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Gemma Frisius Lecture 2011

In Praise of Dis-Obedience, Network Effects on Society

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Gemma Frisius Lecture 2011

  1. 1. Gemma Frisius Lecture 2011 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Monday June 20 2011 15.30 – 16.00 In Praise of Dis-Obedience question is no longer ‘what PPL can do with ICT’ but ‘what frequent and intensive networking does to (groups of) people’ Ir. Jaap van Till, prof. emeritus Telecommunication and Networking TU Delft, NL HAN University of Applied Sciences, NL University of Kaunas, LIT University of Indonesia, Jakarta, IND University of Kumasi, GHN Version 5 (CC) 2011 vantill (at)
  2. 2. In Praise of Disobedience 2Goei Midje !!! • Lof der Ongehoorzaamheid : Bottom up P2P Innovations • Summary see • 5 billion (smart) phones and 2 billion laptops with Internet • 4 hours a day use, digital natives, social media: engagement • Effects: Transparency, changing roles, footloose from anchors? • New possibilities in Time and Place • Social-, society effects, Awakening?? • I am not a promotor or rebel but just tell you what I see. (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  3. 3. In Praise of Disobedience 3 Napoleon’s army and bureaucracy Networked P2P Cooperation Creative Construction Value is in the centre/Command node, authority Value is in the Link / Relation &Control Information Coordination Hierachies and Authorities less relevant Contributions that WORK Simple Cooperation Linear Static Complex, non-linear, dynamic Now with Network Technolgy We Can ! (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  4. 4. In Praise of Disobedience 4Network Technology removes obstacles (Liebig’s Law ) Something changed !! see Shirky [8] Synergy, Emergent Behaviour Surprises, Value creation Top down P2P lateral, bottom up II Democracy and Telecommunication I Governance Dialogue, in panels on TV III Synthecracy PR, Decisions Broadcasting Media Referendum online Combination of Newspapers, TV E-democracy Things that Work Website input, reactions Advertising Compl Cooperation Propaganda Email MSN, Spin Doctors [20] Media celebs Blogging Diversity of Views Tribes Majority Rule with respect for minority Synthesis Twitter Youtube (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  5. 5. In Praise of Disobedience 5Why do people contribute in networks of volunteers?• Several surveys of drivers of young people all over the world, Their ambition is: Individual recognition & belong inside a tribe Self esteem Appreciation from group Stick out as a Brand Valuable effective contributions, skill “ Eigenwaarde “ “ Waardering “ internal: specialty external: relations connections Selfish & general interestGraves Value Model: staircase / upwards spiral (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  6. 6. In Praise of Disobedience 6 Driver: changes in the leading structural principle from functional- business process- to units/networking-organizations Goods Information Network Network of small businesses and value chains of units (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  7. 7. In Praise of Disobedience 7 The FORCE of COOPERATION by P2PeerialistsIVERS BEHIND the IMPACT OF INTERNET & TELECOM : Networking EffectsBroadcasting of info: Value ~ grows with number of listeners, viewers N Sarnoff’s Law (value for the broadcaster/ advertiser/ spindoctor) 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + ……….(N)Communication V ~ N2 Metcalfe’s Law N + N + N + N + N ……….(N) V~ N Log N Odlyzko -Tilly’s LawGroup Membership V ~ 2N Reed’s Law 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 ……….(N)+ Multi Tribe Membership by networking )Connected people working together V ~ N ! Van Till’s Law of Synthecracy NetworkingUpper bound of possible combinations of contributions N ! = N * N-1 * N-2 * …..* 2 * 1 (N)Valuecreation by synthesis grows multiplicative (Delen = vermenigvuldigen)al space of cooperation = number of configurations in time/space when eachque and diverse individual contributes and shares resources and knowledge. [14]amples: teams, communities of practice, multiuser games, simulation Grids, virtual labsshup Team, Flock, Herd, Evolution by flexible learning and Group Selection [9,10] (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  8. 8. In Praise of Disobedience 8 (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  9. 9. In Praise of Disobedience 9Monument for the Angels of Iran-viewing from different angles – Yes, we can Help Eachother !! August 2009, JvT (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  10. 10. In Praise of Disobedience 10The Telescope Metaphor: a better picture for ALL by Synthesis Issues: - Complex - Non linear Issues: - Dynamic - Simple - Linear - Static Different angles! < distance > Max. Size N Does not scale Cooperative NETWORK i.e. WAVE: can scale ! Synergy ENERGY !! (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  11. 11. In Praise of Disobedience 11The Telescope Metaphor: a better picture for ALL by network sharing of contributions Different angles !a. Sensitivity ~ teledensity N*N b. Resolution ~ < distance > contrast Array Grid IT CAN SCALE UP !! Clusters CORRELATION N ! Combinations FFT NETWORK “network Lenses Technology It can coordinate, inform, self organise Global Brain 2012 (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  12. 12. In Praise of Disobedience 12The Trias Internetica: clustering of roles in the NetTech Age [ van Till 1988, version March 31 2008] (unipolar extreme: CIVIL SOCIETY empowered Civilians selfcentered, intolerance, isolation) volunteers Freedom of Choice, usersNorth> microtransactions<Douglass The power of ideas virtual communities <Maslov ++> and know how distant friend links, P2P, complexity horizontal value chains, share Synthesis  Synergy, distr. models(unipolar extreme: * open source softw. dev. bureacratic * ISOC IETF, organic growth controlaholicism) * mashups, self org netw’s Reliability and Synthecracy MKT Businesses Equality in Enterprises treatment by Law The power of position The power of EBITDA executive Risk/ Reward vent. general public Interest Partnerships Brotherhoods STATE Governments (unipolar extreme:legislative judiciary Institutions dominant monopolies)[ Separation of State Powers (Montesquieu)] (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  13. 