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College chapter 1


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College Chapter 1 of Geogacy a sims 2 life story

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College chapter 1

  1. 1. Intro Page!!!
  2. 2. Welcome, Everyone to the 1st college chapter of Geogacy. All of our legacy kids are currently at Academie La Tour ready to start their college careers. But, first, where did that building come from? hmm? I have no idea what this place is but, there looks to be a larger building on that side.
  3. 3. Hey, that's Zion & Gina, I wonder what all this is about?
  4. 4. "Greetings, Sims, Simselves, and Readers. I am Reverend Glen Graham and we are here on this most sorrowful day, to honor the memories of those lost to us during the in-sim-mane clone glitch experiment, conducted by that heartless monster, the Creator." WHAT!? O_O
  5. 5. “ Boo! Down with the tyranny!”
  6. 6. “ Please, brother and sister sims, this is a day of memberence. Do not allow the dark hatered, you so justly feel consume your hearts.” I don't Understand, what did I do wrong? “ We the United people of Strangetown will not fall your act of innocence. We know you are responsible for the deletion of many Sim families.”
  7. 7. *cry* “ The horror!”
  8. 8. “ Do not try to deny it. Our inside source is 100% accurate.”
  9. 9. “ What?”
  10. 10. “ We are holding a memorial service for those poor unfortunate family you did not even feel the need to give real last names too.”
  11. 11. "The A family."
  12. 12. "The B's."
  13. 13. "And the C's" But they were only tester families.
  14. 14. “ She doesn't care at all. *Cry*” “ Monster!”
  15. 15. “ You should leave now, you are upsetting the mourners.” I am so sorry. I did not realize what I did was wrong, really I did not. *sniffle* “ Will you shut it! the eulogies are starting.”
  16. 16. "I didn't know the A's long. They lived a simple life. They had to, since the Creator didn't see fit to furnish their house completely. Their lack of furnishings is what brought Mr. & Mrs. A to my store. We became friends, Mr. A was a jokester and Mrs. A was Hot.. *cough* excuse me. She had a good heart. I would have loved to get to know her.. I mean them better."
  17. 17. " I won't lie. I didn't like the B's at first. Ok, that's a lie. I really hated those nosy goody-two -shoes. However, they lived right next door. Do you realize how perfect that was? I could have snatch one of them up, to use in one of my experiment, with no one the wiser. But no, thanks to the creator, I have no one to test my new formula on."
  18. 18. "Hello... oops... I can fix it."
  19. 19. *15 minute later*
  20. 20. "Testing 1 2 3 Testing. Ok, now where was I?'
  21. 21. " The C's were good sims. I was annoyed with them at first. They had a habit of spying on me. But, no matter now many times I would go over there to slap some sense into them, they would always greet me with a big goofy smiles. A bond formed. A Strong Bond. Tell me, Creator, who will I slap now?"
  22. 22. "excuse me" *cry*
  23. 23. "Thank you everyone for attending this memorial service. This --"
  24. 24. *cry* “ Will someone please give that man a tissue!”
  25. 25. "Thank you Circe Beaker, great name by the way. Where was ... ah yes, this was indeed a sad chapter in the history of strangetown. Yet, I implore you do not hate the Creator." Aww, thank you Circe, for sticking up for me . "You must understand, good sims, that she is human and therefore not right in the head." Hey!
  26. 26. "I assure you, something like this will never happen again. Isn't that right Creator?" *hangs head in shame* Yes Ma'am. "Good. Now let us take one last moment of silence for the departed."
  27. 27. *cry* “ I said Silence!”
  28. 28. I did not realize that my actions would cause so much trouble. I was just doing what other simmers would do in my place. Who knew the sim community would be so close. I am really sorry. “ Don't beat yourself up about it. I know I'm not.”
  29. 29. “ Numbers are in, Circe, we made $6,000 on this gig.” “ Ha! 150% Profit! Now, that is what I am talking about!”
  30. 30. Profit? You made money off a memorial service! “ It was Cat Cat's idea.” “ You forget I am a fortune sim. The need for profit is in the blood. besides the rent Circe is charging me doesn't come close to the mere change we made today.”
