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About pendulum


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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About pendulum

  1. 1. About Pendulum Francesca Emmingham
  2. 2. About Pendulum • Pendulum is a drum and bass group first formed in Perth, Australia in 2002 with the members Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding. This is an extract from their own online biography featured on their website: “Pendulum‟s mission has always been to pull together their production resources, ideas and influences from various styles of music, to create a new sound that they felt was missing from dance music. The individual members behind Pendulum have been active in Perth‟s live music scene for several years: producer / vocalist / keyboardist Rob Swire and producer / bassist Gareth McGrillen played together in the acclaimed Perth band Xygen, while Paul „El Hornet‟ Harding had been a veteran of the Perth DJ scene.” • 2005 saw pendulum release their debut album and since then they have become a mainstream band featuring on many tracks and playing at festivals all over the world including the UK and Ibiza. They have even been featured on America’s Billboard lately as they try to break America.
  3. 3. Live Shows Although Pendulum decided to split in 2012 they still tour in the form of DJ sets and still sell out by doing this. They are seen here playing the worlds best venues and festivals leading up to their split which showed the spin off band formed by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen of the band hit the big time selling out shows throughout the UK and the rest of the world supporting other bands and are predicted to headline their own tour soon.
  4. 4. Knife Party As we saw Pendulum come to an end Knife Party a new sound formed by two members of the band hit the big time and slowly grew in popularity throughout the UK and many other parts of Europe. Although they haven’t been seen to headline their own tour yet we are predicting that there will be a high demand for this as their success grows. They have been seen to play various festivals including the UK’s biggest summer festival: Reading and Leeds. The Dance Stage was backed up outside the tent as fans swarmed to see the band live. Their electro house sound is different to Pendulum but the members are determined to keep some elements similar but decided before Knife Party was formed that the sound was too different to be released by Pendulum themselves.
  5. 5. Discography Showing Pendulums latest singles we can see an intertextual tie between all of them in the way of a supernatural element being shown. We can also see that some of them are very similar in design and Pendulum will have done this to create an identity for themselves as the fans will recognise this as the band even if they see the disc sat on a shelf. The singles/albums with the most graphic individual designs are the ones the band are most confident will succeed and show the same characteristics even if it’s not as obvious. They show the same genre conventions of their style of music with heavy colours and originality in the grafic design. None of the images featured are of a real nature and are all showing surrealism which is similar to the sound that they are wanting to produce and the sound they are expected to feature on their singles and new releases in order to please their fans. This design is frequently featured throughout the discography ranging from years ago to last year before the band announced their split showing they successfully carved their own identity through intertextuality in favour of Andrew Goodwin.
  6. 6. Website Design This advertisement shows to be the main feature of Pendulums website making people aware of their release and digital package that is available for their fans. This is intertextual as fans can purchase all things related to their new single and also shows product placement as they have made this available through iTunes so could increase the popularity of Apple or people who like iTunes could be more likely to want to purchase it. They feature a ‘pop-up player’ on the top right hand corner of their website which influences fans and their website visitors to listen to their new song while they explore the site and look for what they want. This also makes them more likely to go and buy their digital package or buy tickets to their DJ sets if they enjoy the song while they are on the website looking at other things which in all boosts the songs popularity and gets the band more money and recognition. The constant use of the same font to frame the bands name is intertextual with their brand as a team, this being constant makes it recognisable and would even be seen as this if it was used for anything but the bands name which reaches out to their audience and maintains a sense of consistency and identity for the members and their fans.