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Pre legacy part 2


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Geogacy Pre-Legacy part 2. A Sims 2 Life story

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Pre legacy part 2

  1. 1. Welcome to the 2nd installment of the Pre-Legacy, which really isn't a legacy yet, but will be after this installment. That was a mouth full. :D This is a teaser picture. I got Bon Voyage, however, I have yet to play around with it much. But don't worry I have plans for this expansion. He he he! Anyway, Welcome again. We left off with Simself Me aka Circe trying to flee University as quickly as possible. She has completed her goal of finding a founder for my legacy and I have had a good deal of practice without cheating. I am so Proud!! So, let's get this thing started.
  2. 2. So, ah Circe, you like the house? It's Japanese inspired like you asked for. "I guess it will do, for now." I'm so glad you like it! I worked so hard to get everything just right. I added 2 porches, one in the front the other in the back. There is even a tea house and a large bath area. I remembered your Sanctuary of Green too it's not much right now but it'll grow. You are really good with plants and-- "Will you shut it! Can't you see I'm trying to relax?" Oh yes, sorry about that..... So, Circe umm, you haven't told me yet who the founder is.
  3. 3. "I can't just tell you. There are rule for this stuff." Rules? What type of rules. I don't know what you mean. I-- "Of course you don't know. You aren't a Sim. There is a whole list of protocol for future founders of legacies. Contracts, committee meetings, this isn't just about you, you know. This legacy will affect the entire community. I can't rush this process and to think you even asked me to. It goes against the central values of the LFPA. Now, I'll have to file form A3U5 because the "Creator" wants to know who the founder is before the appointed time and--" No No, I'm sorry I didn't mean to cause trouble. *Snif* I didn't know there was so much involved with legacies. No wounder I can never get a legacy to work. I've been doing it all wrong. All this time I've been making Sims in CAS and just moving them on a 5X5 plot.
  4. 4. "Finally you get it." You have worked so hard for me Circe. I shouldn't have burden you with this in the first place. It was my responsibility and I pushed it on you without a thought. I want to make it up to you. I'll talk to the LFPA and settle everything and -- "No, you can't do that. The Legacy Founders Protection Association does not like the interference of the 'Creator'. Many of them were once former founders themselves and have had bad experiences with there own Creators. They were promised homes with actual floors and wallpaper with a motherlode to buy furnishings, but never received them after their horrendous ordeals. They were left to wonder the waiting room of Grimmy for many Sim years, patiently waiting for a reward that never came. It's all so sad." (Waiting room of Grimmy taken from the Ugothlacy written by Ephemeral Toast)
  5. 5. I didn't know that Sim founders-- "Spares and Simselves" -- and Spare and Simselves go through so much. I will be patient Circe and I swear here and now that I Circe0419 will never go back on a promise to any Sim Founder or Spare. "or Simself" Or Simself "You have done the right thing. I will tell the LFPA of your good intentions. You will have a very happy founder. I assure you."
  6. 6. I almost forgot, the other reason I came was to tell you that I have a Geology test coming up, so I'll be away from the game for a while. Hopefully by the time I'm done studying, we can get the legacy started. Since you have worked so hard I have invited a Babysit-- I mean a House guest over to keep you company while I'm away from the PC. "I heard what you almost said. I don't need a babysitter." It was a slip of the tongue, I promise. In any case you'll have fun .
  7. 7. “ Hello!” This is Xtabay522 AKA Cat Cat, fellow Simmer and real life friend. I invited her over to keep tabs... I mean keep Circe company. “ Ok, where is he?” Who?... Oh yeah, I kinda said I might download Johnny Depp into the game, but I decided not to. I don't want to be seen as a copycat. Everyone has a Johnny Depp and I want to be more original.
  8. 8. “ Oh Circe! *Snif* She lured me here with false hopes. How could she? She crushed my dreams she crushed them so hard.” “ There there, don't worry Cat Cat, I'll make sure she get him from the Exchange for you. She did just make a vow to always keep her promises.” I did not promise anything. “ Snnnniiiiiffff!!” Fine, I'll get a Johnny, but I make no Promises on how he will look. I am picky about what CCs I put in my game.
  9. 9. “ I am all about the Simloans and Johnny of course. I might even become a Space Pirate. Just imagine the bounty!” Ok, I'm going to study now. “ Is there really a lot of treasure in that line of work?” Hello? I'm leaving now. “ Sure there is.” No respect at all. not even from myself. *sigh*
  10. 10. “ The bank was that easy to knock over?” “ I think she is gone now.” “ Woo-Hoo now we can have some fun!”
