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Fearless engagement the next level of facebook marketing


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If you aren't using Facebook in your Real Estate business model - why not? Fear? Privacy? Not sure how? This course explores the benefits and how best to use Facebook marketing with Real Estate.

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Fearless engagement the next level of facebook marketing

  1. 1. Fearless Engagement The Next Generation of Facebook® Marketing
  2. 2. Course Objectives Fearlessly build Relationships on FB • IRL Business Practices – Integrated to FB • Connect with Past Clients • Communication Architecture • Build your Brand by Using Content • Plan & Schedule • Find Your Voice – Fearless Engagement
  3. 3. Networking or “Not” Working Sharing Your Real-Time Commenting FB World T B Want to be Writer You Tube ln Video Business Marketing Wiz Connection? or Confusion?
  4. 4. IRL (In Real Life) Connection• Assignment – Turn to Five people you don’t know and get their business cards• Your first Get Connected Circle of Friends – Send them an email, subscribe to their facebook page, like their Business Page, Create a List• Homework: 5 Cards from each session to create a like minded circle of Professionals – Date to Implement? TODAY – make the connect
  5. 5. Why Make the Connection? Paradigm Shift has happened • Conversational Selling • Connections gone Viral • Networking Opportunities • Keeping In Touch • TOMA • FREE • Family, Friends, Social Circle
  6. 6. Facebook® Center of the SocNet Universe Community & Events Virtual & IRL Social tools Attendees who Frictionless Third Listening Portal care Party Apps Solve problems, Ask questions & find Answer Inquires, Answers Provide Solutions Facebook FanPages Groups & Lists A Place for you The power of Fans to gather, social circles to comment, rank post comments & review and create community & culture The Power of Liking
  7. 7. “Like” becomes Social Capital
  8. 8. So Why Aren’t You Engaging?• Fear• Lack of Understanding• Privacy• Lack of Self Confidence• Commitment• Time Suck
  9. 9. But what if....• You had the tools and skill?• What if you understood the “connect”?• You understood how to integrate with your business model?• You had a Plan?• You had a schedule?...and this time you do it!
  10. 10. Create A Goal from your Why• New Contacts• In Touch with Old Contacts• More Facebook Fans• Improve your SEO
  11. 11. Golden Opportunity• 80’s – 90’s you had to have an 800 number – Or you weren’t modern – Now it’s Facebook• If you weren’t in the Yellowpages – You were a valid business – Now it’s a Webpage• Average Fanbase 190 X Your Friends = – A Following (we used to call this a sphere)
  12. 12. You Already Know People•Build From Your Database
  13. 13. Engagement is Easy if.....•2 Way conversation•Helpful Information
  14. 14. What’s Best For You?Darin Pesinger – Productivity Junkies “If you can’t generate business from your profile on Facebook®, where supposedly people like, know and trust you, good luck with a business page filled with strangers.”Terry Eccles-Pettet – TEP Producers “...unless your business page is filled with Clients”
  15. 15. The Great Debate: Personal or BusinessDivided Philosophy – Ask Yourself:• Terms of Service?• Consistency?• How Do You Work?• Where else are you Networking?• What else do you do??Must Have a Personal Profile before you can have a Business Page
  16. 16. Timeline – Valuable Real Estate
  17. 17. Timeline - Business
  18. 18. Content that creates Like Capital
  19. 19. Who Do You Know? AKA Sphere • Lists – Friends, Buyers, Sellers, Cousins, Neighbors, etc... • Groups – Neighbors, HomeOwners, College Alum, etc.... • Subscribe – Businesses, Brands, Leaders, etc.... • Interests – Ballet, Cars, Books, Show Tunes, Golf, Technology
  20. 20. Don’t Yell – Just Whisper One at Time Inman Next Webinar – Chris Smith
  21. 21. Your Business Card....• Name• Cell• Website• Facebook• Tagline• Niches• Referrals Wanted• Specialties
  22. 22. Business Card turned Billboard• Cover Photos – Rules – Dimensions 851px x 315px – Insert Photo 125px x 125px• Tab Inserts – AppsBistro – TABsites – Shortstack
  23. 23. Customize Your Pages• Custom Tabs• Fan Gating• MileStones• Pin to Top• Star• Refresh, Refresh, Refresh
  24. 24. Videos, Photos, Questions, Links• In this order... Infinity Ranking• Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug• YouTube• PicMonkey – A or B Questions• BrightNest, Truila,
  25. 25. InterACTion = Conversation• Where do you Volunteer?• What do you do when you aren’t selling homes?• What clubs do you belong to?• What organizations do you participate in?• Play a Sport?
  26. 26. Engagement Starts With You• Start with Subscribing to other Realtors• Join and Start Groups• Use Lists to focus comments and posts• Take your Online Conversations offline as often as possible• It’s not just about Real Estate
  27. 27. Share Your Special Interest
  28. 28. “Vancouver” Home Owners
  29. 29. Manage Your TimeThank You Katie Lance!!Local Real Estate National Real Estate Local & Community Personal EventsFavorite Listing Compare home School Calendar Local Sports Team pricesStory of a past Economy News Downtown Holiday Favorite coffee houseClient eventNeighborhood #1 Local vs National Best Place to get a Favorite Pizza joint burger,,
  30. 30. Now for the Fearless part.....• Stop Writing and grab your phone – 30 photos could be 30 days worth of posting• What do you think? What are your thoughts?• Click Like if you agree• Leave a comment Below• This is a must read/watch....• Any Suggestions for this Kitchen?• Great Tip• We agree (We disagree) what about you?• When was the last time
  31. 31. Don’t• Don’t forget to like our page• Don’t TGIF• Don’t over share• Don’t just recycle• Don’t post bad photos• Don’t ignore the comments• Don’t tell me what you ate – maybe show me
  32. 32. Remember...• Don’t Over Share• Vary Your Posts• Timing is everything• Once a day, every single day• Be Human• Use Candid photos• Good Content – share the message• Call To Action• “Like” other Pages – Build your Team
  33. 33. Something like... (from• Before: – Great article with some good tips on facebook fan- gating: click here to read (link)• After: – Looking for ways to increase your Facebook Page’s Likes? Fan-Gating apps work. Read here for some great fan-gating tips! (link)
  34. 34. Resources• AllFacebook• AllTop• Inside Facebook• Mashable• SmartBrief onSocial Media• Social Media Examiner• Social Media Today• ShortStack Lab
  35. 35. Questions? 14201 NE 20th Avenue, B-2102 Vancouver, WA 98686 (360-921-9360 @tepproducers Copyright 2011 TEP Producers & APT