Chapter 1.2


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Chapter 1.2 of Geogacy a Sims 2 life story

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Chapter 1.2

  1. 1. Geogacy Chapter 1.2
  2. 2. Today we visit our sponsors for this chapter. The Grunt family. I never understood why this family has such a bad reputation. They are a rather nice and caring family.
  3. 3. “ Dad! We are playing catch not bomb the rebels.”
  4. 4. “ Sorry, I thought they were the same thing. (he he sissy boy)”
  5. 5. We left off right before the birth of baby #3. Just in case everyone forgot, which I did, ^-^ I made a 3 kid minimium for all generation. This is the last required child in this generation. Do you hear that Hitomi? “ Busy right now.” Oh sorry. Lets continue shall we?
  6. 6. Another boy and his name is Apatite. Sorry, Hitomi no girls this generation and I had some really good names picked out too. Apatite: Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,CL) This mineral comes in all sorts of colors and kind of looks like candy. Think Jolly Rancher. Apatite is also one of the main minerals in your bones and teeth. Yes, people the human body and all other things are made up of elements and these elements make minerals, even in you! Do not confuse Apatite with appetite, though they do sound the same. The word Apatite cames from the Greek word Apatan which mean "deceive". *Note* If anyone is wondering what the random letters and numbers are after the name, that is the chemical formula. It shows what elements and the amounts that are in each mineral.
  7. 7. Hey! Wake up! The geology lesson was not that bad.
  8. 8. "I have just experienced the most peculiar apparition. I was gazing in the looking glass when suddenly what resembled candy began emerging from my shin. Quite the nightmare, truly."
  9. 9. "hmm A 9 letter word that begins with T." ooh Crossword puzzle. I wait to play! What is the clue? "Intimidate is the clue Lady Creator" Oh this is easy, the answer is terrorize. Oh no wait tyrannize. Yep, it is that one.
  10. 10. "Euerka! I have it! The puzzle is won!" Yay! I love this game. So, which was is terrorize or tyrannize? "Treadmill" *Sigh*
  11. 11. Now, that is what I like to see. Dare I ask what has caused this sudden need to skill? "Aspiration........ fulfillment......." *pant* How can you get an aspiration boost from skilling, you are a pleasure Sim? "A trimmed..... Physique.... can.... help with.... LTW..." *pant* ??? Now, I am really confused. Your LTW is 50 1st dates. "Bingo... Madam Creator... Bingo"
  12. 12. “ Salutations, dear Lucy, the day finds you in good cheer?” “ Um? I am fine. How are you?” And so begins the 1st of 50 1st dates. * Pist, over here. Little does Aragon know, that this is the only date he'll ever get. There is no way I am doing that LTW*
  13. 13. Since this is to be the only date he gets. I put some extra effort into making it a dream date. Too bad, they have only 2 blots instead of 3. Lucy has pretty genes. Well, if push comes to shove, I can always change his turn on's. Yet, I like to keep that as a last resort.
  14. 14. Aww! I love the 1st kiss interaction. Aragon almost looks sweetly innocent. Ok everybody, Say it with me! "ALMOST"
  15. 15. Looks like your plant friends are coming along nicely. "They are minions! Do not give them false hopes of friendship. They are mere means to my glorious ends and you will not fill their leafy stems with nonsense." I can't believe I am about to say this. AL, go watch TV it is more wholesome.
  16. 16. Why are you not watching TV? There had to have been something interesting. We have a dish after all. “ I did watch TV and it was an excellent suggestion. Thank you.” *Shock* (Wow, he actually listened to me) So, what did you watch? “ A few older movies, `The Sim Father' and `Simface' they were awesome! Now, I am reading about organized crime so I can watch them again with a better understanding. ........Al sweetie, do me a favor. When your mom asks who suggested the TV tell her it was Circe, Ok? Please?
  17. 17. “ I don't believe you have met my husband. April this is Jin. Jin this is April, we are sorority sisters.” “ Pleasure to met you finally.”
  18. 18. “ Wow, you weren't kidding he is hot.”
  19. 19. “ Yes, I bagged a good one, didn't I.” You're not bad yourself foxy lady. Hey! Put that thought bubble away before Hitomi sees it.
