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Social Media Marketing Made Simple

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Made SimpleHow To Promote Your Business For Free
  2. 2. Why should I care about Social Media?• Valuable relationship building platform• Helps to level the playing field• Helps you see what others are saying about your competitors• Search engine optimization• It’s where your customers are• Social media isn’t going away anytime soon
  3. 3. There are too many to count …• According to Wikipedia there are 201 social networking sites• What to concentrate on: • Facebook • Pinterest • Twitter • LinkedIn • Google+ • Blogging • Flickr • Now appearing • Foursquare • Instagram • YouTube • Tumblr • Reddit
  4. 4. Building a Following …• If you post it they will come…• Remember it takes time – Facebook: 216 followers in February 2009, today 5,627 – Twitter: 178 in April of 2009, today 2.092 – Google+: 15 in January 2012 , today 71 – LinkedIn: 652 in January 2012, today 820• Consistency is Key
  5. 5. Facebook • The most recognizable of social media networks • Global audience of almost 900,000,000 • 57% of Facebook users are female (43% male) • 46% of Facebook users are over the age of 45 • 47% of Facebook users report making between $50,000 – $99,000 annually (33% between $25,000 – $49,999)
  6. 6. Facebook Page vs. Profile• Your business wants a page, not a profile• How do you tell the difference? – Pages have likes – Profiles have friends• A page is public, a profile is not – Allows more people to access your brand• What do I do if I have a profile and not a page?
  7. 7. Facebook Timelines • All pages and profiles are now timelines. • Reduces the number of people that can see your posts. – Bad because less people see your posts – Good because you can post more and not fear losing your following • More graphic – make sure you have a cover photo that is interesting • Use the cover photos a means of marketing
  8. 8. Facebook Tagging • Tag when you can using the @ symbol and selecting from the drop down. • Must be a follower of the page that you are tagging. • Makes the post appear on their page • The page you tag gets notified that they were tagged.
  9. 9. Facebook More Than Just Posts • Photos – be sure to tag when appropriate • Events • Timeline Events • Sticky Posts
  10. 10. Facebook What do I post? • You need to find what works for your audience – Questions – ask for comments – Call to Action – Upcoming events – Photos – Randomness … • Posting a movie extra opportunity generated 181 shares. If the average person has 130 friends, that’s a total reach of 23,530 plus 5,600 followers.
  11. 11. Questions?
  12. 12. Twitter • Popular on the coasts but gaining speed in the Midwest • 225,000,000 active users • 33% of Twitter users are over the age of 45 • 46% of Facebook users are over the age of 45 • 54% of Twitter users use Twitter on their mobile devices • 140 characters – you can have more but they have to click to view • 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter and 20% have closed deals • Follow to get followed
  13. 13. Twitter Hashtags • #Twitter – anything can be a hash tag • Create a hashtag for your company and market it – consistency is key • You’ll see national TV shows have special Twitter episodes with live tweets using hashtags • Use your own hashtag
  14. 14. Twitter Tagging • @TwitterCallSign (@GrowNebraska, @NeStateFair) • Tag whenever you can. That business of person will be notified that they were tagged. • Don’t be afraid to tag the big companies, as long as it is in a positive way. Maybe they’ll retweet and share the love.
  15. 15. Twitter Retweeting • Retweet things you find interesting or deal with your industry • Business or person will be notified they were retweeted • A great way to get new followers • Make it a morning ritual
  16. 16. Twitter What do I post? • Remember, you only have 140 characters – Photos – Upcoming Events – Specials and Promotions – Links – be sure to use a link shortener (we’ll get to that later) – Articles/News
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. Google+• New just this year• Google Maps and Google+ pages are now combined• 170,000,000 active users• 90,000,000 unique visitors• Google+ users are 71% male – different audience than Facebook and Twitter• Websites using the +1 button generate 3.5x the Google+ visits than sites without the button.• A lot like Facebook
  19. 19. Google+ Search Engine Optimization• Google stopped indexing Facebook pages for … you guessed it … Google+ pages• Even if you don’t have followers it is valuable just for search engine optimization• Google will reward you for posting often and being an early adopter
  20. 20. Google+ What Kind of Page?• Local Business or Place (maps)• Product or Brand• Company, Institution or Organization• Arts, Entertainment or Sports• Other• Google with help you create the page that’s right for you.
