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EMC Documentum & Captiva

  1. 1. EMC Documentum & Captiva
  2. 2. ECM - Enterpise Content Management Upravljanje sadržajima preduzeda Skup tehnologija koje se koriste za kreiranje/obuhvat, upravljanje, privremeno/trajno skladištenje i isporuku sadržaja i dokumenata vezanih za organizacione procese. AIIM, 2005 AIIM - Association for Information and Image Management, The Enterprise Content Management Association.
  3. 3. ECM Magic Quadrant 2008 Source: Gartner (September 2008)
  4. 4. Enterprise Content Management - Components Document Imaging Document Management Web Content Management Records Management Document-Centric Collaboration Workflow Source: Gartner
  5. 5. The Big Picture Create / Capture Manag Deliver / e Archive  Security and Audit Trails Office Applications (MS Word) Email CD- Fax  Library Services Rom  Versioning  Lifecycles and Workflows Publicatio Website Wireles ns s s XML Applications  Renditions and Transformations Enterprise Applications CAD (ERP, CRM, Applications etc.) Scanned Images Documentum ECM Platform Archival / Storage Computer-Generated Documents (Reports)
  6. 6. One Unified Repository Customer Newsletter Process Portal Production SOPs Documentum ECM Platform Projects Templates R&D Compliance Content Processes Brand Management System Context Decisions, Outcomes Technical Publishing Financial Disclosure Online Catalog
  7. 7. Example Scenario: Driver's License Background Check (search) 5 Years Later… Application (E-Form) Timer (Agent) Completeness Digital Picture Check Workflow Renewal Notice Digital Thumbprint Issued License Proof of Insurance (scan)
  8. 8. The Only Unified ECM Platform Operational Compliance Collaborative Mktg/Publishing CARS Solutions Solutions Solutions Solutions Solutions Process Optimize Collaborative Workplaces Work Processes BPI Enterprise Apps, Purpose-built Apps Services Portals, Authoring Environments, Business Process Automation DocumentsForms WebRich Media ImagesMessages Reports Content Put Your Information Capture/Edit Library services Transformation Services to Work Publishing/ AIS Classification Search Distribution Compliance/ Archival Mitigate Risk Repository Retention Services Policy Management Intelligent Storage Integration Services EAI ECI ERP,CRM, etc. Legacy content RDBMS External content Legend: EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) ECI (Enterprise Content Integration) AIS (Authoring Integration Services) BPI (Business Process Integration)
  9. 9. Repository Services Advanced Security Records Manager Retention Policy Services Content Storage Services Trusted Content Services Import Manager Audits Trusted Content Services Encryption Authentication  Rules-based access control  Dynamic security groups  Digital shredding Secure storage  Electronic signatures Electronic signatures  Client-Server and Repository encryption  Authentication Single sign-on
  10. 10. Content Services Content Server  Content Server  Content web Information white papers Core Services Transformation SOPs product requirements Services video emails competitive analysis  Manage all content types NDA meeting notes  Content Intelligence  Content Server provides content MRP project plans repository Services Order Unstructured animation Mgmt. letters  Content  Library Services Distribution invoices Services  Check-in, Check-out ERP photos Structured fingerprints  Security and access control CRM resumes  Version management Policy proposals Mgmt. SOWs  Lifecycles & Workflow Services contracts detailed designs research  Full-text Indexing & Search specifications market requirements presentations scanned documents  Native XML Management forms POs illustrations  Relational Object Model data sheets XML Component  Globalization Management  Full Unicode support Distributed/Federated Repositories with Centralized Management  Scalable, Reliable & High Performance  Clustering  Billion-objects benchmark  High volume processing Version Lifecycles Management Workflows Delivery & Transformation Native XML Distribution Classification Library Services Globalization
  11. 11. Basic Content Services Fundamental Content Management  Major and Minor Versions  File locking to prevent overwrites  Sophisticated access model Versioning Check in/out Access Edit: HR Read: World
  12. 12. Process Services Business Process Management Collaborative Processes Process Design Process Execution Process Design  Business Process Manager  Forms Builder  Process Connector for IDS Scheer ARIS ToolKit  Process Connector for ILOG JRules
