Service Providers• Handset and Tablet Manufacturers• Content and Applications Aggregators• Social Commerce Vendors and providers• Mobile Marketing and Advertising Providers• Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers
  12. 12. Some Flow topics
  13. 13. idEACoE steps• Preparation of the ecosystem and the Role of cloud computing in it• The Idea platform Features• The shaping up of new Universities/Governance(QA) starting from Harvard and MIT.• The Hightable like platform for experts.• The appreciation from CSCC contributions and invite for the seminar from Paul.• Competition• Melt the app into the browser