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Marketing has changed dramatically in the past decade, and we’ve entered a new frontier. Reaching clients and potential customers used to be a costly venture – with long printing wait-times and pricey postage. Today, online marketing options offer us a free way to keep in touch with our current spheres and reach potential new clients, but the rules are different. This new school of marketing, with its multitude of social media platforms and opportunities, requires a new kind of marketing savvy and can be overwhelming to navigate. This course teaches you how to combine tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (and more!) along with email marketing and blogging, with the tried-and-true marketing techniques you already know. An intermediate to advanced session for those who are already comfortable with using Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest, and other social networks to promote their businesses, this class will look at writing a social media business plan, having a workable strategy, and integrating your social media efforts into a cohesive online marketing plan. We'll also take a look at how to pare down your social media use to a laser-sharp focus to maximize your time and efficiency.

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  • We’re not going to go into the technical aspects of setting up a blog today – that is a whole other class and much more than an hour. But for those of you who do not already have a blog, a couple of user-friendly options include: Wordpress – if you get a account, you can start blogging today. It’s a free account (your site name will look something like this:, but you can have a purchased domain name point to it). will give you more flexibility and capability within the site, but will take a little more set-up time and know-how. Tumblr – also free and very user-friendly, but would be difficult to import the content into another type of site if you ever decided you wanted to move your content into another platform in the future.
  • vs. – both offer you free blogging opportunities. If you already have a Wordpress website (if your real estate website is built on the Wordpress platform) then you already have If you do not have a blog capability within your current website, and you are looking for a free, simple way to start blogging today, could be right for you. After a few months, when you feel comfortable with the software, it should be easier to decide if you want to stick with or switch to for your 'real' blog – and it’s simple to have your blog converted into a site, with the help of a qualified Wordpress developer.
  • The obvious: local market statistics. The public wants them, so you can give them what they want. Whether you gather them from your local MLS or you subscribe to a service, such as Altos Research, you can not only provide the data but you can (and should) comment on it, help to demystify it, decipher and interpret it for the public so they can understand the numbers.
  • Local dining – if you dine out in your market area, then you can let your readers know about where you love to eat and why. Websites like Foodspotting and Yelp have turned diners on to the idea that eating out is a social event – as if there was any doubt. When we break bread, it is often social. Why not turn your culinary adventures into blog posts that allow you to not only share your love of locally owned restaurants, but also to help promote those places, too – they are small business owners just like you!
  • Local events – what does your area have to offer?
  • DIY transformations
  • Running short on time? A quick photo of a local spot is a great conversation starter! People love photos and videos – they may spend more time on these posts than anywhere else on your site – and it will keep them on your site longer.
  • Who Are You? Help your readers get to know you! Today’s consumer wants to get to know you and trust you before they will decide to do business with you. Putting some of your own personality into your blog will help your potential clients do just that. That doesn’t mean talking about what a great REALTOR you are – it means giving a little bit of personal insight into who you are – your likes, your dislikes, what you like to do in your town, where you enjoy going. And this shouldn’t necessarily be a huge number of your blog posts – it can just be in the tone of your posts, the personal tidbits you include (for example, when writing about local dining or events). But the more the consumer feels she’s getting to know you, the more likely they are to connect with you and keep coming back.
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing

    1. 1. Social Media& Digital Marketing Maura Neill ABR, CRS, CDPE, REALTOR®
    2. 2. “I Have No Time For…”• Social media• Blogging• Photos• Videos• Email marketing• Anything more than I already do!
    3. 3. Rule of Thirds from Chris Brogan New Executing on Servicing Prospecting Prospecting Your AccountsPhoto credit: “3 fire buckets” by Hadleywal on
    4. 4. “I Have No Time For…”• Social media• Blogging• Photos• Videos• Email marketing• Anything more than I already do!
    5. 5. Your Brand Should Tell Me: Why You?• What’s your value proposition to your clients?• What sets you apart from others in the same business? Why should the client choose you?• What is your why?
    6. 6. yourself.• Log out of Google/Gmail – see what others are seeing• Put your name in quotes, i.e. “Maura Neill” or “Maura Neill REALTOR”
    7. 7. Alerts What do you find?Take charge of your online presence.