  13. 13. ILM: Documentum is the ILM “Secret Sauce” CONTENT LIFECYCLE Create/Capture Change Route Approve Publish Retire Active Information Management Classification Metadata Business Rules Compliance Versioning Auditing Content Intelligence & Storage Services Automated Tiered Networked Storage Policy-Based
  14. 14. Integration Services Integration with Desktop Desktop Applications Applications Portal & App Servers Enterprise Applications Repositories Integration with Desktop Applications  Application Connectors exposing Documentum functionality within desktop applications  Authoring Integration Services enables WebDAV, FTP, and SMB compliant applications to access Documentum repository and services
  15. 15. ECM Technologies Imaging  Invoice, Purchase Order or Claims Transform paper, fax, or microfilm into images Processing and metadata managed by EMC Documentum.  Contract Management  Employee or Customer Records  Shipping Waybills Imaging and Packing Slips  Converts index data into Documentum attributes  Converts batch levels to Documentum Cabinet / folder hierarchy  Triggers Documentum workflows  Exports in multiple file formats (TIFF, PDF, Word, ASCII, XML)  Can export multiple renditions to multiple repositories Images DocumentsWeb Rich Media ReportsDiscovery
  16. 16. Input - EMC Captiva Input Management  Captures digital and paper content and enhances image quality  Identifies document types and extracts data  Validates data against applications  Delivers to EMC Documentum, ERP and other systems MetaData Author Date From Subject Customer Capture Identify Extract Validate Store
  17. 17. Intelligent Capture Benefits • Ensure document management and compliance processes Reduce risk • Improve data accuracy and reduce manual errors • Eliminate manual tasks and increase Improve parallel tasks productivity • Leverage automation to speed processing • Reduce labor costs Reduce costs • Reduce shipping costs
  18. 18. EMC Captiva Intelligent Capture  • Invoice Number 10010  • VendorProducts Acme Name  • Purchase Date 30 January 2008  • Subtotal $ 6,014.81  • Grand Total $ 6,025.88  • Payment Terms Net 30 Days Capture Capture Classify Classify Extract Extract Validate Validate Deliver Deliver Capture Automatically Index or extract Deliver images and Ensure data accuracy documents fromidentify, organize, business-critical data to EMC using business rules, central and and route data based on Documentum, database lookups, and distributed different the document ECM, BPM, or manual correction locations document types type other systems
  19. 19. Captiva Platform Architecture InputAccel Servers Captiva Platform • Provide desktop through enterprise capture • Grow as your capture or Export Repository/ business needs change Business Systems • Processes user-defined units that move through Image the system independently Enhancement Recognition Index/Validate • Scales across multiple Image Enhancement Recognition Index/Validate servers for high volume Image Recognition Index/Validate and high availability Enhancement Image capture Scan Recognition Index/Validate Enhancement Application Monitoring and Reporting
  20. 20. Capture - InputAccel Scan Module
  21. 21. Capture - InputAccel Image Enhancement
  22. 22. Automatically Classify Documents • Invoice Number • 10010 • Vendor Name • Acme Products • Purchase Date • 30 January 2008 • Subtotal • $ 6,014.81 • Grand Total • $ 6,025.88 • Payment Terms • Net 30 Days Capture Classify Extract Validate Deliver Enable capture of all documents throughout the organization Classified Documents – Identify document types based on graphic and text characteristics – Route documents to appropriate business processes or Apps Quotes Forms departments Claims Reduce costs of preparing documents for capture – Eliminate need for document separators and barcodes Tax Contracts Returns – Improve capture of multiple document types and multi- page documents
  23. 23. Identify and Organize Documents • Invoice Number • 10010 • Vendor Name • Acme Products • Purchase Date • 30 January 2008 • Subtotal • $ 6,014.81 • Grand Total • $ 6,025.88 • Payment Terms • Net 30 Days Capture Classify Extract Validate Deliver Doc Set 1 Patient Folder • Automatically organize 0045128 documents without separator sheets or Doc Set 2 barcodes • Organize documents in multiple levels (page, Doc Set 3 document, folder, etc.) Patient Folder 0045670 • Speed processing and eliminate manual Doc Set 4 processing
  24. 24. Ensuring Accuracy Through Data Validation • Invoice Number • 10010 • Vendor Name • Acme Products • Purchase Date • 30 January 2008 • Subtotal • $ 6,014.81 • Grand Total • $ 6,025.88 • Payment Terms • Net 30 Days Capture Classify Extract Validate Deliver Invoice # 102214 PO Number 98003278 Total $7,206.50 • Automatic extraction of machine-printed and hand-printed text from documents • Data extracted using both zonal regions and intelligent freeform extraction rules
