Chapter 2


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Chapter 2 of Geogacy a Sims 2 life story

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Chapter 2

  1. 1. Alright, I am back! After several weeks of holiday retail madness (I work at a bookstore) I finally have time to dedicate to my legacy. Let's not waste anymore time and jump right into the story.
  2. 2. Ahh the legacy house, it's been a whole month since I last saw it. Hitomi, Jin, your benevolent Creator has returned. I hope Circe wasn't too much trouble. Hello? “ Excuse me!”
  3. 3. Hmm.. Hitomi are you home? Jin?
  4. 4. Are you napping? No, not here either. They must be on a family outing or something. No worries, I'll visit Circe for a bit. I have no doubt that she got into mischief while I was gone. I might as well find out what she's been up to. It's better to get these things over with as soon as possible. *sigh*
  5. 5. Circe, I am back. Please don't be mad at me. I tried to find time for sims, I really did. But, work was so demanding and exams sucked. You have to believe me! “ I believe you.” ... Circe, Cat Cat? Where could everyone be? Hmm... I know I'll go back to the neighborhood screen and see where they are.
  6. 6. I looked everywhere and I can't find them! “ Hello, Lady Creator.” Maybe they are over there.
  7. 7. WHERE IS EVERYONE! No, this can't be, I swear I didn't mess with the game at all during the holidays. I didn't even have time to touch my computer!... Well, I did do some online shopping... and checked my email too...AAAAAHHHHH! That's it! It was a email Virus! I knew I shouldn't have opened that dancing kitty attachment. Oh, poor dedicated Hitomi, you were too young to be nibbled on by a data-munching Virus. “ Virus! Where!”
  8. 8. Not now Vidcund, can't you see? It's all my fault the entire town was massacred by a digital swarm of micro locus. *CRY* Darn you email providers and your alluring attachment option! “ *CRY* The virus is coming; we're all going to die!” *Sniff* It's ok Vidcund, I am here now. The virus can't hurt you anymore. It may have wiped out the town but-- Hey, way weren't you eaten by the email virus?
  9. 9. “ You mean I'm a target? It's coming after me? No!!” ..... Vidcund are you the only sim left? Did anyone else survive?
  10. 10. “ Survive? You mean the virus already ate everyone! No fair! I never got to tell Circe Beaker how much I love her high heel shoes. They were shinny and black. *SNIFF* I'll never get to barrow them!!” .....Umm... OK! Somehow, I have the feeling maybe I over reacted a little. Vidcund where is everyone? Where are Hitomi and her family? Where is Circe?
  11. 11. “ They are the lucky ones. They escaped the virus. Circe said it was too crowded. So, she moved everybody to the New Town.” New Town? “ Circe told me to tell you once you got back that; 'Shut it you whinny baby and get your useless self over here' “ *Sigh* Yep, that's Circe. Just like her to make me panic. She is enjoying it too, I bet. Vidcund, where is this new town she is talking about? “ Umm.. I thought you would know.” *right eye starts twitching* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  12. 12. “ Ahh What a nice day.” “ Nice? We both felt a sudden feeling of complete and utter despair hit us like a back country Red Neck truck riding on spear tires and you say it's a nice day?”
  13. 13. “ Yeah, your right it's a wonderful day.”
  14. 14. “ Right.... Well, at least the tea is good.“ “ That's the spirit! Nothing like a cup of tea with a side of utter depression.” “ You know, I still say we should have discussed this town move with the Creator.”
  15. 15. “ Oh please, as if we could reason with her. That over active imagination of hers would dream up every worst possible event that could happen with a move. Her own Hysteria would scare her witless and then I would have to knock some sense into her tiny pea-like excuse for a brain. Which I would have enjoyed, however that would have gotten us nowhere. The move way necessary. The desert is no place to raise a child. Isn't that right Root?
