Visit Indiana & Social Media (Case Study) 12.02.11


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Presentation about Visit Indiana their social media efforts. Presented at Fusion Alliance - December 2, 2011

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Visit Indiana & Social Media (Case Study) 12.02.11

  1. 1. December 2, 2011Visit Indiana & Social Media (Case Study)
  2. 2. Jeremy A. Williams Email: Phone: 317.232.8897 Twitter: @VisitIndiana Twitter: @JeremyAWilliams Blog:
  3. 3. What Will We Talk About Today?
  4. 4. Indiana Office of Tourism Development• Marketing arm for leisure tourism in state• Stand alone agency reporting to Lt. Governor• Staff of six• Current budget - $1.9 million from the generalfund• Private revenue - $1.3 million
  5. 5. Tourism is Big Business in Indiana• Indiana hosts more than 62 million visitorsannually• Visitors spend more than $10 billionannually• Tourism industry supports more than257,000 jobs in Indiana
  6. 6. Changes in Marketing• Pre-2009 •2009-present • $4.8M agency budget • $1.9M agency budget • $1M+ traditional media • $0 traditional media marketing budget marketing budget • $100k research budget • $0 research budget • $50k online ad budget • ~$200k online ad budget • Extensive budget approval process
  7. 7. Marketing Strategies•• Online marketing• Consumer permission e-mail• Social media• Publications• Advertising coop program• Earned media
  8. 8. Publications1. Indiana Travel Guide(500,000 copies)2. Indiana Travel Map(500,000 copies)3. Partnership with ISFAfor Indiana FestivalGuide
  9. 9. Social Media • Strategic growth from 2009 through 2011 2009 2010 June 1, ‘11 Nov 17, ‘11Flickr VI Members 292 381 400 409Group Photos 6,759 10,184 11,030 11,825Facebook Members 948 4,026 5,125 6,332Twitter Followers 3,570 6,155 7,652 13,812Foursquare Followers n/a 4,483 10,160 14,309Indiana Visitors 70,000 136,000 65,000 212,000Insider Blog (annual)
  10. 10. Indiana Insider Blog• 6 staff members• 3 paid bloggers, 15+ contributors• 40+ Butler University Student Bloggers• 40% more visits in 2010 than 2009• 82% ahead of 2010 so far in 2011
  11. 11. 481,600 visitors over 3.5 years
  12. 12. Why We Created the Indiana Insider Blog• Provide insider tips and information on things to do in Indiana• Use real experiences from real people - not marketing-speak orpress releases• We wanted to create an outlet to more easily get info to consumers• is primarily listings - not enough long-form content• Gives us tremendous flexibility• Blog would be free• Great for SEO
  13. 13. Social Media Research - BlogWe surveyed readers of our blog in July, here are our findings:• 43% of respondents read our blog as often as new posts are created• Over half share posts occasionally - typically through email• 68% of readers travel to/within Indiana at least every couple months• Top content our blog readers are looking for: • Unique destinations • Discounts • Local food • Day trip ideas • Insider info
  14. 14. Blog Examples for Other Industries• • Blog about industry topics with very soft sale • Banking fees, federal regulations, money management, etc.• • Blog about industry topics like public policy, advocacy and partnerships, corporate responsibility and even work-life at Lilly
  15. 15. How Will Blogging Help Your Clients?• Your clients are the subject matter experts in their business• Search Engines love frequently and recently updated content • 70.45% of Indiana Insider Blog traffic via Search in past 12 months• Easily updated with up-to-date info• Once it’s up, very easy to manage• Content stays live long after the post is written • 4 of 10 top posts in 2011 were written in 2008, 2009 or 2010.Our blog is the content enginethat drives our social strategy
  16. 16. Which Platform to Choose?
  17. 17. Broadcast Your Posts:Twitter Facebook• Twitterfeed • RSS Graffiti • Quickly pushes new posts to Twitter • Immediately pushes new posts to FB • Add extra copy/hashtags to each • Hook up to your account tweet • Feeds through with image and post • Hook up to your account summary • Allows for Google Analytics Campaign info
  18. 18. • Copy points here copy points here •Sub text here• Copy points here copy points here• Copy points here copy points here •Sub text here
