Chapter 1.1


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Chapter 1.1 of Geogacy a Sims 2 Life story

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Chapter 1.1

  1. 1. Welcome to chapter 1.1 of geogacy! Allow me to take a moment to thank our sponcer for this chapter.
  2. 2. This is Morrigan, my demon princess for the Halloween Showcase 2007, The house she lives in is also going to the showcase, eventally. :D Now on with the intro.
  3. 3. Circe?....... Circe? What's that?
  4. 4. "Gather 'round everyone. Today we are taking applications. This is your chance to contribute to science. Be apart of history, people!" Uh? What are you doing, Circe? "Shut it! I'm busy." But, you promised to help me with the intro.
  5. 5. “ Grrr! Stop whining. Cat Cat, man the table and no Pleasure or Romance Sims. We don't need the subjects distracted.” “ Gotcha! No romantic fun seekers.
  6. 6. Subjects, what is all that about? "If you must know, I am contributing to the scientific community, by conducting a fitness test." That doesn't sound too bad. Wow, I didn't realize you are so into community projects. Maybe you and Hitomi- “ Don't you even say it!" . ..Okay... (She is still a little upset about the stolen guy thing. Read chapter 1 for details.)
  7. 7. "Let's get this intro thing over with." OK! Tell the readers about the chapter system.
  8. 8. "... You do realize I was quite busy, when you interrupted?" Yes, and I am sorry- “ I'm not finished! You interrupted me over the Chapter System? Why don't you explain it, so I can get back to way more important thing?” I...Well, you see... I FORGOT! *Cry*
  9. 9. "You forgot? Forgot what?" *Snif* What the Chapter System is. .....*Crickets*...... "Circe0419." Yes? *sniffle*
  10. 10. "Go to the Legacy house. I will explain to the readers the chapter system and you had better be able to finish the rest of the intro by yourself. Got it?" *Sniff* Yes Ma'am. "I apologize, readers, the Creator has been under a lot of stress lately. Something about a Lab assignment and a weekend shift at work. I would tell you more; however, I tend to tune her out, when she gets dramatic."
  11. 11. "Now, the chapter system is easy to understand. To be honest, I don't believe an explanation is necessary. You are all intelligent readers and would be able to pick up the gist of it on your own. However, the creator wants thing to be clear. So, I created this chapter system to make it easier for all (mostly the creator) to know which generation the legacy it currently on."
  12. 12. "All of generation 1 will be 'Chapter 1. something' and generation 2 will be 'Chapter 2. something'. Everyone with me so far?"
  13. 13. “ Good!”
  14. 14. "The creator considers Hitomi generation 1. Therefore, her children will be generation 2. Any college chapters will be simply "Chapter (insert generation #) College" It's just easier to have all the teens from each generation to go to college together."
  15. 15. "I think that about covers it. If you are confused, then tough. Ok! Everybody, it's time for a lunch brake."
  16. 16. Is this where we left off? I think so. Maybe I should check real quick. "Hey, this baby tossing thing isn't easy. My arms have gone numb. I WILL drop him if you don't hurry it up!" No no, I'll hurry. WELEFTOFFLASTTIMERIGHTBEFORETHEFINALBABYSPIN!
  17. 17. *out of breath* Taa...Daa! Aragonite aka Aragon Personality 7/9/9/9/1 He is very Neat, Outgoing, Active & Playful, yet he is mean as heck. Yep your typical legacy child.
  18. 18. Hey! Your arms are fine! You lied. Hit him good Hitomi!!
  19. 19. "Quite uncivilized, are they not?" Was that you Aragon? "Of course, it is I. Perhaps you assumed the bunny spoke? Silly Creator that is nonsense, regardless of the superior linguistics still of the charisma bunny, it lacks the intelligence to form structured sentences." ...ha ha... yes, silly me. Hitomi maybe you should play with your son, like now, maybe?
  20. 20. " Aragon, say Similac, sim-i-lac. You can do it."
  21. 21. "I am sorry, father, however I prefer the smooth creamy taste of organic goats milk with added soy powder for texture."
  22. 22. “ Humor me. Bottle.” “ *sigh* Very well, Bottle.” “ Good boy.”
