Chapter 2.1


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Chapter 2.1 of Geogacy a sime 2 life story

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Chapter 2.1

  1. 1. Hello everyone! Now, I am going to warn you now that this chapter has a wee bit of randomness. However, it all has to do with the main plot, I swear. I hope you find it entertaining.
  2. 2. Ok, Team Leader Vidcund, what have you turn up? “ Well, not very much at all.” Anything can help at this point, even something small. “ Umm.. What I meant to say is, "nothing at all" What!? Nothing at all!
  3. 3. Do you know what this means Vidcund? “” I HAVE FAILED ANOTHER LEGACY! *CRY* I was so determined. *sniff* It's so unfair! How could Circe do this too me.*CRY* “ Don't cry Creator. It will be ok. We will find Circe some how.”
  4. 4. “ Excuse me Sir, Madam Creator; it has come to my attention that you are searching for your legacy family?” *Sniffle* Yes, you are correct. Who are you?
  5. 5. “ Just your friendly neighborhood LFPA agent.”
  6. 6. “ Welcome Readers, to Casa de Circe. I know why you are here and the answer is 'not a chance in hades'. I am not narrating another legacy chapter. I have an excutive Gnome meeting at noon. Don't give me those puppy eye! It won't work this time. It's not my fault the Creator is so dense she can't find a "new" neighborhood in her own game. Quite sad I know. I shouldn't have overestimated her intelligence.”
  7. 7. “ But fear not, dear Readers. I won't leave you hanging. You'll get your story. I am leaving the narrating up to the most trustworthy individual I know.”
  8. 8. “ Cricketta. Woah!”
  9. 9. “ Did you just see something? Cause, I didn't see nothing. No Sir. I didn't see a stuck-up headmaster of a prestigious private school, who unfairly rejected my son's application, being lured by a cow cake. Speaking of cake, would you like some Nian Gao. It is a traditional treat severed during Chinese New Years. I have some right here. I know it's a little early but, I needed to get your minds off the thing we didn't see. What thing was that, you ask? Sorry, I have no idea what you are speaking about, moving on.”
  10. 10. “ Good Cricketta, you will make a fine narrator. Yes, you will. Who's my baby cowplant. Yes, you are. That's right. Ahem. Yes.....”
  11. 11. “ Now, I know what you are thinking. I Cowplant can't possibly narrate a legacy chapter. Yet, I assure you she has a degree in literature from Sim State University. Just like her father, Cricket. She is even a best selling novelist. Now, don't go all fan boy/girl on me, but this cow is the author of "Gone with the Methane". A dramatic story of a southern cow during the turn of the last century. I'll admit I cried. It was that good.” (Cricket is featured in the "Pre-Legacy" stories)
  12. 12. “ What's that? OH, you are concerned about the language barrier. No worries, I arranged for an interpreter for the Cowplant impaired.”
  13. 13. “ Everyone meet, Jesi. She is the enthusiastically funny writer of the "My Extreme Simself Legacy". She and a few other Simselves have taken up residence here in Hiragi Hills and are currently freeloading at my boolprop club house. To pass the time between "Extreme" legacy chapters, Jesi has become a master for the noble language of Cowanese.” “ Hello, I am so happy Circe chose me for this important assignment. I will do my best!” (read 'Boolprop Building Story' for more details)
  14. 14. “ Ok Cricketta, I leave the legacy in your capable...umm..ur.. leaves? Branches? Whatever.”
  15. 15. “ Up goes my little general!” Moo moo moo. Grr moo moo gr mooo. We left off last time with the calf toss. “ Who are you and is that a Cowplant?” We are the narrators “ You and the Cowplant? Are you from the union?” No, we're from Circe HQ. “ Ahh, carry on then.” Jesi Narrates in Orange & Cricketta, well she Moos. xD
  16. 16. Mooooooo gr! Yes, I agree. He is a cutie. I love the hair he grew up in! Biotite's personality numbers are 7/9/9/9/1. Grrrrrrr. This calf is as mean as a branding iron. Yes, indeed!
