Chapter 3


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Chapter 3 of Geogacy a Sims 2 life story

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Chapter 3

  1. 1. Geogacy-- Chapter 3, is finally up. This chapter is a bit explaination heavy. Questions will be answered, more confusion abound. So, I suggest reading or rereading if the case my be, pervious chapters. A little warning all my chapters jump from scene to scene. It's a writing style I can't seem to shack free of. I apologize if it confuses anyone. Thank you for reading! >^-^<
  2. 2. &quot;Ooommm....Ooommmm Omni Omni Omni Bussss.&quot; &quot;You summoned me Great Sage?&quot; &quot;Ooommm, Oh Ho Ho Ho, Gordan you came so quickly. How is the family? Little Glenda ready for academy yet?&quot; &quot;She starts classes next month, Great Gnome Sage.&quot; &quot;Good, good. Glenda is a smart one, she is. Chip of the old gnome block I say. Ho Ho Ho! You must be wondering why you're here, yes?&quot; &quot;Umm, yes... Yes Sir.&quot;
  3. 3. &quot;Now Gordan, what is this? Nervous? We are all friends here no need for rattling nerves. I called you here to thank you personally for a job well done. Now, I am sorry you will have to lay low for the time being, just until the media finds something else to talk about. Oh! Since I have you here, did you being Hector's files?&quot; &quot;About that Great Sage, When I arrived home the CD was gone. I went back to retrace my steps but, couldn't find it. I, I am sorry Great Gnome Sage.&quot;
  4. 4. &quot;....Oh Poo! Well, it can't be helped. Thank you for your hard work and enjoy your vacation.&quot; &quot;Thank you, Great Sage! Thank you!&quot;
  5. 5. &quot;You are letting him go Great Sage? He has failed the mission and has put us at great risk. What if the disk falls into the wrong hands?&quot;
  6. 6. &quot;Ho ho ho, We are the wrong hands. Ho ho ho, I made a funny, Ho ho ho.&quot; &quot;Great Sage, this is a serious matter.&quot; &quot;Poo, you worry too much. I'll promoting you to spy master.&quot; &quot;What of Gordan, Great Sage?&quot; &quot;Deliver his severance package to his daughter. She'll need it for academy.&quot;
  7. 7. &quot;You can see to that can't you, my boy?&quot;
  8. 8. &quot;Of course, Great Sage.&quot;
  9. 9. Mu Nu Omega Sorority House.... &quot;Did you find anything yet?&quot; &quot;Breccia, I may have the most flawless social network in all of the sim world, but that doesn't make it any easier to sift through. Your continuous inquiries and the looking over my shoulder are not helping. Why don't you go and do something for a while, like read, paint, bother the heck out of someone else, maybe?
  10. 10. &quot;Fine I will!..... You will call me when you find something?&quot; &quot;Yes! So, go already.&quot; Hey, Breccia! I have good news for you.
  11. 11. &quot;What What What!&quot; Eee, did I come at a bad time? &quot;Just spit it out, what do you want and make it quick. I have to go read, paint, whatever.&quot; ??...Ok, I have the results for the heir poll and guess what, you won! Isn't that great?