  16. 16. “ Wee!” “ See, I told you.” (changed root to a child with the power of boolprop xD)
  17. 17. “ Mama, we got some weird people watching us.” “ Weird people-- oh well, look lively Cat Cat; we have Readers on the lot.” “ That means the Creator is out and about. Most likely still back in strangetown.” “ Mama, the weird people are freaking me out. Can I go to Auntie Gina's and play with Devin & Zack?”
  18. 18. “ Now Sweetie don't be rude to the Readers and Yes you may go. Be back before dinner.”
  19. 19. “ Now, allow me to welcome you, Readers to Hiragi Hills. I see a bit of confusion in your faces and I'm telling you now, it's hilarious. Humans Crack me up. hehe Let me begin by saying a lot has changed. The Creator had a little time to play around before she abandoned us Sims for "weeks". Pay attention now, I am going to bring you guys up to speed. If you get lost, then tough.
  20. 20. After nonstop bullying from Gina, the Creator found time to graduate the Artemis Sorority girls and Zion too. As you can see, they got married and with the power of a little boolprop grave stone they were able to have a family. (Circe Narrates in Purple. xD)
  21. 21. Here is their small army of boys. From Left to Right; Vince, 2nd born Pleasure Sim 3/10/10/9/3 Devin, 3rd born 2/3/10/9/10 Jack, eldest son, Knowledge Sim 1/10/10/7/7 Zack, youngest 10/6/2/8/0 Can you tell the Creator was trying for a girl?
  22. 22. Next we have this unlikely pair. It seems Estell & Chester found some common bond during my treadmill experiment. The Creator let them hook up. Something about feeling sorry for them. I don't see why. *hehe* “ Your blistered feet are testimony to the sheer velocity of force you enacted over the slope of gravity.” “ I bet you say that to all the test subjects.” *roll eyes* Knowlegde sims. (treadmill experiment in Chapter 1 of Geogacy)
  23. 23. Estell poped out twin girls. Ginger, Fortune Sim 4/2/3/9/8 on the left Vivian, Romance Sim 5/4/6/8/6 on the right.
  24. 24. My Cousin Kim is enjoying her new beach home as you can see. Aww, she's playing with the pet crab I sent. It's true what they say, it is better to give then receive.
  25. 25. “ Next is Cat Cat's fabulous make-over.” “ Which you forced on me.” “ If I do remember correctly you volunteered.”
  26. 26. *Flash Back* “ So, your telling me, Circe wants "my" opinion on the new wallpaper? More like she wants to rub it in my face that her choice is better then mine.” “ Mama said, you would say that. So, she told me to tell you 'The Gnomes are on to you' .“
  27. 27. “ Hey Circe, you said you wouldn't tell about my '101 easy gnome recipes' “
  28. 28. “ ...Tell me this is a joke.”
  29. 29. “ Muhahaha Come now Cat Cat, this won't hurt a bit.”
  30. 30. “ I'm not really in the mood to humor you.”
  31. 31. “ The chair or the cookbook your choice.”
  32. 32. “ Which reminds me. Where is my copy of '101 easy gnome recipes'?” “ No clue, really.” *shifty eyes*
  33. 33. No time to look for it now. This is the moment the Readers have been so patiently waiting for, generation 2 is all grown up. These are the outfits they grew up in after college. With some suggestions from me-- “ More like threats.” ahem, With my guidance, the Creator did an ok job with their make-overs. Which you will see now.
  34. 34. Aragonite & Candice were the 1st to get hitched. The Creator promised a few Readers she would continue to play the "spares" instead of letting them rot in eternal youth & motherlode... Somehow, I think they would have preferred to rot. Trent, the eldest son 7/9/9/8/2 on the left Wes, the youngest 7/3/3/10/10 on the right
  35. 35. Apatite & Aiyana exchanged vows next and had a litter of cuties. Liam, middle child 7/9/9/8/2 to the left Julia, pretty princess and 1st girl born to the legacy clan, 2/3/10/9/2 Eric, eldest son 7/9/9/8/2 the mama's boy to the right Just a quick note, the Creator is only going to use Rock & Mineral names for the main legacy branch of the family.