  17. 17. “ Minion management is very important, little guy. Standard hiring requirements is key. A high school diploma is good, but 2 year mayhem experience is a must. Oh, and no unions. Believe me you do not want a strike on the eve of world domination. Too much paper work.” “ But Papa, U-un mak fair teament and good wook pace fo empoees possibu.” “ Haha, fair treatment, that's a good one. Funny stuff, hahaha! Oh, my sides hurts. Hahahaha!!”
  18. 18. “ Al, get down here! It's go time This is not a drill. Move man move!” Moo moo moo gr moo mooomom. This ornery beast of burden is getting ready for calf birthing. She and her mate have developed a method that is both comfortable and efficient to all members of the herd.
  19. 19. Moo gr grr grrl. While the mother labors, the members of the herd gather.
  20. 20. Mmoo moo moomo. Next is the calf spin.
  21. 21. G rrrl mooo mooo grrrl. The infant calf is quickly passed to the Bull, while the herd celebrates the new addition. This give the mother time to hurry to her salon to serve the waiting customers with a new makeover. “ Hurry up and take it Al, my 30 minute lunch brake is over. I have a $5,500 sale plan for today and those Townies can't makeover themselves.”
  22. 22. “ What th--”
  23. 23. MOOO? Double birth! Wow, twins that is so cool! Grrl moo moo. It appears Albite got his wish for twins without the help of cheesecake.
  24. 24. “ Oh yeah we got girls!!!” “ I am so proud. Lucy you are wonderful. You masterfully out smarted my Rival with ease.” “ I did what? Whatever, just take it. This has put me behind schedule. I'll have to work double overtime now!”
  25. 25. Circe was kind enough to give me some of the Creators notes for this legacy. Ok let me see.... Ah ok, here we go. The names of the babies are; Beryl (held by Jin) is a semi-precious gem stone. It can be many different colors. A blue Beryl is also know as Aquamarine and a pink Beryl is also called Morganite. Breccia (held by Lucy) is basically rubble of all types of rocks and minerals that has been compressed into one rock. Think of Breccia like a ball of different colored clay. Beryl: Na(Li,Al)3Al6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)4 Breccia: No Formula
  26. 26. “ I thought you had customer waiting?” “ I did. I'm just efficient. Now come here, we got 3 more to go.” Mmmmmmooooooo! The female and her Bull.. Woah, wait I can't say that! Keep it clean Cricketta! Moooo grrrrrr mo mo. I don't care if the scene called for lewd humor. That is just not right. “ Ahem, do you mind?” Moo. Sorry.
  27. 27. “ How's my little Princess? That will be your title, Beryl, when Daddy takes over the world. You will help Daddy, right? Daddy will give you your very own minion army. Then we can march through the country and overthrow the local governments as we go. It will be so much fun. Yes, it will sweetie. Yes, it will.”
  28. 28. “ Your Daddy has lost his mind, but don't worry. Grandmother will take you to her "Townies need lots too" meeting. Can you believe Townies think they are "better off" not growing old, having families or work for their wealth. Silliness I tell you. Who would want to live forever young with no attachments? Poor dears need guidance, isn't that right, Sweetie.”
  29. 29. “ Aiyana dear, good timing. I am here to gain supporters for "Townies need lots too". We need all the help we can get organizing the fundraiser we are planning next month. What do you say? Here is your chance to help out the family. “ “ Well, I guess I could help out a little while the kids are at school and any program that gets Townies off the street and into real homes, where they can have lots of babies is always a good thing.” “ Now, that is the Family Sims spirit! You, go girl!”
  30. 30. “ And what about you Miss? Would you like to join?” “ No, not really. I heard that there is free food?” “ Poor dear, you must be tried of this day to day struggle for food and shelter, which forces you to freeload off of hardworking playable Sims.” “ No, I'm pretty content.”
  31. 31. “ I see. Please write your name in the book. You will then be contacted by a "Townies need lots too" representative to make arragments for your new lot.” “ But, I don't need a lot.” “ We got free pizza in the back.” “ Really! Wow, Sign me up!”