  12. 12. &quot;That's it?&quot; Urr, yeah that's all. I just thought you mind want to know. I mean, it's a pretty big life long thing and all. &quot;Whatever. Make yourself useful and bring me an easel.&quot; ------ Heir Poll results: Biotite 3 Beryl 6 Breccia 11 (Winner) Brucite 4 Basalt 6 +1 from guest book voting 7 (1st spare) Bayldonite 5 +1 from quest book voting 6
  13. 13. &quot;Wakie wakie, Beryl it is past noon.&quot; &quot;Oh my, I did not intend to oversleep.&quot; &quot;Hmm, on second thought you should go back to bed. You don't look so well.&quot; &quot;I must look a fright. I had a terrible dream last night and I am unable to banish this feeling of unease.&quot; &quot;It was only a dream probably do to all the stress over the cow thing.&quot;
  14. 14. &quot;You, you don't think something bad happened to Mr. Cow do you?&quot; &quot;Woah, now I didn't say that at all. Don't jump to conclusions. Now, get back to bed. You're not going to class today.&quot;
  15. 15. &quot;But, What if --&quot; &quot;No buts, bed now. I'll come and check on you later. Rest and don't worry. It was only a dream.&quot;
  16. 16. &quot;If you say so....&quot;
  17. 17. This is the last college chapter for generation 3. I had a few sub stories planned out, but to my horror the majority of my pictures look like this. What the heck! I am never using the Architect reward again! I had planned to retake the pictures, but after weeks of delays and new apartment expansion glitches, I have decided to say SCREW IT! So, if you really wanted to see the whole graduation scenes, I apologize. But, don't worry all kids graduated with a 4.0, except Bruce and all got into the 'not so secret anymore society', except Bruce. Again I apologize for my evil glitches.
  18. 18. Aww, it's this a nice scene to see. I sent all the kids, now adults, back home to visit Mom & Dad.
  19. 19. &quot;Have you started looking through minion resumes, yet?&quot; &quot;Not yet, I want to get into the criminal track first. To get my name and skills out there. That way I can be more choosey with the applicants.&quot; &quot;Smart idea son, but it looks like your name is already out there.&quot; &quot;Why do you say that dad?&quot; &quot;I'm just looking at the line of minions behind you.&quot;
  20. 20. &quot;What, where?&quot; &quot;Just outside there.&quot;
  21. 21. &quot;Oh come on. Did you really think that would work?&quot; &quot;Hehe, you looked didn't you? You still have a lot to learn before you are true general material. We'll have to pick up training again tomorrow.&quot;
  22. 22. &quot;I am not wearing the dragon suit.&quot;
  23. 23. &quot;I invested 300 points in the Simco stock and came out 5% in the green.&quot; &quot;Wonderful, Sweet Heart and with such a risky company too.&quot;
  24. 24. &quot;Beryl dear are you ok, you're very quite.&quot; &quot;I am fine mother. I am just a bit worried. A friend of mine has not returned my calls or emails. I believe he is still upset with me.&quot; &quot;Well, you shouldn't worry. These things always work themselves out.&quot; &quot;I hope you are right.&quot;
  25. 25. &quot;I am going to rest a bit before the fundraiser. Bayl, you will wake me 5:00 please?&quot; &quot;Sure thing.&quot; Poor Beryl is taking this a bit hard. She rolls want to call and invite Alon over all the time. If I didn't already know their chemistry doesn't mesh, I would say Beryl had a thing for him.
  26. 26. Circe HQ.... “ Hey, Circe guess who we found at market.” “ Hello!” “ What's all this stuff?” -------- Gin, writer of The Science of a Legacy in pink Dicreasy, writer of A Victorian Legacy in Purple Jesi, Simself friend in the OMFG shirt :D Charris aka Cee, writer of The Regacy in the back
  27. 27. &quot;It's about time you guys came home. We have a lot to do today. Mr. Scapini needs to take your measurement so, get hopping.&quot;
  28. 28. &quot;Yes, ladies this way behind the screen. I need to measure you.&quot;
  29. 29. &quot;Yes yes, you two have fine figures. Beautiful curves, soft skin, lovely simply lovely.&quot;
  30. 30. &quot;Ms. Circe, I cannot work my artistic skill under these conditions.&quot; &quot;Mommy, look what Aunt Shady taught me! Double Llama Jump!&quot; &quot;More spring Root, more spring! Weee!&quot; &quot;Oh My, Ms. Charris!&quot;
  31. 31. &quot;Dear Cait!&quot;
  32. 32. “ Is she ok?” “ She is fine, she just fainted.” “ Poor Ms. Charris. Keep that awful man away from her!” “ Should we move her off the floor?” “ Help me put her on the Sofa.” “ Mr. Scapini, if you would collect your brother and say come back this afternoon?”