  21. 21. Google+ What’s a Circle?• You can group your followers or your friends• You can push posts to only be seen by certain groups of people• Gives you more control over who you’re marketing to
  22. 22. Google+ Tagging and Posting• Tag just like you do on Facebook. Must be a follower of the page that you are posting.• The business or person will be notified that you tagged them.• Don’t be afraid to tag big companies. Maybe they’ll share your post.• Not like Facebook where it will appear on their page.
  23. 23. Questions?
  24. 24. Flickr • Hosts over 5,000,000,000 images • 51,000,000 members • 80,000,000 unique visitors • Search engines love it • Owned by Yahoo! so it can help you in other search engines than Google – though Google loves it too
  25. 25. Flickr Tags & Descriptions • Adding tags to your images is important. • People will search Flickr for things they are looking for – tags and descriptions is the only way they can find what they want • Change your image titles – instead of IMG04319 make it “State Capitol – Lincoln, NE” • Create links in your descriptions to direct people to your web site • You can now tag people and map your photo as well
  26. 26. Flickr What do I post? • Product Photos • Event Photos • Staff Photos • Fun Photos • Store Front/Retail Store Photos
  27. 27. Questions?
  28. 28. Foursquare• Check-in based site• 2,000,000 check-ins a week – 2,000 per minute• 2,000,000,000 check-ins total• Over 20,000,000 users• Doubled users from 2011-2012• 60% of users are mail• 41% are between 25-34
  29. 29. Foursquare Is it for me? • Most check-ins of a certain place become the “Mayor” • People compete to become the Mayor • Meant for businesses who have a physical location. • Adding your home office probably not going to help you. • They’ll send a postcard to verify your address
  30. 30. Foursquare Give Incentives • Swarm Special Like, "If 30 people check in at once, get 25 cent wings" • Friends Special Like, "Check in with 3 friends and get a free dessert" • Flash Special Like, "The first 10 people that check in after 8pm get 25% off their order" • Newbie Special Like, "Get a free cupcake on your first check-in" • Check-in Special Like, "Get a free appetizer when you check in"
  31. 31. Foursquare Give Incentives • Loyalty Special Like, "Get a free cookie every 3rd check-in" • Mayor Special Like, "Mayor gets 20% off their entire bill” • You can set how the special gets unlocked and what the offer is
  32. 32. Foursquare Status Updates • Recently added status updates to options. Works much like a Facebook update. • Use updates to drive people to your location for special events. • Make sure you connect your Facebook, Twitter and web site to your listing.
  33. 33. Questions?
  34. 34. YouTube • Over 800,000,000 visits per month • 4,000,000,000 hours of video are watched each month • 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute • 70% of traffic is international • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on Earth • 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute
  35. 35. YouTube Really? Videos?• Don’t worry, I hate seeing myself on camera too.• Don’t just have to be people talking.• Be inventive.• Viral Videos – the funnier or more clever, the better.• Don’t be scared – just try it!
  36. 36. YouTube The “Techie” Stuff• High Definition video cameras are now the size of a cell phone and cost under $150.• If you’re going to do a lot of videos, invest in a tripod.• Every computer comes with some sort of editing software – MovieMaker on Windows, iMovie on Mac• Keep your video 2 minutes or less
  37. 37. YouTube Search Engine Optimization• YouTube is owned by Google• Make sure you have a descriptive title. Default is the name of your file – be sure to change it.• Add a short description with keywords that will help people find your videos.• Share your videos on your other social media sites.
  38. 38. Questions?
  39. 39. Pinterest • Virtual Pinboard • Third most popular social network in US in terms of traffic • 80% of pins are re-ins • 80% of users are female, 30% 25-34 years old • The top interests on Pinterest in the U.S. include crafts, gifts, hobbies/leisure, interior design, and fashion designers/collections. • 11,000,000 unique monthly visitors • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than visitors referred from non-social channels, including search, according to industry reports.