  19. 19. Facebook Stats - 2011 • More than 800 million users • 50% of active users login on any given day • Average user has 130 friends • People spend over 700 billion minutes/month on FB • Roughly 20 hours/month per user • Users average 23 minutes per Facebook session • Avg. user connected to 80 community pages, groups and events • 250 million active mobile Facebook usersSources: All stats from
  20. 20. Social Media Research - FacebookWe surveyed our Fans in July, here are our findings• 85% of respondents became fans because they clicked on the Facebook iconon• 34% share posts from Visit Indiana Facebook page often• 37% saw posts from Visit Indiana daily• 47% saw posts from Visit Indiana several times a week• Top content our Facebook followers are looking for: • Discounts • Insider info • Day trip ideas • Unique destinations • Timely events
  21. 21. Facebook Examples for Other Industries• (23.6k likes) • Ally uses Facebook to post their blog entries, ask questions (about potential features/non-specific financial questions), talk about new features and post timely updates • Facebook allows a visible, easy to follow way to interact with customers (more easily digestible than Twitter)• (176.7k likes) • State Farm also uses Facebook like Ally does, they post information about contests and promotions and to ask questions of their fans to engage and drive fan interaction
  22. 22. How Will Facebook Help Your Clients?• 800 million people - your clients WILL have an audience on Facebook• Facebook allows for easy-to-follow, public interaction with customers• Useful for keeping fans up to date on company news, product launches• Customer service tool• Share exclusive news, discounts and info with fans – they expect it• Push blog posts to Facebook – these are some of your most engaged fans• Don’t be creepy – no Facebook Stalking!Remember: Facebook is a broadcastmedium that enables two-way conversation(so ask and answer questions)
  23. 23. Measure: Facebook Insights
  24. 24. Twitter Stats - 2011 • 5 ½ years old • 200-300 million users1 • Took 3+ years to reach 1B tweets (Mar ‘06-May ’09)2 • Now 1B tweets are sent in just one week2 • Twitter users are the most influential online customers, their influence spreads across all areas of the internet.3Sources: 1.; 2. ; 3. ExactTarget SFF Research (2010)
  25. 25. Social Media Management tools TweetDeck HootSuite • 200 million users1 •Sub text here • Copy points here copy points here • Copy points here copy points here •Sub text hereSources: 1.
  26. 26. 46% of Tweets from Mobile Devices 1
  27. 27. How Will Twitter Help Your Clients?• Twitter users are the most influential online customers – influence spreads• People are already talking about your clients on Twitter• Useful for keeping fans up to date on company news, product launches• Share exclusive news, discounts and info with followers• Push blog posts to Twitter – post at different time of day/week• Retweet relevant content and have conversations with followers• Customer service tool
  28. 28. Social Media Research - TwitterWe surveyed our Followers in July, here are our findings• 60% of respondents followed @VisitIndiana because they saw our namementioned in a tweet in their stream• 14% followed us because of a Promoted Tweet or Promoted Account• 61% saw tweets from @VisitIndiana at least daily• 14% retweet content from @VisitIndiana often or very often• Top content our Twitter followers are looking for: • Discounts • Unique destinations • Local food • Day trip ideas • Insider info
  29. 29. Measure:• @ Mentions and Direct Messages• Retweets (how many times were you retweeted?)• Inbound links to your website via Twitter • Some trackable via or• Append campaign tracking metrics to links you send out.
  30. 30. Twitter Examples for Other Industries• @Citi (11.7k followers) • "This is the Citi Communications account, tweeting from our global HQ. Here you’ll find news, announcements and thought leadership from the world of Citi."• @CitiBank (6.1k followers)• "Special offers, ideas for managing your financial life, and other updates from Citibank"
  31. 31. Twitter Promoted Tweets
  32. 32. Twitter Promoted Accounts
  33. 33. Resources• Presentation:• ExactTarget Research:• Tourism Tech Corner:
  34. 34. Jeremy A. Williams Email: Phone: 317.232.8897 Twitter: @VisitIndiana Twitter: @JeremyAWilliams Blog:
  35. 35. December 2, 2011Visit Indiana & Social Media (Case Study)