  31. 31. "What? A simself has got to eat. Not to mention the full grown kid and cow plant, I'm supporting. Hey, don't you need to be following around those legacy kids of your? Why are you still here?" I'm going, I was distracted by the sudden appearance of this lot, is all.
  32. 32. “ Thank Tamlfra for it, isn't it great I got it off TSR (The Sim Resource web site)” How did you do that? “ Duh, I have a computer.” But that's just a sim object it can't download from the "real" internet. “ This is why you are always stressed. Just accept it. Trust me, it will save you on therapy bills.”
  33. 33. I am confused, but I will take Circe's advice and not stress. Now, on to the college installment of Geogacy! These are the legacy boys grown up for university. From left to right we have, Albite, Aragonite, & Apatite.
  34. 34. This picture some up what went on for the 1st semester. Their scholarship money went toward building a home and the few objects they stole from the main house gave them the necessities they needed. After everything was done, what remained of the funds, well, digging can be profitable. :D
  35. 35. “ I wouldn't bother.” “ Why? It's fun.” “ True, but you will just have to catch more when they die. Minion are so hard to come by.”
  36. 36. Ah, college life. This is a stereotype I find to be true. A college student's home can get quite messy. The dishes pile up, the laundry never gets clean & paper is everywhere because the shredder is broken. But, there just isn't enough time! I have a term paper due, homework, tests to study for & work. The only free I get, I play Sims. I'm not Lazy, just frustrated! Don't judge me!!........ I apologize it has been a long week..... Now! On with the story.
  37. 37. Nobody panic, It's just food poisioning. The idiot ate some of the rotting food in the last slide, that's all. Al, I don't understand. You have like 8 cooking point, why didn't you cook something? “ No time, must study for exam...*bleah*... homework due tomorrow... *bleah*... must find rival who destroyed minion snowmen...*bleah*” See, I told you college is stressful.
  38. 38. The 1st semester is over. I know, the story just started, how could it already be over? Well, remember the slide with the digging? That "is" what they did all semester, only stopping for class and the basic necessities. So, once they got the grant money for complete the semester I decided to let they have a little fun. They are going to have to find 3-bolt lady anyway, why not start now. 1st up, is 1st born, Aragonite.
  39. 39. Bingo! 1st times the charm. I am amazed I have never gotten a 3 Bolt so easily before. This is great, this is perfect, this is... wait a sec, I know her. Your Candice, Jin's friend from work. Aren't you a little old for Aragon?
  40. 40. “ I must confess, my 3-bolted Mistress, I am smitten. You have captured my heart in the most complex of webs and I wish not to be freed. What say you, elegant lady, return my sentiments of undying affection?” “ Oooh I just want to tie you up, dip you in chocolate & keep you in my closet forever, you sweet thang.” That's just sick you cradle robber! Dump her Aragon, she's twisted. Just look at her she looks like a thrift store junky, with that stupid little hat. You can do better. I know it!
  41. 41. Hey! You aren't listen. *stomps foot* I don't know what he sees in her. Just look at that outfit. Who tucks in a button down shirts with capris? Just so everyone knows, but that hat she is wear is a fishing hat. Yep, I have seen my grandfather bring out his tan fishing hat many times and that hat is without a doubt a fishing hat. Who wears a fishing hat to a date? She's trouble I know it!
  42. 42. At least Appy has better taste. Another true love match, 3-bolts all the way! This is going so well. Much better then the spouse hunt with Hitomi. Aiyana is completely devoted to Appy. They are always pillow fighting and making out.
  43. 43. ....Ok, she has a few character flaws. She has a tendency to prank anyone unlucky enough to walk by. Don't believe me? See for yourself. This is Joy Buzzer #1
  44. 44. Water-balloon #1
  45. 45. Joy Buzzer #2
  46. 46. Joy Buzzer #3
  47. 47. Water-balloon #2 all in the same day. She succeeded in making 5 enemies in just a few hours, very busy lady. ^-^
  48. 48. As a knowledge Sim, Appy need only find an abandoned homework assignment for an instant aspiration boost. He's been in the white for days! The Llama is Justus, Appy's only friend besides Aiyana. This is pretty much what Appy does in his spear time. Dance with a Llama, that is.