  40. 40. Pinterest What do I pin? • Make sure the image has a purpose • Photos need to be “pretty” or “interesting” • Uniqueness is key • Pin products and refer people back to buy them from your web site. • Add a $ amount in the description it automatically is put in their “shop” category
  41. 41. Pinterest Indexing • This is another way to have your business indexed by the search engines • You are limited on the number of characters, so be sure to keep keywords in mind • Pinterest is changing the way web designers design sites
  42. 42. Pinterest Pinning 101 • Create a Pinboard and place it in a general category • Add pins by uploading or linking from a web site • Make sure the photos are good size • You can pin photos from other people’s boards, then sharing it with my followers
  43. 43. Questions?
  44. 44. LinkedIn • 147,000,000 users • 57% of users are male • 10% of users are entrepreneurs • 49% of LinkedIn users have a household income over $100k • 2,300,000,000 pageview/month • Educated base
  45. 45. LinkedIn Who do I connect with? • Unless you have personally worked with someone, do not connect with them on LinkedIn • Business card stalkers • Great way to network • Many companies will look at your LinkedIn profile before brining you in for an interview • Creates credibility • If you don’t have a profile, get one
  46. 46. LinkedIn Groups • Groups are not for every type of business • Works well for membership organizations or groups of people that have a common interest • Eventually a LinkedIn Group can run itself • Gives you an opportunity to directly reach followers every 10 days through e-mail
  47. 47. Questions?
  48. 48. Blogging • Over 164,000,000 blogs • 27% of bloggers are full-time bloggers • 67% of bloggers are male • 41% of readers hit the blog through search engines, 28% from social media and 20% from referring sites • Technorati, Wordpress, and Blogger are free options
  49. 49. Blogging What do I blog about? • Upcoming events • New products or services • Industry knowledge • Personal thoughts – but don’t get too personal • Use lots of keywords – great for search engine optimization • Create lots of links • Blog at least twice a week
  50. 50. Questions?
  51. 51. Honorable MentionsInstagramTumblrReddit
  52. 52. Honorable Mentions• Instagram: Retro photos uploaded from iPhone or Android• Tumblr: Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be.16,238,862,336 monthly page views.• Reddit: 39,747,323 last month. A type of online community where users vote on content.
  53. 53. Marketing Your Social Media• Post your icons on EVERYTHING – Business Cards – Product Labels – Web Site – Letterhead – Car – T-shirts – & More … – If they don’t know you have it, they won’t follow you
  54. 54. Let’s Go Through An ExampleI’m launching a new size spice to my line of products.
  55. 55. Facebook/Google+• Post: Our JB’s Fatboy All Purpose Rub was so popular we now have it in 32 oz sizes! Visit our web site for a special this week only – normally $20, this week it is only $15. Hurry, offer ends soon!• Timeline Cover Photo: Change out to the spice with promotion information promoting that it is “NEW”• Post: Our 32 oz All Purpose Rub is a hit. What other spices would you like to see in larger sizes?• Photo: Images of your new labels, boxes of product ready to ship out, first case, etc.
  56. 56. Twitter • Post: @JBsFatBoy All Purpose Rub is now available in a 32 oz. size. This week only, save $5 on your online purchase. #jbsfatboy • Post: What @JBsFatBoy #barbeque seasoning would you like to see in a larger size? #jbsfatboy
  57. 57. Flickr/Pinterest • Photos of everything! – New packaging – First shipment – Label ideas/bottle ideas – Use your imaginationFoursquare • Come to our store and receive $5 your $20 32 oz. All Purpose Rub after check in
  58. 58. YouTube • Promotional videoLinkedIn • Post new information as a status update on your profile • Add a post to your group page promoting the new product
  59. 59. How do I manage this?? HootSuite• Free social media management tool up to 5 networks• Preschedule all of your social media
  60. 60. Contact InformationErin MalzerGROW us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare,Flickr and follow us on