  23. 23. "I am truly fascinated at the vocabulary this small simplistic bunny is able to not only resight, yet comprehend." You and me both, kid.
  24. 24. “ Jin, I want another genius.” “ Heck no! It's bad enough the one we have corrects my grammar. The last thing I need is another one to tag team against me. “ Alright, then no more woohoo.” “ None?” “ None.” “ Fine, one more genius.”
  25. 25. "Charisma Bunny, if it were possible to befriend an inanimate object, then it would be you, my friend." Hurry it up with that sibling. I'm getting a little concerned.
  26. 26. “ Unhand me, how dare you interrupt my conversation with Mr. Bunny. That is just bad form, father, bad form.” ” In the tub stinky boy.” “ Stinky boy? Well, I never. You dare to insult me, sir. I demand satisfaction!”
  27. 27. “ This is an outrage! Where is my mother! Just you wait; I have the social worker cell phone number. I will have justice! Do you hear?” I am going to the kitchen for some sweet tea. This might be a good opportunity to introduce your hand to your son's behind. I'm just saying. (I do not condone child abuse, however if you are from the south like I am, you know what "get the switch" means)
  28. 28. "Great going Creator, your little speech encouraged the genius to stop up the drain with his rubber ducky and made a crawl for the border.” he he... ahem, I mean bad baby, bad.
  29. 29. Yay! It is always such a special moment, the baby bump. Don't you think so too, Hitomi? "Wow, I match the wallpaper." *Sigh* Yes, yes you do.
  30. 30. Aww Why so sad, sweetie? "Keep your false endearments. Your foul suggestion to my impressionable father has provoked this injustice. I am imprisoned in this barbaric cage, until my captor sees fit to release me." He he well, maybe you shouldn't have back talked and clogged the tub? Besides, you got off easy, little one. Be glad your parents are softies.
  31. 31. "You will hear from my lawyer. I will not be oppressed."
  32. 32. "Mommy!"
  33. 33. "What the, my mommy senses are tingling."
  34. 34. "Oh, it's just the baby kicking. Feels like a kick boxing match. Well, back to sleep."
  35. 35. "Hello readers! We interrupt this legacy to bring you a fascinating scientific report."
  36. 36. "I, along with on colleague Cat Cat have ponder a certain mystery for sometime and we are determined, with the help of some vitc- ahem volunteers, to solve this mystery once and for all. The Mystery of SSC. Yes, friend Sudden Sim Combustion."
  37. 37. "A few sim years ago, Hitomi, the current founder of the Geogacy legacy, experienced this phenomenon or at least that is what was assumed by the sorority house residents."
  38. 38. "Today, we will discover if the mysterious SSC, did in fact occur or if a faulty overworked treadmill is to blame. We will be recreating the circumstances from that fateful first incident. Let us meet our courageous volunteers."
  39. 39. Subject #1 Name: Chester Gieke Aspiration: Knowledge
  40. 40. Subject #2 Name: Estlle Montgumery Aspiration: Knowledge note: A founding member of the Artemis House Sorority
  41. 41. Subject #3 Name: Goopy-Clone Aspiration: Knowledge
  42. 42. “ What type of regiment will the subjects be on, Dr. Cat Cat?” “ To enable us to correctly recreate the SSC event, we need to ensure the subjects are in a state of "Green PlumBob" for much of the test. Hitomi's stats while on the treadmill decreased very slowly. At the time of assumed combustion, her hygiene was zero and her temperature was solid red. However, her other stats were pretty much still in the green. This is not so uncommon with athletic Sims. Hitomi had 6 active point and 4 body point when she started on the treadmill that day.”
  43. 43. “ So, basically we will be using boolprop to keep their stats up while they run, only allowing Hygiene to fall to zero.” “ Thank you, Dr. Cat Cat. Ok everyone, ready for a show?”
  44. 44. “ Dr. Cat Cat, what will happen if they combust? Do we have a fire extinguisher?” “ Don't worry this room is fireproof.” “ Good! I don't want my hair to fringe.”
  45. 45. *Several hours later*
  46. 46. “ Come on where are the flames?” “ I'm taking a nap. Wake me when you see some sparks.” “ *Sigh* This is going to take sometime, readers. We'll keep you updated, but until then, here is the legacy house.”