  33. 33. &quot;Luigi, you fool, what did I tell you? Do not flirt with the clients&quot; &quot;But, Aldo, I cannot help it they are lovely lady with soft skin.&quot; &quot;Arg! Luigi you are an idiot!&quot;
  34. 34. &quot;Ladies if you would all take a set. Sweet heart, mommy need to talk to your Aunties for a moment about something important. Can you go play outside for a bit?&quot; &quot;But, mommy, I can help too. I have a plan to --&quot; &quot;That's nice sweetie, but I really need you to go outside. You can tell me all about whatever it is you want to tell me later. ok?&quot;
  35. 35. &quot;But, it's a really good plan.&quot; &quot;Root.&quot; &quot;Ok, I am going.&quot; &quot;Thank you sweetie.&quot;
  36. 36. &quot;I have kept you all in the dark about a lot of things. So, let's jump into it shall we? The CD Shady cleverly found and opened for me is a data base of sorts. Hector Carboni wasn't just a gaming hall owner, he was a spy. We'll more like a gatherer of information and he had the inside track on nearly everybody.&quot;
  37. 37. &quot;What type of &quot;inside track&quot; do you mean? I can't imagine there would be very much one would consider spy worthy in this town. Nothing existing ever happened until his murder.&quot;
  38. 38. &quot;And that, I bet, is what got him whacked. Carboni was in the business of selling information and secrets. The type of stuff you don't want people to find out about. This CD is a record of all the info he had gathered and who he was selling it to.&quot;
  39. 39. &quot;You said the Jazz CD contains information on nearly everyone. Does that include us too?&quot;
  40. 40. &quot;That is ridiculous we are merely simselves. Who would desire knowledge on us?&quot;
  41. 41. &quot;Not to alarm anyone, but Circe and I did find files on each of us and if Mr. Carboni's records are accurate then he has sold our information already.&quot;
  42. 42. &quot;What! To Whom?&quot;
  43. 43. &quot;It appears the &quot;customers&quot; use code names to hide there identities or Carboni assigned them nick names, we aren't sure. I just have a hard time believing Mr. Peeker3000 is someone's real name. Everyone can have a look at the CD once we are done with the dress fittings for the fundraiser.&quot;
  44. 44. &quot;We are going to the TNLT fundraiser? Is that why Mr. Stuffy and Mr. Creeper are here?&quot; &quot;Yep, the Scapini brothers are top designers and we have been invited to go to the TNLT fundraiser at the famous de Marchi art gallery. I need you guys to help me donate as much money as you can on behalf of the Gnome Channel.&quot;
  45. 45. &quot;Excuse me, I am confused. Gentry is the chair speaker for the TNLT. Why do you want us to give his orginization money?&quot; &quot;Not your money, Gnome Channel money.&quot; &quot;Urr, for a tax write -off?&quot;
  46. 46. &quot;No no, I want to bleed the company dry.&quot;
  47. 47. Back at the legacy house.... &quot;Thank you, sir, next Monday is fine. I will be there bright and early. Yes,Thank you, good bye.&quot;
  48. 48. &quot;So, What did he say?&quot; &quot;You my dear, are looking at the newest member of Sticky Fingers Inc. I start Monday as a bookie fixing Llama races. No doubt, with my skill with numbers and your detailed planning we'll be at the top of the criminal underground before you can say Apatite's your uncle.&quot; &quot;But, he's not my uncle.&quot; &quot;Once we get hitch, he will.&quot; &quot;Hehe, that's right, isn't it.&quot;
  49. 49. &quot;Oh, Salty, this is wonderful! The guy at the pub was right. Mr. Taylor is a very generous man, to give you a job just because Min Fei's friend put in a good word.&quot; &quot;Remind me to hire Min Fei. She would make a great secretary with her connections.&quot;
  50. 50. &quot;But, I was going to be your secretary.&quot; &quot;Aww, you look so cute when you pout. If you really want to, then sure. I guess I'll just have to find someone else to be my Queen and Co-commander then.&quot; &quot;Oh! I like that job title. What are the benefits?&quot; &quot;Come here and I'll show you the job description.&quot;
  51. 51. &quot;Oh My! I am so sorry, I didn't mean to, I was just walking by, I, I, Oh My!