  32. 32. “ Good afternoon Sir. Will you be signing up as well?” “ Of course, Madam. I volunteer as a supporter. May I say, madam, I was truly impressed at your handling of the young Miss. I am relieved to know there are people in this town who care about their community. It is truly refreshing.”
  33. 33. “ And may I say, Sir, it is refreshing to find another Sim with some common sense.” “ You are too kind, Madam.” “ Nonsense. Now, if you would fill out a little information about yourself here, Mr....?”
  34. 34. “ Gentry, Madam, Owen Gentry. At your service.”
  35. 35. Meanwhile back at Circe HQ.... “ Hey, Circe, I found my '101 Easy Gnome Recipes' in the trash compactor--”
  36. 36. “ Boolprop almighty, what is going on in here!”
  37. 37. “ Oh, Cat Cat, I'll be with you in a sec. We are just about finished with today's program planning.” “ Get them out NOW!” “ ... ??.... Ok, guy we'll pick it up again tomorrow.”
  38. 38. “ We had an agreement, Circe, No Gnomes in the house. EVER!” “ Come on Cat Cat, This was an important meeting and you saw the weather out there. The last thing I need is for one of my stars to get struck by lightning.”
  39. 39. “ Hey, Mom--” “ I don't care if it's hailing Myshuno machine outside. NO GNOMES IN THE HOUSE! That is my only rule and you broke it. How could you?” “ Now, Cat Cat, Calm down--”
  40. 40. “ Calm Down? How can I do that, knowing the enemy has entered my home?” “ You are overreacting--” “ Overreacting? OH!”
  41. 41. “ What was that about?” “ *sigh* Aunty Cat Cat is just having a bad day.”
  42. 42. “ I bet it because she hasn't had woohoo in a while.”
  43. 43. “ That, young man is uncalled for. Besides, it's not her fault the Creator hasn't downloaded a Johnny Depp Sim yet.” “ I'm sorry, But I am worried. She looked real mad and why does she hate gnomes so much?” “ *Sigh* Come sit down with me and I'll tell you.”
  44. 44. “ Your Aunty Cat Cat, has had gnome phobia since toddler-hood and if what she told me is true, then she has good reason to hate and fear them.”
  45. 45. It all started during a visit to her grandmother's house in the country. Her Grandmother loved to garden and she liked to decorate her yard with gnomes. Well, really she like those little plastic deer, but the locals kept using them as target practice. But, I digress. Circe Narrates In purple. xD
  46. 46. “ Why are the snapshots so weird looking?” “ It's a flashback, Sweetie. Just deal.”
  47. 47. Now, Cat Cat's mother had this obsession with dirty jokes. Which, let me tell you are hilarious! However, such jokes are not suitable for toddlers. So, Cat Cat was taken to the small garden off the side of the house. That way her mother, could be as perverted as she wanted and still keep an eye on little Cat Cat from the window.
  48. 48. Cat Cat, didn't mind the gnomes, even though, acorrding to her they were snickering at her. She just ingnored them and played with her beloved teddy bear, Pillow. “ Pillow? What kind of name is Pillow for a teddy?”
  49. 49. “ Do I look like I understand the mind of a toddler?” “ Well...” “ Don't answer that.”
  50. 50. After a bit of playing with Pillow. Her mom brought out some fat free, soy & organic ginger bread cookies for a snack.
  51. 51. “ I go get soy cookie for Pillow. No go. Stay put.”
  52. 52. When she reached the plate, however, all the soy goodness was gone. She was very upset. I don't blame her. She could have eaten that whole plate of fat free soy cookies and not worry about calories. What a shame.
  53. 53. Knowing poor Pillow would be disappointed, she turned to tell him the bad news. But, He was gone, nowhere to be seen. She called for him over and over, but no answer. She could only hear the sound of gnomish giggles.
  54. 54. “ What the heck? The gnomes took her bear and ate her cookies. That is heinous!” “ I see it as a gnomish prank, nothing more. But, I guess to a child that would be heinous and Cat Cat would agree with you. She developed a gnome phobia from that day forward.”
  55. 55. She didn't have any gnome problem after that day in the garden, until the day her family moved to a new neighborhood. Their new neighbors were very friendly. Mrs. Greenstem, the neighborhood landscaper was the first to greet Cat Cat's family.