  11. 11. “ Oh yeah, that's the good stuff. Pop Pop bubbles.” “ By the way, What was that crap about the LFPA?” “ Just that, Crap. Pop pop” “ I thought as much but, why? She just wanted to know who the founder is.”
  12. 12. “ You do have a founder right?” “ Nope. hehe not at all. Not even an idea. Pop pop, I will meditate with the bubbles. They will guide me. Pop.”
  13. 13. “ Someone will pop into my head, like the sun popping up from the clouds. he he pop pop POP!”
  14. 14. "I can see clearly now the rain is gone." “ Sing it Sister!”
  15. 15. “ Wow! I've wanted to breakout the bubble blower forever. Miss Goody-2-shoes doesn't let me have any fun. Every waking moment she's like " Who's my founder? When can I meet them?" At times I think I should just be the founder, but then I remember all the stories of the horror they go through. No way, am I living without motherlode.”
  16. 16. “ You know you'll need to find someone. She'll keep bugging you until you do. Think of it this way once you find a founder she won't have time for you anymore. She'll be too busy keeping her 1st generation alive.”
  17. 17. Circe's Monologue: I knew what Cat Cat said was the truth. The overbearing, highly obsessive whiner aka the "Creator" would indeed drive me to extreme insanity. I should know I am her..... "Wow, that's deep." Hush it! I'm monologue-ing it here. Can't you see the Italic type? Go back to your.. swimming?
  18. 18. I escaped to my tranquil Sanctuary of Green hoping I would stumble upon an epiphany. “ Looks like someone got out their thesaurus.” Keep it up, Cat Cat and I'm putting you to work.
  19. 19. And, I did. I opened up a Salon, 'Makeovers 'Cause Ya Need It'. Why go out and look for a founder, when a founder should come to me. And since they are here they can get a makeover along with all the other UGLY towines. “ This is no way to treat a house guest.” Let me remind you that "I" didn't invite you to "my" home, freeloader. Anymore lip out of you and no Mr. Depp.
  20. 20. “ Umff that's harsh.” Keep toiling "House Guest.
  21. 21. Yummy, This cuties is Jin. He could make an excellent founder. Could, but won't. I think I'll keep this one for me. I do have a LTW to have 6 grandkids. Might as well start looking for Mr. Good Genes.
  22. 22. “ Hey Circe, how are things? Our Graduating class is trying to get a reunion together. and since you were the 1st to graduate, we thought you would be the prefect event planner.” “ A reunion already?” “ Well yeah, It's already been 4 sim years.” “ Let me get back to you on that. I'm kinda busy right now. Need to find a founder and all that jazz.” “ Are you still looking? Wow, procrastination at its worst. Well, good luck with that.”
  23. 23. “ ... and then she's like 'procrastination at its worst' She has no idea how hard it is to find someone willing to go through torture.” She was the SSC (Spontaneous Sim Combustion) victim right?” “ Little Miss prefect was skilling like mad on the treadmill, then Bomb! No one really knows if it was SSC or a treadmill burn out.” “ Interesting... hmm”
  24. 24. Well well looky here, hot stuff has come to visit.
  25. 25. “ ...So, once I find this founder I plan to travel the world. Bon Voyage Expansion, you gotta love it. The only problem is finding someone to go with. It won't be any fun going alone.” “ You should invite someone who is fun and cultured.” “ Really and who might I invite that is Fun and Cultured?” “ Mrs. Crumplebottom duh.” .....crickets..... “ OKay, I'll think about it.” ( So, the boy is a little dense. Not everybody can be romance. )
  26. 26. “ Hitomi called again. She said not to worry about the reunion. She already made the arrangements. She said that now you have nothing to distract you from your founder hunt and that if you need any help she maybe able to schedule you in for a dinner. oh and I'm raising my salary for all the secretary work I've been doing lately.” “ Is it just me or has she gotten arrogant since college? Always the overachieving Suck up and no raise.” “ So mean! Maybe I should work for Hitomi. She seems successful and dependable.”
  27. 27. “ Yes Cat Cat, you are right she is. Muhahahaha!!!”
  28. 28. “ Hey Hitomi, great work with the reunion plans. Thanks so much for doing it. I was just so busy with the Salon and the founder hunt I wouldn't have been able to do it.” “ Don't worry about it. I like keeping busy and I saw it as a challenge to set up the class reunion.” “ Challenge? Yes, you seem to do well with all sorts of challenges. I was wondering if you are free say, tomorrow night? I really need some help with this founder thing and I know you will have some great ideas. We can meet up at 'Little N Local'” “ I'm glad you asked. I thought you would be having some trouble. so, I already made a list of people and some potential themes.” “ Good Good, then I'll see you there.”
