Sfdc user group presentation july 2012


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presentation on a social perspective given to SFDC user group of SV on Juky 2012

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Sfdc user group presentation july 2012

  1. 1. presentation on social perspective to SFDC user group of SV - July 2012 esteban kolsky thinkjar.net esteban@thinkjar.net
  2. 2. paradigm or generational shift?PARADIGM SHIFT – SOCIETAL SHIFT, COMPANIES MUST REACT GENERATIONAL SHIFT – BUSINESS MODEL SHIFT, COMPANIES CAN PLAN corporate service workplace commercial social america economy computers internet evolution 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000sgenerational paradigm generational paradigm generational baby boomers generation x generation y
  3. 3. shifting interaction models…traditional 1:1 socially augmented relationship 1:m:1 relationships socialbiz biz
  4. 4. …create new interaction models… Function FunctionBusiness Function Experience Rules Rules Survey Survey Social Noise Channel Channel Customer (Maybe) Customer Community
  5. 5. … that change the way we engage… SCRM Hybrid Enterprise 2.0Communities Communities Communities
  6. 6. …the way we measure… social crm crmdemographic operational behavioral attitudinal sentimental who the how what how how the customers efficiently customers effectively customers are the do and the feel about business how they business the operates work operates business, products, services as expressed publicly
  7. 7. … and the way we work Client-facing Operations Internal Operations Enterprise 2.0 (internal)Social CRM (external) community channel community function function channel rules rules biz biz Social Business Pivot Point
  8. 8. evolution of “social” technologies social collaborative business enterprise SCRM E2.0 CRM Collaboration1990 2010 2015 2020
  9. 9. communities community management “social” analytics engine social crm actionable layer unit system-of-record integration layer erp crm scm record social crm stacksystems of
  10. 10. social business frameworkR&D PLM KM CRM ERP … social business platform integration engine rules engine reputation engine collaboration engine channels (social or not) communities
  11. 11. collaborative enterprise  Collaborate to understand the Customer Job-to-be- E2.0 Done  Collaborate to co-create with the customer to meet her desired outcomes  Collaborate to act on Social Customer Insights CRM  Collaborate to understand and provide the Customer Experience they expect from youThe Collaborative Enterprise
  12. 12. let the collaboration inoutside of the business inside of the business customer …but cannot has an idea… implement the idea customer …company creates creates knowledge… same knowledge customer …company has knows fix for problem to be problem… fixed
  13. 13. tenets of collaborative enterprise• cannot be social business without being social• cannot be customer-centric without collaboration with customers• two fundamental shifts – knowledge workers are becoming norm, thus knowledge is critical – social customer is becoming norm, demanding social businesses – collaboration is way to work, achieve goals today
  14. 14. collaborative enterprise ground rules• access – who, where, how, why, and what• roles – inside and outside, interchangeable• compliance – legal team may be friend or foe – your decision• transparency and trust – not stupid transparency, smart transfer of trust• value co-creation is goal, objective, and end
  15. 15. putting it all together is hard… Competitive Customer Forces Demand Strategy Legal Channels,Environment Social Partners and Collaborative Suppliers Enterprise Governance Technology Social TechnologicalEnvironment Change
  16. 16. … and that is not all• People – Change management – Culture above all – Be social inside to be social outside – Community managers• Process – VoC and CEM – Socializing Processes and Functions – Product leadership, customer intimacy, operational excellence• Measurement – Social metrics v common metrics • Insights provided, support provided, ideas generated – Forget ROI – Loyalty and referrals
  18. 18. let’s talk
  19. 19. presentation on social perspective to SFDC user group of SV - July 2012 esteban kolsky thinkjar.net esteban@thinkjar.net