  20. 20. Time flies when your sims are being demanding. 3 days have come and gone and now it's time for Apatite's birthday. I felt really bad about not giving him any face time so, I decided to throw a birthday party. This way Hitomi can catch up with old friends too.
  21. 21. “ Aunty April, Aunty Gina, I must say, No two lovelier visions have I seen. Pray tell me dear lady what is your secret to eternal perfection?” “ Oh, that is easy. Our lot hasn't been played in months.” “ You hear that, Creator! MONTHS!!” I will! Just as soon as this chapter is finished. I Promise!
  22. 22. Clap your hands everybody Slide to the left Take it back now yal One hop this time Right foot lets stomp Left foot lets stomp Cha Cha now yal Mr. C The Slide Man Cha cha slide.
  23. 23. Hey peolpe! There is a baby spinning going on. Where are you going Circe? “ Umm...start a congo line?” You could at least tell the truth. “ Ok, I am going to raid their fridge for cheesecake. What to come?” No, that's ok, have fun. *sigh* I give up.
  24. 24. 7/9/9/9/1 !?!? Yes, I have another clone. This is odd, I have heard of the fabled 1st born glitch, yet I have honestly never experienced any glitches so, I am not to sure how to fix this. Well, the damage is done. I just have to make sure to fix this before the next generation.
  25. 25. What happened too your plant friends? "MINIONS!" Ok Ok minions. "They are dead. Insects came and ate them." I'm sorry. This must be hard for you. But, don't be sad they are in a better place now. "Sad? I am Thrilled! Those insects defeated my killer tomatoes They would make perfect minions!”
  26. 26. "Ha ha I have found you! The time has come for all of you to realize that I, Albite the Mighty, am your one and only lord and master. Now, in the jar!"
  27. 27. *sigh* Al, they aren't going to fly into the jar. If you really want them as your friends-- "Minions!" -- as your minions, then you have to catch them. "I see, I must defeat them before they will respect me as their leader." .....Sure, that's it. "Bring it on, insects of doom!"
  28. 28. Well, hello there, Apatite. Are you having fun with Mr. Bunny? "Appy bored, noting fun. Bunny no fun, Appy want Kitty." Aww, he wants a kitten. Well, I don't usually let my sims have pets, they cause too much lag. But, For a sweetie like you I'll get one. "Appy lov kitty, pull tail and ears, kitty make fun sound." Nope, I changed my mind no pets. Not in this family.
  29. 29. Wait don't grow up yet! Let me get the camera out first.
  30. 30. *phew* That was close. note to self no more 3 speed during toddler training. “ It is all clear now; simple insects cannot make my dreams of controlling this town a reality. What I need are loyal followers and who better to follow me, then my own children. Yes, 6 is a round number to start with. My children will, of course, have the best mother. Someone with blonde or brown hair and she most have a job. Someone will have to make money, while I am raising my offspring in my image.” Family Sim-- LTW Marry off 6 kids. Turn on's Blonde & Brown hair. Turn off No Job. Ladies heed this warning and fee.
  31. 31. I let Albite grow out his hair. It looks good. Al is without a doubt a family sim. He plays with little Appy every chance he get. “ No fun, bunny no fun. Appy make bunny fun, fo out window. Crush fun!” “ Wait a sec, little guy. Throwing it out the window will only be a temporary thrill. What you need is a hammer, pliers, and a matchbook. Trust me, Mr. Bunny will be loads of fun then.” At least they are bonding.... I guess.
  32. 32. Poor kiddo, you look so sad. "Appy sorry." Sorry? Did you do something wrong? "Mommy say, bunny no go in oven" Bunny? Oven? You didn't!
  33. 33. .....Oh my..... (This is all that is left of Mr. bunny after a small kitchen fire involving a TV dinner, only 1 cooking skill, and no fire alarm. An alarm was purchased shortly after.)
  34. 34. I cannot believe you encouraged him to Barbeque Mr. Bunny. Are you even listening, young man? "I would love to chat with you Creator Lady; However, I have heard a rumor that there is buried treasure just waiting for someone to find it. Just imagine the secret hide out I could build for my minions." *Clunk* "Hmm. Not good. Well, got to go Creator.