    8. 8. Google “Maura Neill”
    9. 9. Branding
    10. 10. What is a Brand?• It’s who you are.• It’s what sets you apart.• It’s what your clients think of when they think of you.• It’s the story you tell with your marketing.
    11. 11. Do You Have a Logo?
    12. 12. Get a Professional Logo... (that doesn’t look) Cheap
    13. 13. Are You Using Your Photo?• Does it look like you? (in other words, is it current?)• Is it professional?• Is it friendly? accessible? relatable?• Is it prop-free?• Does it appeal to your target audience?
    14. 14. Start With Your Hub
    15. 15. Consistency:• Logo• Colors• Recognizable photo• Voice• Niche• Message• Passion
    16. 16. To Blog or Not To Blog:Is There Really Any Question?
    17. 17. If you haven’t yet started blogging for your business… WHY NOT?
    18. 18. Blogging Platforms
    19. 19. Blogging: Buzzword or Business Booster?Photo credit: “BusinessWeek cover” by moxliukas on
    20. 20. Benefits of BloggingPhoto credit: “Audience” by thinkmedialabs on
    21. 21. Benefits of BloggingPhoto credit: “Buy Fresh, Buy Local (lomo)” by stevegarfield on
    22. 22. Benefits of Blogging
    23. 23. Benefits of BloggingPhoto credit: “Bullhorn” by carolbrowne on
    24. 24. What Should I Blog? Content is King
    25. 25. Local Market StatsPhoto credit: “Central Scottdale [sic] Real Estate Market” by athomeinscottsdale on
    26. 26. Local Dining
    27. 27. Local News
    28. 28. Local Events & Things To Do
    29. 29. Buyer and Seller Tips
    30. 30. DIY Home Tips
    31. 31. Photos and Videos
    32. 32. YOU!Photo credit: “Who Are You?” by adewale_oshineye on
    33. 33. Guest Bloggers• Partner with other local experts in related fields• Student interns (also great for photography + video blogs)• Realtors in similar (but not competing) markets – link-backs!
    34. 34. Keys to Blogging Success• Put a (written) plan in place• Keep a running topics list / notebook• Know your target audience• Write ahead• Identify guest bloggers• Be creative• Keep it fun – for you & your readers• Stay consistent
    35. 35. Blog Sharing –Already On My Site = SEO Gold
    36. 36. Social Media:For UNmarketing Purposes
    37. 37. “Always have something to sell, but don’t always be selling.” ~ Chris Brogan
    38. 38. Where Are You?
    39. 39. Profiles Need Consistency• Bio• Company & contact information up-to-date• Photo• Are you always the same you?
    40. 40. Facebook
    41. 41. How Do You Use Facebook?o Fun, fun, funo A place to get away from worko Reconnecting with old friends/clientso A place to mix business withpleasureo Business only – I stay strictly on myFacebook business page
    42. 42. Where Is Your Facebook Presence?• Your personal profile – what does it look like?• Your Facebook Business Page: – Do you have one? – Do you use it effectively? – Do you need one?• Where do you spend the most time and get the most response?
    43. 43. Branded Facebook Business Page
    44. 44. Harvesting the Information at Your Fingertips
    45. 45. Letting Facebook Do the Work For YouFrom Raziel Ungar ~ Burlingame, CA• Clients’ hobbies, interests• What you see on Facebook + how well you’ve gotten to know them• Sharing articles, books, points of interest• An excuse to get in touch
    46. 46. Harvesting Facebook for Client InformationBirthdays & Anniversaries
    47. 47. Harvesting Facebook for Client InformationFacebook gathers usefulinfo for you!Timeline-style page(above); old page style(right)
    48. 48. Facebook: Your Blog’s Best FriendAdd the “Like” button to your website to link your Facebook Business Page to your site: Integrate your page with your website: links to blog posts, website pages, etc.
    49. 49. Twitter
    50. 50. Tweet Along With Me• Listening – who’s talking about what?• Conversation – jump right in• Twitter search – key words for your area and niche market• Local love – who’s on? who’s talking? who’s influencing?