  52. 52. &quot;Quick, Creator next slide! Go Go GO! I can't watch!&quot; Hehe he's so sweet. :D
  53. 53. &quot;Breccia, I have the best news! Sally Parker who works at the school library is roommates with Paula Dillon, who is the new drama teacher at the high school and she just heard from her brother Marcus, who is in town for a meeting that his friend Rebecca Wells heard from Cathy Baker, you know the lady with the bad dye job, Anyway she just heard from that William McBain got a new job a few weeks ago and guess who his co-worker is. Molly Davis who also works part time at the ice cream place next door to the Star Coffee you were talking about. Isn't that great!&quot; &quot;Umm, yay?&quot; &quot;You got that right! Molly said she saw that guy and he even bought ice cream at her shop. Anyway, one of her friends saw him downtown. So, I did some checking. The Guys name is Roderick Doyle and according to his landlord, who was talking to the mail man, this guy got a forwarded invite to the fundraiser tonight.&quot;
  54. 54. &quot;He'll be at the Fundraiser?&quot; &quot;That's what the mail man thinks anyway.&quot; &quot;Wow, Min Fei, you are the best! I got to get changed!&quot;
  55. 55. Circe HQ 7:00pm.... &quot;Thank you for helping to straighten up my hair, Di and for taking my measurements. I believe I would have fainted again if that man even thought to come near me.&quot; &quot;Think nothing of it, dear. A man such as he, should be arrested for indecent behavior.&quot; &quot;I am still quite confused about all of this Di. Why would Circe wish to bankrupt her own company?&quot;
  56. 56. &quot;Ms. Charris, try to pay more attention. Circe expanied why and it makes logical sense to me if a bit high handed on her part.&quot; &quot;How could I have paid any heed, if I slept the entire time.&quot; &quot;Oh yes, I apologize. You did indeed miss a great deal. Let me explain.&quot;
  57. 57. &quot;Mr. Carboni, the man whom was murdered, was a spy and he discovered the gnomes under Circe's employment at the Gnome Channel are embezzling the company's assets for over a year now. The gnomes are very cleaver in hiding this information. If Ms. Xtabay had been in charge of the accounts, I am sure the gnomes would have been caught long ago. But, alas Ms. Xtabay does not care much for gnomes and refused to work for the company. After discovering this deception, I must agree with Ms. Xtabay. Gnomes are indeed a wicked lot. Circe wishes to bankrupt her company in the hopes the shareholders will be forced to sell to a 2nd party. The gnomes will have to sell or lose everything.&quot;
  58. 58. &quot;Would not Circe lose everything as well?&quot; &quot;She would but, she is not concerned. I believe she is more upset over being fooled for so long.&quot; &quot;Thank you for explaining this to me. Let us go down stairs and await the other.&quot; ----- Note to Charris, sorry about your simself's skin tone. I accidentally deleted it. I sorry, I'll get it back. :(
  59. 59. “ I told you they wouldn't leave without us.” “ We wouldn't have had to worry at all if you hadn't wasted so much time in front of the mirror, Jamie.” “ Hello everyone, sorry we are late.” ----- Jamie aka DocgirlP writer of the Bohemian Legacy Doc aka DrSupremeNerd writer of the Ventinari Dualegacy (to the left) Denise aka Avidreader2466 writer of the Puritanical Green Thumb Legacy
  60. 60. &quot;Good everyone is here. Now remember be as generous tonight as you can. Don't hold back. We'll make those little point hat munchkins wish they never dared to mess with Circe.&quot;
  61. 61. De Marchi Art Gallery, the most elegant 5 star restaurant with private art collection gallery in all of Hiragi Hills and location of the 1st ever TNLT fundraising event. -------- A little bit of a warning most of these scenes are happening at the same time. just keep that in mind. I am so proud of this lot. It took hours to get it the way I wanted it to look. It's so lovely! XD