  36. 36. “ That's odd, the water stopped running. Good thing the tub is already full.” “ Daddy, Appy gotta go potty......neder mind.” “ What's that-- ah geez.”
  37. 37. Another 4 Sim days have past. I have been pretty lucky with the clothing the boys have grown into. I haven't had to spend one simloan on wardrobes.
  38. 38. ...You did that on purpose.
  39. 39. "Man, I'm bored. There is never anything fun to do around here." There is plenty to do, are you kidding? Go watch TV. No, I take that back. l am not having another Albite moment. How about your imagination. No, that's worse, I would be afraid of what you would think up.
  40. 40. "I told you it's boring around here." I tried. Why don't you play with your food or something? I am going to see what Circe is up to. It's been too quite lately which probably means the cops are after her and she is laying low. see ya kid. "yummy....hmm, I got it."
  41. 41. “ ....It's a great idea. I mean think about it. People love TV, people love gnomes, put the two together and we got classic entertainment.” “ I don't know. I really don't care for gnomes. They're creepy if you ask me, with their point hats and the 'I will eat your heart' expressions on their evil faces. Well, it doesn't look like you're in trouble.
  42. 42. "Do you mind? I am in the middle of a business discussion." I will only take a moment of your time. You see, I am stressing over this clone glitch. It looks like the whole neighborhood is having 7/9/9/9/1 babies. I made a few tester families and I get the same results. How can I fix it?
  43. 43. "How should I know? I'm just a simself, you're the simmer. Can't you go to one of those forums you spend every waking moment at? Get off your lazy--"
  44. 44. "Hey, Mom can I use your car? We ran out of roast for the Cricketta" “ Fine, go get the lazy Cow plant, that hasn't eaten a single trespasser in weeks, some dinner and always remember pedestrians are 10 points each, 25 if they run.” ?????
  45. 45. Excuse me, who are you? "Root, who are you?" Circe!?!?
  46. 46. "Hmm? Oh, that is my son Root. I thought I mentioned him already. Well, I did now. So, where were we? Wait, your son? When did this happen? Who's the father? Why didn't I notice? "Calm down. your panicked state is amusing, but annoying as well so, shut it. I'll explain what happened."
  47. 47. “ It started like every other day. Cat Cat was hard at work to earn those body point, which would get her to the top of the Adventure career track and I was in my Sanctuary of Green.”
  48. 48. “ I don't normally use sprays; however, it gets difficult to maintain a large garden with Ladybug Lofts alone. I must have used too much that day.”
  49. 49. “ Yep, Plantism. It was an odd experience, now that I think back. I felt like I was part of my Sanctuary of Green."
  50. 50. “ I , of course, explored my new circumstances and found that--”
  51. 51. “ It sucked! Don't get me wrong, Plant Sims are interesting and it doesn't take much to make them happy. Sunlight, Water, & Love. Yet, that is where the problems lie. I want a large family one day and being a Plant Sim might scare away hopeful DNA donors.”
  52. 52. “ Then it hit me. I am a Family Sim, who could make her own kids anytime I wanted.”
  53. 53. “ Root was born. He is pretty much a clone of myself with the same personality and skill points.”
  54. 54. “ Plant baby are born with all of their toddlers skills. I was disappointed. As a family sim, I long to teach my offspring the basic skills of life, yet some unknown force had already did so.”
  55. 55. “ Time quickly passed. One second your spawning them from your head the next....”
  56. 56. “ Adulthood. I was overjoyed that my baby grew up well and handsome. Yet, again, I felt cheated. My poor baby did not know the joy of childhood, no noogies from fellow teens, and worst of all no college degree.”
  57. 57. “ That is when I decided that my future grandchildren would not share their fathers lack of childhood.”
  58. 58. “ First off, I drank down the Gypsy's cure. It tasted like that sunny dee drink.”
  59. 59. “ It's a good thing I have a Simco Club card so, I can buy in bulk.”
  60. 60. “ It was also a good thing I own a salon, 'makeovers 'cause ya need it' because he needed it.”