    51. 51. Twitter Basics• Who should you follow?• How do you get followers?• What should you be tweeting?• What is a hashtag?• How can Twitter be useful?
    52. 52. Pinterest
    53. 53. Pinning as Prospecting?Pin what interests you – create boardsfor yourself and let pinners come toyou
    54. 54. Pinning with Past Clients• Follow your clients on Pinterest – see what they’re pinning, what their interests are• Tag them in pins that would interest them
    55. 55. Google+
    56. 56. Are You on G+ Yet?• The new kid – who’s using?• Google owns #1 and #2 search engine – Google + YouTube• Public posts are indexed (unlike on Facebook)  SEO Gold!• Hangouts!
    57. 57. Google+ Public Posts Make your posts public
    58. 58. Hootsuite• Manage Facebook, Twitter, G+, Foursquare, LinkedI n, Wordpress, MySpace – all from one dashboard• Schedule tweets & updates• Save time
    59. 59. Hootsuite
    60. 60. Blog Share – Social Sharing
    61. 61. Email Marketing:Permission, Not Forgiveness
    62. 62. Just because you have my email address does not mean you have mypermission to add me to your email list. Can Spam Act: A Compliance Guide for Businesses -
    63. 63. Email Marketing• An opt-in is much more valuable than an apathetic past client• An opt-out can hurt you• Produce quality content and subscribers will come to you• Create a plan• Be focused with your content
    64. 64.• Branded every email: – Email signature - $109 – Email stationery - $229 – Signature + stationery - $289 – Complete package - $395 (includes email postcard + thank you card)
    65. 65. My Favorite Email Platforms V• – FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers, fewer than 12,000 emails/month• – unlimited FREE digital e-cards & invitations – like E-vite but better! (or print for a small price)
    66. 66. Closing Invitations Cocodot
    67. 67. Blog-Share – Adding Email
    68. 68. VideoJust Do It
    69. 69. If You’re Not Making Videos… What Are You Waiting For?• Face-to-face redefined• YouTube - #2 search engine• Embed into your blog – Use as a mini-Vlog to correspond to a longer blog post• Answers FAQs• Build trust
    70. 70. Neighborhood Videos
    71. 71. Video AppsiMovie SocialCam Videolicious Tout Animoto
    72. 72. Photo AppsInstagram PS Express PhotosynthCamera+ PicFrame
    73. 73. Blog Share – Video Mania
    74. 74. QR Codes –Bridging Virtual to Mobile
    75. 75. What Is That Thing?• Explain it to your clients – don’t assume they know.• Give instruction on flyers: “Download QR Reader and scan here for more information.”
    76. 76.• More than a URL shortener• Creates and TRACKS shortened URLS, QR codes, and more
    77. 77. More Cool Tools
    78. 78. Fiverr – Cheap StuffHave $5 to spare? You could get:• Professional voice-over• Cool, graffiti-style portrait• Say anything you want in an Irish accent• And so much more!
    79. 79. Olloclip• 3 lenses in one – wide angle, macro, and fisheye• $70 – check!
    80. 80. Gliffy – Flowcharts Galore• Create flowcharts and diagrams• FREE 30-day trial
    81. 81. SurveyMonkey• Create surveys, track results• Collect client data• FREE accounts
    82. 82. PicMonkey• FREE online photo editing• Make collages• Add text, etc.
    83. 83. Jing• Screen capture on steroids! FREE!• Take screenshots (stills)• Record screencasts (videos)
    84. 84. KeepVid• Download videos from YouTube• No need to keep huge video files• FREE!
    85. 85. PDF Converter• FREE online PDF converter• Keeps links in tact (for uploading to your website)• Downside: only 1 convert/30 minutes (with free service)
    86. 86. Cool Tool: Apple TV• Mirrors your iPad or iPhone onto your TV• In-office listing presentations• How else could you use it?
    87. 87. Q&A
    88. 88. Find This Presentation Online credit: “Computer mouse, mousepad, hand” by Si1veryon
    89. 89. Thank You! Let’s Connect! :)