  62. 62. &quot;Breccia I know you only came tonight to find this guy, but be serious do you really think he'll be here and why is this guy so important anyway?&quot; &quot;Bio honey, that's not a question you should be asking her.&quot; &quot;Why not? She is the heiress after all. She should be looking for Mr. 3 Bolts so we can continue with the family legacy.&quot;
  63. 63. &quot;What do you think I'm doing? I know my duty and if everything goes as planned I'll have Mr. 3 Bolts bagged before the night to out.&quot; &quot;Well excuse me, But how do you know this guy is the right one anyway?&quot; &quot;I just know, the chemistry is there. I just need to get to know him a bit better is all. So, when he shows up--&quot; &quot;If is shows up.&quot; &quot;That's what I said WHEN he shows up, I'll formally introduce myself and everything will work out.&quot;
  64. 64. &quot;Is it not beautiful, Ms. Mountain? The form, the color, the essence of knowledge.&quot; &quot;It's an apple.&quot; &quot;Yes, just look at it. You can even feel the power of will which the artist struggled to place within this masterpiece. The strength, the cunning.&quot; &quot;It's an apple.&quot; &quot;Yes, it is brilliant!&quot; &quot;The apple?&quot; &quot;Yes, Ms. Mountain the apple.&quot;
  65. 65. &quot;If you say so...Di, TNLT is a charity right? If that is the case don't you think renting out the De Marchi Art Gallery is a bit extreme?&quot; &quot;New organizations usually have events such as these to make the best possible impression. The TNLT is indeed a charity, but it needs continued support for their ventures and the best way for that is to show the public they are an organization worthy of support, hence the elegance of this evening. But, I do agree this is a bit odd. To spend so much on a fundraiser event is foolish. Mr. Gentry must have a very wealthy supporter.&quot;
  66. 66. &quot;We are missing the party, Bio. What is so important you had to drag me up here?&quot; &quot;I'll get you back to the party soon enough. I just wanted a few moments to look you over.&quot; &quot;Is there something wrong? Did I rip my dress somewhere?&quot;
  67. 67. &quot;No, but I'll be happy to rip it off for you, if you like.&quot; &quot;Bio, you naughty boy.&quot; &quot;I like being naughty, but I can only be so around you. Which is why I think it's best you should always stick around and never leave. Better yet, let's make it a promise.&quot;
  68. 68. &quot;Will you stick around so I have an excuse to be naughty? Marry me, Maria?&quot;
  69. 69. &quot;Yes and you can be as naughty as you want.&quot; &quot;hehe score!&quot;
  70. 70. &quot;Welcome guests, members, soon to be members? Haha, can't blame me for trying. First off I want to thank everyone for coming to support this worthy cause. Every simloan donated today can not only help house many of the free loading townies in our community, but can get them started in careers which can ensure their children will never feel the need to free load themselves. Second, enjoy yourselves. This party is as much for you as it is for those poor homeless townies. To guarantee you leave tonight fully entertained we have a few events planned out and to tell you about them is our newest member Lillian Webber.”
  71. 71. &quot;Thank you for the intro, Mr. Gentry. Hello everyone I am Lillian and do I have some goodie for you or should I say Hottie? Confused yet? Well, let me enlighten you. Tonight we are doing an auction to help support the cause, but before you go running off to the buffet. These ain't no nicks-nacks we're putting on the block. We have ourselves a dating auction. All auction winners will get an all expenses paid night on the town with a generous volunteer. Now, remember this is for charity, bid big! Now, let me introduce our first volunteer.&quot;
  72. 72. &quot;Spider Jerusalem Vetinari&quot; &quot;I want to put on the record, I did NOT volunteer for this. I was tricked, mislead, taken advantage of--&quot; ------- Spider Jerusalem Vetinari is a character in Doc's Awesome Vetinari Dualegacy.