  61. 61. “ He is a pleasure sim with a LTW for 50 1st dates and he has got ambition to be the next crime boss too. I am so proud. Just think, with my influence we can created the ultimate crime family. " That nice. I better go now. Need to finish the legacy and all that. See you later.
  62. 62. What has gotten you all excited? "You made it back just in time. This is going to be great." Why am I getting goose bumps?
  63. 63. “ What the--”
  64. 64. “ Ha ha, You're holding a week old burger.”
  65. 65. “ Very funny, Appy, now came over here and clean this dummy out.” “ Eeww” That's it? I excepted more then a kid's prank. Where is the flame thrower and the acid spray? “ Acid Spray?” “ Gee thanks, Now he's got idea.” *head hits keyboard*
  66. 66. Now that all 3 boys are eligible for private school, Aragon wasted no time and invited the headmaster over.
  67. 67. “ Did you enjoy the tour, Mr.. Um--- (what is this guy?s name) I'I forgot to write in down. Please don't be mad. >.< “ *sigh* - Mr. Headmaster.” “ Quite lovely and do not worry, your son Aragon explained that you might be a little embarrass about you lack of furnishings. “ Well, yes, these things take time. We have every intention of working hard for such things.”
  68. 68. “ That is the sprite! Work those moving companies hard. You have to or they walk all over you.” “ Excuse me?” “ It happened to the best of us. There is bound to be some confusion when moving from one country to another. I just hope your ancient collection of Siming Dynasty vases is unharmed during this moving process. Oh, and Mrs. Hitomi, you must be upset that your Grandmother's China set from the late renaissance has yet to arrive.”
  69. 69. “ We have Siming Dynasty vases? Cool, E-bay time!” “ Jin dear, where is YOUR son, Aragon anyway?”
  70. 70. How did it go? Is everyone in Private School? &quot;Well, yeah. Who would deny the future ruler of this town the chance at an excellent education?&quot; I am surprised you would care about it really. &quot;I don't. However, this private school is an elite educational center and as an elite sim, I will not tolerate exclusion. I think I will go out today and reap the benefits of my new station as an elite private school attendee.&quot; Have fun, but I really don't know what benefits you are talking about. &quot;Only the best benefit of all, shoving it in anyone face, duh.&quot;
  71. 71. “ Siming Dynasty, wow, I never thought your family was loaded.” “ Neither did I. My parents kept it from my brother and I. Probably in the hopes we would build character or some such non-sense. Aragon somehow found out and spilled the bean to the headmaster of this elite private school. Now we are in, check the threads. Impressed? “ Nope.” “ Not even a little?” “ Nope, wait...Nope, not at all.” So much for bragging. he he
  72. 72. “ Circe! Wow, it is an honor. You are just the Sim I wanted to see.” “ The answer is no, kid. Unless, of course, this has something to do with my &quot;special&quot; produce at the &quot;farmers market&quot;, which you will forgot I mentioned after the transaction is completed. Get me?” “ I get you, but no, I have a favor to ask. You are a genius mastermind that takes flack from no one, not even the Creator.” I don't like where this is going.
  73. 73. “ I would be extremely honored, if you would take me on as your apprentice.” Heck no! We have a deal Circe!
  74. 74. “ You heard her kid. My hands are tied.” “ But, you never take orders from the Creator.” “ Usually, I don't kid. However, she & I have this deal going. I can't directly interfere with you or your family. I can make suggestion now and again. Yet, my main function is cracking the whip over her head when she gets lazy about writing the legacy. Like for this chapter, I had to get out my nine-tailed whacker 3000 to get her moving.” You said you wouldn't tell! *cry*
  75. 75. “ I can't be you teacher, but I can tell you, you're going to need some minions.” “ I already have a plan for that. Once I'm married, I'll have a whole family of minions.” “ No, kid, minions have to be expendable. Trust me, family makes better pawns anyway. Now, minions are for dirty work. So, find yourself some good and stupid ones. Once you got them, it's up to you on how you use them.”
  76. 76. “ I know that minions are important. So, why don't you have some?” “ Right now, I got something better, a freeloading Simself.”