  49. 49. If it isn't the fish lady. Oh, looks like your date wasn't as thrilling as one would hope. "It would have been, if someone would have shut up and left us alone." oo, fish lady is biting today. Have you ever considered shopping at an actual clothing shop? Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with Farmer Ted's Bait Hut, but I'm just saying. "ha ha, very funny, laugh it up."
  50. 50. "Sweetie Pumpkin Head loves me just the way I am. I will not change my ultra fine look. It took years to get my style perfect." You intentionally wanted to look this bad? You really are a freak. A cradle-robbing freak. "La la not listening. Tell Sweetie Pumpkin Head, to call me, k?"
  51. 51. “ Gypsy Lady, You helped me out once before, with the dating thing and I must say you have good matching skills. I remember my 1st date and 1st kiss, as if it happened last chapter. Could you, would you, find me the Sim of my dreams? A hardworking woman who will help build my very own dynasty.
  52. 52. “ Sure, that's $5,000” “ Okee Dokee”!
  53. 53. “ I see someone perfect for you, yes very successful; she is at the top of her career. Yes, Good eye for profit, she has.” “ Oooo mysterious accountant lady.”
  54. 54. “ Not to be ungrateful or anything, but can I get a refund.” “ What's the problem? She's got brown hair, you like brown hair and she's Rich. She's got a good butt and a nice set of--” That's enough now, Mrs. Gypsy. he he silly sims say the darnedest things. yep, they do. hehe Please don't kill me Cat Cat, Please!!!
  55. 55. What's wrong Appy? "I am scarred for life. It is horrendous. It is unspeakable. It is just so wrong."
  56. 56. What it is? What? "It is just too much. I can't speak of it. I can't.... I must not look..."
  57. 57. "I lack will power. eeww, that is just wrong." What are you looking at? I want to know, don't keep things from me it will bother me all day!
  58. 58. "Hehe I didn't realize that was possible. hehe" Oh, Vidcund. I wouldn't spy on him if I were you.
  59. 59. “ What do you think you are doing? Can't you see I am in mourning? Get that goofy smile off your face. Are you mocking me and my pain?”
  60. 60. “ What a man does in his spear time is his business only. Got that punk?”
  61. 61. “ And for your information, I am a memeber of the Strangetown Theater Company. I was testing the costumes for the actors.” “ Right, actors.”
  62. 62. “ Don't get smug with me. I am watching you, Punk!”
  63. 63. “ Hey, Vidcund the Pink lace makes you look fat.”
  64. 64. “ Even with the heels?” “ Yep!” “ Dang!”
  65. 65. Hey Candice, I believe we got off on the wrong foot. You see the legacy boys are like my babies. I got a little defensive when they started dating. You know the whole thing 'nobody is good enough for my little boy? and all that jazz. Well, I am sorry and as a token of peace, I went out and got a free makeover and shopping spree. So, can we be friends now?
  66. 66. "Do you really think I am that stupid? Free makeover and shopping spree, Like I can't see through that trick. You want me to change my style and that ain't happening." OO why do you have to be so difficult? If you would just take off the hat, the clothes I can find a way to deal with. "The hat stays. It goes hand and hand with the look." You give me not choice. I will have to think of something mean, now. I hope your happy! "Oh I am so scared."
  67. 67. “ I am meeting with the producers to discuss potential storyboards from the Gnome Channel. Your idea, of a basic gardening show is a give-in. We need to jazz it up a bit. Throw in a cow plant or two.”
  68. 68. "I tell you this project won't fly. People just aren't interested in little demonic garden creatures. Now, my show ideas are much better. The romantic comedy, '10 Things I Hate about Gnomes' and that thriller I was telling you about, 'Gnomaphobia'. A city Sims moves to the country only to have his new home overrun by killer gnomes."
  69. 69. "We have been over this. I--" Circe, I need your help with something. *sigh* "If you will excuse me."
  70. 70. "Can't you see, I am busy. This better be important, I have another 10 show ideas to go over for the gnome channel I'm trying to get startes." I'm sorry, this won't take long. You see I am have a problem. I just can't take it! I have tried to get her to change those ugly clothes and that hat has got to go. I can't even look at her. She is ugly, Circe.