  73. 73. &quot;Suck it up, spider boy, this is your our fault or did you think I would forget you skipped out of the rent twice?&quot; ------ I moved Spider in with Doc, Jamie, & Denise when I got apartment life. hehe :D
  74. 74. &quot;And we start the bidding at $500, do I hear $600.&quot;
  75. 75. &quot;$600, here.&quot;
  76. 76. &quot;$10,000!!!&quot; &quot;Gee, Gin don't you think that is a bit high?&quot; &quot;Heck no! $12,000!&quot;
  77. 77. &quot;15,000!&quot;
  78. 78. &quot;What was that, Jamie dear, I don't believe I heard your bid?&quot;
  79. 79. &quot;Umm, me? Bid? No, no I didn't say a thing.&quot;
  80. 80. &quot;$12,000 going once, twice. Sold to the scary lady in pink! Mr. Vetinari please join the scary lady and be sure to pick up your voucher at the host's desk before you leave.&quot;
  81. 81. &quot;Oh fish! I do look scary. Is that lettuce?&quot;
  82. 82. This place has some nice stuff. I'll have to remember the layout of this building. This can be my first heist easy.
  83. 83. &quot;Ahh, Mr. Higarashi, I'm glad you found time to attend tonight. I must confess I hoped you would.&quot; &quot;Umm, Hi there. I'm just here with my Fiancee Her Mom is a member. Actually I should be getting back to them. Nice talking to you.&quot;
  84. 84. &quot;Mr. Higarashi. I hear you have recently gain employment.&quot;
  85. 85. &quot;Word travels fast it seems, but I am surprised I didn't think it traveled that fast.&quot; &quot;Are you really, surprised that is?&quot; &quot;....&quot;
  86. 86. &quot;We seem to have gotten out on the wrong foot you and I. You are more the man of action, a to-the-point no non-sence fellow. A do man with intelligence. Your kind is rare, Mr. Higarashi. Which is why I believe you would do well in my company.&quot; &quot;Thanks for the offer, but charity gigs aren't my cup of tea. Besides I start my new job, but you already know that.&quot; &quot;I do, don't I? Very well, Mr. Higarashi, if you change you mind you know how to reach me.&quot;
  87. 87. &quot;Have a good night. Oh, and say hello to Mr. Taylor for me?&quot;
  88. 88. How did he know...
  89. 89. &quot;I see grandfather still doesn't trust me to do things on my own.&quot; &quot;He trust you, Hon. He's only worried. You have put yourself in a dangerous position. If something goes wrong--&quot; &quot;I'll be fine. If anything you'll be the one to put me in danger. Why risk talking to me tonight?&quot;
  90. 90. &quot;I'm just doing what I was told to do, Hon. Cheers.&quot;
  91. 91. What are you up to Ms. Love?
  92. 92. Isn't that...what is she doing here?
  93. 93. &quot;Now, isn't it a small world. How are you love?&quot; &quot;What a surprise, I'm doing fine. How are you?&quot; I knew it! He is here and he found me! Oh wow! Does this mean he was looking for me? &quot;Can't complain, can't complain. So, how did you get dragged into charity work?&quot; Is she a TNLT member? &quot;Me in charity work? No, my grandmother founded the TNLT. I'm just here for family support.&quot; I can't believe I'm talking to him. I am so lucky! &quot;Really? You know, I was just going to get a coffee, what to join me? I'll pay this time.&quot; She is with the founding family? Interesting.
