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How to use social media to build your business

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  • Social media for business

    1. 1. Growing your business with Social Media Aidan Reilly Social Media Consultant
    2. 2. Growing Your Business with Social Media• What is Social Media?????• Social Media Channels – Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc• Social Media Tools – Dashboards, Feeds• How can social media help my business?• Social Media Planning.• Measure results (ROI)
    3. 3. What do you think of when you hear ‘Social Media’?
    4. 4. Social Media – Anyonline technology orpractice that peopleuse to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media.
    5. 5. Social Media is… Sharing EngagingConversing Interacting NetworkingCommunicating ..Building Relationships
    6. 6. Social Media ChannelsWhere are YOUR customers?
    7. 7. Social Media Channels &Tools• Blogs, Podcasts, Vlogs• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn• Youtube• Minor sites• Social Bookmarks• Dashboards• Tools (RSS, Apps)
    8. 8. Blogging• A weblog, or blog, is ideal for getting the word out about your business.• Wordpress, Blogger• Search engines love them• Your blog can grow with your business• Can be optimized for SEO• Simple to set up and maintain• Can serve for as the hub for your marketing efforts
    9. 9. Podcast, vlogs• Podcasts – Internet radio broadcast – Getting started is simple – Capture the excitement of live events – Podcast where ever you are.• Vlogs – Promote a product, service or even yourself – Educational videos for customers – Use best audio and video you can afford – Use Youtube to store vlogs
    10. 10. Facebook• >800 million active users.• 1.94 million Irish users.• 900 new profiles each day.• Average Irish user spends 4hrs 10mins/month.• Average user has 130 friends and has connected to 80 pages.• 77% of consumers interact with brands on Facebook.
    11. 11. Facebook for Business• Free resource for communicating with individuals and groups• Sign up as individual• Share messages, pictures, video,etc• ‘Like’ business pages• Set up your own business page
    12. 12. Facebook Personal Page• Friends must be approved• Standard page open to only friends you approve• Send message privately or publicly.• Chat online• Comment on walls of your friends• Friends can comment on your wall.• Customize your page
    13. 13. Facebook Business Page• Promote your business or products• Company info, mission statement, product info, etc• Any user can ‘like’ your page.• You cannot see the profile of people who ‘like’ your page• Users can see what friends ‘liked’ your page• You can assign administrator privileges
    14. 14. Facebook Users• 13 – 15 years of age = 7%• 16 – 17 years of age = 6%• 18 – 24 years of age = 24%• 25 – 34 years of age = 31%• 35 – 44 years of age = 17%• 45 – 54 years of age = 8%• 55 – 64 years of age = 3%• 65+ years of age = 2%
    15. 15. Facebook Wall• Resembles a blog• Post frequently to keep friends and people who ‘like’ your page• Useful info, not blatant advertising• Add photos, videos, polls
    16. 16. Advertising on Facebook• Creat Ad• Allocate spend• > spend = > visibility• Target by location, demographic, interests, Facebook connections• Pay per impression, pay per click
    17. 17. Facebook Group• Find a niche• Create a group for that niche• Post interesting material• People who are interested in topic can join.• Powerful tool to attract users to business page• Members don’t have to ‘like’ your page
    18. 18. Facebook Event• Announce an event on your group or business page.• Internet event – webinar• Live event – trade show, speech, demonstration• Invite friends• Great for promotion
    19. 19. Twitter• 100 million active users.• 385,000 Irish Twitter accounts.• 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter and 20% have closed deals.