  77. 77. &quot;Woah, wait a sec, excuse me?&quot;
  78. 78. “ You'll most likely never have a simself at your mercy, but I'll tell you, their sick curiosity will make all the difference.” That's enough Circe, you have already corrupted his mind. Don't give him false hopes.
  79. 79. “ ...So, that's the problem. All my attempts at finding minions have failed and without them my dreams of controlling the town can never be realized.”
  80. 80. “ Dear brother, I must confess, I am perplexed at you notion of desiring authority over this backwater home of ours. Nevertheless, you are my brother; I shall investigate this 'minion' issue and will contact you forthwith if information passes my way.” “ I am going to assume all that meant you are going to help me.” “ Precisely, it is a pity I cannot simply manifest them into existence for you, for that would be more efficient then looking about blindly for them.” “ Hmm.”
  81. 81. “ Hey, Creator Lady, Got the camera ready?” For what?
  82. 82. Oh oh wait. *Click* Got it.
  83. 83. Sorry about that Appy, I wasn't paying attention. Your parents are so close to getting their LTW, that I didn't get many chances to take pics of you, sorry. “ So-kay, I was bored most the time anyway. However, now I have and odd eager to explore the world and learn all I can about it. That's it! I will go out today to see and experience what there is to see. Maybe if I am lucky, I will find a good-looking neat girl with glasses that doesn't have an overbearing smell.”
  84. 84. Appy: Knowledge Sim LTW: Eduction Minister Turn on's: Glasses & Cleanliness Turn off: Cologn e “ Oh yeah, Once the ladies see me, I'll never be bored again.”
  85. 85. “ Aragon, I have an idea I want your opinion on.” “ One moment, dear brother. ... Yes, Academie Le Tour, I wish to embark on my journey for enlightenment. Ah, yes, good show. I will await your vehicle of conveyance.”
  86. 86. “ Hey, You can't just leave. You said you help with my minion search.” “ Alas brother, I have sot out said minions with no avail, forgive me. I now, set forth for my destiny at Academie Le Tour. Farewell brother, we shall meet again as kindred classmates in the future.” And so, Aragon is the 1st of generation 2 to go to college, with only 1 day before adulthood. Yes, I almost forgot. *hangs head in shame*
  87. 87. Hey Al, I have good news! I fixed the clone glitch, it was easy, I went to the Boolprop forum and a nice simmer helped me out. I never thought it would be so easy to fix. &quot;That's nice.&quot; We already have a portrait of your father. Why are you painting another? &quot;Aragon has higher creative points, so I am making a counterfeit portrait. Once I sell his I'll have enough funding for my minion search.&quot; What's that saying? When the cat is away, the mice will sell his artwork at auction to the highest bidder.
  88. 88. &quot;Gypsy Lady, I have a thirst for knowledge and experience. I must know of the secrets of your matchmaking abilities. Grant me a blind date for my research. One that is cleanly with glasses, oh and no cologne, if you would.&quot;
  89. 89. “ That is a tough order, boy. I don't think I can manage --” “ Here you go.” “ Ah, yes we can work with this, no problem.”
  90. 90. “ Yes, I see a match.” “ Fascinating.”
  91. 91. “ E ehh, I suddenly had a bad case of Goosebumps, I wonder why?&quot;
  92. 92. Al, what are you doing with Aragon's crush? &quot;I saw the matchmaker outside and decided it wouldn't hurt to try my hand at a soul mate and guess you popped up.&quot; She may have 'popped up' but she is your brother's potential bride. It's a bad idea, I'm telling you.
  93. 93. Oh may, bad Al, bad! This is going to be trouble I just know it.
  94. 94. “ Al, a sudden feeling of dread has just come over me. I'm scared.”
  95. 95. “ He he, and what a feeling it is.”
  96. 96. Ooww pretty platinum plumbob. (try saying at 3 times fast) :p
  97. 97. I would like to take this moment to announce that these two lovebird have both, yes both reached their LTWs! Platinum Forever! Yay! *fireworks* I can officially stop playing you two how.