  36. 36. “ Circe: So that brings us to present day. I hope you followed the up date, 'cause I'm not telling it again. This concludes today's chapter. bye bye.” “ They haven't left yet, Circe. I think they excepted a bit more. Maybe you should talk about Albite & Lucy.”
  37. 37. “ Sorry folks, but that's the Creators department. You'll just have to wait until she gets here... Why are you still here? I said git! Don't give me those puppy eyes. It doesn't work for Root, it's not going to work for you. “ Come on Circe, I don't see any harm in narrating the main legacy chapter for a bit.”
  38. 38. “ Would you stop with the puppy eyes! Ok, I'll narrate for a bit. But, as soon as the Creator gets here, I'm gone. The Gnome Channel doesn't run itself.”
  39. 39. Lucy & Albite, the chosen heir, wasted no time with the nuptials and had a small cermony on the lawn. “ Oh my sweet Lucy, will you stay by my side and agree to have at least six children, that I will raise in me image to become the next leaders of the world, which I will rule with an iron fist of mighty fury, while you work endlessly to gain the funds I need to support my minion armies?” “ Oh Al, you will really let me work, while you raise our children?” “ Yes, my love. Will you agree?” “ Yes, I will!” *rolls eyes* Fortune Sims
  40. 40. They wasted no time in the other department as well. “ Just imagine, Lucy, our children will become the generals of my new world order.” “ That's great darling. Now, let's get this done. I have a home business to plan.”
  41. 41. If you were wondering what happened to Jin & Hitomi, well they got old. About time to, I was beginning to think that elixir had seeped into their DNA. The Creator thought it was necessary to through a party with all the family. If you ask me, big waste of time. They blew out the candles, they crustified, they ate cake, the end.
  42. 42. So, how does it feel to finally be allowed to age to a grandpa? “ One step closer to death, Woohooo!” Poor Jin, he still believes the Creator will remember to rez him after the legacy is over, so he can live in eternal motherlode. Poor fool. hehe
  43. 43. And how do you feel, grandma? “ You do realize that all my dreams of becoming an active figure in Sim society, by creating charity organizations to help unfortunate sims never happened, because I was shackled into raising children, working to exhaustion, and skilling until my brain fried. All because of you. And all this time I though you enjoyed family life. *sniff* I'm so happy! “ Hiss!”
  44. 44. Congratz on the 1st baby pop, Lucy. “ Yes! One step closer to world domination of the global economy. Muahahahaha!” Lucy is now my favorite in this family. I think I'll put her to work as my accountant.
  45. 45. With the coming of a Grand baby, the Creator forced Hitomi & Jin to retire. “ --That's right! I'm going to follow my calling with what little time I have left and reach out to the needy public, even if I have to tie them down and chock them with kindness.” Note to self, convince Creator that Hitomi is going through a depressive state and needs to be isolated at home with no outside contact. hehe
  46. 46. What is with old sim people. All they do all day is make out. It's sick! You better not do this when your Grand kids are around. *shiver* I think I'm going to be sick.
  47. 47. What's all this cutey crap? “ Hello in there. Are you ready to help Daddy smack his minions in line and take over the world?” New meaning to the phrase 'start early'.
  48. 48. Dear Destroyer's Blog The time has almost arrived. My lovely Wife will give birth to my 1st in command and training will begin in my elite 'Art of Mighty Fury'. If only I could speed up the process of this 'child birth' thing. It would be much quicker to train all of my children into weapons of conquering greatness at one time. There might be a way I can do this, but I will have to keep researching. Sincerely yours Albite the Mighty aka Future World Leader
  49. 49. The Creator set up a home salon for Lucy. Pregnant Sims can't leave the lot and Lucy was getting pretty close to aspiration failure. She needed to earn money fast.
  50. 50. The downfall of any home business are these free-loaders here. For shame cousin Kim and weird guy I don't know. All they do is eat the free food and dance.
  51. 51. “ You're just jealous we got style!”
