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Social Media - Now What?


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ZAPP Conference

Published in: Technology, Business
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Social Media - Now What?

  1. 1. This:• Social Media: What’s changed, what hasn’t• Why Social Media is important• Express Guided Business Analysis (or what’s your real product and who buys it)
  2. 2. What is social media (really)1.It is another plank of your marketing plan2.It is about broadcasting and about engagement3.Most importantly, it is permission-based (The Pictures->Television->VCR->the Internet->Tivo->AppleTV)
  3. 3. “Give every man thineear, but few thy voice” - William Shakespeare
  4. 4. Why is Social Media important? 1.Because it levels the playing field (it‟s cheap) 2.Because it is targeted 3.It can take on a life of its own 4. It’s where people are!
  5. 5. What Social Media haschanged and what it has not ?
  6. 6. • Social Media has changed the means of communication• Social Media also allows two-way and one-on-one communication• Social Media has not changed the need to know what your Product• Nor the necessity to understand what your customer‟s needs are and how to meet those (It‟s not about you, it’s about them!)
  7. 7. Let’s think of this another way…WHAT IS YOUR REAL PRODUCT?
  8. 8. Examples• Insurance - security/protection• Travel - escape (from responsibility)• Fashion - fantasy
  9. 9. Insurance
  10. 10. Travel
  11. 11. What are their psycho-graphic indicators? – *and what’s a psychlo-babli-graphli-wha?
  12. 12. in short...• We are concerned with the your clients‟ IAO variables •Interests •Activities •Opinions
  13. 13. How to succeed in Marketing?• Have a plan!• Who are you targeting?• What do you want them to do?• How to reach them
  14. 14. The Big 4 Micro-blogBlog Social Network Business Network
  15. 15. Blogging• What is a „blog‟?• Who should use them?• Why they are important?• Examples
  16. 16. Example Blogs•••
  17. 17. Business Networks• What is it?• Why is it important, and to whom?• What your profile should look like• The importance of dynamic content (WP plug in)• Groups
  18. 18. Facebook• Yeah I know everyone‟s on it, but so what?• How to suck at Facebook• How not to suck at Facebook• Personal Page versus Like Pages
  19. 19. Top FB hints:1. Add the phrase hit the like button if this is usefulwhen adding links to the wall.2. When canvassing opinion, ask question that onlyrequire a short answer, (i.e."Do you like the newsite?", rather then "What do you think of the newsite?"3. When possible tag people to posts. "@Bill, I knowyoull like this...”4. Ideally videos should upload directly to FB ratherthen a YouTube embed so the Like button willappear.5. Links and pics are better than straight text links.
  20. 20. More FB• Events• The importance of a strategy• Privacy• Mobile Clients (integrating their social platforms)
  21. 21. Twitter• What is Twitter• Who cares• Is Twitter for me?• Followers: how to get them, how to keep them, and why quantity is only as important as quality
  22. 22. Some tips for• Watch your competition• Link back to your blog• Special offers keep people’s attention• Twitter buttons• Thanks followers• Give credit• Be honest and use your real voice
  23. 23. One final thought on Twitter• Quality is as important as quantity!
  24. 24. Final Tips of Marketing• Posts/tweets with “I” and “Me” do poorly• You are broadcasting, so it’s good to think about your audience.• Positive is better than negative• Breaking news is very powerful• Be careful with humor• “politics, religion, and sex rarely improve with discussion”
  25. 25. Alternatives• Tumblr - for artistic types• Quora - for consultants• MySpace - For Musicians (gasp)• Forums (or down the rabbit hole)
  26. 26. and don’t forget videoVideo is getting bigger, but making it work can be tricky
  27. 27. A Couple of Success Stories...• Will It Blend• The Old Spice Guy
  28. 28. Did it work?• “Will It Blend” Videos Boost Sales 5x •• Hey Old Spice haters, sales are up 107% • AdWeek
  29. 29. How to choose your weapon• Where are your clients looking?• What kind of time do I have?• What resources do I have?• The Sales Funnel
  30. 30. Pique Interest Verify Legitimacy Call to action Capture Conversion - (sale)
  31. 31. SEO(search engine optimization)• Keywords• Titles and Content matching• URL‟s• Content and long tail searches• How to put all this stuff in a WP blog
  32. 32. Putting it in there
  33. 33. What makes for good blog content?• The „Would I read this or Watch Lost‟ Rule• Brevity is Beautiful• The role the Blog plays on the Social Sales Process• SEO• Be honest, be edgy and don‟t be afraid of being specific
  34. 34. Other good ways to keep people on the site:• Related posts• Featured Content• Pictures*• Top 10 lists*• Comics*• *Good etiquette is to ask permission and give credit for all material that you use from other peoples‟ sites.
  35. 35. We fix that thing! Which of your clients‟ problems does your “About” page address?I solve problems! Best Thingie in the world!
  36. 36. Social Network Etiquette: yet another 80/20 rule
  37. 37. What now?• Do nothing (hope it goes away)• DIY• Hire someone
  38. 38. Come talk to us.