    20. 20. Twitter• Simple concept – say what’s on your mind in no more than 140 characters• People follow your messages (tweets)• Tweets are visible to your followers and people who search for a specific topic you tweeted about.• Only direct messages are private.• Send message from anywhere with internet access
    21. 21. Twitter for business• Tweet content that people want to read.• Potential clients will follow you• Followers retweet your posts to their followers.• These people become your followers• Followers can become customers
    22. 22. Twitter features• Hashtag (#) draws attention to specific words in tweet.• Reply to sender is seen by senders followers.• Retweet interesting posts to your followers• Direct message for privacy• #followfriday
    23. 23. Twitter users• 3 – 12 years of age = 4%• 13 – 17 years of age = 13%• 18 – 34 years of age = 45%• 35 – 49 years of age = 24%• 50+ years of age = 14%
    24. 24. LinkedIn• 100 Million users.• >470,000 Irish profiles.• Ireland still has the 2nd highest penetration of LinkedIn users in the world.• The average user is aged 35 – 44, living in Dublin and AB social class. Just 2% of unemployed on LinkedIn.
    25. 25. LinkedIn, the business network• Designed for B2B connections• Network with professionals in your industry• Touch base with consumers• Build a powerful network• Get introductions
    26. 26. LinkedIn Personal Page• Create a personal profile similar to a resume.• Add a picture, create a bio, link to website• Expand your reach by getting connected• Demonstrate your expertise by getting recommended by people who have used your services.• Create or join groups
    27. 27. LinkedIn Users• 13 – 17 years of age = 4%• 18 – 34 years of age = 27%• 35 – 49 years of age = 37%• 50+ years of age = 31%• rates highest of all social media sites among US sales professionals for generating leads and building brand awareness
    28. 28. LinkedIn Features• Company Page• LinkedIn Groups• Discussions• Recruitment• Asking & Answering questions• Follow a company
    29. 29. YouTube• 2nd most popular search engine• >490 million users.• In 2010, Youtube had 1.3 million regular Irish users.• Video is 53 times more likely to appear on 1st page Google search.• 60% of all traffic on the mobile web is video traffic.
    30. 30. Minor Sites• Google+• Tumblr – micro- blogging• MySpace – music, bands• Flickr – photographs• – powerpoint, PDF.• Foursquare
    31. 31. Social Bookmarks• Stumbleupon• Digg• Reddit• Pinterest• Buzzfeed• Delicious• Tweetmeme
    32. 32. Dashboards•• Tweetchat – follow #• Hootsuite• Tweetdeck• Seesmic• RSS (Feedburner)
    33. 33. Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing allows businesses to build online relationships and to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level.
    34. 34. Lets look at the figures…• Only 14% of people trust advertisements.• 78% of people trust the recommendations of other consumers (Nielsen Trust in Advertising report 2007)• 51% of Irish consumers write about products on social media.• 44% post for advice.• 15% post to praise• 12% post to complain• Source: TNS digital Life Study (January 2012)
    35. 35. Building online relationships• Requires the long view BE A GOOD• Establish your expertise• Participate regularly as a CITIZEN ‘good citizen’. BE A HELPFUL PERSON• Avoid overt self- BE A FRIENDLY PERSON promotion BE A KIND PERSON• Sell softly BE A PERSON WHO• Provide value with links, ACHIEVES ALL resources, and unbiased THIS, AND YOU information WILL BE VALUED.
    36. 36. Improving Business Processes• Promptly detect and correct customer problems• Obtain customer feedback on new products or changes• Provide support to many people at one time• Improve service delivery• Locate qualified vendors, service providers and employees• Collect critical market intelligence on your industry and competitors• Use geolocation services to drive local traffic
    37. 37. Other benefits• Improve Search Engine ranking• Save money on advertising• Selling when opportunity arises – Sell CDS and Event tickets – Include a link to your website – Offer promotional codes and special offers – Include sign-up options for your newsletter
    38. 38. Social Media Marketing Plan• Establish Goals – Attract customers – Build Brand – Establish your expertise – Improve business processes – Improve Search Engine Rankings – Save money on advertising• Set quantifiable objectives• Identify target markets and where they are• Estimate costs• Value Return on Investment
    39. 39. Measure Results• Measure results online and offline• Google Analytics• Facebook and Twitter analytics• Measure against goals and objectives