  52. 52. “ O h yeah! Turn it to the left now! Shake it Neon Vest Guy”
  53. 53. “ How was your day, Sweet Heart?” “ mmm Pie mmm” “ Great! I had a good day too. I got online and found some really interesting stuff on pregnancy. Want to hear about it?” “ mmm Pie *munch munch*” “ You almost got it right, I learned about something called Cheese Cake.”
  54. 54. “ I have heard of that too. You should stay away from it, Lucy. I heard that the hormone levels in that dish can cause problems during pregnancy. It could even result in multiple births.”
  55. 55. “ Interesting....” “ mmm Pie....”
  56. 56. All that talk of pie and cake must have gotten the baby hungry.
  57. 57. We have a boy. Good work, Lucy, with all that laboring and stuff. Hey, what do you want from me? This supportive junk is hard OK! If you wanted perky and sappy, you should have waited for the Creator to show up, but no, patience isn't a virtue with you guys. Darn you and those puppy eyes!
  58. 58. “ Yes! Finally, let the training begin! You my son, will be my top general.” The kid's name is Biotite. I am going to try and do the whole Geo whatever explanation Ok, Biotite is a dark colored Mica. Mica is a flat flaky mineral. It can break easily and is used to make eye shadow and blush. So, to all those models out there, you got mineral rocks on your face! hehe Biotite (K(Fe,Mg)3AlSi3O10(OH,F)2
  59. 59. Lucy has to spit out 5 more, so waiting around is not an option. She's got a lot of important things to do.
  60. 60. Like, balance the books and restock the beauty supplies. *roll eyes* Fortune Sims. I am surprised my eyes haven’t fallen out yet.
  61. 61. What cha doin' Al? “ Lucy said she was a bit hungry so, I am making my lovely wife lunch. That's all.” Do you realize who you are talking to? That excuse might work on the Creator. Her little brain can't seem to grasp deception, but mine saw you grabbing for those strawberries before you thought to buy them from the store. “ Strawberry? It that what they are called? Silly me, I wanted the... other red berries, yeah that's right.” Sorry, excuse not working. But, don't worry your secrets is safe with me. If you want to handle 3 brats at once, that's your problem.
  62. 62. “ Thank you, Circe for keeping this little deception from the Creator.” Don't thank me. I made a promise that I wouldn't interfere with the Legacy in any way. “ Alright then, Now I just have to tell Lucy her lunch is ready. I'll set it here to cool.”
  63. 63. “ Hey Dad, so that is the new addition.” ” Yep, he's a cutie. I just wish his "father" would start feeding and changing him, instead of doing this mental training thing.” “ MMM, talking about feeding, something smells good.”
  64. 64. “ Yummy cheese cake, Score!”
  65. 65. “ Don't mind if a do.”
  66. 66. “ O h yeah, that hit the stop. Now, to get home before my lunch gets cold.”
  67. 67. “ Hi there, going home for lunch?” “ Yep, Aiyana is making grilled cheese.” “ mmm, sounds good. By the look of you she must be a great cook. Remind me to make Aiyana the royal chef once a take over the world.” “ No Prob.”
  68. 68. “ Always good to see him, Now to get a piece of cake for Lu--”
  69. 69. “ I can't belive it! He found me and he took my Cake!” What are you screaming about over here? “ My rival from childhood have followed me to this new town. I thought I would be rid of him and his sneaky ways. He is a lot stronger and smarter then I had realized. Did you see who it was Circe? Who is this rival who stole my cake?”
  70. 70. Sorry, I was following you around. I don't see the problem. Stop whining a make another one. “ There isn't a point in making another. He would just take that one too. This sucks! Now, I have to make Lucy something else.”
  71. 71. “ I know you can hear me my Rival! I will find you. So, hide while you still can! Now, where is the butter? I am making Grilled Cheese.”