  71. 71. "Woah there, who the heck are you talking about? Who's ugly?" Candice, Aragon's 3-stinking-bolt girlfriend. "Oh, the fish hat chick, yeah she needs a makeover, bad. I tried to get her over to 'Makeovers 'Cause Ya Need it' But, she would always disappear whenever it was her turn."
  72. 72. So, will we help me out here? "Count on it. I'll take any chance I can get to put fear of Circe in the heart of unsuspecting Sims. If you do exactly as I say, we can make this work. No, backing out." I would never, think of it. "Better not, so here is what we do........."
  73. 73. Almost all of the legacy boys have their future brides picked out. When I mentioned this to Al, he immediately set out to prove he would not only find his bride, but would do so in a single day. “ Dang, you have mad pinball skill.” “ Thank you, hot stuff, it's just a hobby, I have a natural talent. You should try.”
  74. 74. “ This is harder then it looks. Hey Amara, Have any pointers? Amara?”
  75. 75. “ Amara Hello, I'm leaving now. HELLO!” “ Mmm Fine sexy man.”
  76. 76. Well, the day is almost gone and still no 3-bolt love or any love for that matter. I followed Al around from trendy spots to hole-in-the-wall retail locations and nothing. I suggested the campus Gym for a little R & R. Who knows maybe if we don't look the ladies will come to us.
  77. 77. What's all the noise about Lunch Lady?
  78. 78. Al? Geez, I step away to refill my yummy Sweet Tea glass and what do I come back to? You are harping on some poor guy, whose only crime was most likely going after the same food dish you had your eye one. Now that is just petty.
  79. 79. WHAT!? A Girl? Why the heck are you fighting a girl?
  80. 80. “ She was spying on me. I know she was sent by my rival to gather information.” Come on Al do you really believe that? Fighting a girl is just wrong.
  81. 81. "That will show you not to spy on me. Hear me my Rival? I will defeat all of your followers, so bring them on."
  82. 82. I can believe it! What would your mother say? Who goes picking fights with girls for staring? "I am sure she was a follower of my Rival. I couldn't let her get away with evidence her master can use against me. I had to confront her." Where did I go wrong? You raise them, you give them love and for what. *Sniff*
  83. 83. "When you are done with the selfpity, I need you to get a ReNuYuSenso Orb for me." *snif* Why? "I have determined my standards are too high. I was foolish to think I would find a girl as perfect as myself. I must set lower standards and then once I find my 3-bolt bride I can mold her into perfection."
  84. 84. I let Al have his way. He changed his Turn on's to Black hair with Make-up and his Turn off is Cologne. I use a dice to decide them. I think I got lucky. They are good one, so lets hope we can find someone worth the effort. But before I call the matchmaker for Al, lets have a little fun. hehe.
  85. 85. Candice I have come to give you one last chance. If you want to be apart of the Geogacy family you must look the part. Please I beg you Take off the hat. Please. "Nope. Beg all you like the is hat is staying." Then you give me no choice. "Your ideal threats only make you look silly, you know that?"
  86. 86. *Thud*
  87. 87. "ouch! That hurt, I know you're mad but, you didn't have to drop me. What the...hey, where the heck am I? Hello, I am talking here! Silent treatment is it, well fine, be a baby."
  88. 88. "oh looky a spooky door, I wonder if I should go inside. Real original, Creator it took, what, 2 seconds to think up? Very cliche, you are losing your touch."
  89. 89. "oo I'm so scared. Spooky dark room."
  90. 90. "Hello Clarice"
  91. 91. "Boolprop Almighty! Circe, you almost set my bladder to red. And it's Candice, not Clarice."
  92. 92. "Whatever. Do you know why you are here?"
  93. 93. *sigh* "The Creator is a whinny baby and she doesn't like my trendy sense of style, Yada Yada. So, now she thinks using you will intimidate me and I will change my mind, right? Dang she is predictable. But, it's not like you would go along with any of her plans anyway."
  94. 94. "You are exactly right, I wouldn't dream of going along with any of her plans. Mine, however, I have every intention of following through to their completion. Now, if you would, In the chair!”
  95. 95. "What are you talking about, what chair? I don't see a..."
  96. 96. "No, your not thinking to... to..."