13. In Praise of Disobedience 13 After the Arab Spring Uprisings in Tunesia, Egypt, Libya, Jemen, Syria, and Iran Protests on Squares In Europe June 19, 2011 #globalrevolution Twitter Protestors are fed up with stagnant And conservative regimes, Politicians and bankers. Want change and new Bottom up Enterprises: Phyles (see P2P Foundation) Synthecracy shows itself ! (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  14. 14. In Praise of Disobedience 14 (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  15. 15. In Praise of Disobedience 15 Diameter = 8 cm4 day old bacteria colony of “Paenibacillus vortex” [5] consisting of 100 x 6 x 10 ^ 9 cooperating bacteriaIts members have genes associated with social functions like: communicating together, processingenvironmental information and to synthesize chemicals for external use.Evolution in nature depends not only on mutation and competition but also on COOPERATION [4]and group selection !! (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  16. 16. In Praise of Disobedience 16What lies ahead?• Synthecratic bottom up P2P innovation & fast group learning with the help of network bonds. Creating a very strong and fast responding and cooperating fabric of small units.Such units should consist of a strong combination of complementary skilled• Homo Sapiens - knowledge• Homo Faber – high skill to make things work• Homo Ludens –Playful Imagination• Homo Disobediens – Daring & exploring black swansExamples:- Friesland: Freya de Vries (13) is active online to design banners for Japanese Manga interest group. Specialty: Kitsunes (trans-national)- Group of young scientists KNAW promote the importance of fundamental research in COMBINATIONS of different practical fields ( trans-sector, trans-discipline, trans- institute)- Fablabs: emergent network of garage size industries with low cost very powerful machines: TNC, 3D printers, Arduino PLC electronics. (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  17. 17. In Praise of Disobedience 17Conclusion:After more (elite democracy) or less (mkt creative destruction) successfulversions of Aristocracy, Meritocracy, Media-Consumocracy we will haveP2P Synthecracy by massive use of network technology to create value.Bottom up and self organized across fences and boundaries usingsocial network and other ICT tools that bind people together.• Authorities and hierarcies are no longer very relevant. Thing that work are.• Use the creative construction networking force of sharing & combining idea’s/ knowledge/ solutions that have shown to be working = Synthecracy. What unique specialised skill can you contribute ??Around 2012 we will enter the age of global network synergy We wish you good connections ! (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  18. 18. In Praise of Disobedience 18 References[1] van Till, ‘Sociale media brengen nieuw systeem’, Netkwesties 6 februari 2011, English language version: ’Regime Change in the ‘Arab Spring’ is a System Change’[2] Wadah Khanfar, director general of Al Jazeera, TED lecture: March 2011 “giving the people there back their self confidence and dignity”.[3] “The man who wrote the non violent revolution rulebook” Dr Gene Sharp is the man credited with the strategy behind the toppling of governments from Serbia to Egypt.[4] Martin Nowak & Roger Highfield “Super Cooperators - Evolution, Altruism and Human Behaviour-” or ‘Why we need eachother to succeed’ Free Press, 2011. (Nowak: mathematical evolutionary biology)[5] Anna Kuchment, “ The Smartest Bacteria on Earth” One species of soil microbe (in a huge colony) makes unusually wise communal decisions, Scientific American, June 2011, http://www.ScientificAmerican/jun2011/bacteria about article of Eshel Ben-Jacob in BMC Genomics, Dec 2010.[6] Gene Sharp, Non violent revolution Manual, FDTD (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com
  19. 19. In Praise of Disobedience 19 Technologies of Flocking: creative construction towards the Synthecracy SocietyMore Sources[1] Images from the Sea of Green[2] Farsi PDF magazine[3] van Till “Technologies of Flocking” Science Guide July 3 2009 , including link to Stonier article.[4] Iran’s Modern Communications[5][6] American journalists about Iran[7] Peter Csermely , “Weak Links" -- Stabilizers of Complex Systems from Proteins to Social Networks”; Springer 2006[9 ] Rao, “Market Rebels – How Activists Make or Break Radical Innovations” ; 2009, Princeton University Press[8 ] Shirky, “Here Comes Everybody – How Change Happens when People Come Together; 2009, Penguin[10] Earls. “HERD – How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing our True Nature”; revised edition 2009, Wiley[11] Carlota Perez, 2009 Open Democracy Journal;[12] Perez,[13] Perez,[14] Lawrence Lessig about the re-use of intellectual property[15] Peizer, “ The Dynamics of Technology for Social Change – lessons learned from the field” ; 2006, iUniverse Inc[16] Gene Sharp “ From Dictatorship to Democracy – A Conceptual Framework for Liberation, The Albert Einstein Institution 2002, Original version by Khit Pyaing , Bangkok in 1993. PDF is online.[17] Popovic, Milivojevic, Djinovic “Nonviolent Struggle – 50 Crucial Points” Manual ; 2006 CANVAS Belgrade, online as 50CP_Farsi.pdf or 50CP_English.pdf[18] Siegfried Woldhek[19] Michel Bauwens P2P Foundation[20] Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departements (UK mInistries)[21] Fleetwood Mac, “Don’t stop Thinking about Tomorrow”[22] Mark Cooper ” FROM WIFI TO WIKIS AND OPEN SOURCE: THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF COLLABORATIVE PRODUCTION IN THE DIGITAL INFORMATION AGE” Telecommunications & High Technolgy Law Vol 5, 9/7/2007 Stanford[23] Van Till “Towards Synthecracy” , Knowledge Democracy Conference, Leiden summer 2009[24] Project “The wisdom of crowds” Stichting Toekomstbeeld Techniek (STT), KIVI 2010 (CC) 2011 vantill (at) gmail (dot) com