  47. 47. WHERE DID YOU GUYS GO! I was so worried. If that was some kind of joke, it was not funny. I was scared something horrible had happened. If everyone is ok, then I will forgive you, but don't do that again. You missed a lot, but you are just in time to see Aragonite grow up.
  48. 48. "Look Mr. Bunny. I have ascended into the realm of childhood. Now that I have grown into my adolescent form, do not think I will forget you. I vow, that my siblings and future children will benefit, like I have from your dedicated tutelages."
  49. 49. So far I have luck out in the clothing & hair departments. This is a good thing, since we don't have the money to go shopping.
  50. 50. “ Yes, we have a rodent problem or rather a rabbit problem. How long will it take you to get here? Hm? Yes, I'll hold.”
  51. 51. Poor Hitomi has been lonely as of late. Jin has been busy skilling for work and Aragonite is at school all day. Hence, the bunny visits. It's time for Hitomi to boost up her relationships anyway.
  52. 52. “ Gina, still at college I see. How's Zion?” “ Well, It's not like I WANT to be a college student forever and Zion is fine. There was a little accident with the trash compactor, but we were able to find all of his fingers.”
  53. 53. “ Aww! You are having another baby. If I had graduated on time, like I PLANED I would be married with a baby of my own.” OK, I get it. I'll play the sorority lot soon.
  54. 54. “ Are you planning on dumping Zion?” “ No, what gave you that idea?” “ Well, he is a Zombie and you said you want children. I guess you could adopt.” “ Hitomi, sweetie, one word Boolprop. That is, of course, if SOMEONE will permit it.” Ok, geez, all I did was not play your lot for a few sim years. I do not see why that makes me the bad guy all the sudden. Sims are too needy.
  55. 55. “ ... In addition, son, that is the theory of the infinite pocket.” “ Dear father, I have read Mrs. Crumplebottoms Noble Bell Sim Prize piece on Sim inventories and I must say your version is lacking in substance. Stating fact is not making fact. Explain the theory again with more detail of process. Buck up dear father, you will get it right soon.”
  56. 56. “ Jin! The baby is coming!"
  57. 57. "Hitomi, could you keep it down? I have work later. I need my beauty sleep."
  58. 58. "Well, I am up now, No point trying to get anymore sleep."
  59. 59. ” Yoohoo Honey? Baby!” “ Yeah yeah, I hear.”
  60. 60. “ Jin!? JIN!!” “ One sec. I got sleep in my eye.”
  61. 61. Yay! Another Boy! His name is Albite. Albite (NaAlSi3O8) It gets it's name from the Latin word Albus, which means white. However, in most situations the mineral/stone is colorless. It is apart of the feldspar group consisting of a sodium aluminum silicate. Albite is used in ceramics and glass making.
  62. 62. “ Jin, you missed it.” “ I'll be there is one second. I need to finish making the bed. Oh, And good job on the birth thing.” Yep, typical Legacy father.
  63. 63. It has been several days now and the subjects have yet to combust. Cat Cat and I have started taking turns, with keeping the subjects focused. Even with their needs at max, with the help of boolprop, they are losing the will to go on.
  64. 64. “ Why am I doing this again?” “ What kind of talk is that? Your a Knowledge Sims, curiosity drives you. Don't let Missy and Goopy-clone beat you to the discovery of a lifetime.” “ I can do this! I will be the first Sim ever to max out all my skill with a treadmill.”
  65. 65. Yes, I lied to them. It's not my fault if a Knowledge Sims can be tricked into thinking they can max out their skill, by running non-stop on a treadmill. Mr. Gnome was right, this is very entertaining.
  66. 66. The close quarters have started to affect the relationships of the subjects.
  67. 67. “ Go tell him to shower.” “ Me, Why don't you do it? Your the one with the highest long term relationship points.” “ If you go, then I'll have at least one place in the whole room where it doesn't smell like B.O.” “ Are you saying I stink too?” “ That ain't Snapdragon perfume.”
  68. 68. I have come to the conclusion that Subjects #2 & #3, don't like one another.
  69. 69. Very much so. “ Estelle, Go for the kidney! ooww, No fair she's a girl, remember!”