  56. 56. However, the welcoming gift wasn't so welcoming to Cat Cat. She tried to get her mother to get rid of them, but all her arguments ended in failure.
  57. 57. Cat Cat decided the best option was to just ignore them. She got into the habit of reading outside with her friend Anna, who lived up the street. While she read, Anna would write in her diary. It was a simple routine, but they enjoyed it.
  58. 58. One day Anna had forgotten her diary and called Cat Cat to ask if she would bring it inside, so it wouldn't get ruined. Cat Cat did just that and then turned in for the night.
  59. 59. The next morning she found the diary missing and when she found it, it wasn't a pretty sight. The dairy looked as if it had been chew on and then whoever chew it felt the need to mark it as their. “ That's gross!” I'm convinced it was a the family dog or cat.
  60. 60. Anna wasn't pleased, however. “ Well, duh.” Root, don't get mouthy. “ Sorry.” Anna didn't believe Cat Cat's explanation at all and broke their friendship.
  61. 61. Cat Cat was so upset and as she cried she could hear the gnomes giggle. “ I am sensing a pattern.” Remember, Root, stating the obvious is not only cliche, it boring. “ Yes, ma'am”
  62. 62. From that point on the "incidents" got worse. At school, on a daily bases someone would throw her gym clothes all over the floor. “ Why didn't she just keep her gym clothes in her book bag or something. She could have set up traps. That would have worked, I bet.” That's not the point. Moving on.
  63. 63. Even when she went out with friends weird things would happen.
  64. 64. Like the time a bee hive fell on her friend Jim. To this day she believes that hive was meant for her. Poor Jim was just in the way.
  65. 65. Then there was Jean's Pastry Hut, where you could get a dozen scones for $5.99. What a deal! Oh, and their strawberry turnovers were Yummy and flaky and-- “ Mom, Focus!” Wha-- oh yes, well Jean's Pastry Hut was forced to close their doors after a massive Lemon Crumpet fire. According to Cat Cat, who happened to be there that unfaithful day. She swears she heard a lone gnome laughing nearby.
  66. 66. “ There have been other incidents off and on, but each time only Cat Cat hears these "Gnomes" and there never is evidence which suggested any gnome involvement.” “ So, It's all in her head?” “ Well, It could be, but I don't know for sure. Gnomes can be mischievous at times and they love playing pranks, so one or two incidents may have been gnome influenced, but all? I don't think so. I don't think, the Gnomes are out to get her, either.” “ So, what do we do about Aunty Cat Cat?” “ Don't worry; when she comes home I'll talk to her. Maybe I can suggest a vacation or something or maybe hehe, I can "talk" to the Creator about that Johnny Depp Sim. She'll be ok. Don't worry”
  67. 67. Finally! I found you Circe!
  68. 68. Oh Hi, Cat Cat. I am back and ready to get this legacy done! Where's Circe? “ Do not ever say that name again!” *blink blink* Umm.. Are you ok? “ Oh I'm just peachy! Let me tell you, I have been betrayed by my roommate, my home has been invaded by demons, my favorite book is in the trash, and NO JOHNNY DEPP! Oh yeah feeling GREAT!!!” *blink blink* umm... I'm going to see Circe now, haveanicedaybye !
  69. 69. “ Oh yeah! It's party time.” No need to worry anymore, Circe. I'm back!
  70. 70. “ You went somewhere?” *sigh* “ Hehe But seriously, where the heck have you been? It's been weeks. I've had to narrate the legacy for a whole chapter. That's hard work and I hate work.” I'm sorry; I had a little delay getting here. But, now I'm back and ready to continue.
  71. 71. “ That's it?” Well, yeah was there something else? “ No, I just expected more whining and crying. I did move your legacy to a different town.” Oh that, Mr. Gentry explained everything.
  72. 72. “ Hmm... Mr. Gentry...Gentry. No, I don't know a Gentry.” He is the LFPA agent over my legacy. He explained you were forced to move the legacy to a new less crowed town; as is described in line 33 paragraph 9 in my legacy contract. I will admit I was a little upset, but I understand you had no choice. As my Simself, you had to fallow the contract guidelines while I was gone.