  29. 29. “ You like Cat Cat. I got it at Amelia's Closet for $29.99” “ Wow! What A deal. But, why all the black? You aren't going Emo on me are you?” “ Heck no, I've found me a founder.”
  30. 30. “ Yes, and a brillant plan too. Just brillant. he he he” “ Ooohh the "Excellent" fingers. This is either going to be a really good show or I should start running.”
  31. 31. “ I'm going to nab me a founder.” “ You don't mean Sim-napping! It's not me is it?” “ No, if it was you I would have knock you out the day you got here and dragged you to the 5X5 lot. Besides I need a dependable and very successful Sim with a like for challenges for this job.”
  32. 32. “ Gee thanks, never thought I was so high in your esteem. If it's not me, than.. wait dependable, successful and likes challenges. You don't mean.” “ Yep, Her, and you are going to help me.” “ No way, I am not having anything to do with this. Sorry, but I like living a peaceful life as a Warhead Disarm-er. I am not going to do something that risky.”
  33. 33. “ Come on Cat Cat, It won't be that bad. It's just Hitomi. What can she do try and brown nose us to death?” “ Hitomi? oh! I thought you meant Crumplebottom. That's a relief, I thought you went crazy for a second. “ Crumplebottom? I'm not going to ask. So, are you helping me out or not? “ Well yeah, somebody has to nip Miss Perfect in the bud.”
  34. 34. “ Ok we have 24 hours to make this work. Big Circe will be back by then and I want the "founder" wrapped up nice and tight with a purple and pink bow. “ Why purple and pink?” “ Red is overrated and it would clash with her shirt.”
  35. 35. “ I guess I got here early. I wonder where we're going for dinner. This place isn't even open anymore. Maybe Circe doesn't know it's closed. Well, I'll just make a list of all the places near by and then categorize them by price, food type, and service.”
  36. 36. “ Be very very quite, we're hunting Hitomi eh eh eh.” “ Shhh. We are closing in on our prey. Get the Veggy Projectiles ready.” “ Peppers and Eggplants ready for lunch, I mean launch”
  37. 37. “ It.. it's really dark out here. I'm getting kind of worried. I get the feeling that something is about to happen.”
  38. 38. “ Like something horrible is about to befall me out here, all alone. No, I'm just being silly. I'll be perfectly fine. Right, just fine.”
  39. 39. “ Get Her! Punch left, Left! Use the Eggpant! ohh Watch out! She's a biter.”
  40. 40. “ Ooohh That's going to get infected.”
  41. 41. “ I think you over did it a bit.” “ Well, if you had helped like we planned it, I wouldn't have had to go Sumo on her. She deserved it anyway. Sissy biter.”
  42. 42. “ o ww note to self no more bubbles while on treadmill... what where I'm I?”
  43. 43. “ Circe? Hey! You tried to Hit me with low quality produce.” “ I'll have you know that those veggies come from my Sanctuary of Green. They are the best veggies you'll ever have hurled at your head!.. But, to the point, I have finally found my founder thanks to you, Hitomi. “ Glad to be of help. Yet, that doesn't tell me why you hit me with produce!?” “ Naive little Hitomi, from you will raise a dynasty of screaming, money sucking brats.” “ Aren't you a Family Sim?” “ Yep, but I'll have the mother of all lodes to guide me through motherhood. You won't. Muhaha”
  44. 44. Hello everyone I'm back! My Geology test was so easy, I really didn't need to study as hard as I did. Oh Hitomi! What are you doing here? Not to say, I mind or anything that you are here. It's just a surprise. “ I was told that you needed a founder for your legacy and I thought I might volunteer.” *shock* *Snif snif* I'm so happy! To think me favorite Sim is willing to to ... *cry* Sorry, I'm just so thrilled. Are you sure that you want to do this. It will be tough for the 1st generation. Very little money and plenty of screaming kids.
  45. 45. “ Oh yes, I'm very willing. I'm a family Sim after all. I like babies.” Are you really really sure? “ Of course, I am. It's not like there is a homicidal Sim killer behind that screen that is threatening my very existence if I don't go through with this. I am so proud to call you my founder, Hitomi. You want regret this. *Cry of Happiness*
  46. 46. “ Why do I not believe her?” This concludes the Pre-Legacy, which really isn't a legacy yet, but is now! Will Hitomi have what it takes to be the founder like I know she can be? Will I ever download a Johnny Depp for Cat Cat. Most importantly, what grade did I get on my Geology test? Stay tuned for the next installment. I might even have a real name for the legacy by then.
  47. 47. This story was brought to you by the Lucky Kitty Shrine 'meow if you feel happy' All Costom Content was made by very Talent Persons. (not by me) Special thanks to Xtabay522 for allowing me to torment her Simself. I promise I will look for a Johnny Depp. :D