  70. 70. This activity continued for many hours, with Estelle the clean winner each time.
  71. 71. Finally, after a few Cow plant threats, the subjects continued their training.
  72. 72. "Eeww, One more fall like that and we'll have to find a new subject."
  73. 73. "Dr. Cat Cat wake up!"
  74. 74. “ Happy Day! We have solved the SSC mystery! After one full Sim week of non-stop treadmill running, SSC does indeed occur, if the subject is overheated long enough! Wow, I feel so proud.”
  75. 75. “ Eeww, I'm not cleaning that up.” “ Hehe so, all stats drop rapidly, when the sim is on fire, interesting. Muhahaha!”
  76. 76. “ Yaahoo! burn baby burn!” “ Oh no, Estelle we got to save it!”
  77. 77. “ We'll save you, treadmill. I sware it and we'll fix you up as good as new! “ EXCUSE ME! BURNING HERE!”
  78. 78. “ So, did that appease your curiosity? Is it all out of your system now?” ” Yes, curiosity appeased.” “ Want to see it again?” “ Heck Yeah!”
  79. 79. "This concludes the SSC test. Cat Cat and I, are going to continue for a little while more. No, point wasting 2 perfectly good subjects. I hope you have all learned something today about the value of life. Workout machines are expensive, don't let them burn up. Thank you for your time. Now back to the legacy.”
  80. 80. Let's get physical, physical I wanna get physical Let's get into physical Let me hear your body talk, your body talk Let me hear your body talk Olivia Newton-John ( I'm listening to an 80's CD) :p
  81. 81. Smustle party!
  82. 82. “ Keep up, Son, Watch Daddy. Oh yeah!” (Yes, that it Goopy-clone before the SSC incident)
  83. 83. “ What do I see?”
  84. 84. “ Why, It's me good follow. Good show!”
  85. 85. “ Nope it's me, baby! smustle!”
  86. 86. Do the Smustle! da da da da da da Do the Hustle... ahem smustle da da da da!
  87. 87. Now look to the left, Now look to the right. sachey chantey chantey chantey chantey! Rupaul (he he 80's & 90's CD) :D
  88. 88. “ Hey, A little help here. He won't let go.” “ Grrr” That's so cute! Ok Albite, fun is over. Let mommy have her nose back. Albite? Al sweetie? LET GO! “ GRRR” Great he's a biter like his mom.
  89. 89. “ He was just hungry.” Yeah right. “ Me want nose!”
  90. 90. “ I made some pancakes. Why don't you get a few? I know when I was your age I couldn't get enough of them. I begged to have them every morning.” “ I appreciate your hard work father. However, I am enjoying my meal tremendously.” “ Oh, and what do you have there?”
  91. 91. “ Grilled tofu glazed in a coconut custard sauce. Sided with rice porridge with pickled garlic and minced basil, and of course all ingredients are organic.” “ .......” “ Enjoy your pancakes, father.”
  92. 92. "It filled me with such joy to be apart of nature's glory. Madam Creator, I have an inquirery. There is no grass, growing upon the lawn. How is such a thing possible? It is an insult to mother nature herself." You live in a desert, that is why. "Do we in our advanced world not have the technology to irrigate the land? To bring it to true green glory?" If I green up the yard will you stop with the overbearing attitude. "I will try Madam Creator. However, I must remind, I have only 1 point of nicety" Fair enough
  93. 93. “ Have you thought about politic? Just think of all the good you could do for society. I know I will take you to my `Simacracy for the Masses? lecture. You can do some elbow rubbing with the committee chairs.” “ Please mother, I am trying to concentrate. Plato's Republic is quite fascinating. I fear for future Sims everywhere.
  94. 94. What is the matter? "It's nothing, just my life's dream crashing to the floor and braking into millions of tiny pieces." *Cry*
  95. 95. It's alright, It's just a demotion. You have plenty of time to reach your LTW. Well, maybe a week. " *Cry* " No, It's ok. We'll get you some elixir. "But...I'm not... gold right .... now." *sniffle* I know what will push that meter way past gold and into pure white. "You do?" *snif*
  96. 96. Baby Spinning!
  97. 97. Albite aka Al the biter Personality 7/9/9/9/1 ? What! I got a clone personality. Well, at least he looks different from his brother.