  94. 94. &quot;Well, if you're paying how can I say no?&quot;
  95. 95. &quot;Get those checkbooks out ladies. We have one final volunteer for this evening's auction and in my opinion saving the best for last. Let's give a warm round of applause for our host and chair speaker. Mr. Owen Gentry!&quot;
  96. 96. &quot;Thank you Lillian. Before we get started I want to sweeten the deal a bit. The top bidder will not only have a night on the town with yours truly, but a 3 days 2 nights all expensive paid trip to Twiki Island for you and the one you love. So, married ladies, go all out and you and your husband can be on the beach before morning!&quot; &quot;Wow, that does sweeten the deal! Ok ladies, bidding starts at $500.&quot;
  97. 97. &quot;$700!&quot;
  98. 98. &quot;Oh, $1,000, here. I love the beach!&quot;
  99. 99. &quot;I have $1,000, do I have $1,100? Heck I'll bid for a trip to the beach! $1,100! Anyone want to top me? Do I hear $1,200?&quot;
  100. 100. &quot;$10 million.&quot;
  101. 101. *shock* &quot;What!!&quot; &quot;Circe, you can't bid that!&quot; &quot;You're right, Cait. It's far too low $50 million.&quot;
  102. 102. &quot;Urr, well umm, anyone have a better bid? Ok, $50 million going once, twice, sold to the crazy lady in black! Ok , that concludes the auction. feel free to dine at the buffet and wonder the art gallery. Everyone have a good night and I am going to sit down now.&quot;
  103. 103. &quot;What is all that ruckus?&quot; &quot;Not sure, but I bet my brothers will tell me all about it when they find me.&quot; &quot;Is all of your family here tonight?&quot; &quot;Not all of them, a few of my cousins didn't want to be bothered. Honestly, I wouldn't have come if it wasn't for my sister bugging me about it.&quot; ..and the chance you would be here.
  104. 104. &quot;Ahh, that's right you're not in to charity work. What about your family? Any of them involved with TNLT?&quot; &quot;Well, My Aunt Aiyana is one of the founding members and my brother Bayl is getting more involved with going to meetings and such. It gets annoying hearing him praise Mr. Gentry. Don't get me wrong, I think he's a great guy, but Bayl is near to god worshiping him.&quot; &quot;You know Mr. Gentry well, then?&quot; How much is she involved...
  105. 105. &quot;I wouldn't say I know him well. I have meet him. My grandmother dragged me to one of her meetings and I got to hear him speak. I can see why my grandmother wanted him to take her place. He's got a lot of charisma and has a knack for getting things done.&quot; &quot;Did your grandmother know Gentry long before making him the chair speaker?&quot; &quot;I don't know how long she knew him. As I said I'm not really into the charity thing, well at least not into the organization part. You sure do have a lot of question about TNLT. Are you planning on joining?&quot;
  106. 106. &quot;Oh, no. I work for an investment firm, which is interested in donating. Do you hear that? I think they have started up the music. How about a dance, love?&quot; Easy, you don't want her getting suspicious. &quot;Dance, I would love to!&quot; He asked me to dance! Ok, girl don't get too giddy. You don't want to mess this up.
  107. 107. &quot;Jamie, please chew your food. You'll chock if you shovel it in like that.&quot; &quot;It's no fair, I didn't win one date. I'll be single forever!&quot; &quot;Wallow in self pity after you swallow, please.&quot;
  108. 108. &quot;Ms. Hiragi, I am glad I caught you before you left. If I could have a moment of your time?&quot; &quot;Of course, Mr. Gentry.&quot;
  109. 109. &quot;I'll go and gather everyone, see you in a bit Circe.&quot; &quot;I wanted to personally thank you on your generous donations. The Gnome Channel must be having a good year.&quot; &quot;We pay the bills.&quot; &quot;Of course, well you did win the auction. I can have the vacation package sent to you and how does next Thursday evening sound?&quot;
  110. 110. &quot;There isn't any need to trouble yourself. Besides my schedule is far too hectic.&quot; With company sabotage. &quot;I understand, running a business as involved as yours can't be an easy task. I'll have the vacation package sent to your office--&quot; &quot;Again, no need, but thank you all the same.&quot; &quot;Now, Ms. Hiragi, your generosity this evening will keep the TNLT in the green for years to come. There must be something I can do for you?&quot;
  111. 111. &quot;Mr. Gentry all I wanted to do tonight is help a worthy cause. We LFPA members need to stick together. Remember our motto, 'no Sim is ever alone'.&quot; Hehe, let's see if he squirms. &quot;Yes...of course you are right.&quot; Now, she is mocking me. “ I must be going now, my nanny most likely needs untying, kids these days.”
