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Social Media Success for Small Businesses


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Social Media Success for Small Businesses

  1. 1. Social Media Success for Small Businesses Presented by Cara Friedman #likeable
  2. 2. Have a Question?•  Tweet questions to @LikeableCC or using the hashtag #likeable•  Ask questions on our Facebook page at•  Use the chat bar in GoToWebinar to ask questions! #likeable
  3. 3. Agenda•  Choosing Your Networks•  Making the Most of Limited Time•  Time-Saving Tools•  Content is King•  Facebook Advertising•  Socialize Your Website•  When Worlds Collide: Online & Offline Integration•  Social Media Dos and Don’ts•  Watch and Learn: Case Studies #likeable
  4. 4. Who is Likeable? #likeable
  5. 5. What Is Likeable Community College? •  Social Media Education Program •  26 weekly webinars •  Monthly guest lecturers •  24/7 Live Help •  Community Management Assessment Test •  Likeable U #likeable
  6. 6. Choosing Your Network #likeable
  7. 7. Choosing Your Networks•  What is Facebook? •  Allows users to make personal profiles, connect with others, and share information. •  900 million monthly active users •  Brands can make personal connections with their fans and increase brand awareness. #likeable
  8. 8. Choosing Your Networks•  What can brands do on Facebook? •  Engage and interact with fans •  Share multimedia content and information •  Provide customer service •  Offer contests, promotions, and exclusive deals •  Drive traffic to website and blog #likeable
  9. 9. Choosing Your Networks•  Facebook Best Practices •  Set up a brand page, not a personal page •  Create a custom URL • •  Respond to all fans •  Take advantage of Facebook customization options •  Post content at times when fans are most engaged •  Don’t host illegal contests on Facebook •  Wildfire #likeable
  10. 10. Choosing Your Networks•  What is Twitter? •  Public sharing of information in posts that are limited to 140 characters or less. •  There are 100+ million Twitter users. •  Brands are using Twitter to broadcast information and to build relationships with fans through conversation. #likeable
  11. 11. Choosing Your Networks•  What can brands do on Twitter? •  Engage and interact with followers •  Provide customer service •  Host contests & giveaways •  Participate in and lead Twitter Chats •  Drive traffic to your website and blog #likeable
  12. 12. Choosing Your Networks•  Twitter Best Practices •  Respond to messages and mentions from followers within 24 hours •  Incorporate popular #hashtags to gain greater tweet visibility •  Follow back users who are following you •  Search and reach out to potential followers and customers #likeable
  13. 13. Choosing Your Networks•  What is Yelp? •  Yelp is a site that enables users to discover great, local businesses •  66 million monthly unique visitors in Q4 2011 •  Users can write reviews of local businesses •  25 million local reviews have been written #likeable
  14. 14. Choosing Your Networks•  What can brands do on Yelp? •  Monitor page for honest feedback •  Message customers publicly or privately •  Create deals to turn visitors into customers •  Track views •  Provide customers with up-to-date information about your business •  Buy ads #likeable
  15. 15. Choosing Your Networks•  Yelp Best Practices •  Update business information frequently •  Add photos to business pages •  Incentivize & encourage best customers to leave reviews •  Respond to all negative reviews #likeable
  16. 16. Choosing Your Networks•  Niche Networks •  Pinterest •  Instagram •  Flickr •  LinkedIn #likeable
  17. 17. Choosing Your Networks•  Pick One! •  Pick the network most in line with your business. •  Pick the network you’re most passionate about. •  Know the main functions and uses of each network. •  Know your target demographic. •  Know how much time you have to spend. #likeable
  18. 18. Making the Most of Limited Time #likeable
  19. 19. Making the Most of Limited TimeDaily•  Sweep social channels 2-3 times•  Respond to all fans & followers•  Monitor & optimize social adsWeekly•  Search for shareable, relevant current events & articles #likeable
  20. 20. Making the Most of Limited TimeMonthly•  Develop 2-4 weeks of content•  Determine how often you will be publishing content•  Be consistent•  Refresh Facebook cover photo•  Analyze success & failure to shape future strategy #likeable
  21. 21. Time Saving Tools #likeable