  73. 73. “ LFPA? But, that was just some crap I made up.” What was that Circe. I couldn't hear you. Root, turn the music down. Say that again, Circe.
  74. 74. “ U mm, I am so glad he finally got in touch with you. I was...umm, getting worried?” Aww, and here I thought you didn't care. Well, don't worry I am back and ready to get started. Oh and what's up with Cat Cat? “ She's just a little Johnny Depp-less.” Oh, well I did find a nice Johnny Depp online. I have to remember to install him. In any case, I can't wait to see everybody! See you later.
  75. 75. “ Hmm... Mr. Gentry.”
  76. 76. Moo moo gr Moo. Wow, time did fly by, didn't it? Hello everyone. I am back! It took a while to find the new house and let me say, it's lovely. I bet Hitomi picked it out. ??? Moo Moo? The Creator is back.
  77. 77. Umm..Jesi, why are you here... with a cowplant? Long story, So how have you been? I haven't seen you around. Well, you know this and that. How about you? How's the Extreme Legacy going? “ Excuse me? I just grew up here, hello? sigh.”
  78. 78. Hitomi! I back, did you miss me. I missed you guys so much. “ Not now, meditating.” O h sorry. Well readers sorry for all the confusion. Jesi and urr the cowplant did a really good job at narrating while I was gone. But, I am back and ready to type! “ Hello, meditating, keep it down!” Oops sorry.
  79. 79. Hello there, Biotite. Sorry about not taking very many pictures of you while you were little. I'll make it up to you. Ok? “ Whatever.” ...umm Good. Glad we had this chat. Ok, umm bye.
  80. 80. Wow! Baby Pop for kid #4! Yay, I can't wait. “ About time! Ok, two more day of this and pop goes the baby, and then I'll be able to pull a double at the salon. I'll take a 15 minute brake for a bit of woohoo action to get another kid over with. Then I can start looking for a job! Yes, a real pay check!” *sigh* Fortune sim.
  81. 81. Biotite and his Sisters are only 3 "sim" days apart. So, when their is one birthday there are 2 more that follow. That's little Beryl. She's my Pretty Princess. Here are her stats. Sagittarius 1/10/10/9/5 She is a VERY messy, outgoing, active & playful that can be nice when she wants to be. Heck she is the nicest legacy kid I have ever had. 5 nice point is a lot!
  82. 82. And this is Breccia, my other little princess. “ I no pinsess. I Kuween!” Aww, baby back talk. So cute! Here are her stats. Gemini 5/8/9/5/1 She is very outgoing, active & down right evil and she can be nice & playful when she wants to.
  83. 83. I LOVE GREEN BOTTLE STUFF! hehe sorry, got carried away. My two princesses got all their toddler training done in one day. Thanks to mommy, daddy and Green bottle goodness. “ I Kuween!!” Yes, sweetie. So cute!
  84. 84. “ Excuse me, Creator. I have school tomorrow and I wouldn't mind some, well, sleep.” I'm not stopping you. Go ahead. “ That is where the problem is; I have looked all over and didn't find my bed or my room for that matter.” Umm, well, you see I was so excited about your sister, they being the 1st girls in the legacy and all that I kind of spent a little too much on their room. Ok, maybe more like a lot of money on their room. But, don't worry I'll fix up your room as soon as I get my hands on your Grandparents pension.
  85. 85. “ Whatever, good night pension thief.” Goodnight-- Wait, I'm not a pension thief! “ That's not what it says on the last slide.” Well, that's just... umm. OOOO, your good!
  86. 86. “ Oh yeah Shake it!” “ Come on, granny, keep up!”
  87. 87. “ Get that leg up there, Old Timer.” “ Only in my dreams, Sweet Granny!” Now, that is enough! Bad, Grandparents, bad!
  88. 88. So, who are you painting? Is that your mom or grandma? “ It's the "lady with the pink background" painting beginner painters always paint. Duh.” I see. Well umm, sorry to bother you. I'll be going now. “ You do that.”