  25. 25. Ensuring Accuracy Through Data Validation • Invoice Number • 10010 • Vendor Name • Acme Products • Purchase Date • 30 January 2008 • Subtotal • $ 6,014.81 • Grand Total • $ 6,025.88 • Payment Terms • Net 30 Days Capture Classify Extract Validate Deliver Invoice # 102214 PO Number Vendor 98003278 database Total $7,206.50 • Validate automatically against data sources, business rules, and applications • Manual validation to inspect errors or to enable data correction • Maximizes data accuracy before delivery to business systems
  26. 26. Index - InputAccel Index Module
  27. 27. Deliver to Repositories and Business Processes • Invoice Number • 10010 • Vendor Name • Acme Products • Purchase Date • 30 January 2008 • Subtotal • $ 6,014.81 • Grand Total • $ 6,025.88 • Payment Terms • Net 30 Days Capture Classify Extract Validate Deliver • Dynamically control where Other Systems documents get delivered • Assign index values to attributes IBM in content management systems • Control user permissions to exported documents • Initiate workflows based on document type and index values
  28. 28. Accelerating Document Processing ELECTRONIC PROCESS Paper Received PAPER-BASED PROCESS Capture
  29. 29. Accelerating Document Processing ELECTRONIC PROCESS • Capture documents sooner • Transform documents into usable business Paper data Received • Simplify the integration between capture and business process PAPER-BASED PROCESS Capture
  30. 30. Benefits of Intelligent Capture • Reduce operating costs—automate document preparation, data entry, etc. • Reduce paper costs—lost, duplicated, shipped, handled, filed, etc. • Improve the quality of the information that is driving your critical business processes • Accelerate business processes— immediate access to all information and supporting documentation • Stronger compliance control—enforced electronic retention and redundancy • Accelerate time to value and realize a complete return on investment
  31. 31. What is Information Rights Management (IRM)? EMC Documentum IRM is real-time security, control, and audit history of Rights Control sensitive data usage wherever it resides, throughout its complete lifecycle: VIEW PRINT COPY EXPIRE MS-Office Documents EDIT OFFLINE Adobe Acrobat PDF Documents Email “Remote Control” allows instant response to events and changing security conditions: AUDIT Employee changes Partner relationships and roles Version control to correct critical errors Laptop or storage media loss
  32. 32. Rights Enforcement by Policy • A document policy defines: – Who can view – What pages can be viewed (PDF only) – When it can be viewed – Automatic expiration – If Select Text or Edit is allowed – If printing is allowed – If guest access is allowed – If offline viewing is allowed – Watermark on page • Choose policy template for document classification enforcement or create ad-hoc policy. ‚
  33. 33. Client Interface Tools
  34. 34. Content Repository Layer: The Repository • The Documentum repository: – Stores content on a file storage system – Stores properties in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Repository – Resides on a UNIX, Linux, or Windows server File Storage Database System
  35. 35. Services Layer: The Content Server • The Content Server is a service that Content Server manages the repository – The repository can only be accessed via the Content Server service – Supports client-server and Repository web-based applications File Storage Database System
  36. 36. Opportunities • Electronic Documents Management, Workflow • Business Process Management, Integration • Portals • Digital Asset Management • Project Management, Team Collaboration • Reports Archiving • Databases Archiving • Information Rights Management • Services for MS SharePoint
  37. 37. SpinnTop - podrška kancelarijskom poslovanju • Predmeti • Signiranje • Klasifikacija (predmeta i dokumenata) • Pisarnica (ulazna i izlazna pošta, skeniranje, indeksiranje, dodeljivanje, zavođenje) • Skeniranje (u predmet, folder) • Šifarnici (poslovni partneri, fizičke lokacije dokumenata u arhivi...) • Automatsko numerisanje (zavodni brojevi, brojači) • Automatsko nasledjivanje atributa • Overa dokumenata • Mehanizam izveštavanja (knjige odluka, knjige ulazne i izlazne pošte) • Fizička lokacija dokumenata i predmeta u arhivi i izdavanje iz arhive • Automatska AV zaštita • Konverzija formata (doc, docx u pdf, pdf/a, html...) • Pogledi (knjiga odluka) • Lokalizacija
  38. 38. www.spinnaker-nt.com