  98. 98. " Wha you call Al, bunny? Al teach you no make laugh at Al."
  99. 99. "Bad bunny! No laugh at Al!" I take it back. He is NOT a personality clone.
  100. 100. I really thought the 'grow up well' want would put Hitomi in the White. Oh well, baby #3.
  101. 101. “ Come on son, you can do it. Don't give up.” “ Al not give up. Al bite nose for doubting Al's skills. No doubt Al again. he he.”
  102. 102. Let?s get physical, physical I wanna get physical “ Jin, why do you play that song when I'm trying to skill for body point?” “ Motovation Sweet Heart.” “ Oh that is so nice. You're trying to keep me focused. Thank you honey.” “ I meant for me.” *wink* Hey Hey! Down boy. PG remember?
  103. 103. Ah so, little Albite likes baths? “ No, Al hate baf. Al wait for chance to attack!” Jin, duck and roll, get me?
  104. 104. “ My brother, you must embrace Mr. Bunny. He will teach you the all important ways of living. The knowledge gained will serve you well in the battle against our oppressors, mother and father.” “ Bunny no look at Al like dat! Bunny pay for bad look.”
  105. 105. "Painting is my only means of expression. Come to life my Maneki Neko. Leap from the brush to the canvas. Let the colors form you like the rain forms the landscape." Raise your hand if you think Aragon needs a friend. Hey, I see you back there. One vote pre person.
  106. 106. "Al not like cage. Al not happy. Al get even!"
  107. 107. "Al want Mommy!" It's so sweet, no matter how mean they are they still need their mommy.
  108. 108. "Oh may!" I know, you match the wallpaper, right? "No, I just remembered my poker club meets tonight." *Sigh*
  109. 109. What is this? "I appear to have transcended to the teenager stage of the life cycle, while you were conversed with my dear mother." Moreover, how do you feel?
  110. 110. "Quite odd, if I do say so. I have this overwhelming desire to jump on living room furnishings and pillow fight with someone, anyone. Possible with a young lady of high intellect and auburn curls. She must have an angle?s face not stained to the false coloring of make-up.? Ah, Pleasure Sim with a trun off of Make-up and trun on's of Brown hair and 6+ Logic points. What is you LTW? " 50 1st dates" ha ha That was a good one. Now, what is it really? "50 1st dates, really" ......*cry*.......
  111. 111. "Al want grow. Make enemies pay."
  112. 112. " Ha ha! I did it! Now, all will kneel at the feet of me, Albite the Mighty!
  113. 113. This is what Albite grew into. I think I'll keep it. He he! "Albite the Mighy, will remember this, Creator Lady" Those wings are so cute!
  114. 114. I didn't know you like to garden. "Once I have minion, I will not need to lower myself to doing grunt work." If you don't like gardening, then don't do it. The garden is only there to boost fun now and again. "It is fun planting minions." Planting minion? That is so, cute! he thinks he can plant friends. Well, I guess plants can be friends in a way. "Not friends, minons! I have heard tomatos can attack and kill people." .... Raise your hand if "Albite" needs a real friend.
  115. 115. History “ William Simpatick lead the rebels to fort Simia for the campaign against the Simowa tribe.” “ Rebels went camping at Simia. They invited the Simowa”
  116. 116. Science “ Mrs. Crumplebottom erned a Noble bell Sim Prize for her Infinite Pocket theory.” “ Crumplbottom found a prize in her pocket.”
  117. 117. Math “ If there are 2 newspapers, 1 gnome and 1 Sentrybot. How many Zombie will you need to steal all stealable items?” “ Ummmm”
  118. 118. Language “ Burr yowell.” “ Kahoota?” (Translations) Burr = I'm Bored. Yowell = I guess we?ll have to change the topic. Kahoota = What the heck did you just say?
  119. 119. " Hello, another baby coming!" Oh this is perfect! Traditional cliff hanger! "What!?" Sorry, Hitomi, The story already has over 100 slides. I'll have to finish in chapter 1.2.
  120. 120. This concludes chapter 1.1 of Geogacy. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks you to all of the creators of all the custom content seen in this chapter. Happy Simming!
  121. 121. “ E ewww, nasty!”