  89. 89. “ Dis no fair, me Kuween! No tet Kuween dis way! Let out. Let out!” Hush Breccia. You should follow your older sisters example.
  90. 90. See, she is quietly waiting for someone to let her out like a good girl. “ I pitty pinsess. pitty pinsess is ewagent and sereen.” Exactly! Now, that is the kind of attitude I have been waiting for. The perfect little Princess. Yay!
  91. 91. “ ...and so the prince and princess lived happily ever after.” “ Read again! Read Again!” “ Sweet heart I have already read it 10 time. How about another story? Like "Peter Pan" or " The 3 Little Pigs"?” “ No, want pinsess pees.” “ But Sweet heart--” “ I SAY PEES!!!” “ ok ok, princess it is.” “ Yay, pinsess!”
  92. 92. “ ...Always remember, Townies don't know what is good for them. The best way to deal with them is either bribe them with food or knock them over the head and drag them to the nearest Townie shelter. Where they can get a lot and meet other Townies and start a family.” “ Wouldn't that be infringing on their right to choose?” “ Hahaha, Townies' right to choose? Hahahaha, oh my sides. Hahahaha, your too funny.” “ sigh”
  93. 93. Biotite has made a friend. This is Devin, Gina & Zion's 3rd son. He comes over after school EVERY DAY. At first it was cute., but now it's just annoying.
  94. 94. “ De Kuween Demans u to wisun to song. I moosik genus!” And she is, really. She maxed out her creativity thanks to that wonderful green bottle elixir.
  95. 95. Let's see what-- Oh yay, baby time! “ You can do it, Lucy. Pop out my next general.” “ This isn't right! It's too early. 10 minute ahead of schedule.”
  96. 96. “ Biotite, quick go to the salon and work the makeover chair for mommy.” *Sigh* Say it with me people, Fortune Sims
  97. 97. “ Yes, a boy.” Yep, son #2 Brucite. Brucite, is a white to colorless mineral which is formed when magnesium-rich rock are altered by hot water solutions They are most commonly found on the sea floor. Brucite: Mg(OH)2
  98. 98. I see you found your brand new big boy room, with the extra special surfer look. So, what do you think? “ It's passable, Pension Thief.”
  99. 99. Ah ha, But I didn't use Hitomi & Jin's Pension. So, there! “ So, you used mom's makeover tips instead?” .....maybe... “ Whatever.”
  100. 100. Three day have come and gone, which means Birthdays! Yep, the twins will be growing up today. I decided to get the whole family together. As you can see smustle is the entertainment of choice.
  101. 101. Just to refresh memories, we have Liam in the front and Eric to the right. They are Apatite & Aiyana's boys. Then there is Trent in the back. He is Aragonite & Candice's eldest son.
  102. 102. Happy Family Photo!!
  103. 103. Cute photo of the girls.
  104. 104. Now, for magic time!
  105. 105. “ A pretty dress for a pretty princess!” “ Oh yeah, I'm rockin' cute like the queen I am.”
  106. 106. This is where we end today's chapter. I hope it wasn't too confusing. I promise the next chapter will be more coherent. “ For a "princess", you sure don't eat like one.” “ But, sweets are the #1 food for princesses. It's only right I enjoy this yummy cake.” “ Enjoy or engulf?”
  107. 107. Meanwhile... “ ...and then she started talking about the LFPA.” “ Wait, didn't you made all that up in ' Pre-legacy part 2' ? “ “ Yep, and it was brilliant I might add.”
  108. 108. “ Maybe she figured it out, lovin, and she is trying to get you back somehow.” “ No, deception isn't her style. If she found out, she would be screaming and crying and whining and all that jazz.” (Ginasticat, writer of The Science of a Legacy.)
  109. 109. “ The best thing might be to find this Gentry guy. He's the one who told her the LFPA stuff as well as where to find this town.”
  110. 110. “ Oh, I intend to find him. But, first I need infomation. Will you guy help me on this?” “ Of course.” “ Count on it.” “ Then let us find ourselves a Gentry.”
  111. 111. “ Fine by me. I have no intention of hiding.” Dum Dum Dum....To be continued!