  112. 112. &quot;Then I will bid you good night, madam and I thank you again for you generosity.&quot; &quot;Urr, good night Mr. Gentry.&quot;
  113. 113. &quot;The hour grow late, dear.&quot; &quot;Hold onto your knickers, Di. I'm coming.&quot; &quot;Language Circe, Language!&quot;
  114. 114. The Black Queen shows her teeth, but how will she move? Defensive or Offensive?
  115. 115. &quot;It must be fate we bumped into each other twice now.&quot; &quot;According to my rear end it was only one bump. The second time you walked up to me.&quot; &quot;Haha, that's right. I am sorry about that, your bum, that is.&quot; &quot;Nothing to be sorry about. Just do me a favor and announce the next time you come into a room. My rear can only take so much.&quot; &quot;And ruin my foolproof plan of getting a date? I think not. Just look at the success I've had.&quot; &quot;Haha&quot;
  116. 116. &quot;Excuse me, I apologize for interrupting, Breccia. Have to seen Mother and Father? I wish to go home, I have a terrible headache.&quot; &quot;Mom and Dad left a while go. If you give me a minute we'll go home together.&quot; &quot;I am very sorry for cutting your evening sort. But, I do appreciate it.&quot;
  117. 117. &quot;Sorry, to dance and run, but my sister hasn't been feeling well for a few days now and I am getting concerned. I should get her to bed.&quot; This is so unfair! I just found his and now this. &quot;I understand, love. I hope your sister feels better. We should get together sometimes soon, maybe tomorrow?&quot; I should stay close to this family. Their connection with Gentry can't be just chance. &quot;I would really like that. Let's meet at the Star Coffee downtown. I promise I'll watch where I'm going this time.&quot; He wants to see me again! This is so great!. &quot;Than it is a date. Have a good night, love.&quot;
  118. 118. &quot;Breccia, my name is Breccia.&quot; &quot;Have a good night, Breccia. I'm Roderick by the way, Roderick Doyle.&quot; &quot;Yep, I know. Good night.&quot;
  119. 119. She knew, did she? I guess I was right, She may be involved. In any case, I have an enigma on my hands.
  120. 120. &quot;Do you really thinks it is ok to talk to your parents now? It's so late.&quot; &quot;Don't worry, knowing dad he's working on a minion or something and mom is following the early morning stock reports. They would get mad if they weren't the first to know, anyway.&quot; &quot;I can't believe we are getting married!&quot; &quot;What's not to believe? It was inevitable. If you had said no, I would have camped outside your door to ask you again.&quot; &quot;I would never have said no.&quot;
  121. 121. &quot; 'scuse me, not meaning ta disrupt, but you're Biotite Higarsahi?&quot; &quot;Yes, officer I'm Biotite. What can I help you with?&quot; &quot;We gots some questions for ya. Seems we gots a Cow beater on our hands and we need some particulars. Ya catch me? We need ya to come with us.&quot;
  122. 122. Dum Dum Dummmm.... :P --------- That ends chapter 3. I hope you enjoyed it. >^-^< I want to thank all the simselves used and abused in this chapter. Many thanks to my special one time guest Spider Jerusalum from the Ventinari Dualegacy. I couldn't help but to use him. XD And most important, thank you to all you readers out there. Your comments are what keep me posting. Until next time!