  22. 22. Time Saving ToolsBufferApp•  Schedule Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates and tweets •  Buffer selects times to automatically publish content when your audience is most engaged•  Analyze your content to determine what works best with your audience #likeable
  23. 23. Time Saving ToolsReporting •  Facebook Insights •  SocialBro •  TweetStats •  PinPuff •  Radian6 #likeable
  24. 24. Content is King #likeable
  25. 25. Content is King•  Content drives fan engagement, page growth and traffic. #likeable
  26. 26. Content is King•  Excellent content is: •  Relevant to your brand and community’s interests •  Fresh and unique •  Expressed in different forms •  Available consistently for your community #likeable
  27. 27. Content is King•  To produce excellent content: •  Plan out your schedule in advance •  Include strong calls to action •  Incorporate outside articles, news stories, blogs, and sources to keep information fresh #likeable
  28. 28. Facebook Advertising #likeable
  29. 29. Facebook Advertising•  Drive page growth & fan engagement•  To make the most of a small budget: •  Hyper-target ads by location and interest •  Set a daily spend limit to remain within budget •  Monitor suggested bid range #likeable
  30. 30. Socialize Your Website #likeable
  31. 31. Socialize Your Website•  Create a social hub/portal•  Links to social channels•  Shareable content•  Use APIs for Facebook, Twitter & other networks•  Develop scrollable feeds #likeable
  32. 32. When Worlds Collide:Online & Offline Integration #likeable
  33. 33. When Worlds Collide:Online & Offline Integration•  Create in-store signage•  Include information on business cards•  Add social mentions to receipts•  Incorporate into presentations•  Provide fans in real life with incentives•  Incorporate online promotions into offline tactics #likeable
  34. 34. Social Dos and Don’ts #likeable
  35. 35. Social Dos and Don’ts•  DON’T push tweets to your Facebook page•  DON’T delete negative comments, complaints or feedback•  DON’T be inauthentic with fans and followers•  DON’T be inconsistent across networks in terms of voice and design #likeable
  36. 36. Social Dos and Don’ts•  DO develop a brand voice and stick to it•  DO respond to everyone•  DO create consistent, unique content•  DO include strong calls to action•  DO analyze what has and has not worked for your brand before developing new strategies and content•  DO create a clear, optimized profile picture for each social channel #likeable
  37. 37. Watch & Learn: Case Studies #likeable
  38. 38. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesResidential and Commercial Building #likeable
  39. 39. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesPaper Company #likeable
  40. 40. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesCupcake Business #likeable
  41. 41. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesMuseum #likeable
  42. 42. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesDentist #likeable
  43. 43. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesBakery #likeable
  44. 44. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesAntiques #likeable
  45. 45. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesGardening #likeable
  46. 46. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesZoo #likeable
  47. 47. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesStartup #likeable
  48. 48. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesToy Store #likeable
  49. 49. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesFood Cart #likeable
  50. 50. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesNon-profit #likeable
  51. 51. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesCommunity Bank Specialists #likeable
  52. 52. Watch & Learn: Case StudiesEnvironmental Services #likeable
  53. 53. Need Help?•  For info on social media training for your small business contact Cara at•  Email TODAY and get a free Bonus Guide for Likeable Social Media
  54. 54. More Free Resources•  Tackling the Many Roles of the Social Media Manager •  Hosted by Dave Kerpen •  July 18th, 3:30PM EDT•  Avoiding a Social Media Nightmare: Building a Solid Content Strategy •  Hosted by Cara Friedman •  July 26th, 3:00PM EDT
  55. 55. Next Free Webinar•  Lessons Learned from the Top 40 Facebook Pages •  Hosted by Dave Kerpen •  July 11th, 3PM EDT
  56. 56. Contact Us/Thanks!/Grand Prize• •  Email TODAY and get a free Bonus• Guide for Likeable Social Media• •  Cara Friedman –••  212-660-2458•  240 W 37th Street NY NY 10018 #likeable