  98. 98. It has been a few days, since Aragon abandoned me. It is true what Circe said, family make good pawns, Aragon served his purpose, now with his departure I must search for suitable minions all by myself or find another sucker to do it for me. Aragon was right, It would be faster to just make minions, if only I could..... Hmm, maybe I can.
  99. 99. &quot;I want to thank all of you for coming to today's meeting. I know the weather is a little on the chilly side so, I will keep this short.&quot;
  100. 100. &quot;You are my proud evil snowman army. Minions worthy of the name minion! I, your King, have many missions for each of you to conduct to prove you are worthy of much more then the tile of minion, but the title of 'Super Minion', my own person guard.&quot;
  101. 101. &quot;You, my Snowman will strike fear into the souls of our enemy, freeze their will, and conquer their existences. No one will dare defy us.&quot;
  102. 102. &quot;I will assign these important missions to you early tomorrow morning, so be here on time. Lateness will not be tolerated.&quot;
  103. 103. &quot;And always remember, you are servants of the Snowman King, act accordingly. That is all&quot;
  104. 104. If only Circe could see me now commanding my very own snowman army. Tomorrow will be my day of destiny. My snowman will take the town in one fell swoop. Like a cow plant catches the townie. Yes, tomorrow cannot come quick enough.
  105. 105. &quot;The wonder of snow. Today, I discover several snow activities and yet, I am still not fulfilled. I must discover more about this wonder that is snow.&quot;
  106. 106. “ Ah ha! What is this, snowmen? Well, this looks interesting. It looks to me that you are looking for a fight. Well, bring snowman.&quot;
  107. 107. &quot;Bonsai!&quot;
  108. 108. &quot;He he, Shouldn't have picked a fight, Mr. Snowman, if you couldn't pull a decent punch. What's that, your friends will avenge you? We will just see about that!&quot;
  109. 109. &quot;My analysis of snow, it?s cold, but fun to drop kick. Curiosity appeased. It's good to be a Knowledge Sim.&quot;
  110. 110. &quot;What's with the blizzard? It's hard to see out here.&quot;
  111. 111. &quot;You guys better be ready to work today. Blizzard or not, nothing is going to stop this campaign.&quot;
  112. 112. &quot; What the-- PLUMBOB ALMIGHTY!&quot;
  113. 113. &quot;A massacre. Who could have done this? Pull yourselves together it won't take much. Just grab some snow and start patting. Why aren't you moving? My minions speak to be.&quot;
  114. 114. &quot;This is just great. I haven't even gotten started yet and I already have a rival, who has somehow discovered my plans and has massacred my minions.&quot;
  115. 115. &quot;I will get you for this. I don't know who you are, but I will find out and when I do, I will feed you to my future minions, which will be better and stronger, then any snowman you can throw at them.&quot;
  116. 116. &quot;Well, no point waiting around here now. Might as well go and join my brother at Le Tour. Dang this new rival, I wonder who it is?&quot;
  117. 117. Therefore, Albite went on to join his brother on the new legacy college lot. Will he ever find out that it was in fact his own brother, Apatite, who destroyed his chances for domination of the town? Will he succeed in creating the ultimate minion? Will Aragon slap him around for fooling around with his crush Lucy? We will answer the question and many more in the next chapter of Geogacy. However, until then we have to finish this one 1st. :D
  118. 118. &quot; I got scared for a second. I thought you were going to end the chapter before I could go to college.&quot; Sorry about that, we are now continuing with the story.
  119. 119. Are you calling College Now? &quot;Heck yeah! I'm a knowledge sim, I not only rolled the want, I locked it with a triple coded master bolt lock.&quot;
  120. 120. Finally the last of generation 2 is off to college. Now, the story is over for this chapter. I hope you enjoyed reading it.
  121. 121. &quot;Hey, kids I'm home. Your loving mother has returned from a hard day of work.&quot;
  122. 122. “ Sweet heart the kids are all at college.” “ Non-sense, they are too young for college, they are just babies after all. Yoo-Hoo kids, Mommy home.”
  123. 123. “ Really sweetie, they are gone, as in no longer here in the house.” “ Hush, the kids can't hear me because you are talking to loud. Boys, Mommy needs a hug.” *sigh* A family sim in denial is a sad thing to witness.