  101. 101. After hours of fashion treatment the paitent survives surgery. *droole*
  102. 102. We have the new Candice. The Hair is from and the outfit is from wonderful sites. Even tough I wanted to I didn't alter her face.
  103. 103. “ It was terrible Aragon, Circe strapped me to a makeover chair. I couldn't stop her. She made me ugly, didn't she.” “ You are exquisite my dear. A flawless diamond. A pearl of perfects. A--” Ok, Ok we get it.
  104. 104. “ Oh, Sweetie Pumpkin Head, I am so happy you like the changes I made. Woah, you made? “ The Creator was against the whole thing, but I convinced Circe to work her magic and it was all for you, Sweetie Pumpkin Head.” ....As long as this means she'll keep it this way, I'm fine with it.
  105. 105. "Now that I have lowered my standards I will find my woman of destiny," Here I thought lowering your standards was a bad thing.
  106. 106. “ I see her, a woman who is prefect for you.” ” Finally, I will have my bride to mold into to perfect wife.”
  107. 107. “ Excuse me Gypsy lady, There seems to be a mistake. This lady and I have only 1 bolt. I believe the deal was 3 bolts. “ “ Hmm, very nice.” Keep your eye above the belt please. Keep it PG. “ Odd now we have 2 bolts, but that is still not good enough I want a refund.”
  108. 108. Playing college always go by so quick. We are currently at the start of junior year. All the boys are making A's. Thanks too Appy and of course the "rare" event of the others doing their "own" homework.
  109. 109. To pervent Al, from going in the red. I bought him a bird. With no girlfriend, Al has to get a social boost from somebody.
  110. 110. This is Nani. Named after my mother's pet bird. Nosiest bird you will ever meet.
  111. 111. And she eats like a horse. She needs fed nearly every hour.
  112. 112. As long as she continues to keep Al in the green, then she can stay.
  113. 113. What is this I see? Al is dreaming about a certain young lady who gave him that certain 1st kiss, interesting. “ ...zzz...Lucy...zzz” I just got an idea. ^-^
  114. 114. Time for a party! I invited a few choice ladies over to help Al find that special someone. There has to be somebody here who will catch Al's interest.
  115. 115. Ok Al, Scan the room and find the one you like the most. “ It's good to be the Sim.”
  116. 116. “ Dang, she is hot! Wait, could that be, Lucy?”
  117. 117. Yep, I did it. I brought Lucy to college. Why? Because. :P
  118. 118. Their chemistry is only two bolts, however, since Lucy has a Fitness turn on, all AL has to do is get in shape and hopefully that will get us the 3 bolts we need.
  119. 119. See! They are meant to be together.
  120. 120. Wow, I didn't think you would actually start working out. I thought I would have to nag you to death first. “ Must get...*pant*....awsome bod... *pant*... for Lucy.” That is so sweet! I have done a good thing. I am so happy. ^-^
  121. 121. “ Lucy, I stayed up all night to get this awsome bod. How the chemistry?” “ Fine, just fine.” Hey! Eyes up, up! What am I going to do with these sims? As for the chemistry we still have 2 bolts. Sorry Al, I know this means a lot and I am sorry.
  122. 122. “ I don't care if we don't have 3 bolts. We can use the Gypsy's love potion whenever we want kids, 6 times I hope. Will You Marry me Lucy and be my dynasty queen?”
  123. 123. “ Heck Yes!” *Sniffle* That's so beautiful!
  124. 124. Here is where we end the chapter. I have decided to put up an heir poll. You the readers will decide which brother will become heir. Aragonite -- Pleasure Sim LTW: 50 1st dates Capricorn 7/9/9/9/1 Future Wife: Candice Raymond
  125. 125. Albite -- Family Sim LTW: Marry off 6 kids Capricorn 7/9/9/9/1 Future Wife: Lucy Stratton
  126. 126. Apatite -- Knowledge Sim LTW: Top of Education Career Capricorn 7/9/9/9/1 Future Wife: Aiyana Dallas Special thanks to all the talented creators of the CC I used in this story. Excellent work! I hope everyone liked the story. I will have the next one up as soon as an heir is chosen and I play a few sim day in. Thanks so much!