  72. 72. Dear Destroyer's Blog I was naive to think I could elude my Rival. Truly a worthy opponent. I was originally going to wait to start rebuilding my minion army, but time is not on my side. I WILL find him whoever he is and once I do I will make him the royal jester. So I can taunt him on a daily, no, hourly basis. Muhahaha ha ha. Sincerely yours Albite the Mighty aka Future World Leader
  73. 73. Lucy's salon has gotten popular. Even the big wig celebs, like Cel here are giving Lucy's talents a spin. “ So, am I looking hot?” “ Umm...” You look smokin' Cel Baby, You're so hot that I might make you the newest star on Gnome TV. “ You really think so Circe?” Would I lie? Tell her Lucy, she's lookin' fine. *hehe* “ I'm speechless....”
  74. 74. Ahh, the joys of parenting. Doesn't it make you feel all squishy inside? “ More like outside.”
  75. 75. “ Were my children this foul?” And to think, Al & Lucy want 5 more of these foul little things. hehe “ Jin! Come here of a sec!”
  76. 76. “ I have done it! My Minion Army will take over the whole town!” Minion Army? You don't mean the Toys Robots, do you? “ Not Toy Robots, Robots of Mighty Fury! Once my creations are bought by the unsuspecting towns people, I will activate them all at once! I will take over each household within seconds!” Ok... So, How will you get people to buy them? “ Simple. Lucy will sell them. No one will be able to resist their Cuteness. Lucy will tell you. If you don't believe me.” Fine, We'll ask Lucy.
  77. 77. “ Well, hello there little monster. You doing good? Uncle Apappy is here to see your daddy.” “ I think he's out back.” “ Thanks, mom. Now you be a good little terror ok?” “ Ha! Too late!”
  78. 78. “ Hey, Albite, I need to borrow a hammer. Al?”
  79. 79. “ Cool, Robots! Score!”
  80. 80. I told you, they aren't cute. But, I do like Lucy's idea. A Sombrero would look real cute. “ That just isn't right. Sombr--- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  81. 81. “ This can't be. Their all broken! *Sniff*” There, there. Look on the bright side, now you can add the Sombreros!
  82. 82. “ My Rival is crafty indeed. He discovered my plans and destoyed my creations. NO, This will not deter me! I will rebuild them better then before. That will show him I will not be defeated.”
  83. 83. “ What you making Al? Wow Robots, Score!”
  84. 84. “ Hey, it's broken. Well, that sucks.”
  85. 85. “ What the-- No stop get back! AAHHHH!!”
  86. 86. “ Dad, can you keep it down. I need to concentrat. Dad? hmm guess he left.” Eewww...... I apologize Readers, but Jin will be laid up for the next few day. Thank you for your understanding.
  87. 87. “ And how's, my little general today? Ready to grow up?”
  88. 88. “ Here we go!” Drumb roll ***************************
  89. 89. “ HaHa not today! I love traditional cliffhanger endings. They are so cruel! I Love it! Muhahaha I did my part and narrating a "bit" of the story. You are just going to have to wait for the creator to show up. Now git, before I release the gnomes!”
  90. 90. Listen up people! We have a crisis on our hands. Red Team, I want you to search Circe's & the Legacy House for clue. Anything that might tell us where this "New Town" might be.
  91. 91. Blue Team, You guys are going to search the Downtown area. Those Downtownies get around, so they may know something. We will all meet back here at 19:00 hours. Let's Move People GO GO GO! You won't be able to hide for long Circe!
  92. 92. “ Excuse Me, Lady Creator?” Yes, team leader Vidcund? “ I was thinking. Since you are the Creator, can't you go to the neighborhood Login screen and look for any "New Towns". If there is one, that might be the one Circe is in.”
  93. 93. Don't be ridiculous. This is Circe we are dealing with. It can't be that easy. Now, Go and fine some clues. “ Yes, Circe is a crafty one. I should have known. You are so wise Lady Creator. I will put my best into search for clue!” Poor simple, Vidcund, If only it was that easy. Darn you Circe, I will find where you have hidden my Legacy! *Dum Dum Dum!!!*